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WORLD EDUCATION FORUM, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 19th22nd January 2003 by mpp15079


									                 EARTH CHARTER AUGUST 2002
In this issue:

    The Earth Charter in the „Forumzinho‟ - The World Social Forum for
     Children - 23 – 28 January 2003
    “We Live Together” program, in the Balearic Islands, Spain
    The Earth Charter in the World Education Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 19 -
     22 January 2003
    Peace Summit, Vermont, USA, 28 September 2002
    Antioch New England Graduate School and the Earth Charter
    Chile supporting the Earth Charter
    Earth Charter meeting in Melbourne, Australia
    Earth Charter goes local in central Scotland
    Earth Charter publication in Danish and Greenlandic

** The Earth Charter in the „FORUMZINHO‟ - The World Social Forum for
Children - 23 – 28 January 2003 **
The Earth Charter and Eco-pedagogy will be the central theme of the Second
World‟s Little Forum for Children known as „Forumzinho‟ - an Initiative stressing
the importance of the voice of children in defining a sustainable new world.
Forumzinho is a parallel event to the World Social Forum taking place for the
second time in Porto Alegre, Brazil and will gather thousands of children and
teenagers (6 to 14 years old) to address the value of life, environment, equality
among people and people‟s solidarity. Throughout a series of simultaneous
workshops, participants are free to generate their own expressions and ideas
about how they see the world and how they want to contribute for a better world.

The organizers are finalizing an outstanding Earth Charter booklet adapted for
children to be used in the „Forumzinho‟ and beyond. In addition, for the upcoming
January event The Circle of Friends for Childhood and Adolescence, the NGO
responsible for the organization of the „Forumzinho‟, planned a series of
preparatory training workshops to ensure all involved in the organization fully
understands and share the Earth Charter vision. The schedule for the
preparatory events is as follow: the Environment Week (16 June), the Spring
Week (22 September), the Child‟s Day (12 October) or the Book Fair (3, 10 and
17 November). The State Secretariat of Environment of Rio Grande do Sul,
among other entities, is supporting this initiative. For more information about this
event     see       or    contact:   e-mail:

**“WE LIVE TOGETHER” PROGRAM, in the Balearic Islands, Spain **
During the school year September 2001 to June 2002, 44 schools in the Balearic
Islands in Spain have been putting into practice the principles of the Earth
Charter through an Intercultural Education for Peace and Cooperation Program
named “We Live Together (Vivim Plegats)”. Through experiences and reflections,
the students worked on the themes related to multiculture, education for peace
and cooperation among individuals, peoples and diverse cultures, always taking
into account the Balearic culture and recognizing the value of the other cultures
that arrived there recently.

The ideological base of the program is in the knowledge and the practice of
human rights: for this reason the program uses the texts of the Children‟s Rights
Convention and the Earth Charter to offer a broader vision to the participants.
With the Cooperation of UNICEF Committee of the Balearic Islands and the
UNESCO Center of Catalunya, pedagogic materials have been edited for this
program including an adaptation of the Earth Charter for children and youth,
which was translated into Catalan, Spanish, French, English, German and Arab
to facilitate multicultural work. A team of teachers developed a methodology to
bring to students the understanding of values, as well as human rights and show
examples of the contents of the Earth Charter. This exercise relates to the reality
of context of teachers, students, their families and their social environment.

For more information about this program, please contact Guillem Ramis: or visit the Earth Charter site under the Section of

Alegre, Brazil, 19 - 22 January 2003 **
The 2nd World Education Forum will take place in January 2003 just before the
World Social Forum. Education and Transformation: The Public Education in
the Construction of a Possible New World is the main topic of the Forum; one
of its goals is to highlight education in the themes and discussions of the World
Social Forum. Three central themes will be developed in the various conferences
and debates: The City and the Education, the Social Construction of Knowledge,
and lastly the Political and Pedagogical Project. The Earth Charter will be part of
the agenda on 22 January in a session entitled “Living together: understanding
and living the Earth Charter”, which will be a round-table activity and exchange of
experiences among educators regarding Education and the Earth Charter.

Over 70 local, national and international institutions are members of the
Organizing Committee. Approximately 15,000 participants, from over 60
countries attended the first Forum in October of 2001.

The registrations for the World Education Forum will start on the second half of
August - only by Internet at:
** PEACE SUMMIT, Vermont, USA, 28 September 2002 **
A Peace Summit, organized by Children of the Earth and fifteen non-profit
organizations, will take place in three different sites in Vermont on 28 September
2002. Two Congressmen, Dennis Kucinich and Bernard Sanders, who co-
sponsored the US Congressional Bill proposing the creation of a Department of
Peace (and a National Peace Academy) as a cabinet level US agency, will
address both youth and the public in two separate forums. Dr. Steven
Rockefeller, member of the Earth Charter Commission, will present the Earth

The Earth Charter will be discussed as a document of principles upon which a
National Peace Academy could be built. This event will be broadcast on an
international webcast to more than 20 cities in the US and 5 or more countries.
Voters at 22 town meetings throughout Vermont already endorsed the Charter
last March.
For more information on this event, please contact Children of the Earth at or visit their website

Last May, the Education Department at Antioch New England Graduate School
endorsed the Earth Charter and with it all the programs and related departments.
Each department is looking into ways to integrate the Earth Charter into its
programs and will assess their departmental alignment with the values embodied
in the Earth Charter. Connections are also being made to other Antioch
campuses (Seattle, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Yellow Springs).

On 16 July the Earth Charter was launched in Chile, in an event organized by the
Institute of Political Ecology (IEP). Around 120 persons attended the event
among political authorities, ecological organizations, NGOs, students from
several schools and unanimously supported the creation of an Earth Charter
Committee in Santiago to disseminate this document everywhere in Chile.

The 16 principles of the Earth Charter were presented and explained to the
public by experts from the ecological, spiritual, scientific, political and cultural
point of view. In a letter, the Foreign Minister of Chile, Sra. Maria Soledad Alvear
V., expressed her support for the diffusion of the Earth Charter in Chile and
expressed interest in taking it up to the Johannesburg Summit. For more see or contact e-mail
The launching of the Earth Charter in Melbourne attracted more than 200
persons. This 3-million-people-city has incorporated the Earth Charter into
its strategic plan and have already undertaken an evaluation of how their
existing policy matches the Earth Charter's main principles. The Mayor of
Melbourne has been selected to represent all major Australian cities at the
WSSD and will be taking the outcomes of this event in Melbourne to South
Africa. For more information contact: Angela Lecomber, Earth Charter
Victoria, at email:

In the lead up to Earth Summit 2002, from 21 – 25 June, over 50 people from all
walks of life explored the principles of the Earth Charter and reflected upon its
significance in the 21st Century in a unique program of grassroots community
summits across Central Scotland. These community summits were organized by
Earth Charter Scotland (ECS) in partnership with FOE Forth Valley, Common
Ground Glasgow, EICWS and others.

Jan Roberts, Coordinator of the Earth Charter Community Summits, from Tampa
USA, has been sharing her experience and worked in the development and
promotion of the Earth Charter with groups in Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh.
Jan said, “The Earth Charter is an extraordinary document. It may be the first
global vision to recognize that humanity‟s environment, economic, social,
cultural, ethical, and spiritual aspirations are interconnected.”
For more information, contact Anneruth Straus e-mail: or visit www.sustainable-

The Greenlandic and the Danish version of the Earth Charter have been finalized
and released to the public by Nature and Peoples of the North. Copies of the
publication can be available upon request through the homepage of Nature and
People of the North at: You can also find this material
under the Earth Charter site at

For more information on these and other Earth Charter activities taking place
around      the   world,    please    visit   the     Earth   Charter   website
at: or contact us at:

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