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Page 6                                                                                               AL-UMMAH                                                               Volume 9, Issue 2 - February 2008

Cosmetic surgery has become a norm
in the 21st century, to such an extent
that Muslims are not only present in
substantial numbers as the medical
service providers, but they have also
increasingly become the patients who
undergo all sorts of medical procedures
and treatments in the battle against
the bulge and wrinkles. According to
Victoria Wagner, the owner of one
medical tourism company, Evolution
Cosmetics in Johannesburg, “there
were quite a number” of Muslim
doctors and other practitioners in the
field of plastic surgery.

This figure was backed up by a
number of Muslim doctors, one of
whom estimated that there were
approximately 20 Muslim plastic
surgeons in Gauteng, and slightly less
in KZN. It is not clear how many there
were in the Cape. The number of
Muslim patients was also believed to
be on the increase, particularly in the
north where there was more money
available to pay for it. This fact is even
reflected in the medical tourism field.

Medical Tourism Boom

“The foreign patients who have come
to S.A. on some of our packages to
undergo cosmetic surgery - either
before or after enjoying a holiday -
have included a number of Muslims
from especially African, and the Arab
countries. But it has not been in
enormous numbers and one gets the
feeling that most Muslims do not
regard it as fitting for religious reasons
to have plastic surgery,” Wagner told        a case in point. “It is nothing new in     South African plastic surgeons are        and emotional pain because of it. But
VOC on Wednesday.                            South Africa. Our company started          very highly rated internationally,        then there are also those who become      In a VOC online poll, 50.7% of
                                             about eight years ago. The medical         helped the industry to be developed       addicted to it, and after three or four   respondents felt that plastic surgery
There was little doubt that the industry     tourism industry was born out of the       locally. However, these days it's not     surgeries we have to gently try and       for reconstructive purposes was
was booming. The development of              need of some tourists to come to an        as cost effective as it was in the past   convince them that there is nothing       permissible for Muslims. 17.4%
medical tourism in the last decade was       attractive destination. The fact that      though,” she explained.                   more to do.”                              thought it was completely haraam.
                                                                                                                                                                            13% had no problem with it at all and
                                                                                                             Among the most       Muslims and Cosmetic Surgery              18.8% were still uncertain on the issue.
         S          EBRAHIM SAYED has joined the sales team at
                                                                                                             p o p u l a r                                                  Meanwhile, VOC was told of several
                                                                                                             procedures are       According to one Muslim doctor who        cases of Muslims who went for plastic
  FL A S                       RENAULT DURBAN                                                                face lifts, tummy    spoke to VOC anonymously on               surgery for various reasons.
                                                                                                             tucks, breast        Tuesday, there were many Muslim
                                                                                                             augmentation as      doctors, especially in Gauteng and        “When I was a child at school I fell
                   FOR :     The best deals on all new and used RENAULTS We invite you to purchase your      well as non          KZN who specialized in plastic            and hurt my nose, lip and jaw very
                             In-house finance available                  fuel saving RENAULT now!            s u r g i c a l      surgery. One of them was the late Dr      badly. It became hideously scarred
                             Trade-ins welcome                                                               treatments like      Anwar Kadwa, who was killed by his        and deformed and made it difficult for
                                                                                                             botox, fillers and   son Riaaz in Johannesburg almost two      me to eat properly. I had to wait six
                   Call Ebrahim Sayed at                                                                     lazer        skin    years ago in Ramadaan. “The fact of       months for it to heal before plastic
                                 RENAULT DURBAN                                                              tightening. “It      the matter is that you cannot survive     surgery was done to reconstruct the
                   Cnr.      Old Fort Rd & Prince Alfred St.                                                 has become a lot     only on reconstructive surgery.           affected areas. Alhamdulilah, today
                   Tel:      (031) 332 8584 Cell:        084 587 4206                                        more affordable      Cosmetic surgery is where the money       you cannot even see the scars,” said
                                                                                                             than before. For     is. I was personally interested in        business woman Nisa Dawood of
                                                                                                             example a breast     training in botox because I believed      Durban, adding that she would not
                                                                                                             enlargement or       it would be something that I as a         consider cosmetic surgery for
                                                                                                             reduction could      Muslim female doctor would be able        beautification purposes.
                                                                                                             cost you R20,000     to offer my female patients,” the local
                                                                                                             - R28,000,” she      doctor said.                              Others were less discerning. “I taught
                                                                                                             explained, adding                                              at a school in Kensington earlier this
                                                                                                             that there were      Another Muslim doctor from                year and there were two teenagers in
                                                                                                             various reasons      Johannesburg told VOC in an email         my class who both had an experience
                                                                                                             why patients,        that many Muslim doctors used             with plastic surgery. The one learner
                                                                                                             mainly women,        treatments like botox as a means of       needed it for reconstructive purposes
                                                                                                             went          for    augmenting their income. “In              after a bad accident. The other was
                                                                                                             cosmetic surgery.    researching the matter, I found quite     the daughter of a local gangster with
                                                                                                                                  a vigorous debate about cosmetic          lots of money. She was 15 and had
                                                                                                             “It mainly has to    surgery. One senior Muslim doctor         her nose done because she disliked
                                                                                                             do with not          told me that cosmetic surgery would       how hers looked,” said VOC news
                                                                                                             wanting to age. It   be permissible for a woman who is in      editor Shanaaz Ebrahim.
                                                                                                             is a very personal   hijab and wants cosmetic surgery to
                                                                                                             decision. Some       prevent her husband from looking at       Contd on Page 7
                                                                                                             of them have         younger women. The fact that she is
                                                                                                             battled with a       in hijab means the surgery would only
                                                                                                             condition for        be for her husband. However, if her
                                                                                                             years        and     husband is a philanderer, then cosmetic
                                                                                                             suffered a great     surgery for the wife would not be
                                                                                                             deal           of    permissible because his eyes would
                                                                                                             psychological        still wonder.”

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