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					Latinos At Columbia
       Minority Stats at Columbia

   For Fall 2004 approximately 7.2 % of the
    Undergraduate Student Population is Latino
   Of that: 7.9 % of the College and 4.9 % of the
    Engineering School is Latino
    The Office of Multicultural Affairs
   The office acts as an educational resource that
    prepares students to succeed in a heterogeneous
    and ever-changing society and provides a
    supportive environment for constructive
    interaction and mutual understanding. The goal
    of OMA is to create a greater sense of
    community and improve the quality of life for
    students at Columbia.
    The Office of Multicultural Affairs
   It seeks to strengthen and enhance the richly diverse
    fabric of the Columbia community by providing and
    supporting programs and services in the following

       Diversity Education and Training
       Cultural Student Organization Advising
       Advocacy
       Intercultural Community Programming
       Leadership Development and Training
       Mentoring
     Student Organization of Latinos
   The primary purpose of SOL is to provide unity among
    the 17 Latino clubs recognized on campus by acting as
    an umbrella organization. SOL also provides the greater
    Columbia community with information concerning
    current issues facing the Latino community at large, and
    current events on campus. Its purpose is to provide
    Columbia's Latino student community with a safe
    haven that fosters self-expression within the Columbia
    community at large by hosting events, meetings,
    speakers, parties, and other co-sponsorships.
         Organizations Under SOL
   Ethnic/Sex Based:
       Native American Students Association
       Grupo Quisqueyano
       Cuban American Undergraduate Students Association
       Acción Boricua
       Chicano Caucus
       Mujeres at Barnard College
   Interest Based:
       Sabor- Columbia’s Latin Dance Group
       Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
       Multicultural Business Association
                         Greek Life
   Latino Greek organizations are prominent on our campus, and
    add so much to our Latino community. Through fundraising
    and other events, Latino fraternities and sororities have helped
    tremendously in giving Latinos at Columbia a voice on campus.

   Latinos at Columbia are members of the following organizations:

       -Sigma Iota Alpha
       -Sigma Lambda Upsilon
       -Phi Iota Alpha
       -Lamda Pi Chi
       -Lamda Pi Upsilon
       -Lamda Upsilon Lamda
       Latino Alumni Association of
      Columbia University (LAACU)
   LAACU exists to support, promote and channel
    the academic, social and professional interests of
    Columbia’s Latino community, both past and
    present. To achieve its mission, LAACU
    identifies leaders to serve as mentors to foster
    the professional development of students, assists
    Columbia in the recruitment, promotion and
    retention of Latino students, faculty, and
    administration, and publishes a monthly
    newsletter entitled “Nuestra Familia”.
         Hispanic Scholarship Fund
        Columbia University Chapter
   The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is the nation's leading
    organization supporting Hispanic higher education. HSF has a
    vision to strengthen the country by advancing college education
    among Hispanic Americans-the largest minority segment of the
    U.S. population. In support of its mission to double the rate of
    Hispanics earning college degrees, HSF provides the Latino
    community more college scholarships and educational outreach
    support than any other organization in the country. During its
    30-year history, HSF has awarded more than 73,000 scholarships
    totaling nearly $170 million to Latinos from all 50 states,
    including several students at Columbia University
           Latino Studies Program
   As it stands, the current major behind the Latino Studies
    Program was approved on April 3, 1996, on the third day of
    what would be a fifteen day hunger strike in support of
    establishing an Ethnic Studies Department on Columbia's
    campus. The accepted proposal was a combined effort of the
    Student-Faculty Committee for Latino Studies, who worked on it
    for approximately for four months. 10 years later, the Latino
    Studies department has become a thriving interdisciplinary
    program with roots in Latin American and 'classic' Ethnic
    Studies that attempts to break existing stereotypes and promote a
    better understanding about the centrality of the Latino
    experience across all disciplines and fields. It is a spirit that
    currently drives this latest incarnation of Latino struggle at
     Financial Aid Reform (FAiR)
   The Financial Aid Reform (FAiR) Coalition will
    use student surveys to put together a proposition
    to change the way financial aid is distributed at
    Columbia (get more grants, less loans, free
    tuition, etc.). Other universities have done it
    already with great results!!! (Harvard, Yale,
    Princeton; to name a few)
   ... Help the Movement!!!!
            Latino Heritage Month
   Month Long Series of Events that focuses on the Latino
       Sponsored by the OMA and LHM Committee 2005

   Included:
       Workshops
       Dinners
       Parties
       Information Sessions
       Fundraising Activities
       Seminars on Latino Culture
       Etc.