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                                                              TOPIC:         New PE Requirements
                                                              WHERE: Don Pablo's (Private Patio Area)
         Wednesday, February 22 at 5pm                               1803 Olentangy River Rd.
                                                                     Columbus, OH 43212
See how Victoria's Secret processes and ships
                                                              WHEN:      Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
over 75,000 packages per day out of their catalog
                                                                         6:30 - 7:30 pm
distribution center on this one hour long tour of their
highly automated facility!                                    Menu: Appetizers & Non-Alcoholic Beverages
                                                              COST: $5.00 per person
RSVP: Jessica Flasche
by 5:00 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2006                         RSVP: Please RSVP to Kristina Kennedy or 614-415-7528                 (
Name and Company/School is required                              by Monday, March 21, 2006

COST: Tour is free for SWE members and                        Are you considering taking the Professional
students. Tour is $5 for non-SWE members.                     Engineer Exam? Do you have questions about
                                                              becoming a PE? Are you up to date on all the PE
                                                              requirements? Attend this meeting and all of your
Closed toe and heel shoes required for safety.                questions will be answered.

                                                              Our Speaker Rachel Lewis and our Special Guest
DIRECTIONS:                                                   Glenda LaRue, PE will be offering a presentation
On the east side of Columbus, from either 270                 and round table discussion on how to become a PE
North or 270 South, take the Easton (#33) exit. Go            and the new requirements involved.
straight on Easton Way for approx. 1.5 miles to
Morse Crossing. Turn left. The Easton Campus
will be immediately on your right. Enter through                         "           %            " "&            !
Gate 1 and park. Meet in the main lobby.
                                                                 •   Lynsay Anne Bensman
                                                                 •   Stacey Michelle Bryant
                                                                 •   Joy Melissa Justice

                                                              We look forward to seeing you all at our February
                                                              and March Membership Meetings!

 Region G Section G001
                      '     (      !                                 $     ' #                '          $   ))
                                                                            Please Join us at the
Dear Fellow SWE Members:
                                                                SWE Pampered Chef Fundraiser Party
I hope this finds everyone well. It looks like we are               on Sunday March 12, 2006
settling into the heart of the winter season now.
However, I hope you'll be encouraged to brave the
cold weather and get out and join us for some of             SWE is hosting a Pampered Chef Party to raise
our great events coming up in the next few months.           funds for the SWE sponsored Student Outreach
Our Vice President, Jessica, has organized a                 Programs and Membership Programs. Join us for
wonderful tour of Victoria's Secret Catalog for all          this social event and enjoy appetizers, desserts and
our members to enjoy. This will be a great                   drinks.
opportunity and an interesting learning experience
as well. We hope you can join us!                            This will be a catalogue party where SWE is able to
                                                             receive up to 15% of the total sales. Family and
In addition, we have a March membership meeting              Friends are welcome!!! Feel free to bring a favorite
scheduled which will focus on the new PE                     recipe to share with the group and/or your favorite
requirements. This is a very important topic for             Pampered Chef product.
both those who have their PE and those who are
considering it. We will have great new information                        The party will be hosted by:
to share on this topic.
                                                                         Peggy Panagopoulos Flaherty
As always, please feel free to send any questions,                          SWE Newsletter Editor
comments, or concerns to me at                                               at 12821 Jeffrey Drive                                          Pickerington, Ohio 43147

Sincerely,                                                                    Time: 3:00-6:00 PM
Kristina Kennedy
SWE President                                                   RSVP to or
                                                                          By March 8th, 2006
            #                      !
                                                              Please help make this event a HUGE success!!
President: Kristina Kennedy
Vice President: Jessica Flasche                                              "          #$          !
Secretary: Lynne Waldron                                   It is great to see our section growing with currently
COR (Section Rep): Lee Ann Schwope                           46 paid members. If you have a friend or coworker                                 you would like to share SWE information with,
Treasurer: Meghan Roe                                        please contact me at                                                 and I will send you our new member packet. We
Webmaster & Media Chair Rachel Lewis                         would love to have them join us! Bringing someone                                    to a meeting is a great way to churn interest as
Newsletter Editor: Peggy Panagopoulos Flaherty               well!
Outreach: Suzanne Miller                                     Anna Shumpert                                 Membership Committee
Membership Committee: Anna Shumpert

                   '* *+        &    ,                                     "           $      #!

Central Ohio SWE End-of-Year Banquet open to all                           Lee Ann Schwope
SWE membership and guests.                                                 COR (Section Rep)

The End-of-Year Banquet is scheduled for
Saturday, April 29th @ 7 - 9 pm at the Spaghetti
Warehouse (Columbus). This will be a dressy
event where our members will be honored and                 Lee Ann Schwope received her BS in Materials
leadership recognized for all their hard work over          Science & Engineering in 2003 from the Ohio State
the past year.                                              University. While a student at the Ohio State
                                                            University, Lee Ann managed the student-run
Mark your calendars for this wonderful event.               Formula SAE (FSAE) design team (2002-2003),
Formal invitations to follow. The cost is TBD. If           where she oversaw all aspects of the effort. This
you have questions or comments regarding this               included engineering details on all major
event, please contact our President, Kristina               subsystems of the car.
Kennedy (
                                                            Ms. Schwope also received the Women In
We hope to see you there!                                   Engineering (WIE) leadership award for 2002-2003.
                                                            This brought her back to OSU in 2004 to give a
                                                            speech to the WIE program regarding all aspects of
                               $                            engineering. Since her arrival at Excera, she has
                                                            been instrumental in the production of B4C (boron
                                                            carbide) containing armor systems that meet or
 Show your SWE pride and buy a Central Ohio                 exceed all government specifications regarding
SWE t-shirt! Shirts are $15 and you can buy them            their performance. Additionally, she has been
at any SWE event or from Meghan Roe. Email her              promoted to the Manufacturing and Quality
at if you would like to get            Assurance Manager and is a member of the
one!                                                        executive decision making team at Excera.

                                                            In production her team is delivering product in the
                                                            molten metal handling market and regularly
                                                            improving production capabilities and setting up
                                                            compliance procedures for ISO, OSHA, and Ohio

                                                            Lee Ann filled the Central Ohio COR position for
                                                            SWE in 2004-2005 and continued her role 2005-
                                                            2006. In her first year, Lee Ann participated in the
                                                            Environmental Scanning Focus Interest Group (ES
                                                            FIG) and then moved on to become the ES FIG
                                                            committee leader. Currently she is directly working
             "    -                 ' !                     with other SWE members on strategic planning and
                                                            the envisioned future of SWE.

March 12, 2006: Pampered Chef SWE Fundraiser                Over the last 3 years Lee Ann has volunteered at
                                                            Holy Family Soup Kitchen weekly and this past
March 22, 2006: Topic: New PE requirements                  year tutored students in math within the Village to
                                                            Child program at Ohio Dominican University. She
April 29, 2006: SWE End-of-Year Banquet                     is an active member of SWE, SAE, ACERS, ASME,
                                                            and National Defense Contractors. In her spare
May 17, 2006: Speaker: Meghan Roe                           time Lee Ann likes to run, scrapbook, read, and
Topic: Environmental Engineering, impact on                 research genealogy.
                        .                !
     Join us for the Region G Conference!                                               $

         Friday March 3-Sunday March 5

       Location: University of Cincinnati                       It was another fantastic year for the Future City
                                                                Competition. Over 40 schools from all over the
Friday is a social, Saturday is packed with                     state of Ohio ventured to the COSI Center in
workshops, Region meetings, and a banquet, and                  downtown Columbus to partake in this grand event.
stay Sunday morning for a social breakfast.
                                                                For additional information on the Ohio Region
GREAT PRICES! Registration is only $40 ($50 late                Future City Competition, visit the web site at
registration) for Professional Members!               

Check out the link below for tons of information on             Thank you to the SWE Members that participated
itinerary, hotel information, speaker information,              on the event day. They included Peggy
registration, and more.                                         Panagopoulos Flaherty, Lee Ann Schwope,
                                                                Meghan Roe, Suzanne Miller, and Anna Shumpert.
                                                                                      The Top Five
Come meet the other professional members in the
region, introduce yourself to the students (who                                         1st Place
knows, you might be mentoring one of them in the                         School Bexley Middle School
future), attend the region meetings to find out the                                City Bexley
latest SWE happenings, and have fun in Cincinnati!                          Future City Name Spirare
                                                                                       2nd Place
                    /               !
                                                                         School St. Vincent de Paul
                                                                             Cit y Mount Vernon
A new member benefit has been added to the
                                                                         Future cit y name Volconaca
Central Ohio SWE Website. Check out the link
below for job postings:                                                                3rd Place
                                                                   School W esterville W alnut Springs MS                              Cit y W esterville
_honda.html for job posting                                           Future cit y name Kr onosopolis

                $           $           # $!                                            4th Place
                                                                       School Southern Hills Academy
Central Ohio SWE wants to thank Honda for their                               Cit y Chillicothe
generous donation to our organization. The funds                        Future cit y name Chillicothe
will support our youth educational programs.
                                                                                        5th Place
If your company would like to support a SWE                      School W esterville Genoa Middle School
program please contact our SWE Treasurer,                                    Cit y W esterville
Meagan Roe (                                           Future cit y name Nat o Ancor a

  ! "# $

            '           .      $       ' +                                   0 1      $
                         $                                   % '

The Environmental Scanning (ES) Focused Interest             Mark your calendars for SWE's upcoming Web and
Group (FIG) and the Big Hairy Audacious Goal                 live seminars. We are currently finalizing our
(BHAG) committee are looking for volunteers to               speakers and session titles and you will see much
participate in creating our SWE BHAG! The                    more information to come on these programs.
commitment will be rewarding as you explore new
possibilities for the BHAG and communicate with
your fellow SWE members for insight and                      3-Part Communications Web
feedback. If interested please contact Lee Ann               Seminar Series
Schwope,, the
ES FIG leader. Thanks in advance for your
                                                             Part 1 - Dealing with Difficult People   February
participation!                                               Part 2 - Speaking with                   16,2006
                                                             Authority/Gaining Confidence             March 6, 2006
                                                             Part 3 - Culture and Gender              April 25, 2006
   /         "          #$"                    $!            Diversity
                                                             Work Life Balance - Top Ten Guide        March 14,
Sara Shunkwiler spoke on the topic of Career                 for Working Mothers Web Seminar          2006
Changes. Sara began her career as a ceramic                  Project Management Best Practices March 31,
engineer with Delphi. Now she teaches Algebra II,            One-Day Seminar                   2006
Science, Reading and Social Studies at a middle              Leadership Styles Web Seminar            April 12, 2006
school. It took her 1 ½ years at the Ohio State
University to get certified as a teacher when she            Six Sigma: What Is It and How Can It
                                                                                                  May 10, 2006
                                                             Advance My Career? Web Seminar
chose to change careers. We had an excellent round
table discussion on Career Changes. Sara openly              Three Women Engineers Who've
answered many questions from the members present             Made It and What They've Learned         May 17, 2006
at the meeting.                                              Web Seminar
                                                             Time Management: How to Get It All
Thank you to all the members and guests that                 Done and Stay Sane When You        June 7, 2006
made the January meeting a HUGE success.                     Don't Web Seminar
There were 20 attendees that included: Megan                 Team Building & Conflict Resolution
                                                                                                 June 22, 2006
Roe, Lynne Waldron, Peggy Flaherty, Nicole Reed,             One-Day Seminar
Darcy Dom, Lynsay Bensman, Lee Ann Schwope,
Sara Shunkwiler, Julie Abbott, Jessica Flasche,
Kari Smith, Ann Turk, Jamie Spaccarotelli, Inaas
Darrat, Raga Kalapati, Anna Shumpert, Di He,                                !    %"                    "!#
Heide Echelberger, Mike Devenney (visiting IIE
member) and Elizabeth Widman.
                                                                             &%#! '(
                                                                     )*             +
                                                                                    *          ,
                                                                                             ,-* ) * ,

                                                                         &. .   '
                                                                   / .. 0 , . /     +
                                                                                  1*0 )