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of Defense Special Salary Rate Authorization by rif11145


									                                   DoD Civilian Personnel Management Sewice
                                        1400 Key Boulevard, Suite B200
                                           Arlington, VA 22209-5144

                             Department of Defense Special Salary Rate Authorization

Table Number: D207                                                   Issue Date: May 9,2007

Occupation: Nurse, GS-610

Type of Adjustment: Revised Table

DoD Installation(s) Covered: Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA
                             Department of the Navy, San Diego, CA
                             Camp Pendleton, CA

Authority: Section 8023 of Public Law 109-289, September 29,2006

Annual Rates Authorized:

Grade   Step 1      Step 2     Step 3   Step 4    Step 5    Step 6    Step 7   Step 8   Step 9   Step 10 Step Inc

Geographic Location(s):

State              County Location Name(s)                            State

 06      3260        073      San Diego
 06      0543        073      Camp Pendleton

Effective the first day of the pay period beginning on or after May 13,2007.

Supersedes table issued December 22,2006.

                                                           R. CRAIG
                                                           Wage and Salary Division

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