What You Should Know About Unpasteurized Milk

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					Protect yourself against illness
                                           Resources for more information
  !   Do not consume raw,                   on raw milk and food safety                   What You Should
      unpasteurized milk or milk
      products.                             Kansas Department of Agriculture                Know About
  !   Do not buy or consume raw milk,
                                           Office of the
                                           Secretary ................... (785) 296-3556
      especially raw milk cheeses, from
      sources such as flea markets,
                                           Dairy Inspection
                                           Program ..................... (785) 296-3511
      door-to-door operations, out of
      trucks, or shipped from Mexico,
      Nicaragua, or Honduras.

  !   Avoid consuming home-made

  !   Never eat soft cheeses (especially
      the Mexican-style cheese called
      queso fresco) if you are pregnant.

  !   Always refrigerate milk and
      milk products.                                 109 SW 9th Street
                                                     Topeka, KS 66612
 Don’t forget that prevention and
early detection can help you live a         Visit us on the web:
       better, healthier life

                                            Kansas Department of Health and

                                           Food Protection and Consumer
                                           Safety Program ......... (785) 296-5600

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  Milk is a healthy, wholesome           Kansas law allows raw milk to be sold     Most people recover completely from
     part of a balanced diet             in certain circumstances:                 food-borne illnesses. However,
                                                                                   sometimes the harmful bacteria can
Some consumers believe that raw,            !   Unpasteurized milk or its          cause serious or long-term illness. For
unpasteurized milk is healthier than            products can be sold only by the   example, kidney failure, arthritis, and
pasteurized milk.                               milk producer directly to the      disease that affects the nervous system
                                                consumer, and it must be           have been linked to food-borne illnesses.
This is false. The essential nutrients          clearly labeled that the milk is   Food-borne bacteria also have been
remain even after the pasteurization            not pasteurized and is raw and     known to cause serious injury or death
process.                                        ungraded.                          to unborn babies of mothers who have
                                                                                   been exposed to it.
It is important to drink pasteurized        !   Any other milk product sold in
milk because it is heated to a high             Kansas must be pasteurized.        Certain groups of people have a greater
enough temperature to be able to                                                   risk of becoming infected with illness-
destroy any disease-causing bacteria                                               causing bacteria, including young
that may be present in raw milk.            All raw milk products may              children, pregnant women, the elderly,
                                          contain illness-causing bacteria         and those with weak immune systems.

   The only method proven to                                                       These food-borne illnesses may cause
                                         Any dairy cow or herd can carry
 reduce the risk of illness is the       illness-causing bacteria even if they     symptoms in as little as one day up to
 sanitary production and proper          have never tested positive for it.        weeks after consuming the raw milk
      pasteurization of milk                                                       product. The most common symptoms
                                         The Food and Drug Administration          are diarrhea, stomach cramps,
The Food and Drug Administration         and the Centers for Disease Control       abdominal pain, nausea, fever, and
requires that milk be pasteurized.       and Prevention have documented            chills.
Because of this, food-borne illnesses    many illnesses associated with
related to consuming raw milk have       consuming raw milk. They have             If you have any of these symptoms
decreased.                               stated that the risk of becoming ill      after consuming raw milk or raw milk
                                         from consuming raw milk far               products, immediately contact your
                                         outweigh any benefits.                    healthcare provider.

                                         Raw milk and raw milk products are        If you don’t properly care for yourself
                                         unpasteurized. They have been linked      during a food-borne illness or if you
                                         to Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli,    have a greater risk of      becoming
                                         Listeriosis, and other food-borne         infected with illness-causing
                                         diseases that can cause serious illness   bacteria, it could cause serious
                                         or even death.                            complications or death.

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