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					Log for 2004 Jeep Liberty VIN: 1J4GL48K04W171699                                                                           $24,362.61
  Date                                                   Description                                                        Cost Mileage
12/19/2003 Purchased Jeep Liberty from Golden Jeep in Roxburough on Ridge Ave. Sticker price on the car was                $21,761.64     7
           23,895, but I got it for 1% below factory invoice because of Deloitte. With tax and tags and everything it
           came back up to $23,631. I got a $500 xmas rebate and $1500 cash back. I traded my 98 V70 in for this
           and got $10,000 for the trade. I still owed about 12,900. I put down $2500 for a down payment and signed
           for a 60 month lease at 3.99%. The amount I financed was 21,761.64. Almost $3,000 of that was to pay off
           my Volvo loan.
1/9/2004   Mileage 1,017                                                                                                                6,325
2/4/2004   Mileage 2,325                                                                                                                6,325
4/30/2006  Washed, degreased the bike. Installed the GPS holder. Tested gas mileage at about 70 MPG.                         $0.00      6,400
5/1/2006   Ordered a Tachometer cable from the Yamaha dealership on Rt.3 SE of Newtown Square, PA.                          $16.15      6,432
5/2/06     Rode to work for the first time - Malvern, PA                                                                     $0.00      6,470
5/8/2006   Installed tachometer cable and cargo net                                                                          $7.00      6,516
4/7/2004   Installed rear cargo mat.                                                                                        $70.00      4,300
4/12/2004  Mileage 5,000. Gas mileage ranging 16-19 mpg                                                                                 5,020
4/14/2004  Got oil changed + 6,000 mile maintenence (tire rotation) completed in harrisburg.                                 $48.00     5,070
4/25/2004  Installed front air deflector & pet divider                                                                      $280.00     5,890
4/26/2004  Mileage 6,050.                                                                                                               6,050
5/17/2004  Mileage 7,000.                                                                                                               7,000
6/3/2004   Mileage 8,000.                                                                                                               8,003
6/28/2004  Mileage 9,000.                                                                                                               9,043
7/15/2004  Got oil changed + 12,000 mile maintenance (tire rotation) completed in harrisburg. I had asked them to           $52.00      9,288
           check my alignment for $25, but they just put air in my tires (one or more were low). On my way home from
           Harrisburg, I still noticed it pulling to the right a bit. It might have been the road though because I never
           remembered to check it again.
7/24/2004  Installed Front Receiver (hitch) with Jenn's Dad. We removed the front bumper guard and drilled two holes        $125.00     9,400
           in the frame. The hitch is from Hidden Hitch, but purchased from boulderbars.com
7/31/2004  Boulder bars installed by Eric at skidplates.com. Purchased from boulderbars.com                                 $290.00      9,500
8/11/2004  Gas Tank Skid plate installed from skidplates.com 1/4inch thick                                                   $0.00      10,555
8/15/2004  Mileage 11,000.                                                                                                              11,128
8/30/2004  Mileage 12,000.                                                                                                              12,000
8/31/2004  Oil changed, aligned, bumper rivots replaced at Jeep in Harrisburg. Bumper Rivots were replaced from             $33.00      12,125
           where we installed the front hitch.
9/30/2004  Mileage 13,000.                                                                                                              13,000
10/29/2004 Mileage 14,000.                                                                                                              14,000
11/28/2004 Mileage 16,000                                                                                                               16,000
12/4/2004    Oil change and state inspection at Conicelli                                                                    $58.00    16,333
12/17/2004   Mileage 17,000.                                                                                                           17,000
12/30/2005   Mileage 18,000.                                                                                                           18,200
1/7/2005     Mileage 19,000.                                                                                                           19,000
1/24/2005    Mileage 20,000.                                                                                                           20,000
2/5/2005     Oil Change and Tire Rotation at Conicelli.                                                                      $84.69    20,664
2/7/2005     Mileage 21,000.                                                                                                           21,000
2/17/2005    Mileage 22,000.                                                                                                           22,000
2/28/2005    Mileage 23,000.                                                                                                           23,000
3/4/2005     Gas cap ring replaced at Conicelli. Under Warrenty.                                                                       23,359
3/15/2005    Mileage 24,000.                                                                                                           24,000
3/25/2005    Mileage 25,000.                                                                                                           25,000
4/3/2005     Oil Changed at home with my new ramps. Worked very well.                                                         $9.00    25,912
4/4/2005     Mileage 26,000.                                                                                                           26,015
4/19/2005    Mileage 27,000.                                                                                                           27,009
5/5/2005     Mileage 28,047.                                                                                                           28,047
5/20/2005    Mileage 29053.                                                                                                            29,053
5/26/2005    Installed Engine, Transmission, and Transfer case skid plates (to go with the gas tank skid plate) in            $0.00
             Shermon's Dale, PA with Eric Koote from Skid Row Automotive.
5/26/2005    Oil Changed at home.                                                                                                      29,315
5/30/2005    Mileage 30000.                                                                                                            30,150
6/13/2005    Mileage 31000.                                                                                                            31,055
6/24/2005    Had 30k mile service performed at Conicelli Jeep in Springfield. That includes all fluids being flushed and     $445.09   31,689
             changed, tire rotation and an oil change. I had them check out the leak between my transmission and my
             transfer case and the told me that I needed a new Input Shaft seal. They had to order that part and they will
             call me to schedule when it will go on.
6/26/2005    Mileage 32,000.                                                                                                           32,040
7/10/2005    Mileage 33,000.                                                                                                           33,000
7/22/2005    During my 30k mile service, I expressed concern that my transfer case was leaking. They checked it out and           $0.00    33,536
             they noticed that the Input Shaft Seal was leaking. They had to order that part and I brough the Jeep back
             in on 7/21. When they dropped the transmission to replace the input shaft seal, they also noticed that the
             Hydraulic Actuator was also leaking. They had to order that part and it came in the next day, so the
             Liberty stayed at Conicelli's overnight. It was repaired by late Friday afternoon and i picked it up. All of this
             was covered under the warrenty. When I got the Liberty back, i noticed that it shifted a bit smoother but that
             there might have been a funny vibration in the clutch when it was pressed in about half way. I'll keep an eye
             on that.
             Also, they tried to charge me $79 to remove and replace my skid plates. I said that I was not prepared to pay
             $80 to have them remove 4 screws. I was not charged when I picked up the Liberty.
8/15/2005    Check engine light came on. I took it in to have it looked at and they told me that it was on because they           $0.00    33,724
             forgot to reset it after I had it in for service the last time.
             While it was there it also had the Power Train Control Module updated as per a bulletin from Chrysler.
8/21/2005    Mileage 34,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    34,050
8/24/2005    Check engine light came on at 33,900 so I took it back into the Jeep dealership. They diagnosed it as a             $47.70    34,166
             Left Side Down Stream O2 sensor and they replaced is for free under the warranty.

             I also had them check out the brake rotors because they were shimmying a little bit when I brake. They
             charged me $45 to run a diagnostic on the brakes and told me that the rotors need to be machined. That
             would have cost $150, so I went with the option to wait until I needed new brakes. He told me that my brakes
             were only 50% worn.
9/1/2005     Check Engine light came on at 34,300 so I took it back to conicelli. They diagnosed it as a Pinched wire.            $0.00    34,391
             They repaired the wire and the light has been reset.
9/25/2005    Mileage 35,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    35,130
10/17/2005   Mileage 36,000.                                                                                                               36,030
10/20/2005   Changed Oil.                                                                                                         $9.00    36,130
11/11/2005   Mileage 37,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    37,020
12/4/2005    Mileage 38,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    38,035
12/26/2005   Mileage 39,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    39,200
1/4/2006     Mileage 40,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    40,003
1/28/2006    Took Jeep to Conicelli in Springfield for State inspection and oil change. Also received a new air filter and       $202.06   40,299
             they cleaned the the injection valves and combustion chamber. They also rotated the tires.
2/23/2006    Mileage 41,000.                                                                                                      $0.00    41,015
4/14/2006    Mileage 42,000.                                                                                                               42,018
5/5/2006     Mileage 43,000.                                                                                                               43,200
5/14/2006    Mileage 44,000.                                                                                                               44,083
5/29/2006    Changed Oil at home.                                                                                                $0.00    45,419
7/24/2006    Mileage 47,000.                                                                                                              46,985
10/1/2006    Changed Oil at home.                                                                                                $10.00   49,759
10/8/2006    Mileage 50,000                                                                                                       $0.00   50,023
10/22/2006   Mileage 51,000.                                                                                                      $0.00   51,213
11/20/2006   Mileage 52,000.                                                                                                      $0.00   52,040
12/10/2006   Mileage 53,000.                                                                                                      $0.00   53,080
12/27/2006   Took the Liberty to Todd's Brake Shop to have new tires installed, state inspection, and an alignment.             $805.28   53,504
             Replaced the orginal tires (Goodyear Wrangler SR-As) which were terrible ever since I got them with a set of
             Cooper Discoverer ATR (235/70R16) tires. The tires were $135 a piece (which includes the mounting fee of
             $15). I also got the front end aligned for $80, it was adjusted a quarter of a degree to the left. It passed the
             state inspection and emissions tests, but Todd recommended that I replaced the brake pads and rotors
             within 3 months. He would do it for $564.70 + tax.
1/10/2007    Mileage 54,000.                                                                                                     $0.00    54,021
1/15/2007    Changed Oil at home.                                                                                                $9.00    54,164
2/3/2007     Mileage 55,000.                                                                                                     $0.00    55,035
2/25/2007    Mileage 56,000.                                                                                                     $0.00    56,046
4/4/2007     Mileage 57,000.                                                                                                     $0.00    57,042
4/7/2007     Tire Rotation at Todd's Brake shop. Front straight to back and then cross the rears to the front. Free              $0.00    57,081
             rotation because that's where I bought the tires.
Log for 2003 Pontiac Vibe: VIN: 5Y2SL62863Z454369                                         $596.68
  Date                                  Description                                       Cost      Mileage

1/27/2006    Took the Vibe to Loughead Pontiac for the state inspection and the 30k       $335.00    41,918
             mile service. The car passed inspection, but we were told that it will
             need new brake pads very soon. 30k mile service included: Oil Change
             and lube, lots of inspections, tire rotation, fuel injector and cumbustion
             chamber cleaning, clean and flush transmission.
4/18/2006    Check Engine light came on.
10/16/2006   Mileage 46,000.                                                                         46,000
12/16/2006   Took the Vibe to Loughead Pontiack for state inspection and the 48k          $171.61    46,957
             mile service. That included Chassis lube, change of oil and filter,
             checked all fluid levels, belts, hoses, wiper refills and installed oil
             conditioner. Inspected the throttle lnkage, inspect exhaust system and
             heat shelids for leaks
12/16/2006   Mileage 47,000.                                                               $0.00     47,140
12/27/2006   Changed the front brakes on the Vibe. Ordered the front and rear brake       $90.07     47,528
             pads from www.autopartswarehouse.com for $103.07. Needed a 14mm
             wrench, 13/16" impact socket, a small 2x4 and a large C clamp to do the
             Checked the rear brakes on the Vibe. They did not need changing.
             Fractured the brake housing because I had the emergency brake on
             when trying to remove it. Put it back on fractured because the damage
             was minimal. autopartswarehouse.com sent me the wrong brake pads
             anyway so I have to return them.
             Installed rear wiper blade which I had to buy from the pontiac dealership
             because they're proprietary. It was $20!
1/26/2007    Mileage 48,000.                                                               $0.00     48,045
Log for 2004 Triumph Sprint ST Vin: SMT600FS84J195429                                      $8,431.50
  Date                                 Description                                         Cost        Mileage
5/27/2006   Test rode the motorcyle at Hermy's Triumph dealership in Port Clinton,         $532.50       3,095
            PA. The bike was being consigned by John Morgan of Orwigsburg, PA
            through the dealership. Bike came with two hard panniers - color
            matched and was as clean as the day it was new. Apparently the guy
            selling the bike had a daughter who married a guy from Germany, had
            some kids, got divorced, and now the guy is fighing for his grand kids to
            stay in the country with no time to ride. Also came with a Carbon Fiber
            tank protector and it is the color Aston Green. The Sprint ST/RS Manual,
            a set of extra keys (ignition and boxes), and the 2004 accessories
            catalog were in the panniers.
            They were originally asking $7,495 for the bike. I got them down to
            $7,200 and took it. With tax and tags it came to a total of 7732.50. Tax
            was $432.00, tags-title-notary was $100.50. I put a down payment of
            532.50 to cover the tax and tags. PSECU said that with the accessories
            and condition of the bike that it was worth $7,618.00.
            Couldn't bring the bike home that day because Jenn was not there to co-
            sign the Autodraft loan. Salesman's name is Christopher Prosick.
6/6/2006    Wrote out AutoDraft Loan check from PSECU to Hermy's for $7,200 and            $7,200.00     3,104
            picked it up from the dealer to bring home.
6/7/2006    Rode home from work in the rain for the first time.                             $0.00        3,215
6/10/2006   Took Jenn for her first ride on the Sprint to Manayunk.                         $0.00
6/11/2006   Installed EZ Pass Tag under right side of fairing.                              $0.00
7/16/2006   The fuel guage stopped working and the low gas light stays on constantly                     3,950
            now. It seems like the float inside is stuck or something.
7/16/2006   Mileage 4,000.                                                                               4,105
7/22/2006   Changed Oil w/ Mobil Racing 4T Fully Synthetic 4 Stroke Engine Oil              $55.00       4,177
            (SAE 15W-50) bought from Manayunk triumph. I accidentally added all 4
7/24/2006   Called Hermy's Triumph to find out what would happen w/ too much oil in         $0.00        4,211
            the Triumph. It is only supposed to get 3.2 Liters. He said that probably
            nothing, but that it could damage the seals. I removed 0.8 Liters by
            draining it through the drain plug slowly. I also checked the tire pressure.
            The back tire was 42psi as recommended by the manual. the front tire
            was at 30psi. I added air to get it to 36 psi as recommended by the
8/4/2006    Took the Sprint to Manayunk Triumph to get the gas gauge fixed. It was          $0.00        4,455
            still considered under warrenty so they fixed it for free. The part would
            have been $90 otherwise.
8/11/2006   Mileage 4,600.                                                                  $0.00        4,605
8/25/2006   Mileage 5,000.                                                                  $0.00        4,981
8/30/2006    Installed Frame Sliders that Jenn got me for my birthday. Installation        $91.00    5,014
             took about 1.5 hours. Looks good. I had to take the left fairing off
             because the radiator hoses were in the way and were making it really
             tough to get the wrench on in the back to tighten the bolt.

9/27/2006    Mileage 5,532.                                                                 $0.00    5,532
11/18/2006   Mileage 6,000.                                                                 $0.00    6,032
11/22/2006   Purchased Winter Riding jacket and Winter Riding Pants and                    $400.00
             handlebar mitts from Manayunk Triumph.
4/1/2007     Mileage 6,500.                                                                 $0.00    6,634
3/31/2007    Bought and installed the Throttle Rocker that I bought from Hannams. It        $8.00    6,650
             works great because I no longer need to actually grip the handlebar - it
             really elimnates camps.
4/7/2007     Installed the cruise control from http://www.throttlemeister.com/. It works   $145.00   6,750
             really well. The installation was easy and it really gives the bike a great
             sense of comfort on longer rides - especially on the highway.

4/22/2007    Mileage 7,000.                                                                 $0.00    7,248
4/22/2007    Got the end of a rachet strap webbing in the rear axle of the bike. Was        $0.00    7,248
             able to pull it out with pliers and there seemed to be no damage done.
             This was also the first time I took the bike on a camping trip. I went
             climbing up in the Gunks with Tony and we stayed at the Grist Mill.
Log for 1979 Yamaha 650 Special XS Vin: 2F0152026                                         $64.84
  Date                                  Description                                       Cost     Mileage
4/23/2006   Brought bike home from Charlie's house. Changed spark plugs and               $4.05      6,310
            charged the battery. Started it by pushing it down the hill in front of his
            house three times. The original battery is about 3 years old, the newer
            battery is 2 years old.
4/24/2006   Changed Oil for first time at home. Applied carb cleaner. Installed new       $25.00     6,325
            valve stem covers. Drained the front brakes. Tom had to buy a brake
            bleeder the next day so we could bleed them. Adjusted the idol with
            thumb screw.
4/28/2006   Insured the bike with State Farm Insurance. Cost is about $12 per             $12.64     6,325
4/30/2006   Washed, degreased the bike. Installed the GPS holder. Tested gas              $0.00      6,400
            mileage at about 70 MPG.
5/1/2006    Ordered a Tachometer cable from the Yamaha dealership on Rt.3 SE of           $16.15     6,432
            Newtown Square, PA.
5/2/2006    Rode to work for the first time - Malvern, PA                                 $0.00      6,470
5/8/2006    Installed tachometer cable and cargo net                                      $7.00      6,516
5/18/2006   Mileage                                                                       $0.00      6,605
Log for 1998 Volvo V70                                                                                                $17,308.93
  Date                                                 Description                                                     Cost Mileage
5/16/2003    Dad Bought his car for $13,000 at the Manheim Auto Auction. The rest of the money was tax, tags, and
             $200 to Fred for the use of his services. The car was financed through APGFCU and the payments come to
             $275.24 per month.                                                                                        $14,324.20   46,456
5/17/2003    Added 1 gallon of bug washer fluid and put air in all tires                                                  $1.00      6,325
5/22/2003    got the 50k mile service at Fort Washington Volvo Dealership. Fixed the Cruise Control, changed oil and
             coolant, rotated tires, checked brakes and topped off fluids                                               $700.00     6,325
4/30/2006    Washed, degreased the bike. Installed the GPS holder. Tested gas mileage at about 70 MPG.                    $0.00     6,400
5/1/2006     Ordered a Tachometer cable from the Yamaha dealership on Rt.3 SE of Newtown Square, PA.                     $16.15     6,432
5/2/2006     Rode to work for the first time - Malvern, PA                                                                $0.00     6,470
5/8/2006     Installed tachometer cable and cargo net                                                                     $7.00     6,516
6/12/2003    Installed Sony CD-Changer
6/13/2003    went back to Fort Washington Dealership because the check engine light came back on for the third time.
             They replaced the front oxygen sensor and discounted the parts because I had been in so many times. Scott
             in service said that the rear oxygen sensor                                                                $282.36     48,182
6/24/2003    Left for Roadtrip USA. Check engine light came on at 49,925 miles.                                                     49,492
6/25/2003    Fran Kral Volvo in Rockford, IL changed my oil and replaced the Front oxygen sensor again. It looked as
             though it hadn't even been replaced only 1,300 miles ago. Either it was a faulty part or just was never
             replaced by Fort Washington. The part was under warrenty                                                    $30.00     50,237
6/26/2003    Mt. Rushmore                                                                                                           51,143
7/4/2003     California Coast. Mileage 53,000.                                                                                      53,200
7/7/2003     Seattle, WA. Got Oil changed at Jiffy Lube                                                                  $45.00     54,120
7/11/2003    Malta, MT. Mileage 55,000                                                                                              55,139
7/12/2003    Menomonie, WI                                                                                                          56,075
7/13/2003    Numidia, PA.                                                                                                           57,151
8/4/2003     Philadelphia, PA                                                                                                       58,015
8/21/2003    Replaced evaporator for air conditioning and had the Front Rotors shaved.                                  $904.18     58,500
9/5/2003     Mileage 59k                                                                                                            59,048
9/21/2003    Mileage 60K                                                                                                            60,324
9/27/2003    Added fuel injector cleaner to tank of gas.                                                                  $1.25     60,650
10/3/2003    Mileage 61K                                                                                                            61,059
10/29/2003   Horn fixed at Maustellers. Inspected, Oil Change, Rear Rotors shaved, Brake light fixed.                    $81.00     63,030
11/8/2003    Check Engine light came back on at 64072                                                                               64,072
11/14/2003   Mileage 65k                                                                                                            65,330
11/16/2003   Dropped Volvo off at Lansdale to be serviced.
11/17/2003   Oil Changed at Lansdale and diagnostics found bad air pump. Replaced Air pump, valve, and relay.           $916.79     65,530