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					                                                                                                                March 4, 2010
                   Columbia Heights Garden Newsletter
      Nurturing outdoor classrooms where children create, discover, and appreciate Earth.

              Mission Statement
 To instill appreciation for current and future
  family and community gardening.
 To learn about school gardens from our mentor                         What's Happening in the Garden:
  school, Northlake Elementary.
                                                                            Garden Work Party - March 20th
 To provide a hands-on outdoor classroom for
  integrating science, reading, math, writing, art,            1. Assembling our new shed.
  nutrition, and social skills.                                   (Thank you PTA for purchasing a We-Build-It Shed Kit.)
 To provide opportunity for children to grow and              2. Digging in the dirt to create more garden space.
  eat fresh food that requires planning, time,
                                                                                 If you would like to help call:
  patience and work.                                                Janell Bittner 423-4466 email:
 To integrate garden produce into our
  school snack/lunch program in order to provide
  healthier food choices.                                         On March 1, Mrs. Stephenson's class planted
                                                               onions and radishes. Mrs. Thomason's class is growing
 To provide a place that nurtures personal well-
                                                               cauliflower and lettuce from seed in their classroom.
  being and self-confidence.                                   Mrs. Patterson's class is learning about composting
 To build community spirit between students,                  and will be building a compost system in our garden.
  staff, families, local businesses, and organizations.        Ms. Palodichuk's class is starting tomatoes and
 To teach an understanding of ecology, natural                broccoli from seed. Mrs. Williams’ and Mrs. Bittner’s
  lifecycles and promote appreciation for our                  classes are starting peas and spinach from seed.
  stewardship of the Earth.

                                                Watch for our Gardening Calendar on our Columbia Heights Webpage.
                                                              Columbia Heights Gardening Calendar
                                                          Seed Sowing     Fertilizer
                                                 Crop                                  Amount   Results   Notes/Comments
                                                           Date/Time     Type/Date

             Thank You
 Thanks to Mrs. Thomason's class for
  their Green Fund Raising Project for
   the Garden. Send your empty juice
 packets (i.e. Capri Sun) and individual
    chip bags to school to recycle and
       earn money for our garden!