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					                                                         Bic Reports

      There are lots of useful reports available here. Here are links to those I have found
most useful.
 Course Enrollment Distribution – The entire class schedule for the selected semester and
  department. See the example below.

   Course List Like RG53 v2 – For a given student, this lists completed courses by
    department with grades for each course and GPA for each department. This is an easy
    way to find an advisee’s major GPA without touching your calculator. See the example

   Room Attributes – useful for discovering whether a room has a computer, a projector, a
    DVD/VCR player, etc.

   Room Scheduler Preference Attribute from SSASECT – shows what room attributes have
    been requested for a course
   Room Preference Request From SSASECT – shows if room attributes have entered in
    the incorrect place.
   Room Usage – what activities/classes have been assigned to a particular room or
    building. Especially useful when you are hunting for an open room with particular
   Grade Distribution By Instructor – see the grades given by all instructors
       Please note that BIC Reports works a lot better with Internet Explorer than with
Starting at the Base Page and Navigating to the Course Enrollment Distribution
       Point your browser to .

      Log in. If you are connecting from off-campus, use the “intra\” prefix on your userid
and expect to be asked to login a second time.
      Click ECU bic.

      Click Student.

Click Registrar (or other desired folder). There are many choices here.

Select the desired report, here Course Enrollment Distribution.
Select Academic Period, Subject, and then click View Report.

      To export the file to Excel, select Excel and then click Export.

       Do note that changes made during the current day will not be included in the report, or
at least not until the evening.
Course List Like RG53 v2

          Point your browser to

          Enter the student’s Banner ID number:

Click “View Report.”

          From the “Select a format” drop-down list, select “Excel” and then click “Export.”
Very nice !
Banner-Speak for Year and Semester

Some reports do not have a drop-down list of academic periods. On these enter the numeric
code that is used in INB, for example,
201040 = summer 1, 2010
201050 = 11 week summer, 2010 – also known as “All Summer”
201060 = summer 2, 2010
201080 = fall, 2010
201130 = spring, 2011
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