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NCEPOD Newsletter March pub cosmetic surgery


NCEPOD Newsletter March pub cosmetic surgery

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                  National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome & Death 
                                     ‘Improving the quality of medical and surgical care’                                 
                                       Quarterly Newsletter 
                                                                                                     March Issue 2010 

Parenteral Nutrition Report Launch                               Emergency and Elective Surgery in
                          ‘A Mixed Bag’                             the Elderly Report Launch
    The PN Report will be launched on Thursday 24th               This report will be launched on Thursday 11th No-
     June, 2010 at the Wellcome Collection, London.                  vember, 2010 at the Institute of Mechanical
                                                                                  Engineers, London.


•    Dr Mike Stroud, Chair of BAPEN and Consultant               Speakers to be confirmed. Please see our website closer to
     Gastroenterologist, Southampton General Hospital            the time, for more details.

•    Ms Alison Culkin, Research Dietitian, St Mark’s Hospital                            In this issue
                                                                       •   Emergency & Elective Surgery in the Elderly
•    Representative of the Royal College of Paediatrics and
                                                                       •   Cosmetic Surgery
     Child Health                                                      •   Surgery in Children
•    Consultant Neonatologist – to be confirmed                        •   Peri-operative Care

How to book:
                                                                 Both meetings will be chaired by Mr Bertie Leigh,
• Fax delegates details (including email address) to 020 7631    Chairman of NCEPOD.
• Email delegates details to:         Please see our website for further information
Cancellations cannot be refunded once invoices are issued,
but substitute delegates are welcome.

                                     Seats will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis
       NCEPOD Current Study Updates for Mar ‘10 
                                                   Parenteral Nutrition 
This study has now closed and the report findings is due to be launched on 24th June 2010, at the Wellcome Collection, from
11:00am. The final summary for data returns has been sent to all Local Reporters and Medical Directors.


                                   Emergency and Elective Surgery in the Elderly 
NCEPOD is reviewing the process of care of patients aged 80 or over who died following surgery. Questionnaires have been
disseminated for cases where we have clinician details, and where clinician information is not available, the questionnaires
have been sent to the Medical Director for appropriate dissemination. The final date for the receipt of clinical data for this
study was the 12th March, and data received after this date will not be included in the study. We will still be able to accept
organisational questionnaires after this date and will send reminder letters where appropriate in due course. We will send a
final study summary for your information in early April 2010. The study will be launched on the 11th November 2010.


                                                     Cosmetic Surgery 
The cosmetic surgery study is investigating variations in organisational aspects of patient care in sites across the UK where
cosmetic surgery is carried out, as well as sites that act as the first point of contact for patients, where consultations for
cosmetic surgery are undertaken. Data Collection for the Cosmetic Surgery Study closed in January this year. This study
investigated variations in organisational aspects of patient care in sites across the UK where cosmetic surgery is carried out,
as well as sites that act as the first point of contact for patients, where consultations for cosmetic surgery are undertaken. For
this study, data was collected via organisational questionnaires, and it was designed with the help of a group of experts from
within the industry. The report will be completed before the end of the year and will be launched on our website.

                                                    Surgery in Children 
NCEPOD is carrying out a study to look at processes of care in children undergoing surgery. Data will be sampled over a 2
year period, from 1st April 2008 – 31st March 2010. Data collection for this study is currently underway, the deadline for the
third spreadsheet (1st Sept – 31st Dec 2009) is the 31st March 2010; if this data is still outstanding from your Trust we would
be grateful if you could forward this on to us as soon as possible. The deadline for the final spreadsheet (1st Jan – 31st March
2010) is the 14th May 2010, and we will be contacting all sites individually at this stage to let them know what data we are
outstanding (cases or a null return). Questionnaires are in the process of being disseminated where we have clinician details.
Where clinician details are not present we are contacting Local Reporters to request this information. Reminder letters are in
the process of being disseminated where questionnaires are outstanding. Organisational questionnaires have also been sent
out to all sites where surgery on children is undertaken. We are finalising our records of sites where surgery is undertaken on
children to ensure we do not contact sites unnecessarily, and if you have not informed us as yet as to whether surgery is
undertaken at your site or Trust we would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure our
records are accurate.

                                                Peri­operative Care Study 
Anaesthetists were asked to prospectively complete a clinical form for specific surgical inpatients aged 16 and over. A 1-day
pilot study was undertaken on 1 December 2009, with the main study being conducted from 1-7 March 2010 inclusive. The
deadline for the return of clinical forms is 31st March 2010 and for the data collection spreadsheet, 28th May 2010. The
organisational questionnaire is currently in draft.
Dates for Diaries: 
•   Parenteral Nutrition report launch - 24th June 2010 at the Wellcome Collection

•   Emergency and Elective Surgery in the Elderly report launch, 11th Nov 2010 at Institute
    of Mechanical Engineers (IMECH)
•   Cosmetic surgery - this study is closed, and will be launched on the website

•   Surgery in Children - deadline for the third spreadsheet is 31st March 2010

•   Peri-operative care study - return clinical forms by 31st March 2010 and spreadsheet by
    28th May 2010

Non­Clinical Staff              Eva Nwosu
                                Administrative Officer                                       NCEPOD
Marisa Mason          
Chief Executive                                                                            Announcements            Waqaar Majid
                                Administrative Officer
Neil Smith            
Clinical Researcher                                              •   Local Reporter Days: We are pleased to announce
Deputy Chief Executive          Clinical Staff                       that NCEPOD are starting a series of days for Local
                                                                     Reporters. These days will give Local Reporters a
Robert Alleway                  Dr George Findlay                    chance to come and meet us, meet each other and
IT Manager                      (Lead Clinical Co-ordinator)         discuss all aspects of the role. These days are open to               Local Reporters; established or new to the role,
                                                                     colleagues who might deputise or assist Local
Heather Freeth                  Surgeons                             Reporters and the new Ambassadors (see overleaf).
Clinical Researcher             Mr Ian Martin                        They will initially be held in London but with the 
                                                                     possibility of moving them round the country later in the
Sabah Begg                      Prof. Michael Gough                  year.
Office Administrator                                                    Initial dates for these days are: May 28th; June 25th,
                                Anaesthetists                        Sept 24th; Nov 19th 2010
Hannah Shotton                  Dr David Mason
Researcher                             If you would like to reserve a place, please email                                      Additional details will be an-
                                Dr Kathy Wilkinson                   nounced in future newsletters
Karen Protopapa       
Researcher        Dr Alex Goodwin
                                                                 •   When returning photocopied casenote extracts to
                                     NCEPOD please use the plastic tamper proof
Kathryn Kelly                                                        envelopes provided; If you prefer to use your own
Research Assistant              Physician                            envelopes please make sure they’re not easy to tear            Dr James Stewart                     and are securely wrapped/sealed. Simply write:
                                     Freepost RRUU - ZALS - JXSX
Dolores Jarman
Administrative Officer          Pathologist                                                4 - 8 Maple Street
                                Prof. Sebastian Lucas
                                                                     LONDON, W1T 5HD
Rakhee Lakhani
Administrative Officer               NCEPOD Office Recycling award.
                                     We are committed in helping to reduce our carbon footprints; be-
Maurice Blackman                     tween June 2009 and Dec 2009 NCEPOD has recycled 5840kg of
Administrative Officer               paper, 90kg of cans & plastic bottles saving an equivalent of 56              trees, and 6,752kg of CO2.
                                NCEPOD Ambassador 
NCEPOD Ambassador: The role
NCEPOD has recently suggested that Medical Directors appoint an NCEPOD Ambassador to improve participation rates in
the work of the Enquiry and to enhance the implementation of the lessons of our reports. Some Trusts are already
exceptional at doing this but we are aware that others do not have the same response to our requests for data or
dissemination of findings. Since extending our remit to include medicine as well as surgery, many specialties have
encountered us for the first time, being asked to complete questionnaires or provide us with data that could not be obtained
from hospital administration systems, such as pharmacy records. It is therefore essential that as many clinicians as
possible are made aware of a new study so that they are not taken by surprise when a questionnaire reaches their desk
and they understand the importance of completing it. We hope that the Ambassador will be in a position to support both the
NCEPOD Local Reporter and their fellow clinicians.

Further details of this post can be found on our website and to nominate an Ambassador please email name and contact
details to

Demonstrating participation

From April this year participation in the work of NCEPOD will need to be demonstrated as part of the new NHS quality
accounts. This year Trusts will have to report:

 i)    The number of national confidential enquiries in which they could have participated;

ii)    The number in which they did participate;

iii)   The names of the enquiries in which they participated;

iv)    The number of cases for which data collection was completed and submitted to each audit as a percentage of the
       number required by the terms of the enquiry;

v)     The number of national clinical audit reports that were reviewed by the provider during the reporting period;

vi)    The actions they propose to take as a result of reviewing the reports of the enquiry to improve the quality of
       healthcare provided.

We are very happy to provide you with a summary of your participation, or confirmation that your Trust was exempt from a
study. Please email

For future studies we will provide a summary of this information, in relation to NCEPOD, at the end of each study.

However please note: to do this accurately we need to know whether your Trust should be participating in each of our
studies. Genuine reasons for not participating in a particular study would be that your Trust does not perform surgery in
children, for example, or it does but you had no sample cases during the study period. If we don’t know that we would have
to state that your Trust had not participated. The same criterion applies to the CNST Standard 5.

Top tip: the self-assessment recommendations checklist we provide with each report, on our website, will aid you with item
‘vi’ above.

          NCEPOD |4­8 Maple Street | London | W1T 5HD |T: 020 7631 3444 | F: 020 7631 4443 

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