BY ORDER OF THE COMMANDER                                                AIR FORCE MANUAL 91-224
                                                                     AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND
                                                                                      2 JANUARY 2007
                                                                        Certified Current 20 March 2009

                                                               GROUND SAFETY INVESTIGATIONS
                                                                                AND REPORTS


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OPR: HQ AFSPC/SEG                                                         Certified by: HQ AFSPC/SEF
                                                                               (Lt Col Kevin D. Brooks)
                                                                                              Pages: 3

This supplement implements and extends the guidance of Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 91-224, Ground
Safety Investigations and Reports. It applies to HQ Air Force Space Command and subordinate units. It
does not apply to Air National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) units and mem-
bers. The reporting requirements in this directive are exempt from report control symbol (RCS) licensing
in accordance with AFI 33-324, The Information Collections and Reports Management Program; Con-
trolling Internal, Public and Interagency Air Force Information Collections. The use of the name or
mark of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, commodity or service in this publication does
not imply endorsement by the Air Force. This publication is consistent with Department of Labor (DOL)
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards 29 CFR 1960. Send a copy of NAF/Center and
unit supplements to HQ AFSPC/SEG, 150 Vandenberg St., Ste 1105, Peterson AFB CO 80914-4260, for
review and approval before publication. Refer recommended changes and questions about this publication
to the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) using the AF IMT 847, Recommendation for Change of
Publication; route AF IMT 847s from the field through the appropriate functional’s chain of command.
Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in
accordance with AFMAN37-123 (will convert to AFMAN33-363), Management of Records, and dis-
posed of in accordance with Air Force Records Disposition schedule (RDS) located at https://
6.1.3. (Added) For ground mishaps, send a Quick Look report with digital pictures (less than 1Mb) to HQ
AFSPC/SEG for all Class A and B mishaps and selected Class C on-duty mishaps. This report will follow
no later than 48 hours after the mishap. Do not delay this report while waiting for outside agency inputs.
See paragraph 6.9. (Added) for further guidance.
6.7.1. Units will forward a copy through the NAF/SE (centers send direct) to HQ AFSPC/SEG NLT 1
2                                                        AFMAN91-224_AFSPC 2 JANUARY 2007

6.8. (Added) Local Mishap Reporting. AFPSC Form 87, Mishap Data Worksheet, will be used to
document a mishap to the Unit Commander and Wing Safety. AFSPC host/base ground safety managers
(GSM) will review the mishap data to determine reportability of lost-time injuries and logging of certain
on-duty mishaps.
6.9. (Added) Quick Look Reports.
6.9.1. (Added) Ground Safety Offices will submit a Quick Look report on all (Ground) Class A or B mis-
haps, and any requested Class C mishap. Also submit Quick Look reports for any mishap involving a
GMV rollover regardless of class or when specifically requested by HQ AFSPC/SE, Center/SE, or NAF/
SE. Vehicles designated as gravel road trainers are exempt from this requirement when performing their
training mission. Forward Quick Look reports through the appropriate NAF/SE or Center/SE to HQ
AFSPC/SEG for dissemination to subordinate units. Quick Look reports are designated “For Official Use
Only” and must be appropriately marked. Do not include privileged information in Quick Look reports. A
Quick Look report template can be obtained from HQ AFSPC/SEG.
6.9.2. (Added) Forward AFSPC Quick Look reports via e-mail to HQ AFSPC/SE through the center/
6.9.3. (Added) Any request for waiver from the Quick Look reporting requirement must be made to HQ
AFSPC/SE through the appropriate center or NAF. Only HQ AFSPC/SE can waive the reporting require-
6.9.4. (Added) Do not include causes, recommendations or lessons learned in the Quick Look report.
Include only factual data and mishap scene photographs that do not show investigator deliberative pro-
cess. (Added) AFPSC Form 87, Mishap Data Worksheet
AFMAN91-224_AFSPC 2 JANUARY 2007                                                                   3

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Abbreviations and Acronyms
QL—Quick Look

Rollover (Added)—A rollover is defined as any government vehicle being operated on or off road, which
rolls onto its side or rolls over during the sequence of a vehicle mishap.

                                             CHRISTOPHER B. HALE, Col, USAF
                                             Director of Safety

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