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									         Extra Curricular Activities / Compensation Policy

             Canyon Ridge Site Council 2009-2010 Academic Year

The Site Council recognizes the extraordinary efforts of the staff of Canyon Ridge in
providing extra curricular activities and tutoring opportunities to students. Compensation
for these tasks, from existing tax credit funds, will be distributed after an application
process and will be governed by the following guidelines:

All tax expenditure requests are considered on a first come, first serve basis and must be
approved by majority vote of the Canyon Ridge Site Council. All approved expenditures
are subject to reduction should available tax funds be restricted or exhausted.

Due to current budget issues and economic restraints, the Canyon Ridge Site Council will
not be able to accept or evaluate any application for club sponsorship or tutoring until the
scheduled meeting of February 9, 2010. It is anticipated that new individual tax donations
will post to our district account by that date.

A total of $4000 will be allocated for the purpose of teacher club and tutoring
compensation. If applications exceed the available amount, the funds will be equally
divided amongst the applicants with individual payments not exceeding $500.

All applicants will be limited to one request for compensation per academic year.
Teachers can solicit payment for tutoring or club compensation; but not both.

All council members are working hard to insure the success of fundraising activities that
result in community tax donations. Staff members are encouraged to participate in such
announced events to promote the success of this compensation policy.

It is the standing rule of the Site Council that all tax fund donations are allocated for extra
curricular activities, supplies, equipment and sponsor compensation. The majority of said
funds must be designated for direct student use as intended by the contributors.

Teacher compensation for clubs and tutoring will be given on a flat rate basis.
Sponsoring teachers will receive a $500 stipend per academic year. As stipulated by
district policy, these funds will be available at the end of the school year in May.
Educators are responsible for maintaining time cards and filing related paperwork with
the school and district office. Please consult your office support staff for complete details.
Tutoring will be defined as a minimum two days a week commitment that involves the
direct instruction of at least five students for thirty minutes before or after regular school
hours. Tutoring can also be defined as a minimum of three days a week with three
students per day. Tutoring must continue throughout both semesters to qualify for
compensation. A one time stipend of $500 will be offered for this activity.

Preparation time for club / tutoring activities, as well as part time tutoring, will not be
eligible for additional compensation. These components are an extension of job
responsibilities and reflect dedication to the students of Canyon Ridge School.

Additionally, any request for teacher tutoring/club compensation that receives partial or
full funding from another source, or entity, cannot be considered by the Site Council for
funding. This includes any stipend from the district or activities performed for Career
Ladder consideration. All compensation / expenditure requests can only be made by and
for employees of the Dysart Unified School District that are currently assigned to Canyon
Ridge School.

Multiple requests for needed supplies, resources and funds related to any extra-curricular
activity are permitted. Such requests will be prioritized by the council and will be subject
to the approval process outlined in this document.

All rules and stipulations governing the particular aspects of this policy were determined
by majority vote of the Canyon Ridge Site Council and are in compliance with the
adopted By Laws and district procedures followed by this organization.

Christopher J. Raso
Site Council Chair
Canyon Ridge School
September 8, 2009

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