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Soup of the Day cream


Soup of the Day cream

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									                                                                                                 Tel: 01229 587616
                                    Please note that our food is freshly
                                 prepared and cooked to order. This can
                                  cause delays during busy periods. We
                                       thank you for your patience.
                                 Prices include VAT   Menu subject to availability
Soup of the Day £3.50 (v)                                     Homemade Onion Rings £4.75 (v)
Served piping hot with crusty bread. See                      A lofty tower of freshly made ‘aros de
specials board for today’s soup.                              cebolla fritos’, surrounded by 3 generous dips.

Blood Sausage & Chorizo £4.95                                                         (v) Stuffed Jalapenos £5.25
Local black pudding and Spanish chorizo                          Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese &
sausage, sautéed in red wine, tomatoes herbs                      coated in breadcrumbs, lightly fried & served
and garlic.                                                                          with mixed salad & salsa.

Sticky Ribs £4.95                                                                 (v) Mini Chimichangas £4.75
Half a rack of our famous pork ribs. Our very                         Jalapenos & feta cheese wrapped in a flour
own sticky hot chilie and Boddingtons marinade                         tortilla parcel and deep fried until golden,
coats these succulent ribs. Served with an                                        served with sour cream & salsa.
essential fingerbowl!

Poncho Prawns £5.95                                                        Avocado & Prawn Ensalada £5.50
Five succulent king prawns are wrapped in a                     Refreshing salad of Icelandic prawns and sliced
tortilla blanket and lightly fried until golden.                   avocado with a lime and coriander dressing.
Served with sweet chilli and sour cream dip.

Mediterranean Tomato Salad £4.50 (v)                                                     (v) Mini Quesadillas £4.75
Seasonal salad with sliced tomatoes, red onions                       Re-fried beans & cheese wrapped in a flour
and black olives.                                                            tortilla, dry pan fried and quartered.

Starters to Share
Chips and Dips £8.50 (v)
Substantial amount of crunchy tortilla chips alongside 4 generous sized dips,
including home-made guacamole, picante and sour cream, plenty for 2.

Combo Platter £9.50 (v)
This huge platter will feed 2 hungry diners. Included are 2 stuffed jalapenos, spicy tortilla bites,
potato wedges, onion rings, tortilla chips, salsa picante & sour cream.

Crispy triangular corn tortilla chips smothered in tomato salsa, melted cheese and a topping of your
choice, all finished with sour cream & guacamole….

Amigos Grande               Pollo Muncher                      Mexi Heatwave (v)                   Cactus Jack (v)
Chilli Beef                 Lemon & Herb Chicken               Pickled Jalapenos &                 Mediterranean
                                                               Red Onions                          Vegetables
For one…. £5.50             For one…. £5.50                    For one…. £4.75                     For one…. £4.25
For two…..£8.50 to share    For two…..£8.50 to share           For two…..£7.95 to share            For two…..£6.95 to share

Side Orders £1.95
Re-fried Beans         6” Flour Tortillas x4     Pickled Jalapenos           Chilies Toreados         Side Salad
Tortilla bites x6      Corn Sticks               Sour Cream                  Salsa Picante            Black Olives (£2.95)
Onion Rings            Tortilla Chips            Steak Chips                 Potato Wedges            Guacamole (£2.95)
                   Especialidade Da Casa (House Specials)
                            All main course house specials served with Mexican rice.
* Sizzling Fajitas
Served on a sizzling hot skillet, all fillings are pan fried with bell peppers, onions & our speciality
sauce and are served with warm flour tortillas, cheese, guacamole & sour cream. Not sure what to
do when you have got them…. Use your hands and build your own!

 Chicken pure £10.95                                        Rump Steak £11.95
         lemon & herb £11.95                                King Prawns £12.95
                                                            Mediterranean Vegetables £10.50
         flashed with tequila! £11.95

You choose the filling….
                        Roasted Vegetables, Ground Beef Steak or Shredded Chicken
                                                                           …and we create the dinner
 * Enchiladas £10.95                                       * Tacos £10.95
 Two 10” flour tortillas rolled with your filling,         Three crisp corn tortilla shells served with cheese,
 topped with tomato salsa & cheese, oven baked             sliced tomato, shredded lettuce & salsa.
 then drizzled with sour cream.

 * Chimichanga £10.95                                      * Tortilla Stack £10.95
 An oversized flour tortilla stuffed with the filling of   A mountain of your chosen filling layered between a
 your choice, carefully folded then deep fried until       stack of tortillas with enchilada sauce, melted cheese
 golden. Drizzled with salsa and served with re-           & coriander. Served with salad.
 fried beans, cheese, guacamole & sour cream.

* Chilie Sombrero £10.95
A bowl of our famous spicy Mexican stew made with beef steak, onions, tomatoes, garlic, chilies and red kidney
beans. Served with homemade flour tortilla chips and grated cheddar cheese to sprinkle over.

* Pollo Pimienta £10.95
Chicken supreme stuffed with re-fried beans, spring onions, peppers and herbs. Wrapped in smoked bacon and
coated with salsa & melted cheese.
                             From the Grill & From the Sea served with Mexican rice,
From the Grill                            Jacket Potato, Chips or Salad                    From the Sea
Locally produced meat. Steaks cooked to                                                               Surf & Turf
your liking and served traditionally with….                                   A juicy 8oz Sirloin Steak served with
Onion rings, Tomatoes & Mushrooms.
                                                                                     either King Prawns or a Whole
8oz Fillet £14.95                                                             Lobster, drizzled with garlic seafood
8oz Sirloin £11.95                                                                                           sauce.
20oz T-Bone (to order) £18.95                                                         (Prawns £18.95) (Lobster £POA)
10oz Lamb Steak £14.95
8oz Chicken supreme £10.95                                                                Fish of the day £12.50
                                                                               Poached in white wine with garlic &
Amigos Mixed Grill £18.95
A feast of meat! Sirloin Steak, Gammon, Cumberland Sausage, Lamb                        Seafood Burrito £12.50
Chop, Pork Chop, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Onion Rings             Creamy seafood & re-fried beans are
& a bowl of Chips.                                                             packed into this large flour tortilla.
                                                                               It is then topped with tomato salsa
Amigos Baby Back Ribs £11.95                                                 and grated cheese then oven baked.
A full rack of our famous sticky pork ribs, served with salad                   Served with lemon wedges, mixed
and chips.                                                                                    salad & Mexican rice.

                                                              Paella                              Mussels £12.50
                          Authentic paellas served straight from the pan            New Zealand green-lip mussels
                           with crusty bread and salad. (Min 2 persons)           sautéed in white wine, garlic and
                                                        Seafood £11.95        coriander add a dash of cream and a
                                               Chicken & Chorizo £11.95           sprinkle of fresh chopped chilies.
                                                                               With crusty bread & a cactus salad.

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