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RMO Concentrate


RMO Concentrate

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RMO Concentrate                                                                          Concrete & Masonry Products

Repair Mortar & Overlay,
Concentrated Additive
Description                              or slate patterns are also easily       Wood Surfaces:
                   ®                     created by using tape-off or            Surfaces must be secured with
DynaCrete RMO Concentrate is a
                                         template systems with contrasting       screws to the structure, and all
proprietary admixture designed to
                                         color coats.                            holes, seams and cracks shall be
be used as a modifier for Portland
                                                                                 filled and then reinforced using
cement. It gives Portland cement
                                             Advantages:                         DynaCrete® anti-alkaline
unusual and unique properties not
                                                                                 Reinforcing Fabric.
obtainable from other admixtures         l   Superior adhesive strength.
or modifiers.                            l   Flexibility without fatigue.        Hairline Cracks:
DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate               l   Superior freeze-thaw                Minor cracks or spalls do not
contains proprietary copolymer               capabilities.                       require pre-filling. DynaCrete®
components, which induce cross           l   Waterproofs and seals.              RMO Concentrate made into a
linking in the presence of Portland      l   Excellent primer/bond coat for      flowable "Squeegee" mix will
cement, producing a chemical as              secondary coatings & systems.       penetrate the cracks and substrate
well as mechanical bond both             l   Weather, abrasion and UV            surface creating better adhesion
adhesively and cohesively.                   resistant.                          than drier patching mixes.
                                         l   Easy to apply, clean with water.    Another method is to pour the
Uses                                     l   Non-toxic, environmentally          Squeegee mix directly into the
               ®                             friendly.                           cracks, voids, and spalled areas
l   DynaCrete RMO Concentrate,
                                         l   Non-reemulsifiable waterborne       and allow to self level.
    when added to Portland cement,
    sand and water, provides                 copolymer.                          Larger Cracks:
    extraordinary adhesion and           l   Creates virtually any type of       Depending on the extent of
    flexibility without fatigue, in          surface texture.                    cracking, DynaCrete® anti-alkaline,
    thickness’ applied from paper                                                reinforcing fabric should be
    thin to as thick as desired. The     Directions for Use:                     embedded into the Squeegee mix.
    result is a durable patch and        Preparation:                            Refer to Squeegee Mix Application
    overlay system that will not                                                 Guidelines.
    delaminate, even at a feather        All concrete, wood, asphalt,
                                         masonry, metal and other surfaces       Asphalt Surfaces and Cracks:
                                         must be structurally sound, clean       Surfaces and cracks must be
l   An excellent priming system, or                                              completely dry prior to application.
                                         and free of coatings, curing com-
    bond coat, for other coatings                                                DynaCrete® RMO makes an
                                         pounds, dirt, oils, grease, laitance,
    and systems.                                                                 exceptional repair mortar for
                                         efflorescence, mildew, fungus, or
l   DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate           any contaminant that prevents           asphalt cracks.
    allows cement based mixtures         good adhesion.                          Note: Do not use immediately
    to be used for permanent             Remove coatings & contaminants          over Hotmix asphalt applications.
    repairs and resurfacing on           using approved methods such as          Questionable Surfaces:
    virtually any sound surface.         shot blasting, sand blasting or high    Chalky, dusting, and pigmented
    This includes concrete, wood,        pressure water blasting.                surfaces should be pre-treated
    masonry, asphalt, metal, and         Degreasing and etching of               with DynaCrete® PIM (Permanent
    surfaces not normally consid-        surfaces is accomplished using          Internal Membrane) and allowed to
    ered sufficiently “bondable”.        DynaCrete® Penetrating Cleaner &        cure for 24 hrs. Prime areas with
l   DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate           Etcher.                                 (1) part DynaCrete® RMO Concen-
    can be used to produce textures      Acid Etching is not recommended         trate to (1-2) parts of clean water
    ie. smooth, slip-resistant, swirl,   as this weakens concrete surfaces.
    knockdown, broom finish,                                                     immediately prior to application of
    orange peel and other textures       Concrete Surfaces:                      squeegee mixes, overlays &
    normally possible with concrete      Allow new concrete to cure a            patches.
    surfaces. Special decorative         minimum of 72 hours prior to
    effects such as brick, stone,        application.

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 Dynacrete, International Inc.
 Phone:                    1 (250) 752-0198                                             Concrete & Masonry Products
 Fax:                      1 (250) 752-0197

                                                                                                  DECEMBER 2000

Expansion Joints                         “Primer Mix” or “Bond Coat”            • Pre-blend sand and cement, one
                                         The mix ratio is 1:1:1 (1 part RMO     (1) part cement to two (2) or three
Existing expansion joints should
                                         Concentrate, 1 part water, 1 part      (3) parts silica sand.
always be maintained. Previously
                                         cement). This mixture is used as a     • Prepare the DynaCrete® RMO
filled joints should be masked off
                                         bond coat over surfaces prior to       Concentrate Pre-Mix.
prior to application. Unfilled
                                         the application of patching and        • Add Pre-Mix to pre-blended dry
expansion joints should be treated
                                         formless mixes, or overlays.           components. Add only enough
using two (2) brush applications of
                                                                                liquid to form the mixture into a
RMO Squeegee Mix to the joint            “Squeegee Mix”
                                                                                ball using hands.
surface to provide a continuous          Primarily used for overlays:
waterproof surface. When dry,            ®Mix 5 gallons DynaCrete RMO

expansion joints can be filled with      Concentrate with 5-10 gallons of       Application Guidelines
an approved joint compound.              clean water. Mix well.
                                                                                Squeegee (Mix) Application
                                         ®Add one 98 pound bag Portland
Mixing Equipment                                                                1. Some applications require
                                         cement. Mix until no lumps
                                                                                priming with a Pre-Mix or Primer
• Drill and mixing paddle                remain.
                                                                                Mix/Bond Coat. Otherwise:
• Mortar mixers or Transit mixers        ®Add two 100 pound bags silica
                                                                                2. Pre-dampen surfaces with water
• Cement trucks                          sand. Mix until no lumps remain.
                                                                                prior to application, leave no
                                         Size of sand determines thickness
Application Equipment                                                           puddles. Keep surface damp
                                         and texture of coating.
                                                                                throughout application.
• Squeegee                               ®Add additional water to create an
                                                                                3. Pour RMO Squeegee Mix onto
• Straight edge                          easily flowable consistancy.
                                                                                surface and spread evenly by
• Fresno trowel                          ® For smaller squeegee batches
                                                                                squeegee, straight-edge, dragbox,
• Dragbox                                use a mix ratio of: 1 part RMO
                                                                                broom, brush or trowel. For large
• Asphalt emulsion sprayer               Concentrate, 2 parts water, 2 parts
                                                                                jobs, a sealcoat machine may be
                                         cement, and 4 parts sand.
DynaCrete® RMO Mixes                                                            used. Keep surfaces in front of
                                         Mixing is done by mechanical
                                                                                squeegee moist. This is
Depending on application, mixes          means using a 1/2" drill with a
                                                                                important for ease of application
vary from a very fluid "squeegee"        proper mixing paddle. Mortar type
                                                                                and maximum bond. Allow to dry.
mix to dry, zero slump, patching         mixing equipment can be used for
                                                                                4. Remove any ridges or
mixes. For a specific application,       larger batches. When color
                                                                                irregularities from the finished
please refer to the “Mixing Ratios       pigments are to be added, pre-mix
                                                                                surface using a scraper or sanding
and Repair Chart” included on            colorant with liquid materials prior
RMO Concentrate containers.              to blending to ensure that all
                                                                                5. Further applications may be
                                         cement and color particles are
Typical Mix Variations include:                                                 conducted when equipment can be
                                         properly blended and dissolved.
                                                                                moved onto surface without
                                         “Patching Mix”                         disturbing or damaging the finish.
Blend one (1) part RMO Concen-
                                         Used for patching spalls, cracks,      Minimum one (1) hour at 70
trate, with “various” parts of clean
                                         and filling uneven or non-level        degrees F. (Under direct sunlight
water ie. 1:1 or 1:2 for 1/16” to 1/4”
                                         surfaces. Similar to a squeegee        at less than 1/8” thickness).
squeegee mixes and up to 1:40 for
                                         mix except that more sand is
8” to 10” thick applications.                                                   Patching (Mix) Application
                                         added. The mix ratio is: 1 part
More water may also be added to                                                 1. Apply patching mix to repair
                                         RMO Concentrate, 2 parts water, 2
a 1:1 “Pre-Mix” if a lower slump                                                areas such as spalls, cracks and
                                         parts cement, up to 8 parts sand.
mix is required. (I.e. a 1:1 Pre-Mix                                            uneven surfaces using a straight-
may be thinned to a 1:40 Pre-Mix)        “Formless Mix”                         edge, asphalt lute or squeegee.
When more moisture is required           For vertical and overhead patches      The patching mix must be allowed
for Mortar or Overlay mixes made         or where a non-slump consistency       to flow into the cracked and
using RMO Concentrate, add only          is desired.                            deteriorated areas to seek out and
"Pre-Mixes" not water.                                                          fill all voids.

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       Dynacrete, International Inc.
       Phone:                                1 (250) 752-0198                                                                              Concrete & Masonry Products
       Fax:                                  1 (250) 752-0197

       TECHNICAL SERVICES:                        CANADA:             1 (866) 722 2483 / 1 (250) 722 2483 / 1-800-661-2444
       (Customer Support)

                                                                                                                                                          DECEMBER 2000

     Formless (Mix) Application                                  Technical Data                                                Do not apply when precipitation is
     1. Prime areas to be patched with                                                                                         expected within 24 hours following
                                                                   Application Temperatures:
     RMO Pre-Mix immediately prior to                                 Minimum 50°F to 100°F.                                   completion of application.
     application.                                                  Packaging:                                                  Technical Services
     2. Apply the mixture of RMO                                   l 1.14 liter/US quart container
     patching mortar into the repair                               l 4 liter/US gallon container                               Assistance is available through
     area.                                                         l 18.9 liter/US 5 gal container                             local authorized representatives,
     3. Apply a brush coat of Pre-Mix                              l 208 liter/US 55 gallon drums                              distributers and certified applica-
     over the patched area and finish                              Storage Conditions:                                         tors who assist in site evaluations,
     with a trowel or float to desired                                Protect from freezing.                                   recommendations, specification
     finish and texture.                                           Storage Life:                                               writing and job follow-ups.
     Note: Additional Pre-Mix can be                                  1 year unopened.
                                                                   Color:                                                      Warranty Programs
     added to increase workability.
                                                                      Milky white concentrate.                                 DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate
     Spray (Mix) Application                                       Bond Strength:                                              Warranty Programs are available
     DynaCrete® RMO mixes can be                                      300 psi to concrete.                                     on request to qualified, “certified”
     sprayed with hopper guns, rotor-                              Slant Shear Strengths:
                                                                                                                               applicators, Engineers, Architects
     stator or diaphragm pump equip-                                  (ASTM C 882)
                                                                                                                               and Specifiers. Only applicators
     ment designed for pumping and                                    7 Day A-Slant 2030 psi.
                                                                                                                               approved and certified in the use
     spraying other cementitious                                      B-Slant 2020 psi.
                                                                                                                               of DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate
     materials.                                                    Compressive Strength:
                                                                                                                               will be permitted to work on jobs
     Various types of finishes are                                    6500 psi (ASTM C 39)
                                                                                                                               involving Warranty Programs.
     achieved by adjusting fluid                                   Rapid Freezing and Thawing:
     volume, aggregate size and                                       (ASTM C66-90)
                                                                                                                               For further information regarding
     amount of aggregate.                                             320 cycles: Passed.
                                                                                                                               Warranty Programs, please
     Cure Time                                                   Limitations                                                   contact our Technical Support
                      ®                                                                                                        Office.
     DynaCrete RMO cement mixtures                               Do not apply DynaCrete® RMO
     may be opened up to normal                                  Concentrate when surface and
     traffic after the first 12-24 hours                         ambient temperatures are
     and can normally be coated 24 to                            expected to fall below 50°F within
     48 hours after application.                                 12 hrs.
     For interior applications or those
     not in direct sunlight, allow 72                                                  DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate Mixing Ratios
     hours prior to overcoating.
                                                                                         Combine “Pre-Mix”                      Combine Dry Component Parts
     Coverage Rates                                                   Application
                                                                                                    Ratios                   Add to 1 Part of combined "Pre-Mix"
     Coverage rates vary according to                                  Thickness
                                                                                            RMO                                                          Maximum
     design mix, porosity and profile of                                (inches)
                                                                                         Concentrate         Water Cement             Sand       Gravel Gravel Size
     surface. For example: Five gallons
     of DynaCrete® RMO Concentrate,                                     1/32 to 1/16            1              1           1             1           0            \
     mixed per standard Squeegee Mix                                    1/16 to 1/4             1              2           1             2           0            \
                                                                        1/4 to 1/2              1              3           1             3           0            \
     instructions, will yield 46 gallons of                             1 to 2                  1              6           1             2           2            1/2 “
     mix.                                                               2 to 3                  1              9           1             2           2            3/4 “
     Using # 60 mesh sand and apply-                                    3 to 4                  1              12          1             2           2            1“
     ing the mixture with a "squeegee"                                  4 to 5                  1              16          1             3           2            1 1/2 “
                                                                        5 to 6                  1              20          1             3           2            1 1/2 " to 2 “
     will yield approximately 2,000                                     6 to 8                  1              25          1             3           2            2“
     square feet per coat. Finer grades                                 8 to 10                 1              40          1             3           2            2“
     of sand can increase the yield.
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Dynacrete warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects and that they will meet Dynacrete’s current published physical properties when applied in accordance with
Dynacrete’s directions. There are no other warranties by Dynacrete of any nature whatsoever, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness
for a particular purpose in connection with this product. Dynacrete Inc. shall not be liable for damages of any sort, including remote or consequential damages, resulting from any
claimed breach of any warranty whether expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose or from any other cause whatsoever.

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