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February 13, 2009

West Hills High School

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The Inauguration
pennies to see witness history in the making. This “pretty penny” added up to about $5000 for a presidential package in hotels located in the D.C. area. Obama even had the endorsement of all the celebrities in was really a sight to be seen. A sea of people, all waving American flags (some more dramatically than others), waited patiently for the president to be sworn in and give his inaugural address. The chief justice who performed

Barack Obama does not believe in eliminating personal de-

Gun Control: “The truth is, President-Elect

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fenses or destroying hunting. Obama does believe in gun control.”

Superbowl XLIII:
“This game is, on the contrary, not just a game. It is full of culture, entertainment, live music, food, family, and, especially, money.”


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half-way through the swearing in the chief justice jumbled up his words, leading to Barracks’s first Katie Behan awkward moment as President. Staff Writer An aging Aretha Franklin sang beautifully at the ceremony, bringing more tears to an alThe inauguration of Barack ready crying crowd. Obama will truly be a day At one of the many Into remember. All over the augural balls, Barack and streets of Washington, people Michelle Obama danced filled with admiration for the their first dances as Presiman soon to be their president and first lady; at the dent stood waiting to hear Commander-in-Chief him speak. I’m sure you’ve Ball, the new President seen it, the T-shirts with his talked to the troops for profile, a picture of inspirathe first time as their tion with three words writcommander. A lot of peoten across it: “Yes we can.” ple may not like Obama Unless you have been living or didn’t vote for him under a rock for the past two for whatever the reason, years, you have heard it, that but he’s the president. phrase I mean. The country No one is asking you has been captivated by this to worship him or claim man and many worship him he is the answer to all like a hero that is going to save life’s problems like some them from all their problems. people may, but he is Courtesy: now our commander-inParties have been planned Barack Obama is sworn in as President of the United States for the special event across the Hollywood, including Oprah the ceremony messed up the chief and will be for at least the country, not to mention the fact Winfrey. The crowd gathered oath because he was going off of next four years. Now it’s time to that people shelled a few pretty in front of the capital building memory, clearly not a good idea; sit back and let history unfold.

A &E
Award Shows:
“Award shows are a way of letting actors, directors, and musicians know how well they have done in the past year.”


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While there is to be a year-long investigation into what happened with the plane, the passengers Patrick were compensated $5,000 each Lebedinski for any expenses in the form of luggage lost. They won’t likely News Editor receive their luggage for months, if they do at all, due to the The frigid waters of the ongoing investigation Hudson River became by multiple authorities. the landing site for a U.S. Sullenberger is no Airways jet in mid-Janustranger to flying planes ary. Shortly after taking off and had plenty of expefrom LaGuardia Airport rience doing so. Before in New York, the plane’s the crash, he had been engines failed after a flock studying what to do durof geese flew into them. ing flight emergencies. Air traffic control at His heroic actions were LaGuardia failed to detect more than luck alone; the flock with radar, and the his skill as a pilot guided pilots only saw the geese the passengers to safety. just before the plane flew Many are referring through them. At the time of to this event as the the engine failure, the jet was “miracle on the Hudmiles from LaGuardia, and son.” The courage and pilot Chesley Sullenbergability of Sullenberger er judged that any nearby to think clearly in an Courtesy: emergency airport wasn’t close enough. A barge begins to tow the jet out of the Hudson River saved the Only rising to 3,000 feet, the of that distance. Only some of the Days later, the U.S. Airways jet lives of over a hundred people. jet and all 155 passengers had passengers were able to secure was lifted out of the water, and the For his heroics, the pilot attendlittle time to do anything. Rath- life vests on themselves; there search for on of its engines began. ed the Inauguration of Barack er than risk the lives of people was no time to do anything else. The engine was eventually found Obama. A day of potential trageon the ground in urban areas, Touching down in the Hud- a few meters from the crash site. dy turned into the exact opposite.

Sullenberger decided to attempt an emergency landing in the Hudson River. In doing so, he avoided disaster. While most emergency plans for the pilot and crew are to be carried out at around 30,000 feet, they did not even have a quarter

son River turned out to be the best idea, as the plane landed with little incident. The jet wasn’t torn to pieces, every single passenger was unharmed, and rescue boats in the form of nearby ferries began to lift people out of the water right away as they fled from the crashed jet.

February 13, 2009

Paw Prints

2 News

Peanut Butter Recall
Kris McClain Staff Writer
investigation revealed that the origin is Blakely, Georgia. A processing plant there has been confirmed as the processing plant that is contaminating all of the peanut butter products produced at this factory. The FDA doesn’t know all the products that are positive for salmonella, so they are advising everyone to be careful of the peanut tion because the health and safety of those who use our products is always our highest priority” After looking into this, I found that the first report of salmonella poisoning due to this brand of peanut butter was on September 3, 2008. There were people of all ages getting sick from it; the age range goes from two all the way up to 98-years-old. If you are diagnosed with salmonella poisoning, then let me tell you how you can be cured. Salmonella can be cured with antibiotics, but be warned that some strands of salmonella are resistant to antibiotics Courtesy: according to the Center for Disease Control. Signs of salmonella are diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. So if you feel like you might be infected, then go to see a doctor as soon as you possibly can because the longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Problems in Gaza
Katie Behan Staff Writer
In 1948, Israel officially became a nation. The Gaza Strip has the misfortune of being in a strip of land between the feuding Israel and Egypt. Egypt held possession of the stretch of land until 1967 during the Arab-Israel war, and Gaza then remained under Israel control. But in 2005, Israel decided to relinquish military control. Two years later, as Egypt had come into possession of the southern edge of Gaza and HAMAS, the Israeli military regime took control of the rest. Over the holiday season, military conflicts peaked, and a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd of Israeli soldiers. Twenty of the soldiers died. The group claiming responsibility for the attack published a leaflet which stated, “...This operation is a response to the awful crimes carried out by the Israeli army against our innocent people.” The fighting still continues, and at this point it looks like it will never end. The new president has claimed he and his new cabinet, especially Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, have been adamant on their intent on foreign policy. While changing his original policy of pulling out troops as soon as he was sworn in, Obama still promises troop withdrawal and an attempt for more peace talks with Iran and Iraq. Gaza has been the victim of a tug of war between the two countries since the late 1940’s, and it seems as long as there are religious conflicts between these Arabic nations, the bloodshed will never let up. Steps have been taken to secure the middle east but as of right now the US is still in major debate about what to do with this delicate situation. It is still unclear to the many who did not vote for Obama on the issue of the war whether Obama will fully commit to the issue in the Middle East. Clearly it is a tense and volatile situation.

There has been a salmonella outbreak in the brand “King Nut’’ peanut butter. The peanut butter has been recalled, but for the people who have already eaten it, it is too late. So far more than 500 people have been diagnosed with salmonella, and more than five people have died from it. But by the time you are reading this, the death count will have risen and Peanut butter from the jar is still okay to eat. same with the count of peo- products that they eat. Do not ple that have gotten sick from eat any products that have been the poisoned peanut butter. recalled, so the best thing you The Food and Drug Adminis- can do is just throw them away. tration notified the Peanut Butter The president of King Nut Corporation of America that sam- companies said, “We are very ples that were tested have come sorry this happened; we are takup positive for salmonella, and an ing immediate and voluntary ac-

2009 Nissan Cube
front to back and is nearly 10 inches longer than the previous generation, and it also rides on a 4-inch longer wheelbase. If we were in Japan, there would probably be a third row seat stuffed into the extra space, but here, the extra length gives us more cargo space and better crash-worthiness. The Cube has the same overall shape as its Japanese forbears, and retains their signature The translated car coming to America will probably have a 1.8 liter gasoline engine driving the front wheels and electricassist driving the rear. It will have about 90 to 122 horsepower and 37 miles-per-gallon. We don’t yet know how the Nissan Cube will be priced, but they expect all but the base model to come with air-conditioning, power accessories, and keyless entry. Safety features include f u l l airbag coverage, anti l o c k brakes and stability control. Among the factory options are keyless start, B l u etooth, an upgraded f o r d Fosgate stereo, satellite radio and iPod integration. We shall see if America likes it!

New Laws for 2009
DUI law. Any person who is on probation for a DUI conviction cannot drive with a blood alcohol level of .01 percent. The family and medical leave act states that families who have members who are active in the military are eligible up to 12 weeks of leave if they meet the qualifying exigencies: short notice deployment, attendance at official military events and activities, arranging or providing childcare, attending school

Shannon Lacy Staff Writer
The 2009 Nissan Cube was introduced at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show in final production form. The Nissan Cube is the newest addition to the Japanese auto maker ’s lineup. It is a subcompact 4-door hatchback. It comes in three trim levels: base 1.8, midlevel 1.8-S, and top line 1.8-SL. Tr a n s m i s sion choices include a 6-speed manual and con- Nissan Cube tinuously variable transmission, both driving the front wheels. The Cube is 156.7 inches from

Shannon Lacy Staff Writer

To start off the New Year, California has created several new laws taking effect in January 2009. You can no longer text while driving. Writing, sending, or reading a “text-based communication” while driving is against t h e

or day care meetings, handling financial and legal matters, and rest and recuperation visits when the soldier is on leave. Also, law enforcement officers can impound vehicles that are being sold by unlicensed dealers. Some of these laws may seem a little outrageous, but they are all meant to protect you and others around you. Be sure to be safe and follow them intently. They may save your life.

styling cues. Nissan hopes the fascia design makes you think of a “bulldog in sunglasses.”

law for all drivers in California, instead of when it was previously only against the law for under-aged drivers. Breaking this law is punishable by a base fine of $20 for a first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense. With the addition of penalty assessments, fines can be more than triple the base fine amount. There is also a Zero-tolerance

3 Sports

Paw Prints

February 13, 2009

Emily Windham Staff Writer
Although the NFL Playoffs may not be quite as widely watched or celebrated as the endall Superbowl, they still have a lot of importance and entertainment value. They are the deciding factors that lead to the two talented teams who compete against each other in the last game. This series of games is made up of the AFC Wild Card, the AFC Divisional, the AFC Championship, the NFC Championship, the NFC Divisional, and the NFC Wild Card. When two teams play each other, the one who wins continues on to the next game to play another winner, and so forth, dwindling down until there are only two teams left. Everyone was happily surprised when our home team the San Diego Chargers broke the Indianapolis Colts’ nine-game winning streak. With underdog Arizona’s unforeseen defeat over Carolina, our hopes got a little higher for our team. However, the Chargers had a disappointing loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisionals. Then, the four teams advancing into the AFC and NFC Championships were the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Arizona Cardinals. The games both took place on Sunday, January 18th, one at 6:30 PM ET and the other at 3:00 PM ET. The two teams who won these games, the Steelers and the Cardinals, played against each other in Superbowl XLII on Sunday, February 1st. You know how that turned out. Many football fans are surprised by the teams that are participating this year. Many predicted that the Colts would be in the Superbowl, and few saw the Cardinals being there. It has been an incredibly interesting, even historic, Superbowl and overall football season.

Superbowl XLIII
make it to the top. It was down to four potential teams competing for a spot in the game: the Baltimore Ravens, The NFL Superbowl, the the Pittsburgh the most-watched sporting event Steelers, of the year, was held in Flori- P h i l a d e l p h i a and da this year. More specifically, Eagles, Arizona the game was held in Tampa at the Raymond James Stadium, home Cardinals. AfField of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ter the last two and the 103-foot-long replica playoff games, it went down to of an early 1800’s pirate ship. Arizona and Pittsburgh, who proceeded to play The game an interesting and was Suintense Superbowl. perbowl Strangely, the XLIII, also Superbowl’s name known as originated from an 43. The two NFL team owner’s teams playdaughter’s toy called ing in the the super ball. The last game concept came about were de- Superbowl Courtesy of when the AFL and cided over a few weeks’ time through the play- NFL merged and agreed to play off games. Though our San Diego a league championship together. This game is full of culture, Chargers could not be there, the two most deserving teams always entertainment, live music (Bruce

Emily Windham Staff Writer

Springsteen was among those performing at this year’s Superbowl) food, family, and, especially, money. A 30-second ad during this year’s Superbowl cost $3 million! Last year, a commercial cost $28 courtesy of million. About $55 million was expected to be spent on food for the game this year. Also, the big face-off is the number-one at-home party event, beating out New Year’s Eve and is second only to Thanksgiving in American food consumption. Unfortunately, the game sometimes ends up not being so much of a competition, with the average margin of victory being about 14 points. However, this did not seem to matter as an average of 93.2 million people watched the Superbowl last year. This year’s exciting Superbowl proved this prediction wrong, however!

a dh J t n t ee s
Nick Lane Staff Writer
things, and, as I look back, I have no regrets. I wish we would have gone farther, but I did all I could.” On Tuesday, Favre told the Biloxi the newspaper in his hometown of Mississippi that he was disappointed with some of the negative Brett Favre is making it comments teammates made after sound like the Jets’ new coach the season. He told ESPN that he won’t have to determine didn’t think the comments were whether he wants Favre back. true to how he was received in the locker room. “Mike Tannenbaum “It’s upsetsaid he’s not going to ting that a bother me for three or four couple of weeks,” Favre told ESPN’s guys have Ed Werder. “He told me said some to do whatever, and he’d negative give me a call in a month. things, but Maybe I will tell him my what can answer that day. But he told you do?” me to get away and don’t Favre said. even think about football.” “If you In the final five poll 99% games, Favre threw nine Brett Farve Courtesy of cumberlandhouse. of the interceptions and two touchdown passes. A post-season guys I played with, I think they examination showed Favre had a would say, ‘He was a blast to work torn right biceps tendon, though he with.’ I think that’s what most does not use that for any excuse. guys would say, so it’s no sweat.” It is yet unknown whether Favre “If I’m going to play, then I have a responsibility to play at a high will return. There has been no level, and I just didn’t get it done,” news on any word from Brett, and Favre said. “I tried to be the best it is rumored that we will not know leader I could be, do all the right until the beginning of next season.

Spring Sports
Kyle Tonkyro Staff Writer
Spring is finally here, and the smell of freshly cut the grass is in the air. The spring season has sports like track and field, golf, baseball, and many others. To those people who do not do anything after school, a spring sport can help you to get in shape and even make some more friends. The best part is that you only have to pick one sport, and it could be fun. It also makes the rest of the school year go by way faster. Track and field season officially starts on Feb. 25th, but preseason starts early, along with a few prac-GOLF tices. If you are interested in track and field, talk to Coach Cleves in room S-5. Track and field is a series of little games like shot put, pole-vault, discus, hurdles, and many more great events. Baseball has been going on for a while during winter, called “winterball,” but that is okay if you did not do winterball because there are also tryouts for baseball. The tryouts for baseball will be held sometime in February, so ask Coach Baum for more information on the subject. They will be held at the JV field down near West Hills Park. course on February 23rd. It is also the first practice for golf. For the ladies, softball is coming up soon on the varsity softball field. Make sure that you keep your eye out for the dates and times. You need to bring your bat, glove and skills to the tryouts, and good luck on those tryouts. So, those are some of the sports that you can go out for and have fun at it. Baseball, track and field, and softball are the many choices to occupy your winter, so whatever you do, DO NOT just sit at home doing nothing: Go out for a sport. Get in shape, have fun, and maybe make some friends. You will not regret trying out for a sport, but Courtesy of you will regret not Also coming up in the spring playing that sport in high school. So get out there! Be the star is golf. If you are interested in playing golf this year, talk to of a sport, experience someMr. Peterson, and tryouts will thing you’ve never experibe held at Carlton Oaks golf enced, and, above all, enjoy.

4 Opinion


Drop the Ignorance
Kelsey Berger Staff Writer
“Anything boys can do, girls can do better,” or “anything girls can do, boys can do better.” We’ve all heard those sayings-- probably more than once. Fact of the matter is, there’s some serious stereotyping going on with genders, even in today’s seemingly open-minded society (at least compared to the 50s). Really, why can’t males and females finally just be seen as equals? Trust me, this is no plea for more women’s rights but rather a plea for the rights of everyone and an end to the prejudice. It’s gotten to the point where certain activities and hobbies are thought to be for one gender or the other. For example, activities such as football, wrestling, paintball, and even video games are seen to be as male interests. Most of the time guys scoff at the idea of a female being interested in them, let alone wanting to take part in any of them. On the other hand, things such as the culinary arts, design, and being a nurturing parent are generally female-based activities. People laugh when they see a guy interested in cooking or designing or even wanting to be a dad. Why? It’s a mystery to me; I know females who can dominate the guys at sports, and many girls, myself included, love video games and actually excel at them. Also, I know plenty of guys who are excellent chefs and many that are professional designers. And, going against the silly yet common belief, none of them are gay. That’s another thing: It’s shockingly common for people to assume that anyone going against the stereotypes of their gender are homosexuals. Really people, are you that jaded? Everyone’s entitled to having a diverse range of hobbies and even excel at them

without having to be put into a label based on their assumption of the person. For years, women were deemed crazy if they implied a wish to vote or take action in political matters, and men were deemed weak and unmanly if they showed interest in cooking or sewing. It’s just now getting to a point where people are becoming more open to the concept of eliminating the gender bias. My point is that people shouldn’t be categorized because of their interests or because they have unconventional hobbies. Embrace it; individuality is one of the few things that keeps all of us sane and human. We all don’t have to be Barbies that love to shop and squeal at everything, or Kens that love football and working out. Embrace the subtle (or the not so subtle) differences that people have instead of judging them. I mean really, imagine a world that’s full of genderless clones; does that sound more ideal to you?

Paw Prints

February 13, 2009

run for your lives

Star Testing Schedule
Beginning Tuesday 3/31/09 Odd Day
Classes separated by odd (1,3,5,7), or even (2,4,6) class periods.

ODD DAY 1- 7:15-8:55 3- 9:01-10:41 B- 10:41-10:51 5- 10:57-12:37 L: 12:37-1:07 7- 1:13-2:53

EVEN DAY 2- 8:15-9:55 B- 9:55-10:05 4-10:11-11:51 L-11:51-12:21 6- 12:27-2:07

Ends Wednesday 5/6/09 Even Day

Corporations: Happiness has a Price
Kelsey Berger Staff Writer
“‘Insert ANY holiday or special event here’ has arrived! Start buying for it now to ensure you’ll have the very BEST of times!” Those types of commercials and advertisements spring up all over the place a month or two in advance of any holiday or day that has some special theme to it. You may laugh and say it’s just what businesses do, but stop and think for a moment.: When’s the last holiday you celebrated where you didn’t buy something for it or where your Epitome of Commercialism parents didn’t buy something for it, even something small? Thought so; it wasn’t anytime recently, wasn’t it? Holidays weren’t always consumer-based or expensive to celebrate. In fact, most holidays didn’t cost a penny to be enjoyable. Over the years, however, isn’t enough? Instead, people in the US spend millions of dollars a year trying to bring the cheer into their homes with more ornaments or more plastic reindeer. Another day that’s overly laden and exploited by mass consumer-based companies is Valentine’s Day, a purely Hallmark holiday. Sure, it’s wonderful to spend the day with that special someone, but do we really need the box of chocolates, teddy bear, card, and roses? Conveniently, all of those things can be bought at Hallmark. It’s gotten to the point where some people even get offended if their significant other doesn’t buy them something or take them somewhere special on that day, and why? Because it will magically make them feel more loved? I doubt it. For Valentine’s Day, try writing your sweetie a poem or just telling them how much they mean to you instead of spendingso much on a teddy bear they won’t know what to do with. Courtesy of I’d take the time to list all of the ways that each ber 25th started to be filled with holiday has been influenced some toy Santas, large pine trees, tin- way by a major company, but you sel, lights, presents, etc. These get the point. Various companies companies have us so convinced have carefully worded advertisethat all of these things are nec- ments for each and every holiday. essary to feel the holiday spirit. Next time holiday, try and see Spending time with family and the real meaning instead of just enjoying some time off school looking at all of the decorations. companies such as Hallmark and Walmart have gradually increased their stock in holidaybased goods and with that, the advertisements convince us we need to buy them in order to have a satisfactory holiday. Take Christmas for example: a Christian-based holiday established to celebrate the birth of Christ. The figure of Santa didn’t even come around until people wanted to put a face and a product behind the day. As time went on, the day of Decem-


for this year and years to come. Another unfortunate change for this year’s senior class is that there will no longer be senior activities. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that testing will no longer be for just three days but spread out into four weeks. This would allow students to test in the classroom that matches with the test, possibly allowing students to feel more comfortable and produce higher test scores. Another reason there are no longer senior activities is because past years’ attendance was horrible, and students always c o m plained it was no fun. Even though there will no longer be senior activities, seniors will not have to take any tests and will go along with their day as normal. Senior year is said to be one of the best years of our lives, and I believe even though there are going to be some changes, our school will find a way to make it as memorable as possible.

Lorianne Hoover Staff Writer

Many have heard the rumors, many have spread the rumors, and some have no clue where this year’s graduation will be located. For as long as many can remember, West Hills has had graduation at the Cox Arena or the Open Air Theatre. Sadly, this year’s graduation will be on our football field. The reason for this? There has been a $4 million mid-year budget cut, and the price for Cox Arena has gone up dramatically. As of right now, there is no limit on how many people you are allowed to bring, so go early to guarantee your family has a place to sit. Since graduation will be on the football field for the first time, there will be a committee to discuss new traditions

There has been a $4 million midyear budget cut... the price for Cox Arena has gone up dramatically.

5 Opinion

is it still here?

Sleep First
Lorianne Hoover Staff Writer
Did you know only about 20% of teens get the recommended eight-and-a-half to nine hours of sleep? Many teens live on about four hours of sleep every day, half the needed amount to be able to give 100%. With school, sports, homework, and everything else they cram into a day, it is amazing people are able to squeeze in even four hours of sleep. It seems very obvious that our lives are too busy and sleep isn’t very high on our priority list, but I constantly hear researchers explain why they believe eight hours of sleep is so important: From being more alert to giving our bodies a rest, there should be enough reasons to convince everyone to go to bed at a

Patrick Lebedinski News Editor

Paw Prints

February 13

oh no--it is!

Post-9/11 America or All is Inherently Evil
The main point in bringing up this incident with Dominguez is the fact that one thing prevails in the post-9/11 world: overreaction. Such overreaction is running rampant everywhere, and it doesn’t just revolve around airport security. With the e c o n o m y, Wa r r e n Buffett described things perf e c t l y : “Americans are in a cycle of fear.” Sure, the economy is bad, but fear is driving it into even worse territory. Those poor earnings reports for companies are going to keep coming but only for a finite amount of time. In foreign affairs, North Korea threatened South Korea with military action, sending the country into high alert. It has happened before with little to no “military action” arising. Doesn’t it seem fishy that this threat came just two days before the inauguration of a new president? Nothing has happened since then. Still, this political play managed to send South Korea’s military into alert in an instant. While the world is busy overreacting to things that don’t deserve as much attention as they’re getting, we’re missing out on some things that do deserve attention. Are you aware that the number of drug-resistant infections is on the rise? You’ve heard about President Obama’s stimulus plan, but do you know any of its provisions? How about Congress considering a plan to give $4,500 to anyone willing to give up a gas-guzzler in favor of a fuel efficient vehicle? All of the overreaction in today’s world is shoving important bits of news and discovery out of the spotlight that deserve attention. We know every time airport security arrests someone and every time a business loses money, but not much else. Sports and celebrity gossip don’t count, so good luck finding the real newsworthy events that matter. You’ll need it.



decent time. By the time we reach high school, most of us no longer have a bed time. To many, this means staying up until three in the morning to watch our favorite movie. Even though it is close to impossible to get up every morning, people continue to stay up all night to do meaningless things. So why do we do this to ourselves night after night? The only reason is because we can; we feel that we are fully capable of living our lives without a full night’s rest. Do you know why it’s important to get a full night’s rest? If you don’t get the needed eight hours, you could fall asleep in class, have slower responses, and suffer emotional effects. Each of these things consequences could have a serious impact on your life; for example, with slower responses, you could become one of the 1,500 teens who get into serious car accidents because they are just too tired. Hopefully someday, people will be able to get their needed amount of sleep, but until then, when you’re sleeping in class, just try not to snore.


On January 9th, Philip Dominguez was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of felony transportation of an assault rifle after authorities found weapons in the back of his vehicle. Sixteen handguns, five rifles, and a thousand rounds of ammunition were found. You might think that Dominguez deserves to be charged with felony transportation of an assault rifle, right? Does it matter that each individual gun was in its own lock box, as were the various kinds of ammunition, and that he had licenses for each weapon? His appeal against the assault rifle charge probably won’t garner much attention in the media, but if it were to explode into a frenzy, two things are guaranteed: the N.R.A. would jump to his defense, and all guncontrol fanatics would decry him as a small-time terrorist.

You’ve heard about President Obama’s stimulus plan, but do you know any of its provisions?

2nd Amendment Jam
Melissa Reed Photo Editor
The election on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, was a huge part of our lives in the United States, as well as lives around the world. The new presidency will bring about many changes in our lives today and in the future. Knowing which ones will make a positive impact and which ones will make a negative impact are uncertain. However, there has been much talk about the Second Amendment lately. The purchase of guns in the United States has risen immensely over the past decade. According to the Second Amendment, we have the right as Americans to bear arms, be it gun or any other weapon used to harm a fellow human. Many argue that it reserves the right to defend one’s personal property with weapons, perhaps with the intent to harm an intruder. Others say that it simply referred to the right to refuse a British soldier into one’s home during the American Revolution. Of course, without the founding fathers telling us the actual meaning, we have no way of truly knowing, so that sums up the important history of the Second Amendment. Thousands of Americans have actually gone to gun stores to buy up potentially probational guns in order to be safe from any law that Obama might put into play. According to David Greenberg, “Obama and Biden are driven to eliminate firearms from t h e face o f t h e c o u n t r y ” ; he concludes that this would put thousands out of business. These gun consumers are buying up all the semi-automatic rifles in fear of their elimination. Some say: “I’d rather that (Republican Sen. John) The truth is President-Elect Barack Obama does not believe in eliminating personal defenses or destroying hunting. Obama does believe in gun control. V i o lence with gangs and violence i n

M c Cain got in, and there would not a big scare, and we just followed our normal sales.”

general, has fluctuated in recent years. The use of guns happens to come into play a lot during fights between gangs and during violent crimes, muggings, etc. Although other weapons come into play as well, guns are usually more deadly. By eradicating semi-automatic

rifles and other guns of this type, you could cut down the amount of drive-by shooting, freeway shootings, as well as school shootings. “A semi-automatic rifle is a type of rifle that fires a single bullet each time the trigger is pulled, without the need to manually operate a bolt, lever, pump or other firing or loading mechanism” (http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Semi-automatic_rifle). This allows easy access and easy use by a teenager or intruder in the home, for that matter. Hmmm....teenagers....children....guns at home. Having an easy-to-operate gun in the home can increase the chances of an accidental suicide. Just think: a seven-year-old looking to play war with his best friend. What better way to play a war game than with a real gun? The child finds his mom or dad’s rifle or pistol, whatever, and accidentally shoots himself ... or perhaps a few of his friends as well. Come on, America! It’s not that unbelievable of a situation, and it happens all the time! Would a gun control law be so bad after all? Overall, wouldn’t we be safer? You decide.....

February 13, 2009

Goodbye 2 0
Aubrey Walford Assistant Editor
president Hamid Karzai. 4. May 3, 2008: The cyclone Nargis killed 133,000 people in Burma. 5. August 8-24, 2008: The summer Olympics in Bejing, which caused controversy in its location but was a great event. Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Michael Phelps were great representatives of the United States. 6. The Financial Market deteriorated, and congress passed a $700 billion dollar bailout. 7. November 4, 2008: Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in a narrow battle against John McCain. November 4th was an emotional night that will never be forgotten, the night when an African immigrant’s son gave his acceptance speech as president of the USA. Not only was it the year where the first African-American man was elected President, but it was year of financial difficulties, making his election all the more historical. Though we’ve seen the gas prices reach an obscene height, decreased later in the year. Nonetheless, this recession has affected all of us. However, 2008 was an emotion- filled year. Whether people were happy or sad, emotions ran wild. 2008 was an exceptionally great year. Full of excitement and, unfortunately, full of disappointment as

C e n t e r
08 !

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And a good riddance...
well. It was a year that a phenomenal amount of history was made, and it is year that will undoubtedly never be forgotten by those lucky enough to live it.

2008 was a big year around the world. There were many life-changing events that happened everyday. 1. January 2, 2008: Gas prices here in the US reached $100 per barrel of oil. Then, the cost continued to rise. 2. February 19, 2008: Fidel Castro resigned as the president of Cuba. 3. April 27, 2008: The Taliban attempted an assassination of the Afghan
Barack Obama

e s t of ‘ 0 8 ! B
Emmanuel D. Cisneros Editor-in-Chief
We all can reflect the bad things that happened in 2008, but something we cannot deny is the success of the phenomenal music, movies, and books that came about in this interesting year. The highest grossing album was Tha Carter III by L i l ’ Wa y n e with the popular songs “Lollipop” and “Got Money” raking in a total of 2,874,000 CD’s sold. Also, Viva La Vida, Coldplay’s fourth album, brought in a total sales of 2,144,000, making it the second top-sold album in 2008. Popular songs

gas prices

Music, Movies, and Books we’ll remember for a lifetime

Something we cannot deny is the success of the phenomneal music, music, movies and books that came about in this interseting year.

on this album include “Viva La Vida” and “Violet Hill.” Other names on the list of top 10 Albums of 2008 include: Taylor Swift’s Fearless, Kid Rock’s Rock N Roll Jesus, Black Ice by AC/DC, another Taylor Swift Album that was self-titled, Death Magnetic by Metallica, T.I’s Paper Trail with the popular songs “Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Life,” Sleep Through the Static by Jack Johnson, and finally I Am… Shasta Feirce by Beyonce, raking in a total sales of 1,459,000 album sales. The top songs of 2008, based on listener frequency on the radio and most often downloaded on iTunes, include: “Low” by Flo Rida, “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne, “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry, and “Disturbia” by Rihanna. This year was an interesting one for movies. The top movie in the box office is, no surprise, The Dark Night with a total gross of

$531 million. Other top moneymaking box office successes include: Iron Man, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hancock, WALL-E, Kung Fu Panda, Twilight, Madagascar 2, Quantum of Solace, and Dr. Suess’s Horton Hears a Who. Also, who can deny the phenomenal success of the

Twilight series in 2008? Though primarily released in 2005, its success was fully evident in 2008, likely on account of the Twilight movie that premiered in mid-December. Whether Vampire-love interested you or not, you sure heard about it. Another book that hit the shelves was Tales of the Beetle the Bard,

written by the successful JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter. The success of the entertainment department of last year is definitely a powerful force to be reckoned with. It’ll be interesting what the year 2009 has to bring. Will they compare? Will they fail, or will they exceed? I guess we’ll have to see.

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February 13, 2009

S p r e a d
New Year’s Around the World
Emmanuel D. Cisneros Editor-in-Chief
joyment. Of course, these are American traditions. It may come to a surprise to you, but New Year’s is a holiday celebrated by the majority of the world, except China as they have their own year. Australia has similar traditions to the United States. The biggest celebration in Australia is held in Sydney who likes to theme the whole event. Attendance: 2 million. to see many wearing white, for it is the Brazilian belief that wearing white brings good luck to the new year. France celebrates New Year’s (le Reveillion) by throwing a large feast called le Reveillion de la SanitSylvestre. Champagne and a dish called foie gras is specially made for this event. Mexico traditionally celebrates New Years eve by sweeping dust out of the house, among other Courtesy of traditions. Also, the Mexican Brazil’s New Year’s Eve (or Revellion) celebrations are a little people wear differmore traditional. It’s not unusual ent colors of underwear to gain prosperity. For example, red undies will bring love, while yellow ones bring fortune. Japan has different celebrations. Buddhist temples ring the temple bells 108 times to represent the 108 elements of bonno. The Philippines celebrate with close family, having a large feast including pancit, a Filipino dish. Also, there is a belief that circular patterns brings wealth in the upcoming year. They wear clothes with circular patterns on them. Loud noises traditionally scare away bad spirits. So, no matter what culture you come from, ushering in the new year always brings in the same type of excitement. Who knows what could happen? No matter where you’re from, anything can.

New Year’s Eve is among the most exciting holidays of the American year. There is nothing like opening a bottle of Martinellies and watching the b a l l drop in Australia time square at midnight. Poppers, fireworks, anything to make a loud noise just adds to the en-


Courtesy of

Patrick Wilson
Emily Windham Staff Writer
He has five guitars, one drum set, one keyboard, and even a ukulele. Patrick loves to listen to music as well as play it. His favorite bands include Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Postal Service, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In addition, Patrick plays soccer on the varsity team at our school and has, in fact, been featured in Paw Prints before as the athlete of the issue. He got into t h i s sport b e cause h i s e n tire fami l y plays. He actually has a professional goalie in his family, which inspired him to play as goalie himself. Patrick, unlike some teenagers, loves to read. One of his favorites is Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and he loves other classics as well. In addition to all of these things, Patrick is fond of school and is an excellent student, especially in math. He is currently taking both AP Statistics and Honors PreCalculus. Patrick was born on July 24th, 1992, in Glasgow, Scotland,

Definition of Success
where his mother grew up. His family spent a short time there before deciding to move to Florida

on attending college after high school and majoring in engineering or physics. Obviously with

There are 2,000 students at our school, each with his or her own story. I got the chance to interview Patrick Wilson (‘11) and find out about his. Patrick is one of two kids. He has a younger sister who is 11-years-old. Obviously, Patrick is a current student at West Hills High School. He has a lot of hobbies, including playing musical instruments and soccer. Initially, Patrick’s mother forced guitar lessons on him, but he ended up enjoying it and has now been playing for seven years. Patrick also plays the keyboard and collects instruments.

“It looks like this Wolfpack student’s future will be bright with opportunity.”
for the famous weather. Because they had no family in Florida, they moved again after four years. Finally ending up in Santee in the sixth grade, Patrick settled with his family. Patrick and his family still regularly visit Scotland, about once every one or two years. What are his goals and dreams for the future? Patrick is planning his phenomenally impressive success in high school, there is no doubt that every college and university will want him. He hopes to become an aerospace engineer with NASA or work at a university as a professor or a researcher. It looks like this Wolfpack student’s future will be bright with opportunity. He is a great guy.

Picture courtesy of Melissa Reed

February 13, 2009

Winter Awards in

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8 A&E

Natalie Skinner Staff Writer
At the beginning of every year, celebrities come together to celebrate the accomplishments of their movies, television shows, and music. Although competing against each other to win an award, each congratulates one another on their great success. Award shows are a way of letting actors, directors, and musicians know how well they have done in the past year. Award shows during the winter include The People’s Choice Awards and The Golden Globes. The People’s Choice Awards focus more on the popular movies and television shows out, while The Golden Globes focuses on movies and TV shows made in the United States and in other parts of the world and also on TV channels such as HBO and others. This year the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards brought in many celebrities, as opposed to last year when a strike occurred among actors. Hosted by Queen Latifah, the award show was held Wednesday, January 7, 2009. The Dark Knight won the most awards out of any other movie. Christian Bale dedicated the award for Favorite Movie to Heath Ledger for his incredible performance. Country singer Carrie Underwood won the most awards by a single person. She won three awards: Favorite Female Singer, Favorite Star 35 and Under, and Best Country Song for “Last Name.” The television series House won an award for Best TV Drama. The show was filled with many amazing actors and who detheir awards. The Golden Globes had many categories for awards. Again, Heath Ledger received the award for The Dark Knight for his great performance as the Joker. Kate Winslet won Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for The Reader. Wall-E won Best Animated Feature Film, which was presented by the Jonas Brothers. Benjamin Button and Doubt were both nominated in five categories, but neither received an award. Throughout the year, there will be many more award shows which will draw in many viewers from all over the country. Each award received is an accomplishment by each person that gets one. It is something they love to do, and their hard work pays off. Everyone enjoys recognition. actresses served

Bands, Concerts, and more Bands!
Lea Morgan Staff Writer
As 2008 came to a close, fans of the electro-pop band Cash Cash eagerly anticipated the group’s December 23 release of their new album entitled Take It To The Floor. This is the band’s first release since changing their name from The Consequence in March’ 08. The Roseland, New Jerseybased band, consisting of Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf, Samuel Frisch, and Anthony Villacari, has been making music together since 2002. Up until this recent release, I hadn’t heard of either band before, but after a friend’s recommendation and a name like Cash Cash, I couldn’t help but be a little intrigued. After listening to just the first couple of tracks, I realized that I was going to love this album. One listen through and I was hooked! Listening to Cash Cash was like hearing a combination of Metro Station, Anberlin, and Blaqk Audio. With such an original sound, it would be difficult to not get recognition. Each track on Take It To The Floor has hit-worthy potential. Since its release, there have already been several standout songs, including “Radio,” “Sugar Rush,” and, probably the most notable, “Party In Your Bedroom.” These select few have hit the airwaves across the nation and have gathered a strong fan base for Cash Cash. However, a few more of their compilations, “Breakout,” “Your Love,” and “Dynamite,” have also been receiving good reviews. To help increase their growing popularity, Cash Cash just finished their first US tour and have already kicked off their second. During this tour the band will even be stopping in San Diego to play a show at local venue SOMA on February 19. They will be playing with Watch Out! There’s Ghosts!, I Set My Friends On Fire, and the tour’s headlining band Millionaires. You can definitely count on seeing me there showing my support for Cash Cash!

Becky Hoffman Staff Writer
Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher teamed up and created a reality show based on inner beauty rather than physical. However, the models do not know this little twist. Fox also has a new show debuting: Lie To Me. It is about a deception expert working with law enforcement. Also this season, the most watched television show returns: American Idol. Finally on NBC, Superstars of Dance is a new reality show making its way on TV’s across America. From the creators of

It is now February, and the premiers and new seasons of television shows have all begun. Some are new, and some have been on for a while; however, what is worth watching to you? As a high school

student, you probably don’t have much time for television in your busy schedule, so plan your viewing time to your advantage, or you can just DVR multiple shows at once and watch them all later. For ABC, The Bachelor, Scrubs, According to Jim, Lost, and Grey’s Anatomy all take some place in the line-up. However, the only new show scheduled for at least the winter is True Beauty.


So You Think You Can Dance, the new show takes different dances from different countries and puts them in a dance competition and will likely get a little wild. Also, Momma’s Boys and Howie Do It also are new shows that we will discover on NBC. Let’s see how these new shows will last against the new competition and older shows that have been on television for a few years.

Courtesy of

on the edge of your seat the entire time. It has a mixture of emotions Aubrey Walford involved. There are, of course, sad Assistant Editor moments, some funny moments thrown in, and it is scary at times. When watching the movie, I found it especially upsetting that these events actually occurred. Alexas Davalos said it best in an interDirector Edward Zwick (Blood view. When asked about the intenDiamond, Glory, The Last sity of the script, she Samurai) brings to life the said, “The most powtrue story of the unsung erful feeling is just that heroes of the Holocaust. these people actually Defiance follows the stomanaged to do this.” ry of the Bielski brothYou become very ers, Jewish brothers from involved with the Russia who defy Germany characters. You feel by escaping the Nazi-octheir pain. Each actor cupied Poland in 1941 and managed to grasp my going into the Belarusemotions. I was happy when they were hapsian forest. They are soon py, scared when they followed by many other were scared, sad Jews who choose to live when they were sad. instead of die. Quickly, It doesn’t do this they build a community. They have shoe-makers, movie any justice to just weapon-makers, cooks, say that it was “good.” food-hunters, and even a It was one of the best school. The Bielski brothmovies that I have seen ers ultimately managed in a long time. Sure, to save over 1,200 Jews. there have been good Daniel Craig (007 Casimovies, but none have no Royal) takes on the role even come close to the of Tuvia Bielski, the eldest greatness of Defiance. of the Bielski brothers. He So, I highly suggest quickly becomes the com- Defiance Poster Courtesy of you go out and see it as mander of the community of re- they produced an amazing film. soon as you possibly can! I promDefiance is powerful. It is a ise you, you will be moved, and you volting Jews. Craig’s fellow cast members include Liev Shreiber movie where you will literally be will most certainly not regret it!

(The Sum of All Fears) as Zus Bielski, Jamie Bell (Jumper) as Asael Bielski, Alexas Davalos (The Mist) as Lilka Ticktin, Allan Corduner (Fred Claus) as Rabbi Shamon Haretz, and Mark Feuerstien (In Her Shoes) as Isaac Malbin. In an interview, Zwick says, “These actors are very ambitious artistically.” And with that,

9 A&E

Paw Prints Becky Hoffman Staff Writer
traffic controller as they go to his bachelor pad. But when an old school pal visits, schedules change, flights are delayed, and chaos begins to happen. In the Heights is a New York musical about a community at the top of Manhattan. The music brings the hopes and dreams of three generations as they struggle to forge an identity in a neighborhood on the brink of transition. August: Osage County is about the Weston clan returning to their home in rural Oklahoma when their patriarch vanishes. Medication abuse, drug usage, suicide, and incest occur in the piece. In the upcoming year, many different plays will be performed, including The American Plan, Hedda Gabler, You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush, Guys and Dolls, Hair, and The Story of My Life. Good luck to this year’s new plays!

February 13, 2009

Tony Awards
This year’s Tony Awards were exciting. However, there were four plays that were above the rest. South Pacific won the best revival of a musical, but Boeing-Boeing won the best revival of a play. The best musical was won by In the Heights, and overall, the best play of 2008 was Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County. South Pacific is set during WWII on a tropical island and tells a romantic story of a US Navy nurse and a French plantation owner. Also, a love story between a Tony Award US Navy Airman and a young native girl twists inside the play. However, the prejudices of their countries try to keep them apart. Boeing-Boeing is about an architect living in Paris. He has been successfully juggling three flight attendants as fiancées, with his housekeeper helping him by playing a romantic air-

New Movies
Natalie Skinner Staff Writer
he joins a group of detectives who are just as excited about their job as he is. They must find away to stop a thief who “specializes in stealing historical artifacts.” Romantic comedies are also going to be big this year. He’s Just Not That Into You stars many well-known actors and actresses: Jennifer Aniston, Drew B a r r y more, Justin Long, Scarlett Johansson, and Ben Affleck. In this comedy, signals of the opposite sex are not always understood, and the Movie Poster struggles of how to get through them are shown through different perspectives. If you like action movies, Push is the pick for you. This movie stars Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, and Djimon Hounsou. These citizens have special abilities that allow themselves to transform. They are known as the “mover,” the “watcher,” and the “pusher”; these people are forced to stop the “shadowy government agency.” Finally, animated movies can relate to any audience. A new movie Coraline stars Dakota Fanning. Her character ends up in a different world after walking through a secret door. The new world she is in is an alternate version of her life. She goes through many and Courtesy of obstacles must rely on her strength to be saved. So, go see a movie with friends or family! There is something out there for everybody. This year holds many different and exciting movies.

What is one thing that most people enjoy? Many people say that they enjoy taking a break from their lives to go see a movie with friends and family. What a great way to start the New Year! No matter what you enjoy, there will be something for you to see. From action to romance, comedy to horror: There is a whole list to choose from. If you like comedies, then here are some for you to check out. Paul Blart: Mall Cop came out January 16. In this movie, Kevin James stars as a single dad working his way through life as a mall cop. He is very confident in himself, “though no one else takes his job seriously.” A problem occurs, and the mall is shut down. He finally is able to show what a great cop he can be. Another comedy coming in February is The Pink Panther 2. Steve Martin plays the funny Jaques Clouseau. In the sequel,

Sandy Somo
Kris McClain Staff Writer
Sandy Somo is known around the school in many different ways, and one of those ways is her strong leadership and her ability to dance. You always see her in every assembly, shaking some part of her body to set a good example and be a good leader for her team. For Sandy, being a leader came at a young age: “Ever since I was six years-old, I realized that leadership was my strength. I had twin baby sisters, a one year-old brother, and a five-year-old sister left under my responsibility when my parents were at work. My siblings were reckless, and it was left up to me to get things back on track. It was a test… and from then on my parents knew that I was a responsible, caring person… and continually held me to high standards.” For Sandy, there is more to the high school experience than going to parties and all that jazz. She

Cameron Ray has a Story to Tell
Aubrey Walford Assistant Editor
He is an actor in the Advanced Theatre class. And, like I mentioned before, he played Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon; he did a phenomenal job, but that is not where Ray’s theatrical productions end. He is an active member of P.L.A.Y., which is a performing arts program in Lakeside. Last year he was tion of Beauty and the Beast. Ray’s real life “character” is a really funny guy. Even when doing the interview for this article, he was cracking jokes at every question. He made me personally laugh the entire time. Cameron Ray: an actor, an aspiring director, and a high school student. I guarantee that one day you will go to see an amazing movie, and in the credits you will see a familiar name from your high school days: Cameron Ray. You see, there is a lot more to people than what you see on the outside. Any time you see someone passing by, you must always remember that evCourtesy of Melissa Reed eryone always has a story to tell. Who knows? It may be just as interesting.

Born to be a good leader, dancer, person
looks at the bigger picture and cares for others without judging. Anytime someone needs a friend, Sandy is right there to help; anytime someone needs a shoulder to cry on, Sandy is that shoulder. To some, a leader would be described as someone who is the smartest student and always does their work, basically an allaround, better-than-average person who makes some good decisions. But the word “leader” has a strong meaning, and there are few people that we can call a leader. Sandy tries her best to do all she can do and the best she can do. She is involved in many school clubs and helpful classes. She is a captain on the hip-hop dance team, is on A.S.B., and is on the yearbook staff, to list a few of the things she does. In every single thing, she gives it her all and that is part of what a leader is. She is a good leader and because of her leadership, there are tons of people at West Hills that just adore Sandy; even though she may not know how important she is to everyone, she is still a natural leader.

Cameron Ray (‘10) made his name known around the campus when he played Charlie Gordon in the DramaKids performance of Flowers for Algernon. But there is more to Ray than just his amazing acting abilities. For instance, Ray would like to one day become a director. To fulfill his dream, he would like to go to San Diego State University to get a major in film. So, the acting he does now does help the process of becoming a director. Ray spends his personal time at home making movies and playing Rock Band. He has aCameron Ray little sister named Anna as well. At school, Ray is a DramaKid.

in their production of Suicidal, and he is in this year’s produc-

February 13, 2009

more willingly carry out responsibilities, and 76% more likely to work well as a team. Boy Scouts are also 58% more likely to do well in school. The Girl Scouts association offers many programs that give a girl many occasions to grow as an individual in her family and with her community. Clubs at school can give you the chance to get to know people you

Paw Prints

10 Features

Getting involved!
from class to class, but when given a chance to get to know each Melissa Reed other, we all get along quite well. Photo Editor A “job” usually refers to an occupation in which you get paid any given amount of money. But what if you didn’t get paid? What are you then? At that point, you are a volunteer. You take your Making a New Year’s resolution free time to help others by doing is difficult, and keeping it can be things like helping feed someone even more difficult. Only 45% of less fortunate than American adults keep their you or maybe just resolutions after six months. talking to someone Not too impressive but still who needs a good ear not bad. Sitting at home and to listen to them. Voldoing nothing for hours on unteering at a hospiend every day after school tal or a soup kitchen and homework on the are the two most weekends always proves popular volunteering to be unproductive. Even jobs chosen. Both in early February, you can contribute greatly to make your resolution to get our society and alinvolved in the community. low you to not only Getting involved in orget into school but ganizations, clubs, or even having a job can not only Helping on the highway courtesy of get into helping othboost your self-esteem but help don’t usually have the opportuni- ers on a regular basis. Being a part of the commusociety grow and flourish. Be- ty to know. For example, the Best ing part of Boy Scouts or Girl Buddies Club allows you to get nity is not hard, but it’s not alScouts, for example, allows you to understand someone who has ways easy to do the right thing. to help a community grow as well special needs on a more personal Remember, when you get inas yourself. Boy Scouts are 78% level. We don’t usually get to see volved, you really are helping to more likely to help people, 70% these people much when we go make a difference in our world.

Campus Life
about God, grow in faith, share activities, or to became a student Mallory Stratton leader. Student leaders take turns speaking, leading games, leading Features Editor discussions, and bringing snacks. Every year there are area-wide events, concerts, retreats, trips, and camps. Once in a while we have special days for parties or just game days. So far we have Campus Life has finally come had Mountain Dew Spew, a Halto West Hills! Many of you have loween and Christmas Party, and probably heard of Campus Life an all-games day. Our upcoming before but are not completely events include a Valentine’s Day aware of what it really is. It is a party, service projects, the Specounty-wide program for all high cial Olympics, an Easter celebraschool and junior high students, tion, and an in-room beach party. providing a way for you to make This club is for everyone! You a positive difference do not have to be part here at school and of a certain church to Club meetings in the community. come. If you are new are on Club meetings Tuesdays in B-4, to Christianity and are on Tuesdays featuring music, want to know more in room B-4, feaabout who Jesus is (and) fun. turing music, fun, and how he can be a discussion of the things people part of your life, or if you want are thinking about, and a talk on to help others in achieving their how Jesus Christ fits into every- goals, or even if you are not a day life. This club also works Christian and you want to know every week in helping every more about what Christians are member become more involved about, then this is the club for you! in their church and family. We Come and join us on Tuesdays at have small groups to learn more lunch in Mr. Brent’s room in B-4.

Beth Melton Catwalk Expertise
Shannon Lacy Staff Writer
Beth Melton is a junior here at West Hills. Something you may not know about her is that she is a model. She started modeling in January of 2008. In 2007, Beth attended a college fair at Valhalla High School where she saw a booth for a modeling school called Barbizon Modeling of San Diego. At the booth she filled out some papers, and not long after the school called her and was interested in coaching her to become a model. This school is not only a modeling school, but they teach you how to be confident along with many other things such as health, beauty, and skin care. Beth has learned that if you are healthy and confident, you can model. She never expected to become a model, but after going to this school, she decided to continue with this line of work. So far, Beth has been in three fashion shows. Her first show was her graduation show from

Bryce Rooney
Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...
I would say he is a pretty average 15-year-old kid. He may not be a person as fascinating as a person Becky Hoffman with extra digits or anything as far as that goes, but an interesting Staff Writer fact was discovered: This 10th grader has broken a total of seven bones in no less than five years! When asked what he did to injure himself this many times, Mrs. Kohler’s fifth period honors algebra II class is filled with he stated, “a lot of stupid stuff, kids of different grades. So, there mostly.” This includes when he were many people to choose was in third or fourth grade. He from in the student body at West was back flipping off a swing and Hills to interview. However, one thought it was “cool.” This caused particular person I found interest- him to do it again, when he actuing sat right next to me. He was ally broke a bone! He broke his probably the only person in the arm snowboarding when he was twelve. Other than class I had never these, he mainly broke really talked to or He mainly his body “jumping off had even heard his voice. His name broke his body stuff.” He says as far as is Bryce Edward “jumping off his parents’ reactions go, his mom “freakedRooney of the stuff.” out!” Bryce has broken sophomore class. both of his feet, his left When I first started questioning him, I discov- knee, right wrist, left forearm, ered his birthday was in March, left humerus, and some others. Now, when you see Bryce in his favorite color was “red…. wait…blue,” and he plays soccer the hallways or in class, and he is for the La Mesa Indoor Rec team. the kid sitting next to you and you Also, his favorite class this year haven’t uttered a word to him, ask is Mr. Lorentz’s fourth period in- him about his bones. Maybe it termediate guitar class. Bryce is will have a funny story behind it. Everyone has a story; it’s up talented when it comes to playing his guitar, not just for his to you to discover it. Who knows, class but also in his spare time. it could even be your best friend!

Barbizon. The second was a from other countries. But modelfree-lance job for a clothing line ing is not always a piece of cake. called Naked I. The third was for Something you may not know a designer named Zandra Rhodes. about modeling is that there are Her favorite one was the Zandra precise steps, hand placements, Rhodes show because she had and routines you have to memothe opportunity to model with rize. Beth says that the hardest her modeling coach. She feels it part is having to be in shape, eatwas an honor to be able to work ing healthy, and having to deal with a designer that is so talented. with the rejection from agencies. During her first show, she wasn’t Beth was also interested in even nera program called vous until IMTA, which is a she got week-long retreat in line where they train for to go on nutrition and modelthe runing. This opportuniway and ty only comes along saw her twice a year. One is friends hosted in Los Anand famgeles and the other ily. Since in New York City. then, the The agency comes shows to watch you model, h a v e and only 20% of the slowly girls make the cut. gotten Beth was one of the easier. 20% of the girls, but she was unable Out of to attend the retreat. Beth’s From this experimodeling Beth Melton Courtesy of Shannon Lacy experience she could not pick just ence, she has gained the knowlone thing that she enjoys the most. edge of just how vigorous the She likes several things, such as fashion industry is. Beth now has meeting new people, being able her heart set on becoming a modto try new things, the positive at- el as her career, but she has yet to tention, wearing famous clothes, decide whether she will do high and working with famous people fashion or commercial modeling.

11 Features

Your Formal
April Ball Staff Writer
Winter Formal is a dance put on by the sophomore class; this year it is the 2011 green party. Winter Formal is known to be fun and exciting. This year’s Winter Formal theme was West Coast Winter. Winter Formal was held later than usual. However, in consideration to the setback, there was a variety of plans leading up to the big day. Girls had to buy their dress, boys had to obtain a tux, flowers were exchanged, and hair was done, all to get ready for a four hour dance. Most couples or groups of friends rented a limo and went out for an ex-

April Ball Staff Writer
For those who can drive, a romantic carriage ride through the park or a nice walk on the beach plays well. By staying simple, you say so much more for that special As teenagers, it can be very difficult to do something great for that special someone, whether it is the inability to drive or being incapable of thinking of any good ideas. For those underclassmen who have not been graced with the privileged to drive, you could have a nice picnic in your backyard or take a walk in your neighborhood and surprise them with a sweet romantic dinner in an unexpected place. Most people like to be surprised.

Paw Prints

February 13, 2009

Valentine’s Ideas
I am always thinking about you.” If you are in the boat with no valentine, do not fret. Sometimes it is better not to have a valentine then to sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. If you want to impress someone, and throw out that “be mine” quote, just do it. Do not worry about what they will say or what they think. This day is the day to take that chance! for a wonderful d a y of romance and love. Besides, chances are they feel the same way. Either way you go, just be outgoing and don’t hold back. Celebrate this day as it is meant to be celebrated: with someone, even if it’s just a friend.

travagant dinner. Others were living on the edge and took their limo to a fast food restaurant. Could you imagine walking into In N’ Out and seeing ten people in formal attire? How awkward! Either way, if you went to fast food or sit down, everyone ended up at the dance located at Montezuma Hall. After the dance was finished, some people went home, while others enjoyed a late night snack at Denny’s. However, a small handful of students did catch a ride to the beach or to a nearby park just to hang out. It seems to be the West Hills students attending Winter Formal were either part of two groups or formed a small minority. Although, for all those who did not attend the 2009 Winter Formal, it is hoped that they enjoyed themselves wherever their plans took them.

someone. It does n o t take much to tell somebody how you feel, just enough to say, “you mean a lot to me, and

Valentine Shout
Dear Cassie P., West Hills has a great new star! We hope you are having a great time doing what you love most. Happy Valentines Day! From your biggest fans. Honey Oats- I am so glad we can spend this Valentine’s Day together! I hope you know how much I care about you. Love you, always always! To Wendy: Girlie!! We love you mucho! One day we’ll be sisters... you know exactly what kind. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you a whole lot, Kelly and Aubrey

West Hill Proclamations of Love <3
To one Kyle Sederberg: Here’s hoping that you have a happy Valentine’s Day, no matter who you spend it with :)

Hi Baby! I love you so much!!! You are the best! We have had an amazing year, and I’m so glad we are still together! Happy Valentines Day Baby! Love, your Cuppy Cake. -Shannon Lacy

Belle, I love you so much. You mean the world to me, and I can’t imagine life without you; you are my everything. The reason I smile and laugh. You are the biggest part of my life, and my heart and my everything are yours. I love you so much more than you will ever know. I pray that you never forget this and that I embed in your heart. Happy Valentines! Love, Your Teddy Bear

To Bryan: I don’t even know how to explain how much you mean to me. I love much! Happy year and five months baby! I love you forever + ever, amen. Love always and forever, Kelly To: Connie I L-L-Love you! You are my bestest friend! Frum: Bernice

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