Chapter 11 Critical Thinking Essays by loi17039


									Chapter 11 Critical Thinking Essays

1. The text mentions that weight is one aspect in attraction. Please
describe how men and women view not only their own weight, but also
the weight of the opposite gender. Make sure to include a discussion of
the graph shown in the text (specifically, the gap in women between their
current weight and what they perceive to be the ideal. What might we
conclude from this?).

2. There is no doubt that cell phones have introduced a new era of instant
communication. After reading the special section on pages 373-374 of
the text, please share your thoughts on cell phones. In what ways do they
aid in our building of social network? In what ways might they change
social interaction for the better? What challenges might they present to
the building of relationships? How might they cause social friction?

3. Please describe Sternberg’s theory of love. Make sure to include a
discussion of the three components and how they interact. Please
provide an explanation of how the components interact for at least 4 of
the 8 types of love.

4. Lately, you have noticed that an acquaintance seems depressed.
When you strike up a conversation and mention your observations, the
individual states that he is lonely. What might you be able to tell this
individual about both the causes and potential cures for loneliness?

5. A good friend approached you recently and, in confidence, told you
that he was gay. You are the first person that your friend has told and he
is quite nervous about the challenges that he might face. Based upon
what you read in the textbook, what can you tell him about the
challenges that gay men (and lesbian) women face in our society?

6. Curious about the roots of homosexuality, you decide to do some
research on the web. You come across several sites with varying
viewpoints. Your task is to read the information on the following websites
and then compose an argument in direct opposition to your personal
beliefs (in other words, if you believe that homosexuality is inherited, you
are to prepare an argument that states its origins are environmental or
vice versa). Use the information on these websites to compose your

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