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									                            Haro Bikes Manufacturer

Haro is one of popular bike manufacturers in America. The name of Haro was
taken from the founder name known as Bob Haro. This is a famous bike
manufacturer specialized on BMX bikes. In fact, BMX sport is also popular across
American teenagers.
One important factor why haro bike becomes a popular bike is because of the
quality. Moreover, people are easy to get the latest information about haro bikes
because every year haro publishes their latest news including their new products.
Basically, haro bikes are made from the best material. The wheels are made of
stainless steel and we all know that stainless steel is strong against rust. Moreover,
most of haro bikes have comfortable seat because it made from vinyl material.
The weight is perfectly measured which is light weight. It is useful for those who
are using haro bikes for extreme sport. Haro has several bicycle models which as
mountain bikes, hybrid bike, comfort bike, cruiser bike, kid bikes, and the latest
product is BMX bikes. They have a lot of models because they know that people
use a bike for various purposes and of course they need to use different type of
bike. With more than 30 years experience in making a bicycle they know how to
serve their customers.

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