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									                                                    FUNFEST ’08
                       Conscious Kids Magazine–Exhibitor Guide Advertising

  FUNFEST ’08, taking place on June 14, 2008, in the Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazier Center in
  Atlanta, is an event showcase for healthy products and services presented to hundreds of individuals
  interested in establishing healthy lifestyle practices for their families.

  If your business/organization supports pursuits within the holistic health realm, we invite you to advertise
  in Conscious Kids Magazine – the official Funfest ’08 Exhibitor Guide.

  Imagine the impact your ad will have in a unique keepsake that will be referenced long after the event is
  over by an audience most ready, receptive and eager to respond your healthy living message. Contact us
  and reserve your space now, as space is limited.

         Deadline for ad materials is April 25, 2008. Magazine – guide delivers on May 9, 2008.

    (1) Select your ad size (2) complete contact and payment information and (3) fax form to 770-234-4906

            _____ Full Page: $600         _____ Half Page: $350          _____ Quarter Page: $200

                  Ad Dimensions
Trim Size                  5.50(W) x 8.50(H)                Name: _________________________________
Full Page Bleed            5.75(W) x 8.75(H)
Full Page Live             4.75(W) x 7.75(H)                Company: ______________________________
Half Page                  4.75(W) x 3.75(H)
Quarter Page               2.25(W) x 3.75(H)                Address: _______________________________

                  Easy Pay Option                           _______________________________________

 ( )Visa ( )Mastercard ( )Amex ( )Discover                  City: ______________ State: _____ Zip: ______
 CC# __________________________________
                                                            Phone: ______________ Fax: ______________
 Exp. Date ___/___ 3-digit code on back ____
                                                            Email: _________________________________
 Name as it appears on credit card
 ______________________________________                     Signature: ______________________________

 Zip of card ______________
                                                               Please call Lighthouse Communications at
 Signature and date for credit card payment
                                                             404-873-6004 with any questions or for further
 x ______________________________________
                                                                         Lighthouse Communications
 Date ____/____/____                                                          * P.O. Box 47279 *
                                                                  Doraville, GA 30362-7279 * 404-873-6004
                                                                              * 770-234-4906 fax

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