Ship's Log Assignment EXPLORERS BLOG by rzm93543


									                                   Ship’s Log Assignment:
                                   EXPLORER”S BLOG

Now that you know about the voyage of John Cabot you are ready to
join on his historic voyage,

Your assignment is to tell the story of John Cabot’s exploration, as if you were one of the
members of his crew aboard his ship. You will have the facts from the class readings,
discussions, and videos to help you with this. You will first need to choose a character and
describe how you managed to join the voyage. You will write this entry as a ship’s log or a
journal entry. How you write the story is completely up to you, but you must include all the
real facts of the voyage (all events and timeline) are very general and leave you lots of
room for creative detail. You will be marked based on the effort you make to add detail
and your ability to include all the facts of the real voyage. (Please refer to the rubric on
the other side of this sheet.)

You will be given some time in class to begin each of your journal log entries. However, as
part of your homework assignment, you will be asked to post your journal entry onto the
Explorer Log Book Blog, see Division 5 Social Studies Link or Explorers of Canada
Website. To ensure your safety on the Internet you will use a pretend name that is realistic
to the era of this journey. Each blog post will have the day of the journey (not today’s
date), as well as your pretend crew name for each journey at the end of each journal
entry. Your journal entry will be posted to the blog once it has been approved by Ms.
Sanderson. Please have a look at the weekly blog directions for more detail about what to
include in each post.

John Cabot                                                                  Journal Entries to be completed:
   o   Born in Italy, a trader and mapmaker.                                  o Letter to John Cabot.
   o   Went to England
   o   Told merchants of idea and they agreed to build him a boat.            o Getting Ready to go.
   o   Boat named the Matthew.                                                o A Sailor Says Good-Bye
       Carried 18 Men
   o   Set sail May 1497
                                                                              o One Week at Sea
   o   After 54 days sighted land                                             o Three Weeks at Sea
   o   Sailed south in search of cities to find silks, jewels, and spices     o Signs of Land Spotted
   o   Found endless forests, axes used to mark trail, saw animal
       traps but no people                                                    o Experiences on Land
   o   Discovered excellent fishing grounds.                                  o Return to Bristol, England.
   o   Returned to tell merchants and fisherman of Europe.
   o   Planned a return voyage with two ships in 1498.

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