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					     Speedlab100 VS
   The modular photo kiosk

A concentrate of vending
photo services
                       Creative by nature
Key datas
about the photo kiosk market
                                                                         Kiosk worldwide installed base and projections
  The global kiosk market is growing fast                                                 (in thousands of Units)

                                                                        Region      2007         2008*         2009*      2010*
  Today, kiosks are an active part of our daily
  lives.They can be found in a wide variety                              Total     1,759          2,016        2,320      2,732
  of environments. This trend is growing and                             North     1,152          1,324        1,523      1,797
  kiosk usage is expected to increase by 55%
                                                                         Europe     312            336          409        478
  between 2007 and 2010.

                                                                                                                                    * Projected
                                                                          Asia-     263            300          345        404
                                                                         ROW         32            36               42      53
                                                                                    Sources: Summit Research Associates Inc. 2008

                  Photo printing in France
                  (in millions of 4”x6” / 10x15 cm)
                                                                          The growth of the digital printing market
                                                      3.4 millions
   3.2 millions   3.2 millions      3.3 millions                          is back!
                                                                          After years of decrease, printing volumes are
      75 %            84 %             91 %              93 %             increasing, mainly due to the growth of digital
                                                                          picture printing.
                                                                          In developed countries, digital pictures will count
      2007           2008              2009              2010             for 90% of the global printing volume in 2010.
         Film         Digital
                           Sources: Understanding & Solutions 2007

As kiosks are becoming a larger part of our everyday lives, the trend of digital camera users
printing their pictures offers an expanding business opportunity for the photo kiosk market.

      Speedlab 100 VS,
      An exclusive line of services
                                A large choice of digital inputs:
                                Memory cards (Compact FlashTM, Smart MediaTM, Memory Stick®, MS Pro® and Duo®,
                                SD CardTM, MultimediaCardTM, RS MMCTM with adapter, Mini SD Card® and XD picture-
                                CardTM), CD-Rom / DVD, Bluetooth®, infrared (for pictures from mobile phones) and USB

                                A complete range of photo products:
                                • Instant and remote printing*,
                                • Colour, black and white, sepia prints, white border,
                                • Index prints,
                                • Added value services: frames, calendars,
                                  greeting cards, postcards and a new
                                  application for event photographers,
                                • CD burning.

                                Printing formats:
                                10x15 (4’’x6’’) and 15x20 (6’’x8’’).

                                * Optional, DSL connection needed.
                                                                               Speedlab 100 VS
   Speedlab 100 VS,
   The photo kiosk that fits your needs
                                                      • «A la carte” configurations to match your store
                                                        space and your customers policy:
                                                        - Order station on your counter, with a printing
                                                        module in your back office,
                                                        - Order station with remote printing sytem,
                                                        - Stand alone kiosk for instant printing.
2 separated modules                                     A totally flexible production management!

                                                      • Fully flexible product and pricing configurations.
                                                        Choice of services, formats, prices, access fee,
                                                        discount function to develop customer loyalty.
                                                        Feel free to developp your specific pricing policy.

                                                      • A large choice of payment options.
                               Stand alone              Coin and bill payment, prepaid cards, payment at the
 Off-site remote printing                               counter (ticket printer or ticket printed on photo paper
                                                        10x15/4’’x6’’, pin code to release order).

   Speedlab 100 VS keypoints
                    • Visualization comfort
                   with 17” flat touch screen.

                            • Quick and easy
          thanks to its software, designed for
                 customer user-friendlyness.

                          • Customer loyalty
                 with its prepaid card reader.

                 • Full customer autonomy
                with its coin and bill acceptor.
                   A 100% self service kiosk.

   High-performance software
   for high photographic quality
                                       • User-friendly interface,
                                       • Minimum time spent at the kiosk (average less than 5 minutes),
                                       • Interactive screens to guide the user and simplify the use of the
                                       • Fast track order function,
                                       • Advanced edition functions: colour, black and white, sepia,
                                         cropping, zooming, rotation, luminosity and contrast,
                                       • Automatic red-eye correction and Perfectly ClearTM image
                                         science to enhance digital pictures (clarity, under-exposed areas),
                                       • Activation via the operator menu of those automatic corrections.
Your Photo Point: a totally flexible concept
Adapt your service offer according to :
• Your retail environment,
• Your customers profile,
• Your competition in the trading area,
• Your additional photo services that can generate more profit...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            KIS SAS capital of 1.753.164 € - NG110995703 - Non contratcual document - KIS reserves the right to modify the specifications without notice - Image credit: Franck Ardito - photos.com - 07/08
Create your own Photo Destination with
 different offers on several kiosks
• Instant prints,                                                                                   to
                                                                                               e Pho
                                                                                          Espac                                                       Tirage Ph
                                                                                                                                                               oto Instantan

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Espace Ph
• Creation of photo books on kiosk,
                                                                                                                         oto           En ligne
                                                                                                                Tirage Ph
                                                                                                  En ligne
  with remote printing,
• Offload production of photo gifts (Tshirt, mugs, ...)
                                                                                                                          Tirage Pellicule                                                               Tirage Pellicule

                                                                                                                      vos pellicules                                                                    Déposez
                                                                                                                          ici                                                                         vos pellicules

With Speedlabs 100 VS, choose the right
concept to best meet your customer needs.

Technical specifications
Digital input: Compact Flash™ type I and         Languages: English, French, German,
II, Smart Media™, Memory Stick®, Memory          Italian, Spanish, Dutch, other languages(3)                                                                    Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Stick Pro®, Memory Stick Duo®, SD Card™,
Multimedia Card™, RS MMC with adapter,           Accepted currency: Euro, Sterling Pound,                                                                       Certifications: CE
Mini SD Card, xDPicture Card™, CD/DVD-           Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, other
Rom, USB keys, Bluetooth®, infrared              currencies(3)                                                                                                  Dimensions:
                                                                                                                                                                • Order station : 42 cm (H) x 33 cm (D) x 40
Type of read files: jpeg, bmp                    Payment options:                                                                                                cm (L)
                                                 • Order station: prepaid card reader(2),                                                                       • Instant print version : 144 cm (H) x 46 cm
Printing technology: dye-sublimation printer     counter payment with ticket printer(2)                                                                         (D) x 59 cm (L)
                                                 • Instant print : coin and bill acceptor(2), ,
Resolution: 300 dpi in fine mode                 tokens(2), integrated ticket printer(2)

Printing speed: 8 seconds per print              Statistics : turnover, number and type of
                                                 prints, digital media used, daily cashbook…
Formats: 10x15 cm (4’’x6’’) or 15x20 (6’’x8’’)                                                                                                                 (1) With a remote printing configuration.
                                                                                                                                                               (2) Optional.
                                                 Furniture colour: blue                                                                                        (3) According to availability and compatibility.
Prints: standard, white borders,
index,receipt, postcards, enlargements(1)        Computer:
                                                 • Micro-ATX Motherboard
Editing functions: zoom, crop, rotation,         • Intel Celeron processor
contrast and luminosity, black and white,        • DDR2 1024 Mb DIMM
sepia, PerfectlyClearTM automatic correction,    • 10 /100BT LAN integrated on mother
red eye automatic correction                       board.
                                                 • 8 USB 2.0 slots (4 internals, 4 externals)
Consumables: dye-sublimation paper roll          • 1 RS232 connector min
with ribbon set (as a kit)                       • 1 Parallel port

Autonomy: 710 prints in 10x15 cm (4’’x6’’)       Connection:
and 355 prints in 15x20 cm (6’’x8’’)             • Modem DSL(2), minilabs and central labs
CD/DVD: CD and DVD reader- CD burner             • 1 serial ATA port
                                                 • 2 PS2
Interface: High definition 17’’ flat touch       • HDD 80 GB ( ou plus ) serial ATA
screen                                           • DVD-RW drive (5” ¼, SATA)

                                                                         A member of the Photo-Me International Plc Group of Companies
                                                                         2110, avenue du Général de Gaulle 38130 ECHIROLLES/FRANCE
                                                                         Tél. +33 (0) 4 76 33 30 00 / Fax : +33 (0) 4 76 33 95 00.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Product manufactured
                                                                         http://www.kis.fr                                                                                          under a quality management
                                                                         E-mail : info@kis.fr. R.C.S. Grenoble B 353 249 105
                                                                                                                                                                                         system certified to ISO
                                                                                                                                                                                          9001/2000 by AFAQ


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