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Employment Ad- Advertisement- Studying FREE & HIGH QUALITY


Employment Ad- An example of an advertisement- use for studying

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									                        All of these ads are small one-column ads that are a little off-
                        beat. However, they will capture the reader’s attention, are user
                        friendly, and use a soft sell approach to attracting employees.
                        Keep in mind that many times the person reading these ads is not
                        the person who will be applying for the job, but they will refer
                        this type of ad to a friend. The people you want aren’t necessarily
                        looking through the classified ads.

         Mary’s Gone                                                Share A Job
We are going to miss Mary because she                       If a whole job is too much, we share
was so much fun to work with. But if you                    them here. If you like to work in the garden,
like to work with a fun group of people and                 then maybe you might like working in our
love working with gift items in a great little              Garden Center. We have a great group of
gift shop, then call Margie at 567-987-9876.                folks here and many had a whole job for years
Or just drop in for a cup of coffee.                        but it was too much for them as well.
                                                            Call Doris (she shares a job with Bernice)
   MARGIE’S GIFT                                            546-987-0987
Address + Phone Number                                      Ben’s Garden Center
                                                            1010 No. Freeway South
                                                            Fremont, California

There is Room                                               Do You Love Woodworking?
     on our Team
We just need two more people                                We might have the perfect part-time
who would love to work                                      job for you. We love people who love
part-time. It’s the perfect                                 to work with wood to help our
part-time job in the cutest little                          customers buy what’s right for
gift shop in the county. Come                               them. If you are interested ,call
down to check us out and share                              Bob Smith at 675-987-9806.
a cup of coffee with us.                                    (He loves woodworking also.)

MARGIE’S                                                    Woody’s Woodworking Shop
GIFT BOUTIQUE                                               Downtown Dallas, Texas
Address + Phone Number                                      152-908-8987

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