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                                            MAY 2007
                                          PRESIDENT’S LETTER
Greetings BPW members,

Keep Up the Good Work.
The other day I was thinking about all the women involved in BPW. It is very remarkable what we accomplish in our lives
on a daily basis. Steadily working on careers, experiencing the hard knocks of life, feeling the joys of family, being
engaged in community, and volunteering for organizations, such as BPW. I am proud that Bozeman BPW supports all
women no matter where they are or where they are going. Every member's contribution, whether it was as an officer,
committee chair or member, or attending as many meetings as possible, made this year successful. I am grateful for
every woman who gave their time to support the efforts of Bozeman BPW.
Our new Leadership Team will be calling upon every member throughout the year to assist with programs and events.
Bozeman BPW gives members equal opportunity to participate in an organization that supports us, in all of our
endeavors. Nothing can happen if we don't make it happen.
I sincerely appreciate the commitment my Leadership Team made to support me and worked hard to make this year
successful. God bless and THANK YOU.

Remember .... No matter where you go .... There you are.

Beat wishes
Marian Steffes

                                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS
May, 2007
May 18-19 - Montana BPW State Convention, Holiday Inn, Bozeman

May 23 - Program Meeting, Noon, Comfort Inn; Installation of Officers

                                   BOZEMAN BPW NEW OFFICERS

Nominations Committee Slate for Bozeman BPW Officers, June 2007-May 2008
President                                       Lindsey VanHemelyrek
1st Vice-President                              Sally Babcock
2nd Vice-President                              Sydney Rick
Corresponding Secretary                         Beth Bridgers John
Recording Secretary                             Peggy Foster
Treasurer                                       Rachel Dailey

                                       BPW Convention

Reminder! MT BPW Convention is going to be May 18 & 19 at the Holiday Inn hotel. Don't forget to
attend if you've already signed up and invite your friends to attend one of the following workshops on
Friday, May 18. Workshops are open to the public.
10:00 a.m.                Membership Recruitment for Organizations
11:00 a.m.                Starting and Running a Small Business
12:00 - 1:25 p.m.         Networking Lunch
1:30 p.m.                How Businesses & BPW can Support Working Families
2:30 p.m.                Fundraising for Non-Profits
See for more details.

              Mt BPW Convention May 18-19 2007 at the Holiday Inn
            Building Powerful Women Professionally Politically Personally
Thursday, May 17
5:00-7:00 p.m.       Montana Women Lobby Board Meeting. All invited to attend.
7:00-9:00 p.m.       President’s Welcome Board Meeting All local Presidents and
                     Executive Officers and Committee Chairs to attend

Friday, May 18       Breakfasts are available for order Thursday night through the hotel
7:30 - 9:00 a.m.     Montana BPW Foundation Meeting. All invited to attend

10:00 a.m.           Workshop Membership Recruitment for Organizations
11:00 a.m.           Workshop Starting and Running a Small Business

12:00                Networking Lunch

1:30 p.m.            Workshop How Businesses & BPW can Support Working Families
2:30 p.m.            Workshop Fundraising for Non-Profits

4:00 - 5:30 p.m.     Opening Ceremonies
                     First Business Session
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.     Business Expo & Reception
                     Sponsored by Anderson ZurMuehlen CPA & Business Advisors

7:30 - 8:30 p.m.     Dinner

9:00 -11:00 p.m.     Friday Night Fun Night hosted by Bozeman BPW

Saturday, May 19
8:00 – 9:00 a.m.     Past State President’s Meeting
8:30 a.m.                 Muffins, danishes, coffee, tea & juice

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.         Second Business Session

11:00 a.m.                2007-2008 Incoming Board of Directors meeting hosted by 2007 President Pat Simmons

12:00                     Luncheon + Program – Pat Simmons, Membership Survey and Stacey Scott, Montana
                          BPW Priority Discussion

1:30 - 3:30 p.m.          Third Business Session

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.          Golfing at Bridger Creek; Museum of the Rockies visit; or On Your Own

7:30 - 10:00 p.m.         Awards Banquet
                          Awards Presentations
                          Installation of New Officers
                          Closing Ceremony
                          Incoming State Officer’s Reception

All Local and Foundation fundraisers are invited to take place in the banquet room at dinner Friday night and at the Fun
Night or during free times. It is requested that fundraising does not take place on the convention floor, during business
sessions, during the Business Expo, or the Awards Dinner.

                                            MEMBERS’ NOTES

Congratulations to Bozeman BPW member, Sally Babcock as a 2007 Peacemaker Award Honoree! She was
honored on April 26, 2007 by the Community Mediation Center at a program at the Emerson Theatre. Fellow Bozeman
BPW members, Roxanne Klingensmith and Jane Arntzen-Schumacher were the emcees for the program.

                                         To all BPW Members :
This email is being sent to every Mt BPW member. Those without email addresses will receive a hard copy of the
newsletter in the mail, as they do for each newsletter.

Please check the Montana April 8 , 2007 Newsletter on the website                   Click twice on the
button on the left "Newsletters". Then you can read it online or print it out.

It is really important that you read this issue because it contains timely information needed for you to evaluate prior to the
State Convention. Here are the main topics:

  Call to State Convention
  Convention Agenda
  Convention Report
  President-Elect Report
  Issues Management Report
  Treasurer's Report
  Nominating Committee Report
  Proposed Legislative Platform Changes
  Resolution Work-Family Effectiveness
  State Woman of Achievement Award Report
  State Historian Report
  Proposed Bylaws Changes
  Resolutions Proposed

Thank you. Pat Simmons, President-Elect & Internet Site Manager, 585-0101

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                  Our Own Worst Enemy: Continued Resistance to Electing a Female President
                                                  By Betsy Danforth
I recently hosted a dinner party where a group of girlfriends got into a debate about whether or not Hillary
Clinton could possibly be elected as our President. After one guest claimed she’d leave the country if Clinton
became president, I got to thinking about the reality of Americans electing a female leader. I’d had the
(obviously incorrect) notion that my friends were pretty much on the same page as I am politically. I’d previously
believed that the idea of electing a woman as president or the question of whether or not the U.S. is “ready” for
a woman president was something my enlightened friends would consider a mute point—of course they would
all be ready and more than willing to vote for a woman. This is certainly a topic for interesting conversation, but
would Americans in fact do it? Could we actually follow suit, and, like dozens and dozens of nations who have
elected female leaders, chose someone who is the best possible candidate despite their gender?
         There can be no doubt that women are often judged by much tougher criteria than men in our society;
we constantly critique women and are held up to an unrealistic set of standards which undoubtedly set us up for
failure. The fundamental issue is that we women buy into this, too -- we clearly suffer from internalized
misogyny. Truly liking and accepting ourselves is rarely an option, and we pay for this in every facet of our lives.
No matter how liberal we consider ourselves to be, and whether or not we call ourselves feminists, we cannot
escape the misogyny and sexism which plague the psyche of this country. We still view ourselves as “other,” a
perception that is extremely detrimental to our own progress.
            When researching “woman president” online, choices ran the gamut -- from “anti-Hillary” sites (about 8
million of those), to comedian Elayne Boosler’s insightful piece, “Is America Ready for a Woman President? Go
to Hell!” I felt a great sense of relief and hope when I came across a series of essays written by fifth graders
from Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. in 1998, addressing this very question. These writings were my favorites -- out of the
mouths of babes (both boys and girls, I might add) came the most enlightened and unbiased opinions of all. “Of
course a woman should be president,” they all believed, wasn’t the Constitution (which they had obviously
recently studied - something I’d recommend to the current administration and all voting adults) written to
guarantee this? Simply stated, aren’t women just as smart and talented as men, and isn’t it just plain fair to let
women in the presidential race? As fifth grader Emily states in her essay:
         “I think a woman can be President. Should gender matter? When I was in second grade, Mrs.Taverna
         had a poster up of all the Presidents. I studied it closely and noticed none of them were women. I was
         shocked! Usually you think people in elementary school just know ABC and 123, but I was different. If
         there are no women Presidents, doesn’t that mean men have ruled and made decisions and told us
         what to do over the last two centuries? It kind of makes women feel like slaves if you really think about
         it. Is there a law saying men are always President? Just give women a chance to prove they can be
         President. The state wants fairness and I think that is fair.”
         Elayne Boosler also clearly has a strong opinion about the question of women as presidents, noting that
the number of times she has seen this question boggles her mind. She addresses the idea of people wanting
to vote for a “regular guy” they’d feel comfortable joining at the bar for a beer, (a notion successfully created by
Bush’s publicity team which is, of course, absurd since as an extremely wealthy white male born into political
royalty, he represents less than 1 percent of the nation’s population):
         “I don't want a president I'd want to have a beer with. I want someone so busy, brilliant and sterling that I
         would be terrified to have a beer with her. I want her way too busy, and way too smart and serious for
         me. I want her having her beers with presidents, prime ministers, scientists, philosophers, and heads of
         The theme for National Women’s History Month this year is “generations of women moving history
forward.” We need to move beyond this internalized misogyny in order to believe that we really can do any job,
in order to believe that a woman can, in fact, be president. Though many of us would readily support a female
candidate, many still struggle with the idea and worry that a vote for a woman is a “throw-away” vote.
Even our young girls and boys believe in women, clearly we need to get beyond the gender issue and vote for
the best candidate, realizing that she might actually look like us.
         Forget the absurd notion that we are not “ready” for a woman president (what does that mean,
anyway?); stop discounting our female candidate and judging her by an impossible set of standards—let’s get
“ready” and offer our full support to qualified female candidates! I’m not endorsing Clinton, but simply
suggesting that we try looking at her as a viable candidate, not as a woman candidate. Many Republicans are
hoping that Clinton wins the democratic nomination believing she will be easy to defeat in the general election.
Let’s prove them wrong. As one blogger on the internet puts it: “…missing out on the talent of over half the
population is a piss-poor use of resources…” Let’s choose a President who represents us for a change, and
join the generations of women who have truly moved history forward!

Betsy Danforth is the Director
MSU Women’s Center

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