Why buy Organic, Raw and Vegan Protein Powder?

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					Why buy Organic, Raw and Vegan Protein Powder?

Everyone needs protein but not everyone wants to get that protein from animal sources, such as
meat or dairy products. That’s why protein powders themselves are valuable as a nutritional tool.
If you’ve done some comparisons of the products on the market, you know there are some
differences and that might make you wonder why buy organic, raw, and vegan protein powder?

Well, let’s look at some of the benefits of making this choice.

Vegan protein powder offers some advantages over other types of protein powders. Because they
are made with non-animal products they can be used by vegetarians and even strict vegans. They
usually contain protein from brown rice or other types of vegetables so they are healthier sources
of this all important nutrient. That’s good for your overall health.

Raw protein powder has its own advantages. Many people don’t realize that heat can destroy the
nutrients in food. That’s why most dieticians recommend steaming vegetables or eating them raw
instead of cooking them. For example, boiling mixed vegetables for just 10 minutes destroys
about 25% of the Vitamin C they contain.

With the raw protein powders, none of the food sources are cooked or exposed to heat so they
maintain all of the rich nutrients they originally had. This means you’re going to end up getting a
higher quantity of vitamins and minerals than you would with a non-raw protein powder.

Finally, an organic protein powder is made from food sources that were certified organic. In the
United States, foods are organic if they are not grown with the helped of synthetic chemicals for
fighting pests or fertilizing the plant. That’s good news, too. Those chemicals can stay on the
food long after they have been harvested from the ground. No matter how many times they are
washed before being processed into the powder you could still be consuming amounts of
dangerous toxins and carcinogens with each shake you consume. That’s a scary thought and a
good reason to choose organic protein powders over the competition.

While all three of these types offer advantages, look for a product that meets all three of these
standards to make sure you are getting the healthiest, most nutrient rich, and least chemically
treated sources of protein available. And that’s the answer to why buy organic, raw, and vegan
protein powder products.

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