Personal Hygiene Practices Policy

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					                     Personal Hygiene Practices Policy
Wash your hands when entering or exiting all fresh department work areas.

Wash your hands before and after all coffee, meal and washroom breaks.

Wash your hands when there is any possibility of cross contamination. i.e.
when your hands come into contact with raw foods or potentially allergenic
foods, touching your skin anywhere (face or nose), sneezing or coughing,
picking up something from the floor and handling money or garbage.

Wash your hands before putting on gloves, and also immediately after
removing gloves.

Aprons must be removed prior to all coffee, lunch or washroom breaks.

Hairnets must be properly worn, at all times, by anyone working in the fresh
department’s work areas. A hat may be worn over the hairnet. See Dress
Code for details.

All cuts and open wounds on hands must be covered with a Blue bandage or
proper dressing and waterproof covering to prevent cross contamination.

Hand washing is an important personal habit and one of the best methods to
keep food, customers and employees safe.

Proper Hand Washing Procedures: Walrus Method
W et hands
A pply soap
L ather for 20 seconds
R inse well          `
U se paper towel to dry
S hut off tap and open door with paper towel
REFERENCES or more information can be accessed from:
     a) Corporate Dress Code
     b) Food Premises Regulation
     c) FOODSAFE and FoodWise Training materials
     d) Location Manager
     e) Food Safety Auditor

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