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					     Sahana for Mount
    Merapi Project Report
         Deploying Sahana For The Merapi
                 Eruption Project

          Information in the Yogyakarta, Middle Java of

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   This project aims to provide information for
    deploying Sahana software for Mount Merapi
    Eruption. It is sponsored by the
    Communications Technologies Board of the

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   ACS Communications Technologies Board
    The ACS[1] is an association for Information &
    Communications Technology (ICT) professionals. The
    Communications Technologies Board[2]of the ACS deals with all
    aspects of communications technology, including Internet and
    mobile phones. The board provides representatives to
    international telecommunications committees. As part of its
    commitment to the wider community to ensure the beneficial
    use of ICT, the ACS is sponsoring this work on the use of the
    Internet for disaster management. Work is also being undertaken
    for a bird flu pandemic[3].

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   Sahana
      Sahana means "Relief" in Sinhalese.
      As the name itself implies, Sahana is a free and open source Disaster
      Management System. It mainly facilitates management of
   Missing Person Registry
      Helping to reduce trauma by effectively finding missing persons
   Organization Registry
      Coordinating and balancing the distribution of relief organizations in the
      affected areas and connecting relief groups allowing them to operate as one
   Request Management System
      Registering and Tracking all incoming requests for support and relief upto
      fullfilment and helping donors connect to relief requirements
   Camp Registry
      Tracking the location and numbers of victims in the various camps and
      temporary shelters setup all around the affected area

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    Deployments of Sahana Software
   Deployed officially in Sri Lanka for Asian
    Tsunami, 2005 (CNO)
   Deployed officially in Pakistan for Asian Quake,
    2005 (NADRA)
   Deployed officially in Philippines for Mudslide
    Disaster, 2006
   Being deployed in Sri Lanka's largest NGO,
    Sarvodaya's Disaster unit, 2006

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    Location of Sahana Deployment
                                                                   Taken from :

                                                                      - Reported Disaster

                                                                        - Sahana Enabled EOC

                                                                        - Sahana Deployed

                                                                        - Potential Deployment

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Yogyakarta (also Jogjakarta in pre-1972 spelling or Jogja)
is a city and province on the island of Java, Indonesia. It is
the only province in Indonesia that is still formally
governed by a precolonial Sultanate, the Sultanate of
Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. The city is known as a center
of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik,
ballet, drama, music, poetry and puppet shows. It is also
famous as a center for Indonesian higher education. The
official name of the Yogyakarta province is Special Region
of Yogyakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta,
or DIY). The city of Yogyakarta is the capital of the
province. Taken from Wikipedia

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                           Mount Merapi
Mount Merapi is a conical volcano in Central Java, Indonesia. It is
the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted 68 times
since 1548. Its name means Mountain of Fire. It is very close to
the city of Yogyakarta, and thousands of people live on the flanks
of the volcano, with villages as high as 1700 m above sea level.

        From                          From Google map, Sattelite view

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             Mount Merapi Eruption
   1992
    1992 saw an eruption begin at Mount Merapi which continued for the next ten years.
    During this time, a lava dome was extruded, growing by up to half a metre per day. In
    1994, the dome reached the edge of the crater, and from then on, rock fall from the
    dome produced frequent pyroclastic flows. In late 1994 almost the entire dome
    collapsed, killed 43 people.
   2006
    Eruptions at the volcano are increasing in intensity, and some reports indicate that
    large explosions have begun. Should pyroclastic flows occur, nearby villages will be at
    very high risk. Police are currently reporting 109 dead and 1,112 missing, including
    100 orphans.


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        Five facts on Mount Merapi
    Gunung Merapi, or Fiery Mountain, located in Indonesia.
    Merapi has been witnessing small eruptions every two or
     three years, bigger ones every 10-15 years, and very large
     ones every 50-60 years.
    The biggest eruptions occurred in 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872
     and 1930.
    The 3,000-metre (9,800-ft) volcano is considered sacred by
     local people who believe a supernatural kingdom exists atop
    Indonesia has the world's highest density of volcanoes and
     is located in the so-called 'Ring of Fire’.

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       Desription of the Telecommunications
          and mobile phone environment
    Telecommunication in Indonesia is held by
     government companies called TELKOM
    4 major player in GSM telecommunication, they
     are: Telkomsel, Indosat, Excelcomindo (XL) and
    For CMDA provider there are 3 Provider, they
     are : TELKOM, Mobile-8, and Esia.

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     Equipment available for borrowing
        and purchase in Indonesia
    Yogyakarta famous for its Education and Technology
    Equipments such as computer components are quite cheap
     and easy to find.
    Software is also easy to buy at local computer shops.
    Telecommunication device like mobile phones are easy to
     find and the coverage of GSM signal is 99% around
    Deployment of Sahana in the outer region of Yogyakarta is
     possible because the Internet line reaches almost all
     regions of Yogyakarta with good transfer data rate.

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             Networking Condition
    Internet connection for Sahana in Indonesia
     (Mount Merapi) can achieved by the means
     of :
       1.    Dial Up Connection
       2.    Wireless Connection
       3.    ADSL Connection
    ADSL is most reliable technology that could
     be use to implement the Sahana FOSS
     Disaster Management System.

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     Possibilities Sahana as Stand Alone
    Single Databases
    The camp is located in many locations,
     spreading around Yogyakarta region.
    Use CDMA for internet connection
    Starone offer internet connection for only $23
     Aus / month until 1 GByte

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              Security of Information
    Refugees regitered at the database.
    For reference for calculating the number of
     person who are effected by this disaster.
    This data would be useful for future aid and
    The refugees would be much happier.

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                    Further Information
    This document is :
    Taken from many sources, such as:
    Comments & corrections to:

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