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					                                 Serving Calhoun County

                        Calhoun Health Plan
                                                2005-2006 Annual Report

                                                    Serving the Uninsured
A Message From The President
“Each one of us can make a difference. Together, we can make change.”
                                                                 - Barbara Mikulski

As we prepare to celebrate our first anniversary, I’m awed by the community support the
Calhoun Health Plan has received. Our mission is to serve as a resource to the uninsured
and underinsured residents of Calhoun County, and we could not do this without the support
of our funders, physicians, referral partners, community collaborators, volunteers and com-
mitted staff.
                                                                                                       Inside the
The Calhoun Health Plan has resources to help make a difference among those without
health insurance; however, it is the meaningful and committed community partnerships that
                                                                                                       Annual Report
make it possible for us to change the way the uninsured access and experience healthcare.

In the past twelve months, we have provided primary care coverage to almost 2,000 people,              Our First Year          2
filled over 2,500 free prescriptions, and advocated for hundreds of people in need. We’re very
proud of what we’ve accomplished, but most of all we are proud of the way we have pulled
together in the community to ensure that those who need medical care can get it – period.              Who We Serve            2-3

As we celebrate our first anniversary and make plans for the
future, we look forward to continued partnerships and increasing
the number of people and families with medical needs we can                                            Opportunities to Help   3
help in our community.

With gratitude,                                                                                        Accomplishments         4

Kate S. Segal
President, Board of Directors
                                                                                                       Impact Statements       4-5

Our History
                                                                                                       CHP Services            5
 The Calhoun Health Plan          gram grant was applied for         services. We began with the
was formed in response to a       and awarded to our commu-          formation of Plan B, our
set of needs identified by the    nity. The Regional Health          community access basic cov-
Our History Health Alliance
Regional                          Alliance, through its Access       erage plan, which enables         Our Future              5
(RHA). RHA is a regional          to Care group, utilized this       enrollees to access primary
public-private partnership        funding to initiate and            care and specialist physi-
working to improve the com-       strengthen dozens of access        cians, lab work, X-rays, and      Community               6
munity's health.                  programs in the county, in-        generic medications at virtu-     Collaborators
                                  cluding the Calhoun Health         ally no cost. This program is
 The Regional Health Alli-
                                  Plan.                              filling a vital need, providing
ance identified the need to                                                                            Participating           6-7
                                                                     coverage to individuals who
overcome barriers that exist       The Calhoun Health Plan                                             Physician Practices
                                                                     do not have access to em-
as individuals in our commu-      was formed in early 2005
                                                                     ployer-sponsored coverage
nity attempt to access care.      with the purpose of provid-
                                                                     and cannot access govern-         Board of Directors      8
As a result, a three-year,        ing basic healthcare cover-
                                                                     ment-sponsored programs.
multi-functional Healthy          age to individuals who could
Communities Access Pro-           not afford to pay for such
Our First Year
The Calhoun Health Plan launched             In March of 2006, the Prescription           Overall, this past year has been one of
Plan B on January 1, 2006 and began         Drug Access Program of Calhoun               outstanding success; the Calhoun
enrolling approximately one hundred         County (PDAP) merged with the Cal-           Health Plan has established itself in
(100) new members per month. As we          houn Health Plan. In doing so, we were       the community as a resource for the
began to receive feedback from our cli-     able to take advantage of shared over-       uninsured. We have provided basic
ents, we realized that the needs ex-        head and staff, as well as kick-off a two-   healthcare to almost 2,000 individuals,
ceeded just basic coverage. With almost     year capacity expansion plan. PDAP,          passed out over $1 million in medica-
every client, there were other needs we     for the first time in almost six years,      tions, and helped dozens of people con-
could serve, from access to non-generic     had additional capacity. Since our           nect with much-needed resources. All
medications and diabetic supplies to        merger, we have enrolled almost 100          said, we’re currently helping almost
assistance connecting with other health     new clients each month and distributed       3,000 people receive medical services
and human service organizations.            $100,000 in free medications monthly.        they could otherwise not access.
Wherever we could provide a service         We are on target to distribute well over
that helped an individual further their     a $1 million in free medications this
own basic health, we did so.                year, and over $1.5 million next year.

                                             Our third area of focus, Access to Re-
                                            ferral & Advocacy Services, grew or-
                                            ganically as we worked to serve a multi-
                                            tude of needs among our clients. We
                                            take it as our responsibility when a
                                            client comes for help to provide the
                                            needed service or connect them with the
                                            organization that does. There are a
                                            surprising number of resources avail-
                                            able in Calhoun County for those at low
                                            levels of income; we’re providing a valu-
                                            able service by connecting people with
Out of the recognition of this ability to   those resources.
serve a broader role came the crystalli-
zation of our mission, “to serve as a re-
source to the uninsured and underin-         As part of connecting individuals in
sured residents of Calhoun County.”         need with the resources they lack, we
We began by focusing our efforts in         conduct enrollment for several State
three areas of access: Access to Pri-       health coverage plans, including the
mary Care, Access to Prescription           MIChild and Healthy Kids programs
Medications, and Access to Referral and     for children, and the MOMS program
Advocacy Services.                          for pregnant women.

Who We Serve

 Gender                                 Age
 50.7% Male                             19.6% Aged 30 & Under
 49.3% Female                           18.5% Aged 31 – 40
                                        32.7% Aged 41 – 50
 Referral Sources                       29.2% Aged 51 & Over
 48.8% Referral Partners (health &
 human service agencies)
 23.4% Advertisements
                                        32.9% Minority
 18.9% Word of Mouth
                                        67.1% Non-Minority
 6.5% Provider Offices
 2.5% Walk-In

 Page 2                                                                                                       Calhoun Health Plan
Geographic Coverage
                          % of Actively          % of Calhoun County
                            Enrolled                  Population

Albion                        10.36%                          6.60%

Athens                         0.69%                          0.78%                         “Enrollment by City shows our
                                                                                         enrollment percentages continue to be
Battle Creek                  68.57%                      77.43%                           consistent with county population
Bellevue                       0.52%                          0.99%

Burlington                     1.38%                          0.29%

Ceresco                        0.35%                          0.00%

Dowling                        0.00%                          0.00%

East Leroy                     1.04%                          0.00%
                                                                                        The Calhoun Health Plan pays careful at-
                                                                                        tention to the outlying areas of the county;
Fulton                         0.35%                          0.00%
                                                                                        while the largest number of CHP members
                                                                                        come from the Battle Creek Area, Enroll-
Homer                          2.07%                          1.32%                     ment by City data shows our enrollment
                                                                                        percentages are consistent with county
                                                                                        population distribution.
Marshall                       9.67%                          5.29%
                                                                                        We work hard to reach those who are out-
                                                                                        side the Battle Creek city limits, whether by
Olivet                         0.69%                          1.24%                     advertising in the those areas or offering
                                                                                        enrollment and medication distribution on-
Springfield                    2.42%                          3.77%                     site in Albion, Bellevue, Homer, Marshall,
                                                                                        and Tekonsha.

Springport                     0.69%                          0.49%

Tekonsha                       1.04%                          0.51%

Union City                     0.17%                          1.30%

Opportunities To Help
Giving of yourself...                                                 Treasure
Everyone can lend a helping hand...can give of them-                  All of the funding for the services
selves, whether it be from their time, talent, or treasure.           we provide begins within Calhoun
                                                                      County. Every $1,000 contribu-
Time & Talent
                                                                      tion provides basic healthcare cov-
Committed volunteers provide needed services at the                   erage for someone for an entire
Calhoun Health Plan, from answering telephones to an-                 year; every $50 contribution en-
swering questions, from logging medications in to passing             sures access to $350 worth of free
them out, there is always meaningful work to be done. If              medications. If you are in a posi-
you’re interested in investing some of your time and tal-             tion to give, please contact us.
ent, please contact us.

                                                                                                                               Page 3
Outcomes & Accomplishments
      Access to Primary Care                            Access to                               Access to Referral &
                                                Prescription Medications                         Advocacy Services
  Through management of the State’s
  Medicaid Adult Benefit Waiver pro-       Through the Prescription Drug Access         Through our referral & advocacy pro-
gram (Plan A), the launch and mainte-      Programs, we were able to ensure that       gram we expanded the services we offer
nance of our own Plan B basic coverage     almost 800 individuals received needed       beyond those we provide directly. We
 program, and the enrollment of indi-                   medications.                   were able to connect over 150 individu-
viduals in the State’s MIChild, Healthy                                                  als with existing county resources.
 Kids, and MOMS programs, we were                New clients enrolled in the
able to ensure that almost 2,000 people
   received basic healthcare services.                 PDAP program:                         Individuals using Referral &
                                                     600 Men & Women                              Advocacy Services:
                                                                                           164 Men, Women, & Children
          Individuals enrolled in
                                                          Number of
          Basic Coverage Plans:
                                                free prescriptions distributed:
          1,589 Men & Women
                                                    2,580 Prescriptions

          Individuals enrolled in                      Dollar value of
          State Coverage Plans:                 free medications distributed:
       232 Women & Children                              $1,000,000

Meet Beth and Her Family...
 When Beth left her job of eighteen        family had already accumulated mas-         age in the
years, it didn’t occur to her that the     sive medical expenses. While her hus-       United States:
change might cost her everything. Her      band underwent months of treatment,         2004.” In it,
husband was a self-employed contrac-       Beth continued to work, providing both      they report
tor, so Beth carried the health benefits   income and health insurance for her         that in 2004,
for their family, which included three     family. However, just as they were          59.8% of
young boys. With all five of them          putting their life back together, Beth      Americans
healthy, and with insurance available      received notice that her company was        were covered
through her new employer in just seven     reducing staff, and she found her family    by employer-
weeks, they decided to decline the         once again without health insurance.        sponsored
$1,000-a-month COBRA coverage and          With both Beth and her husband unem-        insurance and
gamble on remaining healthy until          ployed, they could not afford the CO-       27.2% were
their new insurance kicked in. The         BRA coverage.                               covered by
family lost that bet.                                                                  government
                                            There are some who think that those        That means that 13% of Americans do
 Thirteen days after Beth started her      without health insurance are unwilling      not have access to health insurance
new job, her husband was diagnosed         to work or help themselves, but this is a   through an employer, but are also ineli-
with invasive throat cancer. The family    gross misrepresentation of the unin-        gible for government help. Calhoun
was responsible for the expense of the     sured. Every day, our clients tell us       County numbers are in line with these
surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation     how they lost coverage, and there are       estimates, with over 13,000 uninsured
that could not wait for insurance; by      dozens of reasons. One common thread        residents.
the time they were finally covered, the    among our clients, however, is that al-
                                           most all of them were surprised to find
                                           themselves uninsured. Many of them           Behind these statistics, behind every
                                           are embarrassed or uncomfortable seek-      single number, is a story, and they are
   “It takes only one major life           ing help; a discomfort strong enough        not the stories you might expect. From
                                           that Beth allowed us to tell her story      the young, childless adults, to the cou-
     event to thrust a family,             only if we did not use her real name.       ples supporting a family, to the early
 unwillingly, into the rolls of the                                                    retirees not yet eligible for Medicare,
            uninsured.”                                                                we have discovered a universal truth:
                                           The US Census Bureau released a re-         it takes only one major life event to
                                           port in August of 2005 entitled “Income,    thrust a family, unwillingly, into the
                                           Poverty, and Health Insurance Cover-        rolls of the uninsured.
 Page 4                                                                                                     Calhoun Health Plan
Meet Linda...
While visiting a doctor’s office to deliver                ity to provide care for her mother. Her                          bed. Upon delivery of the bed and the
medications, we encountered a gentle-                      husband had made a dozen calls to try                            wheelchair, there was an audible sigh
man who had been unable to obtain a                        to access a hospital bed; a piece of medi-                       of relief from Linda, and a “God Bless
hospital bed for his wife, Linda. Linda,                   cal equipment that would provide a safe                          You” from both her and her mother.
at 54 years old, was suffering from                        sleeping arrangement for his wife and
heart disease, the remnants of a stroke,                   increase her daytime mobility.
had leg stents and ulcers, and tumors
in her lower back. Even so, she was the
primary caregiver for her 86-year-old                       Through the Referral & Advocacy pro-
mother.                                                    gram, we were able to locate both a hos-
                                                           pital bed and a wheelchair that could be
                                                           purchased for a reasonable price.
 Linda had been sleeping in a recliner                     Through our Health Assistance Fund,
at her mother’s and renting a wheel-                       we were able to provide financial sup-
chair so that she could have the mobil-                    port for the purchase of the hospital

Calhoun Health Plan Services


                                                                        Access to                                                Access to Referral &
            Access to Primary Care
                                                                 Prescription Medications                                        Advocacy Services

      Plan A**               Plan B                                                               RX Discount
                                                                            RX Outreach*
    Medicaid Adult         Community                      PDAP                                       Cards*                    Referral         Advocacy
                                                                             (Low Cost
    Benefit Waiver           Access                   (No Cost Meds)                              (Discounted                 Assistance        Services
                           Health Plan                                         Meds)
      Program                                                                                        Meds)

                                                                                                                                       Funded with local dollars.

 *These programs are currently being developed.
                                                                                                                                       Funded with Medicaid dollars.
 **In order to access funding for the Plan B Community Access Health Plan, the CHP is required to manage the ABW program.              Funded with Federal dollars.

The Future of the Calhoun Health Plan
 As the Calhoun Health Plan celebrates                     cate for the uninsured and where best                            advocacy services. Every day, however,
our first year of operations and looks to                  to place our resources. We invite the                            we encounter those with more far-
the future, we do so with an eye for is-                   community to provide input regarding                             reaching needs, including access to pre-
sues of access. The Calhoun Health                         services most needed by the uninsured.                           ventive and emergency dental care,
Plan was formed for the purpose of in-                                                                                      vision resources, home-based cancer
                                                            There are a wide variety of healthcare
creasing access to medical services for                                                                                     treatment, diabetic supplies, and inpa-
                                                           needs among the uninsured; indeed,
those who cannot afford to pay; we take                                                                                     tient hospitalization.
                                                           those with health insurance often take
this responsibility seriously.
                                                           their coverage for granted.                                       Add to that the almost overwhelming
 Over the next six months, the Board of                                                                                     need for increased capacity in existing
                                                            We currently provide the most basic of
Directors of the Calhoun Health Plan,                                                                                       programs, and you begin to see the pic-
                                                           resources – visits with a primary care
along with other key partners, will be                                                                                      ture. There is much work to be done.
                                                           doctor, an initial specialist consultation,
working to determine how best to advo-
                                                           lab work and X-rays, medications, and

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 5
Working Together
 The Calhoun Health Plan serves as a fa-                     Community Collaborators                   Physician Collaborative Group
cilitator or access point for healthcare re-
                                                          Battle Creek Community Foundation                         Chris Christ
sources for the poor and homeless in our
community, working to gather community                        Battle Creek Health System                             Ruth Clark
resources and direct them toward those                              Calhoun County                                Kelsey Ignaczak
most in need.
                                                       Calhoun County Board of Commissioners                       Nancy Lassen
 We could not do this without the support of
dozens of community organizations and                       Calhoun County Senior Millage                         William Mayer
nonprofit agencies,                                                Miller Foundation                             Philip Ptacin, MD
in addition to
                                                                   Oaklawn Hospital                                    Jill Wise
medical providers
and community                                                   Regional Health Alliance
leaders, with                                                       Summit Pointe
whom we have
meaningful col-                                           United Way of Greater Battle Creek
laborative rela-

Supporting Physician Practices
             Advantage Physical Therapy of Battle Creek, Inc.                                    Lakeview Family Practice

                  Anesthesia Associates of Battle Creek                                        Lambrix, David MD - Office Of

                        Associated Medical Group                                                     Lung Center, The
                       Battle Creek Family Practice                                           Madala, Chandra MD - Office Of
                       Battle Creek Health System                                                Marshall Internal Medicine
                     Battle Creek Medical Associates                                            Marshall Medical Associates
           Battle Creek Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinic                                        Mobility Rehab
                        Bellevue Medical Services                                            Neidlinger, Thomas MD - Office Of

                      Byrens, David MD - Office Of                                        New Day Family Medicine & Medical Spa

          Center for Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Medicine                                Nursing Clinic of Battle Creek
                    Colon and Rectal Surgery Center                                                  Oaklawn Hospital

                    Critical Care Pulmonary Medicine                                         Occupational Medicine and Health

                      Davis, Horace DO - Office Of                                               Pathway Women's Health
                       DayOne Family Healthcare                                                Radiation Oncology of BCHS

                          Dell Family Medicine                                                  Radiology Consultants PLC

                      Family Health Center of Albion                                          Richardson, Mark MD - Office Of
                   Family Health Center of Battle Creek                                        Shen, Vincent MD - Office Of
                           Family Surgical PC                                                 South Michigan Ophthalmology
                    Farchone, Thomas MD - Office Of                                           Southwest Michigan Eye Center
                      General Surgical Association                                     Southwest Michigan Oncology Associates PLLC

                   Hoekstra, Carolyn D. MD - Office Of                                          Springport Medical Practice

                   Hoekstra, Timothy C. MD - Office Of                                           Suburban Medical Centers
                             Homer Medical                                                    Thakur, Shekhar MD - Office Of
                             Keefer Medicine                                                    Wattles Park Family Practice
                      Keller, James MD - Office Of                                     Battle Creek Health System & Oaklawn Hospital

 Page 6                                                                                                                   Calhoun Health Plan
Supporting Medical Practitioners
         Alday, Debra CANP              Greene, Brian MD               Murray, Kerri MD
          Angel, Allen MD             Grossman, Samuel DO           Neidlinger, Thomas MD
       Applegate, Dawn PA-C            Grove, Frederick MD           O'Dell, Charles W MD
          Arlow, Freda MD                Gue, Londa MD            Okwereogu, Alphonsus DO
         Asadi, Miriam PAC            Gunnerson, David MD            Papendick, Keith MD
       Badarinath, Maddur MD         Harrington, Gregory DO          Papendick, Leon PAC
        Banerji, Indraneel MD         Hathaway, Darren MD              Piper, Lauren DO
         Beard, Deborah MD             Haughn, Edward DO             Ploehn, Kimberly MD
       Benzik, Mary Ellen MD             Henry, Mark MD              Potempa, Nadine MD
         Bhan, Raakesh MD            Hoekstra, Carolyn D. MD           Ptacin, Philip MD
        Birchmeier, Amy MD           Hoekstra, Timothy C. MD         Puhalj, Helena PAC
          Booth, Mark MD              Hoffmann, Timothy MD            Reeves, Tom PA-C
         Boyer, Martha ANP             Holmes, Martin MD           Reichert, Elizabeth CNP
       Brizendine, Kelly PA-C       Jones, Sharon Kay CFNP           Richardson, Mark MD
          Buford, Deb FNP              Judd, Karen APRN              Rubley, Gerald APRN
         Byrens, David MD            Kalkouski, Kimberly FNP          Russell, Jeffrey DO
       Campbell, Sandra FNP        Karamchandani, Mahesh MD        Sawchuk, Frederick J. MD
      Carroll-Crist, Betsy PA-C         Keller, James MD               Seifert, Keith MD
        Casale, Thomas MD             Kempinski, Vincent NP             Shah, Ami MD
         Chalasani, Sri MD           Kenney-Fuhr, Lina PAC            Sharma, Umesh PT
       Chaloori, Prathima MD           Koziarski, John MD             Shen, Vincent MD
          Chang, Peter MD               Kranz, Richard MD            Smiley, Stephen MD
        Chaparala, Satya MD            Lambrix, David MD              Spisak, Donald DO
        Cheerala, Mydhili MD          Lerrette, Sandra PA-C           Stout, Randall MD
          Collins, John DO               Lins, Steven MD               Stryd, Scott MD
        Colquhoun, Diane MD             Lipps, Thomas MD              Tehrani, Reza MD
      Colquhoun, P. Jeffrey MD       Lipscomb, Edward PAC            Thakur, Shekhar MD
        Comai, William B. MD           Lopez, Glicerio MD            Thomas, Allison MD
        Comai, William J. DO          Lovio-Pasco, Rose MD          Thompson, Pat APRN
       Coughlin, William F. MD    Lundy-Wiegers, Elizabeth CFNP         Till, Tom PA-C
          Cram, Ralph MD               Machalka, Mark MD            Timmons, James H. MD
         Davis, Horace DO             Madala, Chandra MD                Valle, Jose MD
       DeLaTorre, Miguel MD             Maher, James MD             Vander Plas, Larry MD
      Delaunay, Stephane L. MD        Makhoul, Charles DO            Vrobel, Susan CFNP
          Dell, Deborah DO                Mar, Aye MD                   Walk, Paul MD
     Diggs, Wendell Diggs PA-C         Mardelli, Joseph MD            Walper, John J. MD
        Dobbins, James MD               Marquez, Judy PT             Warnsby, Caron MD
        Dobbins, Thomas MD             Marquez, Robin PT           Wetherbee, Linda CPNP
       Farchone, Thomas MD            McGrath, Barbara MD            Wight, Kristen PA-C
        Fleming, Camille MD            McGrath, Helma DO          Wilhelmson, Christopher MD
         Formsma, Kari MD              Meyer, Michael DO               Wisser, Joy PAC
       Frankenstein, Waldo DO       Miltz-Miller, Steven E. MD       Woods, Matthew MD
        Galonsky, Bruce MD            Mindock, Gregory PAC             Wortz, Gary MD
       Gil-Acosta, Alcides MD          Morgan, John C. MD            Yee, Theodore C. MD
        Gordon, Andrew MD               Mudge, Randy MD               Zick, Robert J. MD
         Gould, Montie MD

                                                                                               Page 7
2005-2006 Annual Report
190 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 385
     Battle Creek, MI 49014
      Phone: (269) 969-6494
       Fax: (269) 969-6867

                                                    Calhoun Health Plan
                                                     Board of Directors

                                                     Kate Segal, President
                                             Calhoun County Board of Commissioners
                                                     Ruth Clark, Treasurer
                                                    Integrated Health Partners
                                                   James Moreno, Secretary
                                    Federal Center/Post-Franklin Neighborhood Planning Council
                                                    Mary Ellen Benzik, M.D.
                                               Family Health Center of Battle Creek
                                                     Dottie-Kay Bowersox
                                           Calhoun County Department of Public Health
                                                          Erv Brinker
                                                         Summit Pointe
                                                          David Farley
                                                  Albion Community Foundation
                                            Colleen M. Koppenhaver, CPA, FHFMA
                                                        Oaklawn Hospital
                                                         Nancy Mullett
                                                         Calhoun County
                                                          Joyce Spicer
                                                   Albion Health Care Alliance