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					GALILEO Constellation
RF Simulator

Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd.
                   GALILEO Constellation RF Simulator - Verification and
                          Validation tool for GALILEO Receivers
 As the European GALILEO programme moves
 forward    from   the   definition    phase   into   the
 development    phase,    and    the   manufacture     of
 prototype equipment commences, the need for
 test and validation tools become crucial. For the
 timely development of receiver terminal equipment,
 the absence of any signals in space dictates the
 need for dedicated test equipment. For the long
 term   success     of   the    GALILEO    programme,
 especially in Safety-of-Life applications, there must
 also be a means of verifying and validating all
 receiver   terminal     equipment.      The   GALILEO
 Constellation RF Simulator has been developed to
 satisfy these needs.

 The GALILEO Constellation RF Simulator uses state-of-the art technology, and builds upon the expertise of TRT (UK) Ltd. in the
 areas of software, bespoke digital signal processing and RF hardware.

 To date, the simulator has been used successfully with the first prototype GALILEO receiver, which acquired and tracked the
 simulated GSTB-V2 signals.

 About TRT (UK)
 TRT (UK) is a Thales company specialising in advanced research and development. It works closely with its sister companies
 around the world to develop new technologies and provide close support to the Thales group of companies. In addition, a wide
 range of consultancy and development services is offered to governments, agencies, and industry.

 The company has a proven track record in a number of important technology areas, including tactical radio, precise positioning
 and navigation, satellite communications, radar signal processing and radar ESM, data communications and IT security. TRT
 (UK) played a significant role in defining and developing the GSM mobile phone standard, and it also helped to set up the National

 The organisation's processes are accredited to ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and TickIT.

Images: TRT (UK) Ltd and ESA
©Thales Research & Technology (UK) Ltd 2005
                      Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd.
                      GALILEO Constellation RF Simulator

                      The GALILEO Constellation RF
                      Simulator         is     capable         of
                      generating                at          RF,
                      simultaneously               and         in
                      real-time, the three prototype
                      GALILEO signals for up to 16
                      satellites.       The          simulated
                      signals are identical to those
                      that would be received from
                      the    orbiting        satellites,    and
                      include the effects of:
                      •     The relative motion of the
                            satellite        and      receiver
                      •     Ionospheric                     and
                            tropospheric         propagation
                      •     The fading and multipath
                            environment              of     the
                            receiver.                                                                 •   Multiple BOC schemes
                      •     Satellite    clock       offsets    and   drifts,   incorporating   the   •   Configurable sub-carrier options
                            relativistic clock effect.                                                •   Configurable code taps & lengths for the generation of
                      •     The gain and phase characteristics of both satellite and                      spreading codes, on a per signal per satellite basis
                            receiver antennae.                                                        •   Support for arbitrary code sequences for both primary
                      The modelling of these effects by the simulator is highly                           and secondary codes
                      flexible and configurable, using a comprehensive windows-                       •   Pseudo-encrypted codes
                      based GUI, to support the various test cases required for
                      receiver development and validation.
                                                                                                      Future Proof
                                                                                                      The design of the simulator is highly modular, and will allow
                      Signals                                                                         future upgrades to support:
                      The GALILEO Constellation RF Simulator is the first simulator                   •   Simultaneous simulation of the        signals for different
                      to offer the capability to generate the novel signals designed                      satellite systems, such as GALILEO and GPS.
                      for the GALILEO system. In particular, it implements the                        •   Simultaneous simulation of the signals received at two
                      Coherent Adaptive Subcarrier Modulation (CASM) scheme,                              user    locations,   to   support   differential   navigation
                      and the wideband AltBOC scheme which combines both the
                      E5a and E5b signals.
                      Furthermore, the GUI provides extensive control                  For more information, or if you have any queries, please contact:

                      of the generation of the satellite signals by                    Navigation Department Enquiries
                      offering the Operator:                                           Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd.
P7130-07-001, Iss 1

                      •     Numerous          flexible     modulation    schemes,      Worton Drive
                                                                                       Worton Grange       Tel:   +44 (0) 118 986 8601
                            which include support for GSTB-V2 signals
                                                                                       Reading             Fax:   +44 (0) 118 923 8399
                            as well as the GALILEO signals                             RG2 0SB             Email:
                                                                                       United Kingdom      Web:

                      ©Thales Research & Technology (UK) Ltd 2005

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