AERA Annual Report 1972-1973 by mby20700


									                         AERA Annual Report 1972-1973

  introduction                                  time professional staff in Washing-                 J. Myron Atkin, Univ. of Illinois,
                                                ton, D.C.                                              Urbana,     Member at Large
     The official year of the association
  and the terms of officers correspond            Among the Association's promi-                      (1975)
  with the annual meeting. This ac-             nent activities are the Annual Meet-                Joseph Marr Cronin, Harvard Grad.
  count of events for the association          ing; a growing number of research                       School of Ed., Vice President,
  year 1972-73 is drawn from minutes           training sessions designed to provide                   Division A (1974)
  of Council and Executive Board               professional development in re-                      O. L. Davis, Univ. of Texas, Vice
  meetings and reports of committees,          search and research design; and                         President, Division B (1973)
  editors, vice presidents and staff.          various task forces for the study of                 Evan Keislar, Univ. of California,
  Official minutes of Board and Coun-          current educational problems. As-                       Los Angeles, Vice President.
  cil meetings remain in central office        sociation publications include two                     Division C (1974)
  records and are available for in-            scholarly journals and a news                        W. James Popham, Univ. of Cali-
  spection by any AERA member.                 monthly, all with 12,000+ circula-                      fornia, Los Angeles, Vice Presi-
  Financial reports published here are         tion. AERA publishes Abstracts of                      dent. Division D (1973)
  for fiscal year 1972, which closed           its Annual Meeting Program, and                      Bob B. Winborn, Michigan State
 during the year covered in this               holds contracts with major pub-                         Univ., Vice President, Division
 annual report.                                lishers for its casebound and paper                    E (1974)
  The Association                              back publications of classic and con-                Maxine Greene, Teachers College,
     The American Educational Re-              temporary works in the field of                        Columbia Univ., Vice President,
 search Association is a national              educational research.                                   Division F (1973)
 professional organization of edu-             Officers and Committees,                             Henry M. Levin, Stanford Univ.,
 cators and behavioral scientists who          1972-3                                                  Vice President, Division G (1973)
 have a vital interest in basic re-                                                                 Malcolm Provus, Univ. of Virginia,
 search in education and in the im-               The following list of officers and                  Vice President, Division H (1973)
 provement, development, and appli-            committees includes persons who                      Cheryl Reed, Educational Testing
 cation of research in educational             served during the year 1972-73                         Service, Student Representative
 problems.                                     which concluded at the close of the
     Constituted in eight divisions and        1973 Annual Meeting. An indi-
                                               vidual's term of office expires at the               Richard A. Dershimer, AERA,
 more than 25 special interest groups,                                                                ex officio
 AERA's 10,000 members include                 conclusion of the annual meeting of
 administrators and faculty in uni-            the year listed with each name.                      Executive Board
 versities and colleges all over the           Officers                                             Robert L. Ebel, Michigan State
 world; directors of research in                                                                       Univ., Chairman (1973)
 federal programs and industry as              Robert L. Ebel, Michigan State                       Patrick Suppes, Stanford Univ.,
 well as in state and local school                Univ., President (1972-3),                           Chairman (1974)
 systems; educational consultants              Patrick Suppes, Stanford Univ.,                      B. Othanel Smith, Univ. of South
 and counselors; research specialists          President-Elect (1972-3)
                                                                                                       Florida (1973)
 in many phases of education; and              Robert Glaser, Univ. of Pittsburgh,
                                                                                                    Gene V. Glass, Univ. of Colorado
 a growing number of graduate stu-               Immediate Past President (1972-                      (1974)
 dents who plan to enter the field of            3)                                                 J. Myron Atkin, Univ. of Illinois,
 educational research. The member-             Richard A. Dershimer, AERA,                             Urbana (1975)
 ship also includes many historians,             Executive Officer
 sociologists,     political   scientists,     Association Comncü                                   Standing Committees
 economists, anthropologists, lin-             Robert L. Ebel, Michigan State
 guists, and legal scholars whose                Univ., Chairman (1973), as mem-                    Arckmsts
 research interests embrace edu-                 ber (1974)
 cation.                                                                                            Charles O. Burgess, Univ. of Wash-
                                               Patrick Suppes, Stanford Univ.,                        ington
    AERA policies and activities are             Chairman (1974) member (1975)
administered by an Executive                                                                        Robert E. Tostberg, Univ. of Wash-
                                               Robert Glaser, Univ. of Pittsburgh                     ington
Board and an Association Council                 (1973)
whose decisions are subject to ap-             B. Othanel Smith, Univ. of South
proval by the voting members of the              Florida, Member at Large (1973)                    Meredith P. Crawford, HumRRO,
Association.       AERA       maintains        Gene V. Glass, Univ. of Colorado,                     Alexandria,   Va.,    Chairman
permanent headquarters with a full-              Member at Large (1974)                              (1974)

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10                                                                                                                                    ER
Jack Culbertson, Univ. Council on       Ad Hoc Committee on Structure                       Nominating (1973)
  E?? Admin. (1973)                     David R. Krathwohl, Syracuse                        Russell P. Kropp, Florida State
Jams Altman, Synectics Corp.               Univ., Chairman                                    Univ., Chairman
  (I 73)                                J. Myron Atkin, Univ. of Illinois,                  David Ausubel, City Univ. of New
Patr??k Suppes, Stanford Univ.             Urbana                                             York
  (I '73)                               Richard E. Schutz, Southwest Re-                    Ralph Berdie, Univ. of Minnesota
                                          gional Lab for Educ. R&D                          Miriam M. Bryan, Educational
War en G. Findley, Univ. of Geor-
                                        Jason Millman, Cornell Univ.                          Testing Service, Atlanta
  gia (1974)
                                        Joan Bollenbacher, Cincinnati Pub-                  Elliot Eisner, Stanford Univ.
                                           lic Schools                                      Rodney Reed, Univ. of California,
0 L. Davis, Univ. of Texas, Chair-                                                            Berkeley
 man (1973)
                                                                                            Nominating (1974)
N. L. Gage, Stanford Univ. (1974)
                                         Annmal Committees                                  Wayne Holtzman, Univ. of Texas,
Leonard Feldt, Univ. of Iowa
 (1975)                                  Annual Meeting Program
Thomas B. Gregory, Indiana Univ.                                                            Deborah Wolfe. City Univ. of New
                                         John Milholland, Univ. of Michi-                     York
                                           gan, Co-chairman (1973)                          Eva L. Baker. Univ. of California.
                                         W. J. McKeachie, Univ. of Michi-                     Los Angeles
Research Training                          gan, Co-chairman (1973)                          Larry W. Barber, Louisvville Public
                                         B. Dean Bowles, Univ. of Wiscon-                     Schools
W. James Popham, Univ. of Cali-
  fornia, Los Angeles, Chairman             sin, Madison, Division A (1973)                 Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award
  (1974)                                 Donald M. Mclsaac, Univ. of Wis-
                                           consin, Madison, Division A                      Glen Bracht, Univ. of Minnesota,
Jason Millman, Cornell Univ.                                                                  Chairman (1973)
  (1973)                                    (1973)
                                         David Turney, Indiana State Univ.,                 Paul Blommers. Univ. of Iowa,
Frank Farley, Univ. of Wisconsin,                                                           Chester Harris, Univ. of California,
  Madison (1973)                            Division B (1913)
                                         Walter Sullins, Indiana State Univ.,                 Santa Barbara (1974)
Blaine R. Worthen, Univ. of Colo-                                                           Andrew Porter, Michigan State
                                            Divisions (1973)
  rado (1974)                                                                                 Univ. (1974)
                                         Harold Mitzel, Pennsylvania State
James Mitchell, Univ. of Rochester
                                            Univ., Division C( 1973)
  (1974)                                                                                     Phi Delta Kappa-AERA Award for
                                         William Rabinowitz, Pennsylvania
David Merrill, Univ. of Pittsburgh                                                           Distinguished Contributions to
                                            State Univ., Division C( 1973)
  (1974)                                                                                     Educational Research
                                         Jim C. Fortune, Educational Testing
Fran Byers, Philadelphia Public
                                            Service, Division D (1973)                       David R. Krathwohl, Syracuse
  Schools, Student Representative        Dan Antonpolos, U.S. Office of
  (1973)                                                                                       Univ., AERA Chairman (1973)
                                            Education, Division D (1973)                     Jacob W. Getzels, Univ. of Chicago,
                                         Elizabeth Proper, Univ. of Massa-                     AERA (1974)
Special Interest Groups
                                            chusetts, Division D (1973)                      Pauline Sears, Stanford Univ.,
Frank Farley, Univ. of Wisconsin,        David R. Cook, Northeastern Univ.,                    AERA (1974)
  Madison, Chairman (1973)                  Division E (l973)                                William Gephart, Phi Delta Kappa,
S. Jay Samuels, Univ. of Minne-          Irene Nichols, Northeastern Univ.,                    PDK (1974)
  sota, Chairman (1973)                     Division E (l973)                                Keith Goldhammer, Michigan State
Student Committee                        Murray Wax, Univ. of Kansas,                          Univ., PDK (1973)
                                            Division G (1973)                                Gordon Swanson, Univ. of Minne-
Cheryl Reed, Educational Testing         Judith Torney, Univ. of Illinois,                     sota, PDK (1974)
   Service, Chairwoman (1973)               Chicago Circle, Division G (1973)
Jean Hache, Ontario Institute for        John Peper, School District of
  Studies in Education, Division A           Philadelphia, Division H (1973)                 Placement
  (1974)                                 Frank H. Farley, Univ. of Wiscon-                   Robert G. Heidemann, Univ. of
Cathy Cornbleth, Univ. of Pitts-            sin, Madison, SIGs (1973)                          Wisconsin, Madison, Chairman
  burgh, Division B (1973)               S. Jay Samuels, Univ. of Minnesota,                 Jan Kerstein, Univ. of Wisconsin,
Penny Edgert, Univ. of Chicago,                                                                Madison
  Division D (1974)
                                         Jean Hache, Ontario Institute for                    Tellers
Geoffrey G. Yager, Michigan State
                                            Studies in Education, Graduate
  Univ., Division E( 1974)                                                                    Alice Y. Scates, U.S. Office of Edu-
Robert Wein, New York Univ.,                Student Seminars (1973)
                                          Fred Smith, Louisiana State Univ.,                    cation, Chairwoman (1973)
  Division F (1974)                                                                           Ward S. Mason, National Institute
                                             Local Arrangements (1973)
Eli??abeth Hanna, Ohio State Univ.,                                                             of Education (1973)
                                          Robert Heidemann, Univ. of Wis-
   Division G (1974)                                                                          Felix F. Kopstein HumRRO, Alex-
                                            consin, Madison, Placement Serv-
Frances Byers, Philadelphia Public                                                              andria, Va. (1973)
                                             ice (1973)
   schools, Division H (1973)
Augest 1973                           Downloaded from at AERA on October 10, 2008
                                                                                                ings, but postponed such an ??pe
 Executive Officer's                        1973 Λ??nn*ai Meetimg,
                                                                                                 ment until a future date. It the
                                            New Oriemms
 Report to the Members                                                                          selection of sites for future meet ngs,
                                                More than 4700 individuals at­                  the Council determined to hok the
                                            tended the 1973 AERA Annual                          1977 meeting in the midwest, and
    The Executive Officer altered his       Meeting in New Orleans, February                    the 1978 meeting in the east.
 traditional form of reporting to the       25 - March 1. Nearly 60% of these                      In debating an appropriate policy
 members at the annual meeting by           were regular AERA members, a                        toward disruptions at the annual
 making a brief prepared statement,         larger proportion than at the pre­                  meeting by outside organizations or
 then opening up the meeting to             vious three meetings. 22% of the                    political demonstrators, the Council
 questions and comments from the            registrants were students, of whom                  passed the following motion at its
 floor. In his statement he described       slightly more than half were AERA                   October 72 meeting:
 the financial condition of the organ­      members.                                               "The American Educational Re-
 ization but emphasized that the
                                               The Program, co-chaired by John                  search Association places high value
 steps taken by the Council were
                                            Milholland and Wilbert J. Mc-                       on the communication of ideas
 having the desired effects; pre­
                                            Keachie, University of Michigan,                    among scholars attending its annual
 liminary estimates indicated that
                                            included a record more than 650                     meeting.
 the 1973 fiscal year would show a
 surplus of income over expenditures.       hours of program in 460 sessions.                      "In order to allow an open inter-
 (See Report on Financial Matters              Innovations at the 1973 Meeting                  change of viewpoints, most sessions
 further in this report.)                   included several new training activ¡-               have been scheduled to permit
                                            ities (see report on training below)                ample time for audience response
    He reflected on the meaning of                                                              to the presentations of speakers and
                                            and the introduction of a series of
the drop in the income for AERA                                                                 discussants.
                                            informal "Renewal Events" cen-
and the field of educational re­
                                            tered on timely topics (see ER,                        "Accordingly, the Association has
search in general. The most obvious
                                            June, p. 17).                                       committed itself to ensuring the
explanation was the cut back in
                                               An expanded directory of ad-                     right of scheduled speakers to de-
federal funds, which has meant that
                                            dresses of participants was added                   liver their presentations without
fewer libraries and school systems
                                            to the Annual Meeting Program in                    disruption, and appropriate meas-
were purchasing our materials,
                                            1973 to facilitate communication                    ures will be taken to support that
fewer students were being sup­
                                            among participants and other re-                    policy."
ported through government fellow­
ships, and fewer researchers were           searchers following the meeting.
receiving grants for research. But                                                              Publications
he also sensed that the field was              A meeting room was also set
becoming more orderly. That is,             aside for informal meetings by stu-                  A ERJ Editor
lines of communication were better          dents throught the meetings.                           Kaoru Yamamoto, Arizona State
understood and colleagues were                 The continued growth of the size                  University, Tempe, Arizona, as-
better known so that there was less         of the meeting program was the                      sumed the editorship of the Ameri-
need to use some of AERA's chan­            subject of concern during a meeting                 can Educational Research Journal
nels and services. A society like           of the Executive Board (January                     effective with Volume 10, Winter
AERA, he reminded the members,               1973). A recommendation passed                      1973. Dr. Yamamoto, who hopes
is a temporary institution for most         by the Board was made to the 1974                   to broaden the editorial scope of the
researchers. They tend to use it            Annual Meeting Committee to                         A ERJ during his tenure as editor,
more frequently during the early            "accept only the number of papers,                  outlined his views in a statement of
stages of their careers; the large          symposia and other events so as not                 editorial policy in the Winter 1973
crop of educational researchers             to exceed 400 sessions . . . and . . .              issue of the A ERJ.
spawned in the early and middle             at the same time find new ways to                      Professor of education at Tempe.
1960's has moved into mid-careers.          accommodate those persons whose                     Dr. Yamamoto received his Ph.D.
                                            papers meet standards of quality                    in educational psychology at the
   There are exceptions and the             and deserve to be listed in the pro-
specialty of evaluation is the most                                                             University of Minnesota, and has
                                            gram.                                               taught at Pennsylvania State Uni-
striking. The rapid growth of the
newest division (H - School Evalua­           The Board also requested the                      versity, U. of Iowa, and Kent State.
tion and Program Development) is            Executive Officer to negotiate an                   His career has spanned both the
an indication of the vigor of this          arrangement with the National                       physical and social sciences: he also
area. Minorities among the mem­             Council for Measurement in Edu-                     holds an engineering degree from
bership, women and blacks for ex­           cation for the simultaneous occur-                  the University of Tokyo.
ample, also are demanding more              rence of annual meetings which will
from the Association. So on the one         assure an equitable sharing of costs                Review of Research in Education: I
hand the Executive Officer saw the          and registration procedures.                          The first edition of an annual
established researchers regarding             The Council considered a sug-                     series of critical reviews of research
AERA more and more as a frater­             gestion from the Annual Meeting                     in education was published in the
nity while newcomers are urging             Policy Committee Report of 1971                     spring of 1973 by AERA and F. E.
changes to reflect their interests.         to sponsor regional or topical meet-                Peacock, Publishers, Itasca, III

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12                                                                                                                                  ER
 Edit?? of the first three volumes of      Charles E. Bidwell, University of                   activities were introduced during
 the s?? ries is Fred N. Kerlinger, New    Chicago; Richard O. Carlson, Uni-                   the 1973 Annual Meeting. Three
 Yor?? University. The series was          versity of Oregon; Ira J. Gordon,                   4-hour mini-training courses were
 esta??ish¢d by vote of Council in         University of Florida; Jason Mill-                  conducted to transmit specific skills
 1970 In his opening statement. Dr.        man, Cornell University; W. James                   in educational R&D. Four con-
 Kerl??nger describes the purpose and      Popham, University of California/                   versational hours were scheduled
 scop?? of the series as follows:          Los Angeles; Kingsley Price, Johns                  to facilitate conversations between
   "T he purpose of the Review is to       Hopkins University; Harry F. Sil-                   prominent members of the educa-
survey disciplined inquiry in edu-         berman, U.S. Office of Education;                   tional research community and
cation through critical and synthe-        and Kenneth Nodtke.                                 other researchers working in com-
sizing essays. It will attempt to          Performance Contracting                             mon areas of interest; and finally,
inform its readers not only what has       Proceedings                                         an exhibit of self-instructional re-
been and what is being done, but                                                               search training products was avail-
perhaps more important, what will             Another title published in 1972-3                able to registrants of the Annual
be and should be done in education-        as the result of an AERA project                    Meeting.
al research. The substantive prob-         is "Performance Contracting in
                                                                                                  The Training Program operates
lems and domains of education will         Education: An Appraisal", edited
                                                                                               under the direction of the Training
be the primary focus of the Review,        by Donald M. Levine, Teachers
                                                                                               Committee which is listed with
but it will also report, assess, and       College, Columbia University, who
                                                                                               other committees at the beginning
evaluate technical and methodologi-        also served as chairman of the
                                                                                               of this report.
cal developments. In addition, it          December 1971 conference for which
will be alert to theory in other           the papers were prepared. The con-
fields, particularly the behavioral        ference was funded by the Office of                 Ad Hoe Committee on
sciences: sociology, psychology,           Education and sponsored jointly by                  Governing Structure
anthropology, economics, political         AERA and the American Associ-                          The Ad Hoc Committee on Gov-
science."                                  ation of School Administrators.                     erning Structure was appointed
   Members of the RRE Editorial                                                                in 1972 during the term of Robert
Board are: Charles E. Bidwell, Uni-                                                           Glaser to "study the present gov-
versity of Chicago; John B. Carroll,        1973 Research Training Program                    erning structure of the associ-
Educational Testing Service; Thom-            During 1973, with support from                   ation, including the divisional struc-
as F. Green, Syracuse University;           an NIE grant, AERA initiated an                   ture, the roles of the executive board
Richard E. Schutz, Southwest Re-           expanded year-round research train-                and the council, and the nature of
gional Laboratory for Educational          ing program. The traditional train-                council meetings."
Research and Development; and              ing sessions were continued on a                       The Committee, chaired by David
Robert L. Thorndike, Teachers              self-supporting status. Six pre-                    R. Krathwohl, Syracuse University,
College, Columbia University.              sessions and one postsessions were                 drafted a proposed revision of the
                                           offered in conjunction with the An-                association bylaws, and submitted
Second Handbook of Research                nual Meeting in New Orleans, Be-                   their first preliminary report to
on Teaching                                cause of the limited number of                     the Executive Board at its meeting
   The Second Handbook of Re-              participants who are able to attend                of January, 1973. The Committee
search on Teaching was published           the Annual Meeting, or who have                    revised sections of their proposal
in the spring of 1973 and introduced       the finances to support their attend-              and presented it to the Association
at the AERA Annual Meeting in              ance, the training committee this                  Council meeting held in February in
New Orleans, where Editor Robert           year established Traveling Training                New Orleans. An open meeting for
M. W. Travers received the first           Institutes. Three traveling institutes,            the members was held during the
author's copy at presentations dur-        similar in character to presessions                Annual Meeting where the proposal
ing the awards night dinner.               or postsessions, were available in                 was discussed and suggestions so-
                                           different   geographical     locations             licited. Highlights of the proposal
   More than five years in prepa-                                                             were published in the Educational
ration, the Second Handbook, pub-          three or four times during the aca-
                                           demic year. It was hoped that this                 Researcher following the meeting
lished for AERA by Rand McNally,                                                              (see March ER, p. 22).
contains 1400 pages and 42 chap-           format would significantly increase
ters written by more than 69 con-          the opportunity and facility with                      [Subsequent to their reports to
tributing authors. The work covers         which a number of individuals could                 Council during 1972-3, the Com-
a broad range of developments and          update their R&D skills. Moreover,                  mittee reported with further revi-
theories which have emerged in             in this era of shrinking educational                sions to the May 29-30 Council
research in education since the            budgets, it was increasingly neces-                 meeting. The complete revised by-
publication of the first Handbook          sary to reduce the cost of instruction              laws, with commentary from various
in 1963.                                   to individuals.                                     representatives and council mem-
   Members of the editorial advisory         In an effort to explore ways in                   bers will be carried in a fall issue of
board for the Second Handbook              which the Annual Meeting could be                   the ER prior to final action by
we??e: Arno A. Bellack, Teachers           used to increase the research com-                  Council or referendum to the voting
Co lege,     Columbia     University;      petencies of its members, three new                 membership.]

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         Members of the Committee are:
     David R. Krathwohl, Syracuse Uni-        i ? ? i n i m o??måTU *•» ram ??áuam
     versity; J. Myron Atkin, University     m??m¡ααm nβcATrauL n t u a α A??MOCUTIOÌ
     of Illinois/Urbana; Richard E.
                                                                                                                                                                         _ X 6 β - M lΛ       * »       1A
     Schutz, Southwest Regional Labo-                                                                                                                        1672                                                 i4H           '—
                                                                                                                                                        kMtrlct«6                             C w n l        •aatrictad
     ratory for Educational R&D; Jason                                                                                                  -*•£                                   TM«I                                              -Λ»L
     Millman, Cornell University; and        I ? ? B N M ?* t??m a      a??rartdad     ay:

     Joan Bollenbacher, Cincinnati Pub-
                                                 •??»*»•• laa l i e

                                                Sl??aβl* copy M ? ? I M                                                                      12,150                          12,130          30,52]
     lic Schools.                               •*??y*ltt«a m        i<fMiii                                                                 I7,3flβ
                                                Γ l l l l t t l tap* M l M                                                                                                                   12,7*9                                   I 2 , f)
                                               Mvartlala*                                                                                     6.374                              6,174          6.264
                                               4%aH6M B M t l J «                                                                            42,146                             62,146         56.757                                 56.7!l
                                               T x * t a l a ¢ aoneloaa r o a l a t r β t l e a > a                                          y>jm                               39,203         20.095
                                               latareec         H t m                                                                         4,553      6   417                 4.970          5.009         1          1XS           s.i»
                                               O > « t â • a d com t r a c t *                                                                            90,652                90,652                         12*       .(MS        120.013
     Divisions                                 < M w r lacoaa
                                                                                                                                            441,471          91.06*
                                                                                                                                                                                              Itt,Mo             lii\Uī               I3.7U

      Division A —Administration, with      f ^ w i i i o r funds wtψmΛté f β * ī
                                                Salarlaa                                                                                    1*1 .131         14,129            205,960        III .066           I7,3U               <H,«H
                                                O « t a i d « l β a β x ( « n t l M and u m l l a t e r )
   a membership of 2,706 sponsored              n a a l « y * a t a M and a a a a f i t e
   42 sessions during the Annual Meet-          t r a v e l and e n t t r t i l i i t ( e t a f f )
                                               T r a v e l and « t t i ī t i l i i i t ( o f f i c e r a «ad c α a a d t t e e e )
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 U , O *
                                               T i l « f k « M mΛ t e l e * r a a e
   ing. Secretary for the division dur-        F * * t e a e and f r e l j B t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      16, m
                                               m a t i n * and o n n l i * a t l a c                                                         72,926
   ing 1972-3 was Frank W. Lutz,                                                                                                                              3,045             75.971        67,274              *.2t3               91,317
                                               Art nor*, f l l a a , I I U M , e t c .
                                              n*llla« M Γ f l r a
                                                                                                                                               3,204           -
                                                                                                                                                                                 2,7»             237
   Pennsylvania State University. The         N e e t i a * Γ M M and r e l a t e d • a y — a n                                                   6»J
                                                                                                                                                                                    691        1,160                     *O*
                                              n o n o T β r l n n and a t l o e a i§                                                         5,411           17.396             22,609         6,6*0             *t,7t?
   current secretary, Terry L. Eidell,        aadio * l e e e l Service                                                                      4,124               60              4,204         3,«S                  M
                                              AdvertlaLa*                                                                                    7,6*0             •
                                                                                                                                                                                 2,660            714
   University of Oregon, assumed the          Deee end e t t e e c r l > t l a n a                                                           l,»O7
                                                                                                                                                               .                 1,907         2,032
                                              O f f i c e e « a a l l e e and I B J I B I I                                                 10,672                  33          10,907         4,769                                  i. i l l
  office in March 1973.                       P r i n t e d M t t « r and e n v e l o y « a
                                              Data *rαceaela<. e e r v l c e e
                                                                                                                                                               .                   246         1,195                                  3,11)
                                                                                                                                            10.751                 75           10.626        10,295                     •55         11 J i t
      Division B—Curriculum and Ob-           L e a a l and mΛlt o e r v l e e o                                                             5.135                               3,335         4,250                                  4,)}c

 jectives, with 4,335 members, spon-
                                              • v t l e t a a e o e e and r e n t a l o f e e a l e a e a t
                                                                                                                                             l,*96             -   14
                                              P r e v l a i o α f o r d e p r e c i a t i o n end a a o r t t a a t t o α - n o t e B        2.559            •
                                                                                                                                                                                 >,359         4,505                                  4,5Oi
  sored 33 sessions at the New Or-            I n e t j r a e c e ( l l a » l ī l t y and t r a v e l )                                         626
                                                                                                                                                              -                    629           690
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .                      O9C
                                              Maw b α e l n e e e e c t l v ì t i e e                                                        2.633
                                                                                                                                                              -                  2.633
                                                                                                                                                                                                    _              _
  leans meeting. Secretary for the            I a a t l t u t t o n a l reeearch                                                                371
                                                                                                                                                              .                    371
                                                                                                                                                                                                    .              _
                                              Prαaβtloβ of nubll<atloae
                                              C o n t r l b e * , l o n a and e n a r a a
                                                                                                                                                              -                  1,190
                                                                                                                                                                                                    .              .                   .
  division is David Turney, Indiana                                                                                                     1    1,731       •         125     6    2,056     6    1,510         $           *ΊO     1    1.12C

  State University.
                                              •ad d e e t exnea*e
                                              I d i t o r i a l eenrUea
                                                                                                                                             6.523            -
                                             «Bnaaanaat end c o a a e l e a a t f e e e                                                      1.130
                                                                                                                                                              -                 1,150             100
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .                  IOC

     Division C—Learning and In-
                                             Leee o n a o l a o f e a a l a n a n t                                                             344
                                                                                                                                                              .                   144             119
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .                     in
                                             t f r l t a - o f f o f oeeolote l i w i t o r y                                                1 ,670
                                                                                                                                                              .                 1.670          7,320
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .                7,310

 struction, with 5,934 members,
                                             Coot o f I n v e n t o r y a a l o a                                                           14,216
                                                                                                                                                              -                14.216         14,243
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .               14,141
                                             lane>vβttaa o f e a a r t « r a
                                             I t t a « e l l a n a o a a QEnanaa                                                               -
                                                                                                                                             3,225            -
                                                                                                                                                             1,112                .
                                                                                                                                                                                6,137               .
  sponsored 104 sessions during the          a o f n n d i d t o 6camt«r
                                             tmtθΨ*Γf o f α * a a a e e from otfcor f s a d e                                                                                     -                              20,107              10.XI!
                                                                                                                                            (3.463)                                        (24.236)
  annual meeting. Secretary for the                                                      „^«. „                   „„ ~fηrrn              *f».J»V        ¯67½               ř*?!»W          441 . * P          155.SM             397.300
 division during 1972-3 was Richard                                                   (tmrnn αra αcam)                                   <ll.7O7>                          03,707)            10,915               _                 ×,t!)
                                                                 nctfls <** TOMΛ noviinÐ ovn m e t iif¾>m>
 C. Anderson, University of Illinois/                                     (ram αfOBD on* r a m rtσnno)                                       .           23,545             23,543
                                                                                                                                                                                                    .         (29^54)            (21,15*>

  Urbana. The current secretary is
                                           BKla*ttraaala t r e a t oalancae a t e e « l a a l n c o f v e e r
                                           head b a l a a e e e a t l a g i — l a ţ o f y e a r                                              -
                                                                                                                                                                            15.646         (19.561)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    .         (17,013)

  Lauren B. Resnick, University of                                  K«TWΓBΓtiWf O A R                 l A U a T T J A T BaV O F YUΛ          .                .                                     _         (24,037)           <24,OJ7I
                                                                                             row làLåacn i t B > α r τu*                 (22.373)            4.022         (16.351)           11.33*            4J14
 Pittsburgh.                                                                                                                            tniΛT\\         J_4Jg¿            6tl».111)       » Ī1 f ¾|¾ţ        ģ¡ļ2^¿)            ¿^βjji.
     Division D—Measurement and
 Research Methodology, with 5,806
 members, sponsored 55 sessions on
 the annual program, including sev-          Dept. of Counselor Education, 315                                                                        The Division G Generator, a
 eral held jointly with the National        Social Science Building, University                                                                    newsletter published quarterly by
 Council on Measurement in Edu-             Park, PA 16802.                                                                                        the division, continues with a new
 cation.                                       Secretary of the division during                                                                    editor. William Boyd, University
     The Division also co-sponsored a        1972-3 was Carl E. Thoreson, Stan­                                                                    of Rochester, assumed the editor­
 conference on criterion-referenced         ford University. The current secre­                                                                    ship in January after a three-year
 measurement with the Center for            tary, Ray E. Hosford, University                                                                       term by William Spady, National
the Study of Education at UCLA              of California/Santa Barbara as­                                                                        Institute of Education.
during the summer of 1972. Pro-             sumed office in March.
ceedings of the conference are ex-             Division F— History and Histori­                                                                     Secretary for Division G is La-
pected to be published in 1974.             ography, with 485 members, spon­                                                                       Mar Miller, New York University.
    Secretary of Division D is Jason       sored twelve sessions during the                                                                          Division H—School Evaluation
Millman, Cornell University.               annual meeting. Secretary for the                                                                      and Program Development, the
    Division E— Counseling and Hu-         division is Robert Reid, Sangamon                                                                      newest division, grew to 3,019 dur­
man Development, with 2,421 mem-           State University.                                                                                      ing 1972-3 and sponsored 30 ses­
bers, sponsored 22 session at the              Division G-Social Context of                                                                       sions at the annual meeting. A
New Orleans meeting.                       Education, with 1,796 members,                                                                         newsletter for members of the divi­
    A newsletter published by the di-      sponsored 30 sessions during the                                                                       sion was launched during the year.
vision. Counseling and Human De-           annual meeting as well as a series
velopment, is published quarterly.         of conversation hours with invited                                                                      Secretary for the division is
Newsletter editor is John J. Horan,        speakers in the Division's hospi­                                                                    Margaret Fleming, Cleveland Pub­
Pennsylvania      State    University,     tality suite.                                                                                        lic Schools.

                                 Downloaded from at AERA on October 10, 2008
 Spe??út*tetetí Gnrnφs
                                                        R??åuact ??R
   D?? ring the year 27 SIGs were
                                                        JŮβXXCÈM DDCOTÛβtt, I B U K I AttOCUTTCβ
 acti?? ; and sponsored a total of 69
 sess??ns at the annual meeting.
 Λpp?? oximately a third of the active                                                                           Èxsrn
                                                                                                                                                           If72           1*71

 S G groups publish newsletters. A                      CDBTOΓT A M Π S
 direuory of active and proposed                           CMh oβ need md on d e p o o l t
                                                           •avlαţe a c c o * a t
                                                                                                                                                      | 31 .541
                                                                                                                                                                    |     1 ,OM
 SIGs with purposes and officers'                          Certificate of de«oelt

 names and addresses appears each                         United S t e t e e C n ļ i r — t t e o α t r l t l e a , a t c o a t
                                                             ( f » Γ o ¾ ļ j w f ί y Market v*lwe)
                                                                                                                                                      -ft» -m
                                                                                                                                                           5,744         It,104
 year in the June issue of the Edu­                       Accr*ed l * t e r e e t r e c e i v a b l e                                                        Ml             500

 cational Researcher.                                     Aceoαat* r e c e i v a b l e t
                                                            Trade a c c o α a t e r e c e i v a b l e                                                    27.42»          13.423
                                                            l e l a h u r e a b l e g r a n t * ami c o n t r a c t * bala*weo                                           24.037
   Other Corncii Actions                                   IaveatorlM, at lover of ceet or aarket;
                                                                                                                                                         27 , « *        47.442

                                                             F a b l l c a t l o n e , at •pacific coat                                                   ».OOO           4,216
     Membership. Council voted to                            F a t e * and p r i n t e d o β a * l U a . a t c o a t , f l r e t - l a .
                                                                f i r s t - o u t baala                                                                                    2.713
   permit renewal of membership to                                                                                                                        *.OOO           ll.»¿í
                                                          ft eye 14 w > a j i i i
   occur on a revolving calendar year
                                                                                                                                                          4,444           1 ,072
                                                          D e p e * l t * asd advance*

   basis, enabling an individual to                     ivfuimrts
                                                                                                                              TOTAL c o u n t A*UTS    ISI,ÌM            i5 .5òί

  join the association for a 12-month                     United I t a t e e C n m π — i n t * e c α r l t l e * , a t e o e t <approxl>
                                                             s t a t e l y amrket v a l u e )                                                                             3.744
  period at any point during the year.                    I n t e r n a t i o n a l Mineral* end Cbeadc«l c o r p o r a t e bead, a t
                                                              c o a t (eøpT9>rlaete Market v a l o e ; 1972 • 9 1 3 , 5 0 0 ;

     In an effort to identify new                            T«7I - φl 4 , 5 0 0 )
                                                          Γr—in icoek> a t f a i r a a r k e t v a l u e a t d a t a o f d o n a t i o n
                                                                                                                                                         2S,MO           23,120

  groups of prospective members, the                          ( a a o r o x i a a t e l y aaxfcet « a l o e )
                                                                                                                                                       ' fí.»l»           U.W
  Executive Board authorized an in­                     n o n m , F U S T , AJŒ> i g u i Π U I , on t h e ba*l* of c o e t
                                                          F u r n i t u r e , f i x t u r e * , and equlfeteot                                           24.249          23,ItS
  troductory membership offer of one                      L«a*ehold l a β r o v e a e n t t
                                                          a l l o w a n c e * fox d e p r e c i a t i o n and a n » r t l s a t l e *
                                                                                                                                                          4,434           ».45t

  year at a reduced fee to sample                              ( d a d o c t l o α ) • Bota A                                                           117.741)         t!3.3ļ»>

  target audiences.                                                                                                                                   ļļ¡ļJJX       I3OC.HO
     Elections. At the final meeting of
  Council (Feb. '73) retiring president                                                                        J >
                                                                                                    LUHLXTtES A Π ΠΠK> BáLAMCES

  Robert Ebel was appointed as a
                                                        COHWT LlÁBαiTtES
                                                          Account* p a y a b l e :
                                                            Trade                                                                                      1 22.OM          $ 17,034
 committee of one to investigate                            Other
                                                                                                                      TOTAL CDtRsHT LIABILITIES
 the policies of other professional                     DEFtMED INOOM
 associations regarding the release                       M*e*>er*Mp*

 and publication of the results of                        Other                                                                                             430
                                                                                                                                                        It2,iot           \iì.iü
 voting in the election of officers,                    FUiα> MLΛeTES
                                                          l e a t r l c t e d Fund* • Mote ft                                                              4.022           4.314
 and to recommend a policy based                          Ceα«Tal Fond ( d e f i c i t )                                                                Ç22.373)
 on general custom. (See his report
 made to the May 73 Council, p.                                                                                                                        »114.774     MOO . 1 1 0

    Policy on Open Meetings. In
 response to a request from members       sociation participation from groups                                                  the Annual Meeting of that year in
 of one of the AERA S1G groups,           whose members might otherwise                                                        combination with similar decreases
 Council reaffirmed the policy that       be unrepresented through the nor-                                                    in revenues from sales of such other
 all meetings of AERA affiliated          mal association election process."                                                   association projects as publications
groups should be open to all inter­         Other actions of Council during                                                    and tapes, particularly during the
 ested persons. (See also policy on       the year were reported in the fol-                                                   third and fourth quarters of FY72
disruptions, above.)                      lowing issues of the Educational                                                     resulted in the imbalance of bud-
    Minority Involvement. At its          Researcher. July 1972 and Decem-                                                    geted expenses vs. anticipated
 meeting of October 1972, Council         ber 1972.                                                                            revenues.
 reaffirmed its interest in and com­                                                                                              Among a series of economy meas-
mitment to the involvement of                                                                                                 ures taken by the Central Office
                                           Finmmciml Matters                                                                  and approved by the Association
members of minority groups in
association affairs through the pas­          During 1972-3, a major concern                                                  Council to eradicate the deficits
sage of the following motion:              of AERA officers and staff—in                                                      during the succeeding fiscal year
    "It is moved that early during         common with many other educa-                                                      were: a reduction in the central
their terms of office, the president­      tional associations and institutions                                               office staff and travel reduction in
elect and divisional vice presidents       —was the financial status of the                                                   the number of meetings held by
be notified by the Central Office          organization. Fiscal year 1972                                                     standing committees, postponement
that it is the intent of the Council       ended with the association financial                                               of the publication of the biannual
that nominations for appointive            statements showing a deficit (see                                                  membership directory; indefinite
positions within the Association be        statements of assets and liabilities                                               postponement of the establishment
sobcited from a widely representa­         and of operations and fund balances,                                               of a year-round employment regis-
tive group. Such procedures are            with this report).                                                                 try; utilization of the services of the
ίntended to secure meaningful as-             A decline in registration during                                                United States Employment Service

                                          Downloaded from at AERA on October 10, 2008                                                                            15
Augest 1973
   to operate the placement service at
   the Annual Meeting; and increases
   in the registration fees for attend­
   ance at the Annual Meeting and the
   Research Training Sessions.
     A system of regular monthly and
  quarterly financial reporting to
   members of the Executive Board,
   Finance Committee and the Associ­
  ation Council were followed during
  the year. Council also voted to ap­
  point at least two members of the
  Council to the Finance Committtee
  to improve communication between
  the two groups.
     [Subsequent reports for the first
  through third quarters of Fiscal
  Year 1973 and preliminary reports
  for the final statements indicate the
  deficit will have been eliminated         AERA Council Breaks with PDK,
  and a balanced position attained          Pi Lambda Theta, Over Discrimination
 at the close of FY73.]                        The AERA Council voted at its May meeting to discontinue joint
     The financial statements which         programs with both Phi Delta Kappa and Pi Lambda Theta due to the
 accompany this report are taken            discriminatory sexist policies of both organizations.
 from audit financial statements               Meeting in Washington, D.C. May 29 and 30, the Council voted to
 from Ernst & Ernst, Inc., of which         discontinue joint sponsorship with
 the following statement is also a          Phi Delta Kappa of its annual award        of women in educational research
 part:                                      for distinguished contributions to         with findings and recommendations
 Auditor's Report and                       educational research, and voted to         to be distributed to the association
 Financial Statements                       withdraw a standing invitation for         membership.
                                            Pi Lambda Theta participation on               • Approval of a motion that
 The Association Council
                                            the Annual Meeting Program.                women be appointed to committees
 American Educational Research
   Association                                 Noele Krenkel, San Francisco            and nominated for elective office
 Washington, D.C.                           Unified School District, spokes­          commensurate with the number of
                                           woman for AERA Special Interest            women in the association.
    We have examined the financial         Group/Research on Women and                     • Approval of a motion directing
 statements of American Educational         Education presented petitions on          the Executive Officer to report
  Research Association for the years       both issues. The SIG group had             annually to the Council on the
 ended June 30, 1972 and June 30,          petitioned the Council to consider         number of women in AERA with
  1971. Our examinations were made         and take action on the matter. Ms.         an analysis of their roles in the
 in accordance with generally ac­          Krenkel presented statements citing        association.
 cepted auditing standards, and            the discriminatory practices of both           In response to petitions by the
 accordingly included such tests of        organizations. PDK excludes women          AERA Special Interest Group/
 the accounting records and such           from its membership and PLT ex­            Focus on Black Research, the Coun­
 other auditing procedures as we con­      cludes men.                               cil considered a number of issues
 sidered necessary in the circum­
                                              Council also voted to institute         relating to black and other minoriņ
                                           an AERA award recognizing dis­            group members. Among the actions
    In our opinion, the accompanying      tinguished contributions to the field      taken by the Council following the
 balance sheets and statements of         in place of the AERA-PDK award.            discussions were:
operations and fund balances pre­         A committee will draft appropriate              • Approval of a motion that the
sent fairly the financial position        language and resolutions for the           president and vice presidents report
of American Educational Research          new award for action at the next           at the end of terms of office to the
Association at June 30, 1972 and          Council meeting, December 6 and            Council the extent to which their
June 30, 1971, and the results of         7, 1973.                                   appointments and activities have
its operations for the respective
                                              Several other items presented to       complied with the intent of a motion
years then ended, in conformity
                                          the Council by petitioning groups          to assure minority participation
with generally accepted accounting
                                          of members resulted in a series of         approved by Council in October
principles applied on a consistent
                                          motions dealing with the role of           1972. (The text of that motion is as
                                          minority groups in association af­         follows:
/s/ ERNST & ERNST                         fairs. These included:                     " I t is moved that early during their
Washington, D.C.                              • Approval of a motion to form terms of office the President-Eect
September I, 1972                         a committee to investigate the status      and Divisional Vice Presidents be
                                Downloaded from at AERA on October 10, 2008
16                                                                                                                     ER

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