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					           0                                                             The Weekly Update
   Education For A Changing World

                                                                                                                           February 22, 2008

                                                        Mr. Krishna Tismilna from Nepal is visiting ISF this week. The purpose of his trip is to
                                                        see how ISF is organized and to learn new teaching strategies to help teachers and
                                                        children in his community.
                                                        Last Thursday Mr. Tismilna presented the Nepal project to the students in Grade 11
                                                        and 12 and informed them about different projects they can do as part of their CAS
                                                        The project seems to have started on the right foot this year with two students, Marlon
                                                        Nogueira Miranda and Kim Strauch leaving for Nepal in three weeks. They will stay
                                                        two weeks in the village of Sarangkot in the Annapurna Region. They will volunteer in
                                                        an orphanage and will stay in a host family.
                                                        Other students, Hae-In Kim, An-Bin Cho and Kinza Islam have been indirectly
                                                        involved in the project working on promoting the project and raising funds and school
supplies to send to Nepal.

UPCOMING EVENTS - AT A GLANCE                                                Message from the Director

March 14                     Teacher Training Day – NO SCHOOL

March 21 to April 04         Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

April 08 to 10               Upper Primary (grades 3 to 6 only)
16:15 to 18:30h              Parent-Teacher Conferences
                             (more details to follow in the next             Security Procedure
                             weeks)                                          As part of the ISF security procedure, all parents/guardians are
                                                                             requested to wear their ISF ID-badges (P-card) whenever they
                                                                             are on campus.
                                                                             If you need more Parent ID Badges, please contact Ms Somers
                                                                             at the ISF Bookstore by email: msomers@isf-sabis.net
In this Issue:
                                                                             In case you need to enter the academic area, please go to the
Message from the Director                                          P.1       School Reception to obtain an Academic Appointment badge (A-
Message from the Lower Secondary Co-ordinator                      P.2
                                                                             Parents are kindly requested to return these badges after their
                                                                             meeting to the School Reception.
Message from the Upper Secondary Co-ordinator                      P.2

SABIS Student Life Organisation®                                   P.2       SMS Communication Form
                                                                             I would like to remind parents to return the SMS forms – which
Message from the Sportverein                                       P.3       had been sent home together with the Report Cards in December
                                                                             – URGENTLY to Reception. Thank you for your co-operation

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                                                    www.isf-net.de                         1
French and Spanish Grade 6, 2008-2009                                           Upcoming Events:
We will be making an addition to our Grade 6 curriculum next
year. We will be introducing a choice of French or Spanish for our         -    February 29 Grades 10-12 Course selection starts
grade 6 pupils. This will give all of our pupils a head start in this      -    March 8 Math ECIS League, Grades 7 to 12
                                                                           -    March 14 Fieldtrip in Nuremberg for IB students
important element of the SABIS® curriculum and will be in line             -    March 20 Gr. 10-12 Signed Course Selection Deadline
with changes that are being made in the German school system.              -    March 21-April 04 Spring Break (No School)

                                                                           In case of questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at

Message from the Lower Secondary
Co-ordinator                                                               SABIS Student Life Organization®
Thank you to all grade 9 families who attended the 9-to-10                 Important! Important! Important!
Transition meeting on February 5th. Mrs. Papafakli-Strouza                 Term 2, final exam week (5th – 13th March)
(IB and Upper Secondary Coordinator) and I began
meeting with the grade 9 students this week to get their first             Please note the following during the exam week:
ideas regarding their courses for next year. We will soon be               KG to Grade 2:
arranging for them to meet with their courses selections                   All activities and academic support remain unchanged.
advisors in individual meetings. Parents will then have the
chance to discuss their children’s course choices with them                Grades 3 to 6:
and, if necessary, schedule follow-up meetings with the                    All activities remain unchanged but all academic support sessions are
advisors and/or Mrs. Papafakli-Strouza or Mrs. Adams                       cancelled for the entire week.
(University & Careers Advisor).                                            Grades 7 to 9:
                                                                           All activities and academic support sessions are cancelled from 10th to
                                                                           13th march.
                                                                           Grades 10 to 13:
Message from the Upper Secondary                                           All activities and academic support sessions are canceled from 5th to
Co-ordinator                                                               12th March.

From the Upper Secondary Coordinator:
    •     All grade 10 to 13 students are required to wear their badges
          during the day.                                                  Outreach Department
    •     During the study periods all students have to be in the Study    Big Brother/Big Sister Program
          Hall.                                                            The Big Brother/Big Sister Program is at full capacity at this point. If you
    •     Attendance is very important for the IB program. Please note     notice any irregularities, please contact the SLO Office.
          that those students who are frequently absent may not be
          registered for the IB exams.
    •     Those students who wish to use the wireless internet in the
          Study Hall need to submit the signed copy by their               Activity Department
          parent(s)/Guardian(s) to Ms. Strouza before a password has
          been given to them.                                              SLO™SKI TRIP:
    •     All IB students have to follow the given deadlines for all       The grade 9-13 SLO™ Ski weekend to Landeck, Tirol West Austria, is
          assignments.                                                     coming up on March 13th – 16th. Registration forms have been delivered
    •     All IB students need to keep a second copy of all their          to Homerooms and the closing date for registration is Friday March 1st.
          assignments (coursework, Extended Essay, Lab reports) as a       Please be aware that only 30 people will be able to attend, so please
          back up.                                                         register fast.
    •     All grade 9 and grade 10 students will have interviews with an
          advisor in order to select their courses for the next academic   ACTIVITY CHANGE PERIOD:
          year.                                                            Term 3 activity change period is coming up in two weeks. All students
    •     The deadline for the signed course selection is the 20th         will remain in their current activity unless they give a completed ‘activity
          March (see all school event calendar). After this date the       change form’ to the SLO™ office. There will be publicity regarding new
          school cannot guarantee first choice selection of courses. In    activities and cancelled activities posted on homeroom doors and activity
          the event that course selection forms are not returned by        lists will be delivered to homeroom teachers. If you or your child would
          March 20th, the school will assign the courses agreed upon       like a copy to take home you can collect them from the reception or
          in the individual counseling sessions.                           SLO™ Office. Please be reminded that it is compulsorily for students in
    I wish you a relaxing break!                                           grades 5-9 to have an activity each day.

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                                                      www.isf-net.de                              2
Term 3 activity change period is coming along quickly. This is an
opportunity for students to change activities and try something new for
3rd term. It is also a time when we are seeking volunteers to lead
activities for the students and help us enhance the options we can give.
If you would like to help contribute to this wonderful program offered by
ISF please contact eflaherty@isf-sabis.com.net. Thank you.

FIS are holding a conference focused on Service learning over the
Weekend March 13-16th. This is a wonderful opportunity for CAS
students to improve their understanding of CAS and also earn credit
hours at the same time. The conference will help students with service
components of CAS and inspire ideas and networking. Please see Ms
Flaherty in the SLO™ Office for further details.

Message from the Sportverein

The D-youth competed in the Indoor Winter Cup in Kriftel on February
9th. Although this was the first weekend of the break their trainer Thomas
Nozon had a full team: Timon Pszyk, Paul and Max Freitäger, Markus
Kinkel, Kilian Dette, Tim Seibert and Juri Ritz.
The boys fought very hard and made it into the knockout stage, as 2nd in
their group. They unfortunately did not reach the quarter finals.

Trainer Laura Schuck and her volleyball team hosted a league
competition on Sunday, February 17th. Not all team members were able
to attend, due to the winter break week, but the following members were
there: Zainab Masood, Melis G, Erika Breyler, Tabea Wanninger, Anna-
Lena Rebell, Marjanne van der Ark, Elisa van der Ark, Letizia Dondi and
Kiki Schuck.
They played a really strong first game, but unfortunately lost it and the
other 2 following games. Adrienne Harris also attended as the official,
thanks very much for this.

Member of the SABIS® School Network                                          www.isf-net.de   3
A message from The Parent Network
22 February 2008

Upcoming Events
25 February                  Casual Coffee                                   Contacting the PN
6 March                      PN Open Meeting                                 Please feel free to write to the PN in any language you feel
7 March                      Staff Appreciation Day                          comfortable. We will translate your request and get back to you as
22 March                     Into the Stage                                  quickly as possible.

                                                                             The ISF TRIBUNE
                                                                             Look for the latest Tribune coming home soon. Please submit your
Casual Coffee                                                                own contributions to the Tribune mailbox: ISFTribune@gmail.com.
The Parent Network will have a Casual Coffee on the morning of               Copy deadline for the next issue is 6 May.
Monday, February 25, 8:30-9:30 am, in the large cafeteria. ALL ARE                                                              The Tribune Team
WELCOME. The school nurse will be present to discuss various                                  Sue Bowers, Helma Beck-Heesen, Angelika Krimmel,
school health issues. We will also have a visit from Bluma Perelman,                                               Friederike Lohse, Aarti Palsikar
of "CAMP EXPERTS GERMANY," to share information with us about
various camp options available to our kids. Herr Volker will provide         PN Board Positions for next year
coffee & tea & Barb Deane will bring along Girl Scout Cookies, for           We are already thinking ahead to next year, and filling the upcoming
our enjoyment. Hope to see you all there.                                    vacancies on the PN board. As of now we are actively seeking
                                                                             parents interested in the following positions: Welcome
Into the Stage                                                               representative, Lower Secondary Class Coordinator, Special Events
The upcoming event for ISF students from grade 7 onwards as well             Coordinator (Can be 2 people) and Secretary.
as parents and teachers to jointly visit a performance of one of
Frankfurt's exceptional stages is on March 22, 2008:                         Of course all positions are officially available and anyone can be
                                                                             nominated for any position. Elections will be held in the spring. More
                    Frankfurt Opera House                                    information will be available in the coming weeks.
                   Giacomo Puccini: Tosca
  Meeting point: Opera House (Frankfurt, Untermainanlage 11)                 We would LOVE to have a Korean parent volunteer to be on the
                          at 6.30 pm                                         board. We desperately want to improve our communication with the
                                                                             Korean community.
One of the most dramatic of operas and a staple of the standard
operatic repertoire, Tosca is an opera in three acts by Giacomo              Backpacks, Backpacks Everywhere
Puccini. The stage experience will include an introduction to the            Please ask your children to keep their backpacks with them after
respective performance (in English) before the show and drinks -             school. The pile of backpacks in the entrance is becoming an
joined by the artists after the show. Tickets for excellent seats are        increasing problem.
available for only Euro 30, both for students and adults.
                                                                             Parent Reference Guide
We have pre-booked a certain number of tickets for the ISF and will          Please send recommendations and requests to Laura Schuck at
give them out on a first come first serve basis. Interested students /       lauraeschuck@aol.com.
parents / teachers can submit their application together with the            (Categories include: Doctors, Dentists, Hairdressers, Restaurants,
exact ticket money at the Reception in a dedicated box. If you have          Bakeries, Fitness studios, Laundromats, Birthday party locations,
any questions, please contact friederike.lohse@gmx.net.                      Photographers, Travel agents, Vacation spots and hotels etc.)

Applications available at Webparent under Events/Sign-ups.                   Parent Network E-mail Address
                                                                             The PN email address is isfparents@googlemail.com
Did You Know?
It is a new policy this year that most Periodic Exams in the                 Weekly Update
Secondary school are returned to the students. This only includes            Please send any item as an attachment to Laura Schuck at
the written portion and not the multiple choice section.                     lauraeschuck@aol.com by Tuesday 11 am.

                             Into the Stage

           Experience some of Frankfurt's exceptional stages
               in a special event for the ISF community

Frankfurt houses a variety of highly acclaimed stages - such as the Opera House,
nominated Best Opera House Overall in Europe (“Die Deutsche Bühne“, August
2007), and the English Theatre, the continent's largest English speaking theatre.
Once a term, ISF students from grade 7 onwards as well as parents and teachers
have the opportunity to jointly visit a performance in one of these houses.

The Term 2 Event is on March 22, 2008:

                             Frankfurt Opera House
                             Giacomo Puccini: Tosca

One of the most dramatic of operas and a staple of the standard operatic
repertoire, Tosca is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini. This work was first
produced at Rome in January 1900. The libretto is an adaptation of Victorien
Sardou’s famous tragedy. The date is 1800, and the main facts are said to have a
historical basis. The story centres round the doings of Scarpia, the chief of the
police in Rome, himself the perpetrator of worse crimes than those he has officially
to deal with.

The stage experience will include an introduction to the respective performance (in
English) before the show and drinks - joined by the artists after the show. Tickets
for excellent seats are available for only Euro 30, both for students and adults.
Meeting point is in the Opera (Frankfurt, Untermainanlage 11) at 6.30 pm.

We have pre-booked a certain number of tickets for the ISF and will give them out
on a first come first serve basis. Interested students / parents / teachers can
submit their application together with the exact ticket money at the Reception in a
dedicated box. Please leave your phone number and Email address and you will
receive a confirmation as well as further details on the location etc. If you have any
questions, please contact friederike.lohse@gmx.net.
                            Application Form

                         Giacomo Puccini: Tosca
                           on March 22, 2008

Name                 :

Number of tickets
 adults      :
 students    :

Telefon              :

Email                :

The amount of Euro ___________ is enclosed.

Please fill out in capital letters.
You will receive an email confirmation for your order.
For any questions, please contact friederike.lohse@gmx.net