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                   WEEKLY MESSENGER
 October 18, 2009

                                            RADICAL HOSPITALITY: AN EMBRACING CHURCH
“Ye are all one in Christ Jesus”
                                            A      few Saturdays ago I officiated at a memorial service for Nell Ibsen, held in
                                                  the small chapel off the Cooper Garden. A lovely setting for our intimate
                                            gathering, the one drawback was that we couldn't have hymns, though Nell had
66 Highland Avenue, Box C                   been an accomplished pianist and music-lover. To begin the service, James rang
Short Hills, NJ 07078
973.379.2898                                the bell ten times, once for every decade of Nell's almost 99 years, and after
www.christchurchshorthills.org              prayers and readings we moved outside for the interment. To our surprise, we
                                            were greeted by the beautiful sound of children's voices singing in their Latvian
                                            School classroom upstairs. Later, talking to their teacher Lila, I thanked her for
The Rev. Lisa Green, Assistant Rector
lisa.green@ccshmail.org, ext. 204
                                            giving the service its impromptu choir, and she reported how fascinated her
                                            students were with the loud ringing of the bell.
The Rev. Dr. Karen Rezach,
Assistant Minister
krezach@yahoo.com                           This kind of synergy is one of the blessings of Christ Church's overlapping
Andrea Hidalgo,                             communities. In addition to Christ Church Nursery School and The Winston
Administrative Assistant to the Rector
                                            School, CCSH regularly hosts a number of other organizations, broadening our
andrea.hidalgo@ccshmail.org, ext. 201
                                            mission and ministry far beyond what happens on Sunday mornings. The
James Johnson, Physical Plant Manager
james.johnson@ccshmail.org, ext. 208        Careers in Transition group, for those in job transition or exploring career
Georgeann duChossios, Bookkeeper            alternatives, has been meeting since 1987 on the first and third Saturday
bookkeeper@ccshmail.org, ext. 206           mornings of the month. Since September 2007, the New Jersey Latvian
John Pivarnik, Organist and Choirmaster     Lutheran School (Latviesu Skola) also meets on Saturdays, offering classes in
johnpivarnik@optonline.net, ext. 211        religion, language, culture, and heritage to approximately 50 students from
Jennifer Schiffl, Youth Advisor             preschool to 8th grade (see page 3). Boy Scouts, Interweave Bible classes, AA
                                            meetings, community groups--we are a busy place.
Barbara Pepe, Director
Christ Church Nursery School
christchurchns@verizon.net                  Two upcoming "hostings" I'm particularly excited about: next month's Interfaith
(973) 379-6549                              Thanksgiving Service (date TBA after a Millburn-Short Hills town clergy meeting
                                            this coming Monday) and a Vocare weekend in January 2010. Vocare (Latin for
               The mission of
        Christ Church in Short Hills        "call") is a renewal weekend for young adults 19-30, offering formation and
    is to be a center of Christian faith    community at a time when they face many serious decisions that set the
    in the Episcopal tradition through
                                            direction for much of their adult lives. If you'd like to participate in or help with
   ongoing worship and pastoral care,
  to provide educational opportunities      either of these events, please let me know. Meanwhile, take some CCSH pride
 for children and adults to grow in their   in our outreach to our communities!
  faith through reflection on Scripture,
 reason and the tradition of the Church,
      and to meet the ever changing         In Christ,
challenges and needs of the community,
   the Diocese and the world through
         our outreach and prayers.
   A SERVICE OF PRAYER                                                           You are invited to a reception
                                                                                     in Celebration of the
      AND FAREWELL                                                    REV. ROBERT CORIN MORRIS’
Members of Christ Church are invited to join
Bishop Beckwith, the Rev. Scott Holcombe,                                       Honorary Doctoral degree from
the Rev. Lisa Green, the Rev. Dr. Karen                                        the General Theological Seminary
Rezach, Vestry members, and others for a                                              Sunday, October 18
simple service of prayer marking the                                                      5:00-7:00pm
departure of the Rector and the ongoing                                 Calvary Episcopal Church, 31 Woodland Avenue,
mission of the parish. Through hymns,                                        Summit, RSVP required, 908.277.2120
prayers and readings we will acknowledge the                                    or information@interweave.org
blessings and challenges of the past year and
pray for God's grace and guidance for all in     The Reinhardt Family
the future.
       Thursday, October 22 at 7:30pm
          Christ Church in Short Hills

8:00 A.M.
I have invited the 8
o'clock congregation to
raise up layreaders from
among its ranks. If you are a regular or even
occasional 8 a.m. worshipper, please consider
getting on the schedule. Training will be
provided; cassock and surplice optional. Call
me at the church 973-379-2898 or email
 ADOPT-A-FAMILY 2009                             Over the past few months we have joyfully celebrated many baptisms,
 It is time to start thinking about              several with Christ Church Nursery School families. We welcomed Tucker
 Christmas! 2009 will be the tenth               McWilliams (brother of Alexander) on June 21, Gwyneth Lischer (sister of
 year that Christ Church has                     Annie) on July 5, Justin, Lucas and Julia Khademi on August 29, and most
 supported this outreach program                 recently, Elise Reinhardt (sister of Greta) on September 20 (see photo).
 through Apostles’ House in
 Newark. Please look for more information in
 upcoming Weekly Messengers!                                                     CHILDREN’S CHOIR
                                                                              In preparation for All Saints’ Sunday, the
       2010 CALENDARS                                                        children’s choir will meet after church this
                                                                            Sunday, October 18, from 10:45 to 11:30 to
          NEEDED!                                                              rehearse ‘Saints of God’ by Max Exner.
                            We are collecting
                           2010 calendars for
                              the Seaman’s       PRAYER LIST UPDATES
                            Church Institute.    Have you asked to have someone put on the
                          If you have any that   Prayer List? Please call the office at
                            you would like to    973.379.2898 to let us know how that person is
                          donate, please put     doing and whether the name should remain on
                           them in the box in    the list.
                              the front hall.
                                                                                                   LATVIAN SCHOOL
                                                                                       If you have ever been at CCSH on a Saturday, you
                                                                                       might be wondering about the people who take over
                                                                                       your Sunday school rooms. We are the New Jersey
                                                                                       Latvian School. You may be thinking the New Jersey
                                                                                       what? School?
                                                                                                Here are the basics: All of the children at the
                                                                                       school (and the vast majority of the adults as well) are
                                                                                       of Latvian descent. Latvia is one of the Baltic countries
                                                                                       in Northeastern Europe that was occupied by the
                                                                                       Soviet Union from World War II to 1991. Most of the
                                                                                       children are third generation, meaning their
                                                                                       grandparents fled Latvia as children or teens as the
                                                                                       Soviets approached Latvia (for the second time during
 The Rev. Lisa Green and the Rev. Dr. James H. Reho, on Thursday, Oct. 15,             WWII) in 1945. Some of our families have come from
 celebrating the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila with a special midweek Eucharist         Latvia more recently, after 1991.
                                                                                                The New Jersey Latvian School is a part of and
                                                                                       sponsored by the Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church of New
REFLECTIONS ON THE FOOD PANTRY                                                         York, which serves the Latvian community of the
Food Pantry. What comes into your mind when you hear those                             greater NY metro area. The school’s purpose is to
words? The barrel is always there, beckoning, but beyond                               provide a structured setting that will support parents’
buying some canned beans or a jar of peanut butter, I don’t                            efforts to teach their children Latvian and introduce
think about it very much. Imagine my surprise, then, to find out                       them to the rich cultural heritage that is theirs. All of
how much I                                                                             the children, ages 3 to 14, understand Latvian and
enjoyed working a                                                                      speak at least at a basic level. Most are completely
stint at the Food                                                                      bilingual. To achieve the goal of being fluent,
Pantry last                                                                            depending on the age of the children, they have
month! It was                                                                          classes that focus on vocabulary, reading, writing,
surprisingly easy                                                                      Latvian literature, folklore, the history and geography
(and safe!) to get                                                                     of Latvia, singing, and traditional folk dancing and
to the new                                                                             “circle dances”. Weekly religion classes are also a part
location at Church                                                                     of the curriculum.
of the Epiphany in     At the Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges, Natasha Cooper-
                                                                                                Our typical day we all gather with our parents
                       Benisty from Temple Beth El, Ava Santiago from Church of the
Orange. The                 Epiphany, and Tom Swartz and Bob Tansill from CCSH         in the Sanctuary at 9:45 a.m. for morning
people who                                                                             announcements, a prayer, and the singing of a hymn.
receive food are the same folks we see at the Rummage Sale in                          Classes are held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., with a
February, and all have a story. Of course you get the odd                              lunch break from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. Our day
chiseler who tries to trick you into giving him an extra grocery                       ends with everyone gathering once again, to recognize
bag, but you also get the grandmother raising her 7                                    any birthdays and to “pass the hand squeeze”. It has
grandchildren or the laborer from Ecuador who can no longer                            become a tradition to stand hand-in-hand in a large
                                                      work because he                  circle, and to pass a friendly hand squeeze from one
                                                      injured his arm. Most            person to the next until it travels all the way around.
                                                      food recipients are so           The Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church of NY also sponsors
                                                      grateful. For the first          Latvian Boy Scout and Girl Guide troops, which meet
                                                      time in my life, I was           once or twice a month after Latvian school.
                                                      literally caring for the                  We believe we are giving our children the
                                                      needy by feeding the             unique gift of another language, a respectable
                                                      hungry. I felt like I was        knowledge of their heritage, and another set of
                                                      doing Christ’s work –            friends, besides the ones at school and in the
                                                      and it felt good.                neighborhood, who share their Latvian heritage.

                           cxzzç UtzztÄxç                                                                                ^Ü|áà|Çt câàxÇ|á
                                          CHRONICLES OF NARNIA
10/17 Jean + Randy Riley
10/23 Pamela + Henry Hulshizer          Aslan is on the move! John Cooper’s six-                                        MEMORIAL
10/25 Hope + Owen Lampe
10/26 Marisa + Daniel Trinchillo
                                        week “Chronicles of Narnia” book study
                                        continues on Monday mornings 9:30-11:30
10/26 Kate + Bruce Lee                                                                                                       October 18
10/27 Laura + Scott Morgan              a.m. through November 9. In November,
10/27 Margaret + Jim Fowler             author John Granger, who spoke at CCSH                                          in loving memory of
10/27 Lucy + Phil Amarante              this past June, will be co-leading a “Retreat                                    Samuel Anderson
10/30 Mary + John McBride                                                                                                     McKeown
                                        with C.S. Lewis” (and Lisa Green and Bob
BIRTHDAYS                               Morris) at the Convent in Mendham. To learn more about these                   and in celebration for
10/16 Herman Michels                    opportunities, contact Lisa Green.                                                 the wedding of
10/16 Arnold Peinado                                                                                                    Samantha Peterson
10/16 Heather Finan
10/16 Brooks Byrne                              ‘BECOMING DISCIPLES’                                                      and Roger Lynch
10/17 Greg McCarthy
10/18 Erik Davis                             WITH WALTER BRUEGGEMANN                                                         October 25
10/19 Susan Ford                    "Becoming Disciples": Walter Brueggemann to speak at St. Andrew                        Ernst Hepting
10/21 Peter Schott                  & Holy Communion parish, South Orange. Dinner and discussion                          Marie Hepting
10/21 Addison Bunn
10/22 Christina Kovar
                                    follows the keynote address by Walter Brueggeman, world-                             William H. McLean
10/23 Gayle Hoyt                    renowned Old Testament Bible scholar and author. Registration
                                                                                                                          November 1
10/23 La Nora Holcombe              starts at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 25; dinner follows at
10/24 Bob Pyle                      5:45. The only cost is a free-will offering for dinner; registration is            John Kennard Eddy
10/24 Jane Barone
                                    required by October 19, 2009.                                                      Margaret Hill Denton
10/25 Marjory Ward

 DOWNSIZING? REDECORATING? The church is in need of office furniture, particularly an Executive Desk.
 Please call Rev. Lisa Green or Andi Hidalgo at the church office (973.379.2898) if you have office furniture - especially an
 Executive Desk in good condition - that you'd like to donate. We can pick it up. Many thanks!

     SUNDAY               MONDAY                  TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY             FRIDAY             SATURDAY
18                   19                      20                  21                    22                   23                 24
8:00am - Holy        9:30am - Adult                                                                         9:30am -           9:30am - Latvian
                                                       Beauty and Brokenness at Drew University
Eucharist            Ed :: The Narnia                                                                       Interweave’s       School
9:15am - Nursery     Chronicles                                                                             ‘What is God?’     11:00am -
                                             8:00pm - Vestry     7:30pm - The          7:30pm - A Service
Care + Sunday        12:00pm - Clergy        meeting             Heart of the          of Prayer and                           Memorial Service
School               Interfaith lunch                            Hebrew Bible with     Farewell                                for Jeremy Gordon
9:30am - Holy        7:30pm - Worship                            Lisa Green            7:30pm - Education
Eucharist            Committee                                                         for Ministry
10:45am - Coffee     7:45pm -
Hour                 Stewardship
5:30pm - YPF trip    Council
to FunPlex
25                   26                      27                  28                    29                   30                 31
8:00am - Holy                                                                          7:30pm - Education   9:30am -           9:30am - Latvian
Eucharist                      Lisa Green to Clergy Conference, Shawnee, PA            for Ministry         Interweave’s       School
9:15am - Nursery                                                                                            ‘What is God?’
                     9:30am - Adult                              7:30pm - The
Care + Sunday        Ed :: The Narnia                            Heart of the
School               Chronicles                                  Hebrew Bible with                                               A Memorial
9:30am - Holy                                                    Lisa Green                                                      Service for
10:45am - Coffee
Hour                                                                                                                           MORRISON
3:30pm -                                                                                                                          will be at
Becoming                                                                                                                        Christ Church
Disciples with                                                                                                                  in Short Hills
Walter                                                                                                                              Friday,
Brueggemann at
St. Andrew +
                                                                                                                                November 6
Holy Communion                                                                                                                  at 10:30 a.m.
6:00pm - YPF

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