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									Few consumers are aware that the easiest ways in which to boost a pc’s speed, would be to simply
defrag it’s hard drive. Some OS's don’t require the systems hard disk to be defragged, considering
that it varies according to which file system is available, but the most used file systems are the ones
designed by Microsoft, as their PC’s are the ones most utilised around the globe. There's two main
Microsoft file systems currently utilized, the first is FAT and the second is NTFS. FAT is an extremely
old file system, which has since been replaced by NTFS, however, many users still use FAT. Fat is still
used either because it must be for compatibility reasons with other programs, or maybe as the user
isn’t alert to some great benefits of using NTFS or perhaps don’t know that it’s possible to change
their PC’s file system to NTFS with ease.

File space in the computers hard disk drive becomes fragmented after awhile. This is caused by the
way in which the PC is used. Files are constantly being written in to the disk, updated, deleted and
moved, this is simply how PC’s were designed to be used. Unfortunately, the NTFS file system isn’t
very great at handling these operations, and with time, the files become fragmented. Fragmentation
basically signifies that a file will be kept in it’s own block, but is then deleted from that block, or
shifted to another one. Due to the difference in data file size plus the block size, if a file is kept in this
block, it might not fit entirely within this block, so it’ll be kept in this block, but additionally saved in
another block. Due to the file being separated (the end user has no understanding of this as it’s done
within a deep software level), after that it causes it to be a slower process to access this file, as
compared with loading the file out of one location, it now has to load it from two or more, that may
be spread across the drive in completely different areas. This is the essence of fragmentation.

Defragmentation basically attempts to organise these files, making sure that there saved in
chronological order, therefore making it faster to gain access to them. In any of Microsoft’s recent
OS's, you'll discover a software application called something along the lines of ‘disk defragmenter’,
determined by which version of the operating-system you’re running. This utility is required to
defragment the hard disk drive, and potentially accelerate the data transfer speed, and thus trim
down the users waiting time.

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