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									                               ISD Annual Website Report


The Sanilac Intermediate School District 2006-07 Annual Website Report is a welcome
opportunity for the Sanilac ISD to communicate with our community about how we utilize the
resources provided to us. Our spending decisions support our mission, “…To provide leadership
and deliver quality educational programs and services to local school districts resulting in
improved learning for all.” The Sanilac ISD complements and enhances the efforts of our
constituent school districts in extending educational opportunities to all students.

The Sanilac ISD supports school improvement efforts, provides cost effective business solutions,
offers programs for students, assists parents, and works within our community to maximize
resources for all families. Just like any other business organization we issue paychecks, our staff
travel to trainings and conferences, we contract with outside vendors for services, and we incur
legal costs. Unlike other business organizations, we are governed by a school board selected by
our customers, our local districts. Everything we do is subject to public review at any time by
any person or organization.

If you simply review the numbers in this report, you have only scratched the surface of the
Sanilac ISD. We invite you to dig deeper into our web site, visit our Special Education
Programs, Sanilac Career Center, Sanilac County Math and Science Center, Early Childhood
Programs and Services, and Adult & Community Education Programs. If you have further
questions and comments, or if you would like to arrange for a visit, please contact our
Superintendent, Dr. Timothy Edwards, PhD at (810) 648-4700 ext. 241, or via E-mail at

Table of Contents

Public Act 413 of 2004 amended the Revised School Code by adding Section 620, which
requires each intermediate school district to post information on its website by December 31 of
each year beginning in 2006.

The information is broken into the following categories:

   1. General Information
   2. Fiber Optic or Cable Equipment
   3. IRS 1099
   4. Contracts
   5. Contract Modifications
   6. Motor Vehicles
   7. Public Relations, Polling, Lobbying and Legal Services
   8. ISD Expenditures
   9. Travel Information
   10. Salary, Expense Account, and Supplemental Compensation

Sanilac ISD                               Page 1                                12/13/2007
1. General Information

The Sanilac ISD provides critical support for all public, charter and non-public schools that
operate within Sanilac County. There are 57 ISDs or Regional Education Service Agencies
(RESAs) in the State of Michigan – no two are exactly alike. Each bases its work on the specific
needs of the constituent school districts. All offer leadership, programs, and services in the areas
of instruction, career and technical education, special education, technology, and business.

The Sanilac ISD operates the following on-site programs for students:

    1. PEAK-Peak Educational Adventures and Knowledge (Alternative Education-31 students
    2. Sanilac Career Center (SCC) (458 students enrolled)
    3. Special Education Programs (111 students)
    4. Sanilac County Mathematics & Science Center Accelerated High School (57 students)

Pupil FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents):

Total pupils served: 7,873

Constituent Districts, PSAs, Nonpublic Schools

Most of the students within the Sanilac ISD service area attend seven constituent public school districts. To
learn more click here

ISD Employees

The Sanilac ISD employs staff whose roles include, but are not limited to:

    •   Instructional, career and technical education, special education, technology,
        administrative, business and support staff who provide leadership, programs, and services
        for area schools throughout Sanilac County;
    •   Math and science specialists who serve students and educators in Sanilac County;
    •   PEAK Alternative Education Staff;
    •   Special Education Programs, teachers, instructional assistants, speech therapists, teacher
        consultant, social workers, psychologist, and other specialists who serve students with
    •   Substitute teachers for the Sanilac Career Center and Special Education programs; and
    •   Teachers, instructional assistants, and office staff for the Sanilac Career Center (SCC).

Total Employees: 184

Sanilac ISD                                    Page 2                                     12/13/2007
2006-07 Total Dollars Distributed

For the 2006-07 school year, the final expenditures (net transfers between funds) totaled
$8,797,938. Expenditures support continued operations in instructional services, special
education, career and technical education, business and data processing services. Support
services are provided to local districts for payroll processing. All seven local districts are
provided services for student records, truancy, pupil accounting, educational training, consulting,
and special education. The Sanilac ISD operates Special Education Programs, the Sanilac Career
Center, Early On, PEAK, and the Sanilac ISD Mathematics and Science Center. Expenditures
are reported using state guidelines.

2006-07 Revenues

The Sanilac ISD receives most of its annual revenue in the form of grants for specific projects.
Revenues are generated through a variety of resources including, but not limited to: federal and
state grants, state aid, property taxes, registrations, fees for services, local foundations, and
transfers from other entities, including local school districts. The total 2006-07 revenues were

2. Fiber Optic or Cable Equipment
The Sanilac ISD has a fiber optic network in place that provides Internet access to schools,
videoconferencing opportunities, and educational programming for students and educators. This
high capacity network was built in partnership with the Greater Thumb Telecommunications
Consortium, consisting of six ISDs (Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Sanilac, St. Clair and Tuscola).
Installation projects were partially funded from Technology Literacy Challenge Fund (TLCF)
Grants made available through the Michigan Department of Education.

The fiber optic network directly connects the Sanilac ISD to St. Clair RESA and Tuscola ISD. It
also encompasses two additional buildings where Sanilac ISD provides programming for special
education students and staff in the City of Sandusky and one local district, Peck Community

Leveraging our collective customer usage as a Greater Thumb Telecommunications Consortium
has also allowed us to provide Internet access, in partnership with Merit, to our schools at a
premium rate.

There is no Fiber Optic information to report for the 2006-07 school year.

3. IRS 1099
Cost savings can often be realized by contracting with individuals for limited, specialized
projects. For the calendar year 2006, the following service was accomplished under a contract
that exceeded $25,000:

Sanilac ISD                               Page 3                                12/13/2007
       Vendor:        Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cummiskey PLC
       Amount:        $31,630.25
       Services:      Legal Services in conjunction with employee dismissal.

4. Contracts

Sanilac ISD Guidelines for Competitive Bids

Every year the State of Michigan Department of Education defines what expenditures for
remodeling, procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment must be competitively bid by
school districts. Sections 623a, 1267, and 1274 of the Revised School Code establishes a base
above which competitive bids must be obtained. It also provides for an increase in the base
corresponding with increases in the Consumer Price Index. For the 2006-07 fiscal year, all
expenditures covered by Section 1267 (construction, renovation, repair or remodeling) that
exceeded $20,102 and all expenditures covered under Sections 623a and 1274 (procurement of
supplies, materials & equipment) that exceeded $19,650 were required to be competitively bid.

How Competitive Bids Work

When an item is competitively bid, a Request for Proposal is created that includes detailed bid
specifications and a deadline to submit a proposal. Proposal request forms are available in the
Sanilac ISD School District Business Office and in the districts’ shared drive. The RFP is
advertised in the local newspaper.

Sanilac ISD policy for purchases under the limits set by the State of Michigan Department
of Education

For purchases expected to cost less than $1,000, Sanilac ISD staff exercised diligence in
attempting to locate the best available value. A standard requisition form is required for all
purchases. Purchases over $100 require two quotes and those over $500 require three quotes.
Each major fund of the district has different dollar value limits that require board approval. The
limits are $1,000 for General Fund, $2,000 for Special Education Fund, and $3,000 for the
Career Technical Preparation Fund. All purchases exceeding limits require a formal bidding
process and the submission of sealed bids in accordance with Board Policy #3660. Whenever
possible, local vendors are offered an opportunity to provide a price quotation.

The Sanilac ISD awarded the following two contracts in excess of established requirements:

       Vendor:                Sanilac Transportation Corporation
       Subject Matter:        Contracted Busing for special education students
       Cost:                  $165,000 (2006-07)
       Competitive Bid:       No (single-source vendor only)
       Signed by/Title:       Dr. Timothy Edwards, Superintendent

Sanilac ISD                               Page 4                                12/13/2007
         Vendor:              State of Michigan-Vocational Rehabilitation
         Subject Matter:      Transitions high school students into the work force or further
                              post-secondary education
         Cost:                $29,591 (2006-07)
         Competitive Bid:     No (single-source vendor only)
         Signed by/Title:     Barb Leveille, Special Education Director; Deborah Wild, Career
                              Technical Preparation Director; and Dr. Timothy Edwards,

5. Contract Modifications

There were no contract modifications in excess of $25,000 for the 2006-07 school year.

6. Motor Vehicles
The Sanilac ISD owns a 1991 GMC Cargo Van that transports ABC in Science instructional kits
to the seven local school districts within Sanilac County.

The Sanilac ISD leases a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country Van that is used as a pool van for
Career Technical Preparation staff and students attending school-sponsored competitions and by
Career Technical Preparation and General Fund staff for school/business-related use.

The Sanilac ISD owns a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab SSLT 4 X 4 pick-up for use in Career
Technical Preparation programs, particularly Bio-Technology, Construction Trades, and
Engineering and Design classrooms. This pick-up transports animals, baja vehicles, etc.

7. Public Relations, Polling, Lobbying, and Legal Services
The 57 intermediate school districts (ISDs) or regional educational service agencies (RESAs)
were created by the legislature in 1962 to bring about quality and equitable educational
opportunities to students and schools throughout the state. Because public education is funded
and regulated by the state and federal government, it is necessary for ISDs to use some resources
to fund activities that promote public accountability, research, and government communications.
Accordingly, Sanilac ISD is responsible for communicating its programs and services to the
schools and community. The guiding principle for all activities of this nature is to advocate for
the children we serve.

Vendors who provided legal and accounting services for Sanilac ISD in the 2006-07 school year

Vendor                                       Services                      Amount

LaPointe & Butler, P.C.                      Legal Services                $10,752.85
Thrun Law Firm, P.C.                         Legal Services                $ 3,634.26
Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cumminsky           Legal Services                $35,897.38

Sanilac ISD                              Page 5                               12/13/2007
SET-SEG                                      Legal Services /Insurance Deduct.      $ 7,500
David Hearsch                                Legal Services                         $ 1,190
Anderson, Tuckey, Bernhardt, & Doran         Audit Services                         $12,000
Stauder, Barch & Associates, P.C.            Audit Services                         $ 400

In 2006-07, the Sanilac ISD spent a total of $71,374.49 on public relations, polling, lobbying,
audit and legal services, or .8% of its total budget.

8. ISD Expenditures


Every organization requires leadership. The Sanilac and other ISDs within the State of Michigan
have been charged by the Governor and the Michigan Department of Education to communicate,
train, support, and lead educational initiatives defined by the state and federal government. Most
recently these include but are not limited to the following: No Child Left Behind, newly formed
Michigan Merit Curriculum and high school graduation requirements, the Michigan School
Improvement Framework, and new Grade Level Content Expectations for core subjects. ISDs are
required by law to meet the individual and specialized needs of students within our region
including the areas of Title I, Special Education, and Career and Technical Preparation.
In 2006-07, the Sanilac ISD spent $548,594 on the top 3% of employees (six members of
administration), or 6.2 % of its total budget.

9. Travel Information
The Sanilac ISD mission to provide leadership, programs and services requires Sanilac ISD staff
to seek out best practices, gain state and national educational perspectives, gather knowledge and
skill levels that reflect the latest trends, innovations, and challenges. The Sanilac ISD staff
members train and guide local experts – teachers, principals, and other school staff – who
interact with the 7,873 students attending our public and non-public school districts. This type of
work requires more travel to conferences and trainings than a typical K-12 school district. Most
leadership and consultant positions at the Sanilac ISD require travel, both within the area and
throughout the state. The Sanilac ISD ensures accountability by requiring the school board to
review and approve all out-of-state travel.

No Sanilac ISD positions required work-related travel that exceeded $3,000 to accomplish job
responsibilities in the 2006-07 school year.

10. Salary, Expense Account and Supplemental Compensation

All employees of the Sanilac ISD are categorized by classification of position held. All
classifications are established according to demands of the position, level of responsibility, job
functions performed, credentials and skills required, etc. Each classification falls into at least
one established salary schedule, which takes into account such factors as seniority in position or
in similar positions, comparison to similar jobs elsewhere in community, cost of living factors,
etc. Those employed by the Sanilac ISD whose compensation packages (including reimbursed

Sanilac ISD                               Page 6                                12/13/2007
expenses) are within the top 3% of the organization are six members of the leadership team.
They are in part responsible for the operation of a $8.8 million organization which operates four
facilities, employs 184 staff members, and serves seven local school districts. These six
employees (top 3% of employees with highest compensation packages) are:

Position                             Salary                 Supplemental Compensation

Superintendent                       $ 103,173                          None
Special Ed Director                  $ 94,530                       $   5,531
Career Tech Director                 $ 94,530                       $   5,531
Monitor/Supervisor/Assistive Tech    $ 83,873                       $   5,033
Principal/Supervisor Sp Ed           $ 83,158                       $   4,989
Technology Coordinator               $ 64,516                       $   3,730

Sanilac ISD does not have any expense accounts or reimbursable expenses (other than travel as
stated above).

Positions and Job Summary for Superintendent of Schools

Job Classification: Executive                 Reports to: Board of Education

The Superintendent ensures the implementation of Board policy and oversees the entire scope of
operations of the Sanilac ISD. He provides the leadership necessary to ensure the provision of
the best possible educational opportunities for all students within the ISD's service area.

The Superintendent directly supervises the Special Education Director, Career Technical
Preparation Director, the Superintendent's Secretary, the Business Manager, and the Maintenance
staff. He indirectly supervises, oversees, and manages the activities of all District staff.

Qualifications of Superintendent: The Superintendent must possess a Master's degree or better
in school administration, a Michigan teaching certificate (currently valid or expired), have
appropriate maintenance of administrative continuing education requirements, at least five years
experience in school administration, and possess any other additional qualifications as may be
deemed necessary by the Board of Education.

Sanilac ISD                               Page 7                                12/13/2007
Essential Job Functions of Superintendent:

   1. Prepares and submits to the Board reports and recommendations relevant to matters
      requiring Board action. Ensures that the Board receives information required to allow the
      Board to make informed decisions in all areas of District business.

   2. Attends and participates in all meetings of the Board and its committees, with the
      exception of those dealing specifically with the Superintendent's employment status or

   3. Advises the Board of the need for new or revised policies or administrative guidelines,
      and ensures that all such enacted policies are implemented.

   4. Presents the Board with annual operating budget recommendations. Ensures the
      implementation of Board approved budgets.

   5. Keeps the Board informed and up-to-date regarding the programs, services, practices,
      problems, and general operations of the District.

   6. Ensures the implementation of all applicable constitutional or statutory laws, rules,
      regulations, etc. pertinent to the operations of the District.

   7. Interprets for staff all laws, rules, regulations, and Board policies necessary to fulfill the
      mission of the District.

   8. Recommends for employment the most qualified and most capable individuals to fill the
      personnel requirements of the District.

   9. Assigns and/or transfers employees to best serve the interests of the District.

   10. Delegates authorities and/or duties to other staff of the District, while retaining full
       responsibility for any action taken under such delegation.

   11. Develops and implements instructions and regulations pertaining to the use and care of
       District facilities and properties.

Sanilac ISD                                Page 8                                 12/13/2007
   12. Represents the District before the general public. Develops and utilizes such a program
       of public relations and publicity as may be required to keep the public aware of the
       activities, needs, and success of the District and its constituents.

   13. Ensures the maintenance of such personnel, pupil accounting, business, and other records
       required by laws, rules, regulations, or Board policy.

   14. Represents the District in its dealings with other school systems, agencies, and
       community organizations.

   15. Exercises authority and discretion in acting upon matters not covered by Board policy or

   16. Observes and remains aware of the methods of classroom instruction, supervision, and
       administration being utilized in the constituent districts. Deals appropriately with
       problem areas or non-compliance.

   17. Supervises, directly or via delegation, all activities and operations of the District.

   18. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by
       the Board.

Sanilac ISD                                Page 9                                 12/13/2007

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