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2002-2003 Special Interest Group Annual Directory by skt71486


									2002–2003 Special Interest Group Annual Directory
The following is a list of special interest groups currently active in the association. SIGs marked with an asterisk (*) did not respond to
a request for updated information for this directory; information for these SIGs is taken from last year’s listing. Members may join a SIG
by sending dues payment directly to AERA. Be certain to indicate which SIG(s) you wish to join, along with your name and address.

1. Accelerated Schools                                                                 Randall, Brigham Young University, 310-C, MCKB, Provo, Utah 84602; vance_
Purpose: To encourage research related to the Accelerated Schools Project, a com-
prehensive school reform model designed to accelerate the learning of all children.
Dues: $25 (1 yr.). Contact: Betty M. Davidson, 1333 State Street, New Orleans,         11. Basic Research in Reading and Literacy
LA 70118;                                                           Purpose: To facilitate communication among individuals interested in basic re-
                                                                                       search relevant to reading and literacy from the several disciplines conducting such
2. Action Research                                                                     research. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.); students $5. Contact: Rosalind Horowitz,
Purpose: To involve teachers, administrators, researchers, and community mem-          College of Education & Human Dev., University of Texas-San Antonio, 501
bers in dialog about action research that examines educational practice and en-        Durango, San Antonio, TX 78207;
courages educational reform and professional development. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$18
(2 yrs.). Contact: Melvin E. (Gene) Franks, PO Box 8133, Georgia Southern              12. Bilingual Education Research*
University, Statesboro, GA 30460-8133;                                 Purpose: To promote research in bilingual education and to provide a forum for
                                                                                       innovative approaches in this field of inquiry. Addresses all ethnoliguistically di-
3. Adolescence                                                                         verse groups. Dues: $15 (1 yr.)/$30 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr. Lilliam Malavé, Uni-
Purpose: Composed of educators and researchers who share an interest in study-         versity at Buffalo, 560 Baldy Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260.
ing the concerns, behaviors, and perceptions of young people during adolescence.
Dues: $10 (1 yr.). Contact: Renee Golanty-Koel, CSU Sacramento, College of Ed-         13. Biographical & Archival Research*
ucation, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6079;             (formerly Archival and Biographical Research)
                                                                                       Purpose: To stimulate discussions and disseminate information about issues in
4. Adult Literacy and Adult Education*                                                 biographical research and writing, and to develop awareness of archival holdings
Purpose: Dedicated to research development, policy, and practice in adult liter-       in the field of education. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Kate Cruikshank,
acy and adult education. Takes an interdisciplinary, lifespan perspective on learn-    3212 Education, 201 N. Rose Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47405.
ing and instruction among diverse populations. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).
Contact: Mary O. Russell, National Center on Adult Literacy, University of Penn-       14. Brain/Neurosciences and Education
sylvania, 3910 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3111                            Purpose: Provides a venue for research in the neurosciences that may inform and
                                                                                       inspire educational research, and for rigorous educational research thus informed.
5. Adulthood and Aging                                                                 Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$9 (2 yrs.). Contact: Read M. Diket, 805 N. 6th Avenue, Laurel,
Purpose: With a focus on adult development and lifelong learning, to foster re-        MS 39440;
search and provide a focus for discussion of issues related to adulthood within ed-
ucation. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Patricia A. Haught, PO Box 6122,      15. Business Education & Information Systems Research*
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6122;                  Purpose: To stimulate interest in current research and research needs in business
                                                                                       education and information systems and to disseminate such research informa-
6. Advanced Studies of National Databases                                              tion. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Tena B. Crews, Richards College of
Purpose: To provide a forum for promotion/use of national databases of NCES            Business, State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA 30118-3030.
and other agencies. It fosters research to advance the understanding of the con-
texts and practices of education. Dues: $6 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Steven       16. Career Development
Gorman, NCES, 1990 K Street, NW, 8th Fl., Washington, DC 20006; steven.                Purpose: To establish a forum for the exchange of information among educators                                                                         involved in theory, research, planning, implementation, and evaluation of career
                                                                                       development and counseling practices. Dues: $6 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact:
7. Advanced Technologies for Learning*                                                 Rachel Gali Cinamon, School of Education, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Purpose: To design new technologies that structure educational environments            69978;
and transform educational practice; to help the AERA community understand
and influence the use of advanced technologies. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).          17. Chaos and Complexity Theories
Contact: Jeremy Roschelle, SRI International, 333 Ravenwood Avenue, Menlo              Purpose: To apply, advance, and extend chaos and complexity theories to inquiry,
Park, CA 94025.                                                                        research, and theory related to educational contexts. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10
                                                                                       (2 yrs.). Contact: M. Francyne Huckaby, 15107 Mettle Drive, Austin, TX
8. Arts and Learning*                                                                  78734;
Purpose: Recent themes include: arts performance and process in curriculum; arts
integration, assessment, and criticism; cultural issues; semiotics creative process;   142. Charter School Research and Evaluation
aesthetic education; alternative research methodologies; and constructivism.           Purpose: To promote and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of
Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Richard Siegesmund, University of Geor-       charter schools written from a diverse set of perspectives. Dues: $10 (1 yr.). Con-
gia, Lamar Dodd School of Art Visual Arts Building, Athens, GA 30602                   tact: Bruce Baker, University of Kansas, 6025 Buena Vista Street, Fairway, KS
9. Arts-Based Approaches to Educational Research
Purpose: To provide a community for those who view education through artistic          18. Classroom Assessment
lenses, who use a variety of qualitative methodologies, and who communicate            Purpose: To promote student learning through improved classroom assessment
understandings through diverse genre. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Dr. Chrysoula         practices; to assist teachers in improving their classroom assessment practices and
Fantaousakis, Dept. of Psychology, Kean University, 1000 Morris Avenue, Union,         understand why it is essential to do so. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact:
NJ 07083;                                                     Mahna Schwager, West Ed, 730 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107-1242.

10. Associates for Research on Private Education                                       19. Classroom Management
Purpose: To facilitate discussion and dissemination of information about devel-        Purpose: To promote research on classroom organization and management, alter-
opments in research; policy, and practice in private education, including reli-        native discipline models, group and learner social interactions, and approaches to
gious, non-religious, and home schooling. ARPE publishes the Private School            teacher education. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Dr. Blaine C. Ackley, University of
Monitor and holds occasional conferences that supplement AERA meetings. Dues:          Portland School of Education, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203-
$10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.); grad students $2 (1 yr.)/$4 (2 yrs.). Contact: E. Vance      5798;

                                                                                                                                                      JUNE/JULY 2002 35
20. Classroom Observation                                                             (2 yrs.). Contact: Bill Barowy, Lesley University, 29 Everett Street, Cambridge,
Purpose: To provide members access to current research in observation tech-           MA 02138;
niques and implications for future research. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$8 (2 yrs.). Contact:
Hersh Waxman, College of Education, University of Houston, Houston, TX                150. Democratic Citizenship in Education
77204-5872;                                                           Purpose: To promote democratic citizenship-development research in the K-12 class-
                                                                                      room and foster an interdependence among citizenship/democratic researchers.
21. Communication of Research                                                         Dues: $5 (1 yr.); non-members $8 (1 yr.). Contact: Dr. James M. Mitchell, 345
Purpose: To facilitate research on the nature of communication of educational re-     Mayflower Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660;
search; to expand the understanding and promote the effective use of informa-
tion technology and library-based resources in educational research. Dues: $5         31. Design and Technology*
(1 yr.). Contact: David J. Solomon, Michigan State University, A-202, E. Fee          Purpose: Fosters research, teaching, and curriculum development/innovation in
Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824;                                       the field of design technology education at all levels of the educational system and
                                                                                      in other environments. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Anneliese Mueller,
22. Computer Applications in Education*                                               SUNY Plattsburgh, 101 Broad Street, Sibley Hall, Plattsburgh, NY 12901;
Purpose: To promote research and evaluation on the use of computer-based infor-
mation and communications resources and software for learning, instruction, as-
sessment, and accomplishment by students, teachers, and administrators. Dues: $5      143. Disability Studies in Education*
(1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Douglas McDougall, OISE/University of Toronto,         Purpose: Supports the development of disability studies-a series of interdisciplinary
CTL, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1V6.                                modes of critical advocacy scholarship-among educational researchers. Dues: $5
                                                                                      (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Susan Gabel, Dept. of Curriculum and Foundations,
23. Conflict Resolution and Violence Prevention: Theory, Research,                     College of Education, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH 44114-4435.
     and Practice
Purpose: To provide a structured forum for discussion of conflict resolution,         32. Early Education and Child Development
peer mediation, and violence prevention, focusing on research, theory, and im-        Purpose: To promote research that has implications for practice in early education
provements in implementation in the schools. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Roger         and care, policy, child development, and the education of adults who work with
T. Johnson, 60 Peik Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455;             young children. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Andrew Stremmel, De-                                                                     partment of Human Development, Virginia Technical University, 317 Wallace
                                                                                      Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0416;
24. Confluent Education*
Purpose: To promote research on the confluence of cognition, affect, and behav-        33. Ecological and Environmental Education
ior within the diverse contexts of learning, instruction, leadership, and evalua-     Purpose: To advance and critique environmental education research. Dues: $5
tion. Dues: $5; $20/nonmembers. Contact: Zulmara Cline, 909 W. North Ave,             (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Anneliese Mueller, SUNY Plattsburgh, 101 Broad
Lompoc, CA 93436                                                                      Street, Sibley Hall, Plattsburgh, NY 12901;

25. Constructivist Theory, Research, and Practice                                     148. Education and Philanthropy*
Purpose: To facilitate communication and to promote theory, research and im-          Purpose: This SIG is open to all interested in research bearing on educational
provement in practices of educators at all levels from a constructivist or develop-   grant-making. Focus areas include the role of philanthropy in knowledge build-
mental perspective. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Pam Hufnagel, College of Education,    ing and dissemination. Dues: $5. Contact: Ida Oberman, Hewlett Foundation,
Penn State University, 511 Liberty Street, Clarion, PA 16214;            525 Middlefield Road, Suite 200, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

26. Cooperative Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice                              34. Education and Student Development in Cities*
Purpose: To exchange information about current research, theory, and improve-         Purpose: To bring together practitioners, community members, and researchers
ments in implementation of cooperative learning procedures; to provide a struc-       interested in innovative research and practice as they pertain to the life circum-
tured forum for discussions related to cooperative learning. Dues: $5 (1 yr.).        stances of children and youth in our cities. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$12 (2 yrs.). Contact:
Contact: David W. Johnson, 60 Peik Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,        Judy Stull, 9th Floor, Ritter Annex, 1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Temple Uni-
MN 55455;                                                           versity, Philadelphia, PA 19122;

144. Critical Educators for Social Justice*                                           35. Education and the World Wide Web
Purpose: To teach, promote, and implement the principles of critical pedagogy in      Purpose: To provide a forum for the discussion of a broad range of issues that
order to establish an educational movement grounded in the struggle for social        apply to the role of the World Wide Web in education. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Con-
and environmental justice, human rights and economic democracy. Dues: $10 (1          tact: Terry Fogg, Room 301G Armstrong Hall, College of Education, Minnesota
yr.)/$25 (3 yrs.); non-members $15 (1 yr.)/$40 (3 yrs.). Contact: Marta P. Balto-     State University, Mankato, MN 56003;
dano, Loyola Marymount University, School of Education, 7900 Loyola Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90025; Fax: (310) 338-1971; E-mail:                 36. Educational Enterprises
                                                                                      Purpose: To generate and disseminate research related to partnerships between
27. Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class, & Gender in Education             schools, colleges, corporations, foundations, professional societies, government,
Purpose: To promote the integrated study of race, ethnicity, social class, and gen-   and communities that focus on educational policy. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).
der as lenses for performing critical analyses and evaluations of prevailing theory   Contact: William Evans, Temple University, 2331 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
and practice on education. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: S. Maxwell        19130;
Hines, 113 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549;
                                                                                      37. Educational Statisticians
28. Critical Issues In Curriculum and Cultural Studies                                Purpose: To increase interaction among educational researchers interested in the
Purpose: To promote the development of critical perspectives concerning cur-          theory, applications, and teaching of statistics in the social sciences. Dues: $5
riculum understood as embedded in social/historical/cultural contexts. Dues: $5       (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Mark Earley, Dept. of Educational Foundations & In-
(1 yr.). Contact: Mary Abascal-Hildebrand, 1077 Warren Drive, Petaluma, CA            quiry, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403; markstat98@

29. Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education*                               38. Education, Health & Human Services Linkages*
Purpose: To foster research on and critical analyses of issues in early childhood     Purpose: To create a community of researchers and practitioners interested in de-
education and childhood studies and to encourage the development of alterna-          veloping knowledge about comprehensive school-linked or school-based health
tive perspectives and curriculum in early childhood education. Dues: $10 (1           and human services that support children and their families. Dues: $5. Contact:
yr.)/$15 (2 yrs.). Contact: Nancy Meltzoff, Pacific University, 40 E. Broadway,        Martha de Acosta, Director for Education and Training Programs, Milton S.
Eugene, OR 97401.                                                                     Eisenhower Foundation, 1660 L Street NW, Suit 200, Washington DC 20036,
                                                                                      Phone: 202-429-0440;
30. Cultural-Historical Research
Purpose: The Cultural-Historical Research special interest group focuses on me-       39. Education in Science and Technology
diated action, history, and the role of human agency and activity in the tradition    Purpose: To research technology uses that illuminate subject matter in sciences,
of Vygotsky, Luria, Leontev, Bakhtin, Mead, and many others. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$8      to demonstrate innovations; to influence education reform through scientific

approaches and design of technology innovations. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).        tact: Doris Ash, University of California, Santa Cruz; 415-747-0016; dash5@
Contact: Noel Enyedy, UCLA Graduate School of Education, 2341 Moore Hall,    
Box 951521, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521;
                                                                                       50. Information Technology and Library Resources*
40. Electronic Networking*                                                             Merged with Communication of Research SIG (see #21)
Purpose: To facilitate research and communication regarding the development
and use of electronic networking by educators, researchers, and others in the pur-     51. Instructional Supervision*
suit of their professional missions. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Jean      Purpose: To provide a professional forum for those who are involved in current re-
Pierce, Dept. of EPCSE, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115                                          search, theory, and practice in the supervision of instruction. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20
                                                                                       (2 yrs.). Contact: James F. Nolan, Pennsylvania State University, 148 Chambers
42. Faculty Teaching, Evaluation & Development                                         Bldg., University Park, PA 16802.
Purpose: To investigate, promote, and support research and development on col-
lege teaching and learning and issues related to faculty evaluation and develop-       52. Instructional Technology*
ment, and student ratings of teaching. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$14 (2 yrs.); students $5      Purpose: To encourage and promote research on and applications of instructional
(1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Carolin Kreber, Dept. of Education Policy Studies,      design and technology, including computer-based instruction and other media.
Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, AB, Canada T6G 2G5; carolin.              Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Glen A. Holmes, SIGIT Treasurer, Asso-                                                                    ciate Professor, Center for Instructional Technology Solutions in Industry and
                                                                                       Education, 220 War Memorial Hall, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061-0313. Phone:
43. Family, School, Community Partnerships*                                            540-231-5587. FAX: 540-231-9075;
Purpose: Encourages and disseminates research that explores the impact of fam-
ily, school, and community partnerships on student outcomes and the dynamics           53. International Perspectives on the Visual and Performing Arts
that exist among these partnership entities. Dues: $8 (1 yr.)/$15 (2 yrs.). Contact:         in Education
Nancy Feyl Chavkin, 206 Suttles Avenue, San Marcos, TX 78666                           Purpose: This international inter-disciplinary SIG offers a space for visual artworks,
                                                                                       live performance and theoretical/conceptual praxis thus facilitating a platform for
44. Fiscal Issues, Policy, and Education Finance                                       artistic researchers and practitioners. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Mary
Purpose: To provide a forum for research in educational finance and its impact          Beth Cancienne, 100 Carlton St, Box 1, Charlottesville, VA 22902; mbcancienne@
on policy for all levels and aspects of education. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs).
Contact: Deborah A. Verstegen, University of Virginia, 405 Emmet St., So.,
Charlottesville, VA 22903;                                         54. International Studies
                                                                                       Purpose: To provide a forum for the exchange of information among educators
45. Foucault and Education                                                             involved in research, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of
Purpose: Dedicated to the historical/philosophical studies of education that en-       international studies. Dues: $10 (1 yr.). Contact: Megh Thapa, Northwest Re-
gage the writings of Michel Foucault. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$15(3yrs.); non-members         gional Ed. Lab, 101 S.W. Main, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204-3297; thapam@
$50 (1 yr.)/$150 (3 yrs.). Contact: Dawnene D. Hammerberg, University of     
Wisconsin-Madison, 225 N. Mills Street, Madison WI 53706; ddhammer@
                                                                                       55. Invitational Education
                                                                                       Purpose: A self-concept approach to human development that focuses on the way
                                                                                       people and educational systems transmit messages that invite positive and bene-
46. Hispanic Research Issues
                                                                                       ficial relationships. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: R. Piilani Kaaloa, 824 University
Purpose: To provide opportunities for the exchange of information among and
                                                                                       Avenue, #5, Honolulu, HI 96826;
between researchers and practitioners interested in issues of concern to Hispanics
in the USA. Dues: $15 (1 yr.)/$25 (2 yrs.); students $5. Contact: Sue Heredia,
                                                                                       56. John Dewey Society
Bil/Mult. Ed. Dept., Cal. St. Univ., 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6079;
                                                                                       Purpose: To encourage and sponsor the study of educational and cultural prob-                                                                     lems of special concern to the teaching profession. Dues: $40 (1 yr.)/$75 (2 yrs.).
                                                                                       Contact: Peter Hlebowitsh, N256 Lindquist Center, University of Iowa, Iowa
47. Home Economics Research                                                            City, IA 52242;
Purpose: To promote and facilitate exchange of ideas, innovative research, and
theoretical work among individuals engaged in home economics education, re-            58. Language and Social Processes
search, curriculum development, and administration. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).     Purpose: This SIG explores directions in and issues of language, literacy, learn-
Contact: Jenefer Rowley, Hunter High School, 9801 S. Lampton Circle, South             ing processes and social contexts through studies grounded in constructivist/
Jordan, UT 84095.                                                                      constructionist perspectives. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$8 (2 yrs.); student $3 (1 yr.). Con-
                                                                                       tact: Louise B. Jennings, 412 S. Waccamaw, Columbia, SC 29205;
48. The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas*
Purpose: Formally the American Indian and Alaska Native SIG, we have evolved           141. Large-Scale Assessment*
in name and focus to promote a better understanding of theoretical-, policy-, and      Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion of the status, issues, and concern re-
practice-related issues that influence the quality of traditional and contemporary      lated to large-scale assessment, including practices and innovations in state as-
education among indigenous peoples. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact:           sessment programs. Dues: $10; $15/nonmembers; $5/students. Contact: Luz Bay,
Karen S. Cockrell, 202 Hill Hall, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia,           Measured Progress, 171 Watson Road, Dover, NH 03820
MO 65211.
                                                                                       59. Law and Education*
146. Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific                                                  Purpose: Focuses on legal issues affecting K-12 public and private as well as post-
Purpose: Research on indigenous education related to the peoples of the Pacific         secondary education. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Paul Green, UC-
and Pacific Rim, including indigenous ways of knowing and indigenous prac-              Riverside, School of Education-82, Riverside, CA
tices. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: R. Piilani Kaaloa, 824 University Avenue, #5,
Honolulu, HI 96826;                                                60. Lesbian and Gay Studies
                                                                                       Purpose: To foster empirical, interpretive, and critical educational research relat-
140. Inferential and Descriptive Bootstrapping & Resampling                            ing to lesbian and gay issues and to network individuals and organizations con-
Purpose: The bootstrap can be used to conduct statistical significance tests or to      ducting or supporting such research. Dues: $10 (1 yr.). Contact: Nelson Vincent,
describe result stability across sample reconfigurations. The SIG explores both         University of Cincinnati, College of Education, PO Box 210002, Cincinnati,
inferential and descriptive applications. Dues: $8 (1 yr.)/$16 (2 yrs.). Contact:      OH 45221-0002;
Bruce Thompson, Educational Psychology Dept., Texas A & M University, Col-
lege Station, TX 77843-4225;                                  61. Literature
                                                                                       Purpose: Promotes research that explores literary inquiry and interpretive practices.
49. Informal Learning Environments Research                                            Innovative approaches to literary education in a variety of contexts are included.
Purpose: To further educational research in informal learning environments and         Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$15 (2 yrs.). Contact: Mary Ariail Broughton, Department of
to promote a community practice interested in establishing and maintaining a           Reading, Texas Woman’s University, P.O. Box 425769, Denton, TX 76204;
better understanding of teaching and learning. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Con-

                                                                                                                                                       JUNE/JULY 2002 37
62. Lives of Teachers*                                                                 Rosiek, University of Alabama, College of Education, Department of Educa-
Purpose: To promote discussion and scholarship about teachers, including biog-         tional Research, Tuscaloosa AL, 35487;
raphy and autobiography, development and dimensions of teachers’ careers, and
depiction of teachers in fiction, film, and television. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).   72. Objective Analysis of Qualitative Data
Contact: Jerry Brunetti, 1042 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707.                     Purpose: Brings together educators and researchers concerned with qualitative re-
                                                                                       search in education, evaluation, and psychology, and encourages content analysis
63. Longitudinal Studies*                                                              methods from traditional to computer-aided analysis. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact:
Purpose: Promotes research, theory, and applications in longitudinal research and      Tim Sares, 600 E. Jefferson Plaza, Rockville, MD 20854;
offers a forum at annual meetings for researchers to share recent findings. Dues:
$5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Phil Kaufman, MPR Associates, 2150 Shattuck          73. Organizational Theory
Ave, Ste 800, Berkeley, CA 94704.                                                      Purpose: To encourage scholarly inquiry and debate relating to traditional and al-
                                                                                       ternative views of educational organizations. Dues: $10 (1 yr.). Contact: Debra
64. Measurement Services                                                               Jackson, North Salem Central School District, 230 June Road, North Salem, NY
Purpose: To provide an association and promote continuing education for indi-          10560;
viduals with an interest in college-level administration of educational and psy-
chological measurement services. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Cheryl        74. Peace Education
D. Cardell, University of Texas at Arlington, Box 19156, Davis Hall, Room 216,         Purpose: To promote dialogue and disseminate research on peace-related issues
Arlington, TX 76019-0156;                                             including work in the areas of conflict, conflict resolution, human rights, social
                                                                                       justice, violence, and prejudice. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr.
65. Media, Culture, and Curriculum*                                                    Blythe F. Hinitz, PO Box 348, Feasterville, PA 19053-0348;
Purpose: Devoted to critical inquiry and pedagogy on the use of media within cul-
tural settings in schools and other institutions. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).       76. Philosophical Studies in Education
Contact: Zena Moore, College of Education, SZB 528, University of Texas,               Purpose: Dedicated to the philosophical study of education and encourages schol-
Austin, TX 78712                                                                       arship within all types of philosophical study. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Con-
                                                                                       tact: Barbara Thayer-Bacon, University of Tennessee, 1914 Andy Holt Avenue,
66. Mentorship and Mentoring Practices                                                 330 HPER, Knoxville, TN 37996;
Purpose: To foster mentoring programs and experiences, initiating research on
the topic and providing networking and support. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$8 (2 yrs.);          77. Portfolios and Reflection in Teaching & Teacher Education*
non-members $10 (1 yr.)/$15 (2 yrs.). Contact: Annie Woo, Ph.D., Northwest             Purpose: For individuals interested in engaging in and discussing research and
Regional Educational Laboratory, 101 SW Main, Suite 500, Portland, OR                  practice developing, mentoring, and evaluating portfolios and other forms of re-
97204;                                                                  flective pedagogy and assessment. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$25 (3 yrs.). Contact: Cheryl
                                                                                       J. Craig, 11 Flatcreek Place, The Woodlands, TX 77381.
88. Middle Level Education Research
      (formerly Research in Middle Level Education)                                    78. Problem-Based Learning*
                                                                                       Purpose: To provide a professional forum and network for those involved in re-
Purpose: To improve, promote, and disseminate educational research reflecting
                                                                                       search, theory, teaching, and development in problem-based learning for kin-
early adolescence and middle-level education. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Con-
                                                                                       dergarten through professional school learners. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.).
tact: Nancy Mizelle, Georgia College & State University, Department of Middle
                                                                                       Contact: David Lake, Dept. of Physical Therapy, Armstrong Atlantic State Uni-
Grades Education, CBX 070, Milledgeville, GA 31061;
                                                                                       versity, 11935 Abercom Street, Savannah, GA 31419.
67. Moral Development and Education*
                                                                                       79. Professional Development School Research*
Purpose: To promote discussion about controversies and areas of agreement within
                                                                                       Purpose: To provide a forum for university and school professionals to discuss ap-
the fields of moral development and education and to provide informal opportu-
                                                                                       proaches for forming PDSs, methods for assessing outcomes, and strategies for
nities for social interaction. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$14 (2 yrs.). Contact: Sharon Nodie    conducting systematic change research. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.); Students:
Oja, 62 College Road, University of New Hampshire, Department of Education,            $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Roger Brindley, Childhood Education of South
Durham, NH 03824                                                                       Florida, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, EDU 162, Tampa, FL 33620.
68. Motivation in Education*                                                           80. Professional Licensure and Certification
Purpose: To advance research on motivational processes in education, particularly      Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion of the status, issues, and concerns re-
by exchanging ideas and perspectives and by developing practices and interven-         lated to licensure and certification of professionals, including competency test-
tions to improve learner motivation. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.); students $5       ing and related practices. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Lynn Webb,
(1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Eric M. Anderman, 249 Dickey Hall, University of        ABPN, 500 Lake Cook Road, Suite 335, Deerfield, IL 60015; lynnwebb@
Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0017                                           
69. Multiple Intelligences: Theory and Practice                                        81. Professors of Educational Research
Purpose: To provide a forum for discussing and disseminating research regarding        Purpose: To promote dialogue and research on the teaching and proper usage of
the educational, counseling and scientific implications of the theory of multiple       quantitative and qualitative educational research methods. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$8
intelligences. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$18 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr. Ken Martin, 505TC          (2 yrs.). Contact: Amy B. Dellinger, Science/Mathematics Ed., Southern Uni-
ML02, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0002                              versity and APM College, Baton Rouge, LA 70813;

70. Multiple Linear Regression/General Linear Model                                    82. Qualitative Research
Purpose: To promote applied/theoretical investigations with/of multiple linear         Purpose: To provide opportunities for discussion related to the philosophy, Pur-
regression models and their generalized uses and forms through AERA sessions           poses, and methodological issues surrounding the use of qualitative research in so-
and MLRSIG’s journal, MLR Viewpoints. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$18 (2 yrs.). Con-             cial and educational contexts. Dues: $7.50 (1 yr.)/$15 (2 yrs.). Contact: Judith
tact: Jeffrey B. Hecht, ETRA Dept., Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illi-        Gouwens, 5537 S. Hyde Park Blvd., 2N, Chicago, IL 60637;
nois 60115;
                                                                                       83. Rasch Measurement
71. Music Education                                                                    Purpose: To encourage the construction and use of strictly linear measures by dis-
Purpose: Solicits research on all aspects of music teaching and learning in all ed-    seminating the latest ideas through our meetings, publications, and website.
ucational contexts, including early childhood, K-12, studio teaching, and uni-         Dues: $8 (1 yr.)/$16 (2 yrs.). Contact: Edward W. Wolfe, 459 Erickson Hall,
versity-level instruction. Dues: $10 (1 yr.); students $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Carol      Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824;
Richardson, School of Music, University of Michigan, 3545 Charter Place, Ann
Arbor, MI 48105;                                                   84. Religion and Education
                                                                                       Purpose: To focus on religious, ethical, and moral dimensions of educational con-
145. Narrative and Research*                                                           texts, processes, and policies at all levels and in all types of educational institu-
Purpose: To encourage discussion of the place of narrative forms of thought and        tions. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: William Jeynes, CSU Long Beach,
representation in educational research. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$9 (2 yrs.). Contact: Jerry   1250 Bellflower Blvd., ED2-267, Long Beach, CA 90840;

85. Research Focus on Black Education                                                   Dept. of Education, PO Box 1402, Dover, DE 19903-1402; nmaihoff@state.
Purpose: To provide a structure and forum within AERA for researchers and de- 
velopers who focus on educational issues involving Black clients (students and
professionals). Dues: $15 (1 yr.). Contact: Judy A. Alston, 505 Education Bldg.,        97. Research on the Superintendency
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403-0250; jalston@                  Purpose: To create a community of researchers and practitioners interested in de-                                                                         veloping knowledge about the superintendent. Our interests encompass an array
                                                                                        of policy, practice, and research issues related to long-term school reform. Dues:
86. Research Focus on Education in the Caribbean and Africa                             $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yr.). Contact: Danny Talbot, 1705 E. Campus Center Drive,
Purpose: To encourage, conduct, coordinate, and disseminate research on edu-            MBH 339, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112; talbot_d@ed.
cation within and between Caribbean and African countries. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10
(2 yrs.). Contact: Dia Sekayi, Howard University, ASA 215, 2441- 4th Street,
NW, Washington, D.C. 20059;                                          98. Research on Women and Education
                                                                                        Purpose: To sponsor research studying issues related to women and girls in edu-
92. Research in Global Child Advocacy                                                   cation at the intersection of race, class, and gender through AERA sessions,
Purpose: To promote research into the area of child maltreatment and the pro-           newsletters, and annual Fall conferences. Dues: $15 (1 yr.)/$28 (2 yrs.). Contact:
motion of children’s rights, including the examination of efforts to protect chil-      Charlotte Harris, Wright State University, College of Ed. and Human Services,
dren and the investigation of individual characteristics, systemic barriers, cultural   326 Allyn Hall, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001.
beliefs, and societal trends that may contribute to abusive practices. Dues: $5
(1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.); maximum 2 yrs. Contact: Michael J. Berson, University of          100. Research Use
South Florida, College of Education, Dept. of Secondary Education, 4202 E.              Purpose: To understand how research is used to improve education policy and prac-
Fowler Ave., EDU162, Tampa, FL 33620-5650;                 tice and to foster improvement of dissemination and use of research findings. Dues:
                                                                                        $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Patricia E. Ceperley, AEL, Inc., PO Box 1348, Charleston, WV
87. Research in Mathematics Education*                                                  25325.
Purpose: To actively promote communication between researchers in mathemat-
ics education and related disciplines and provide a platform for the initiation of      99. Research Using NAEP Data
new developments in the field. Dues: $15; $5/student. Contact: Janet Bowers,             Purpose: To facilitate secondary analysis of National Assessment’s ongoing na-
SDSU/CRMSE, 6475 Alvardo Road, Suite #206, San Diego, CA 92120                          tional surveys of young Americans’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in diverse
                                                                                        learning areas. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Norma Norris, Educational
89. Research in Social Studies Education                                                Testing Service,18-T Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08541;
Purpose: To foster and share research relevant to social studies education. Dues:
$5 (1 yr.). Contact: Greg Hamot, University of Iowa, 704 Arbor Drive, Iowa              101. Restructuring Public Education
City, IA 52245;                                                Purpose: To encourage discussion and development of the theoretical and philo-
                                                                                        sophical tenets guiding school reformation and renewal activities. Dues: $10
90. Research on Evaluation*                                                             (1 yr.). Contact: John L. Keedy, 336 College of Education, University of
Purpose: To create a community of researchers and practitioners interested in re-       Louisville, Louisville, KY, 40205;
search on, dissemination of, and applications of evaluation theory and evaluation
methods. Dues: $5. Contact: William Rickards, Alverno College, PO Box 343922,
                                                                                        102. Rural Education*
Milwaukee, WI 53234-3922.
                                                                                        Purpose: To encourage rural educational research. Website. Listserv. Dues: $5
                                                                                        (1 yr.). Contact: Mary Jean Herzog or Robert Pittman, Western Carolina Uni-
91. Research on Giftedness and Talent
                                                                                        versity, 250 Killian, Cullowhee, NC 28723
Purpose: To encourage the systematic study of the intellectually talented and to
facilitate the communication of those engaged in such study. Dues: $6 (1 yr.)/$10
                                                                                        139. Russian Contributions to Literacy, Learning, and Human
(2 yrs.). Contact: Trudy Wallace, 1649 East 50th Street, Apt. 11C, Chicago, IL
                                                                                        Purpose: Examines Russian contributions to literacy, learning and human devel-
93. Research on Learning and Instruction in Physical Education                          opment. Studies cross-cultural contributions to educational theory and practices.
Purpose: To provide a forum for the dissemination and critical analysis of research     Dues: $8 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr. Rosalind Horowitz, College of Edu-
on learning and instruction in physical education. Dues: $20 (1 yr.)/$40 (2 yr.);       cation, Human Dev., 501 Durango, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX 78207;
students $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr. Peg Nugent, 4450 Gulf Blvd., Apt.
105, St. Petersburg Beach, FL 33706;
                                                                                        103. School Choice*
149. Research on Teacher Induction                                                      Purpose: We offer a nonpartisan, multidisciplinary community engaged in schol-
Purpose: To encourage, discuss and disseminate the work of educational researchers      arly analyses of all forms of school choice, including charter schools, magnet
and practitioners dedicated to educational equity through the strength of qual-         schools, open enrollment, and vouchers. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$14 (2 yrs.). Contact:
ity teacher induction. Dues: $10 (1 yr.). Contact: Cynthia Carver, Michigan State       Frederick Hess, 290 Ruffner Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
University, 114 Erickson Hall, College of Education, East Lansing, MI 48824;            22903-2495.
                                                                                        104. School Community, Climate, and Culture
94. Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans                             Purpose: To examine the school in terms of the community, climate, and culture
Purpose: To provide inquiry into educational and equity issues affecting Asian          as perceived not only by the researcher but by students, teachers, administrators,
and Pacific Americans, facilitate interdisciplinary discussions around these issues,     parents, and community members at large. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.); non-
and provide members with colleagueship and support. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$12                members $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Catherine H. Glascock, Ohio Uni-
(2 yrs.); students $5 (1 yr.)/$8 (2 yrs.). Contact: John D. Palmer, Box 328,            versity, 119B McCracken Hall, Athens, OH 45701;
Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37203-5701; john.d.                                                                  105. School Effectiveness and School Improvement*
                                                                                        Purpose: To exchange ideas and information and encourage further research and
95. Research on the Education of Deaf Persons                                           evaluation on theory and practices related to issues of school effectiveness and
Purpose: To provide a multidisciplinary forum for the promotion of research re-         improvement. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Elizabeth A. Kemper, Johns
lated to education of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20       Hopkins University, 3003 N. Charles Street, Suite 200, Baltimore, MD 21218.
(2 yrs.); students: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Barbara Schirmer, Miami Uni-
versity, 200 McGuffey Hall, Oxford, OH 45056-1855;                   106. School Indicators and Profiles
                                                                                        Purpose: To bring together educators, researchers, and managers concerned with
96. Research on the Inclusion of Students With Disabilities and Limited                 the development and reporting of school indicators, including indicators of student
     English Proficient Students in Large-Scale Assessments                              outcomes, curriculum, staff, school climate and conditions, demographics, and fi-
Purpose: To promote research and disseminate information on activities and proj-        nance, and the relationship of indicators to accountability. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10
ects focusing on the inclusion of students with disabilities and LEP students in        (2 yrs.). Contact: Mark Davison, Office of Educational Accountability, Univer-
large-scale assessments. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Nancy A. Maihoff, Delaware          sity of Minnesota, 1313 5th Street, SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

                                                                                                                                                      JUNE/JULY 2002 39
107. School/University Collaborative Research                                          116. Strategic Change*
Purpose: To share research undertaken collaboratively by school and university         Purpose: To promote research and thought concerning organizational change
educators, programs and practices supporting it, as well as challenges and dilem-      through visioning, strategic planning, developing learning organizations, and/or
mas of the work. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.); students $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.).     strengthening organizational culture. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$9 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr.
Contact: Sara Efron, National-Louis University, 1000 Capitol Drive, Wheeling,          Ted Gourley, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ 08028.
IL 60090;
                                                                                       117. Stress and Coping in Education
122. Science Teaching and Learning*                                                    Purpose: To act as a clearinghouse to promote research and exchange of ideas and
Purpose: To promote research that advances the understanding and improvement           information concerning stress and coping in education and related organizations.
of teaching, learning, and understanding in the natural sciences, including philo-     Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$9 (2 yrs.). Contact: Mimi Wolverton, 10734 Del Rudini, Las
sophical, psychological, and sociocultural issues. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$12 (3 yrs.).      Vegas, NV 89141;
Contact: Bruce Johnson, Education Room 719, University of Arizona, P.O. Box
210069, Tucson, AZ 85721-0069
                                                                                       118. Structural Equation Modeling*
108. Second Language Research*                                                         Purpose: To promote the understanding, use, and dissemination of information
Purpose: To promote research in second-language learning/acquisition and to            regarding structural equation modeling; problems, issues, solutions, and various
facilitate exchange of ideas among educators involved in second-language teach-        approaches are shared among members. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$8 (2 yrs.). Contact:
ing and language program administration. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Con-           Craig Enders, P.O. Box 248064, School of Education, University of Miami,
tact: Jo-Anne Schick, University of West Georgia, Department of Curriculum             Coral Gables, FL 33146.
and Instruction, Carrollton, GA 30118.
                                                                                       119. Structural Learning, Instructional Systems, and Intelligent Tutors*
109. Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices                                         Purpose: An international, interdisciplinary group in structural learning: the sci-
Purpose: For individuals interested in informing/rethinking teacher education by       ence of cognitive, instructional, and intelligent systems engineering. Special at-
studying their own practice-varied educational settings/methodologies. Dues:           tention given to fundamental theory and automated solutions based on software
$10 (1 yr.). Contact: James A. Muchmore, Department of Teaching, Learning              engineering and other modern software technologies. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact:
and Leadership, College of Education, WMU, Kalamazoo, MI 49008; james.                 Joseph M. Scandura, 1249 Greentree Lane, Narberth, PA 19072.
                                                                                       120. Study of Learning Environments*
110. Semiotics in Education*                                                           Purpose: To provide a forum for dissemination of quantitative and qualitative re-
Purpose: To promote the application of semiotic perspectives to the study of           search on all aspects of learning environments from classrooms and schools to
education. Dues: $25; $20/students; $40/nonmembers; $45/2 yrs.; $50/2 yrs./            nonschool settings. Dues: $6 (1 yr.)/$12 (2 yrs.). Contact: Jeff Dorman, Aus-
nonmembers. Contact: Francois Victor Tochon, TEB, School of Education, Uni-            tralian Catholic University, P.O. Box 247, Everton Park, Australia 4053.
versity of Wisconsin-Madison, 255 North Mills St., Madison, WI 53706-1795;
                                                                                       121. Studying and Self-Regulated Learning
                                                                                       Purpose: Interested in issues related to academic studying and self-regulated learn-
41. Service-Learning & Experiential Education
                                                                                       ing throughout the life span. Topics include (but are not limited to) motivation,
Purpose: Service-Learning and Experiential Education is dedicated to bringing
together both researchers and practitioners to build and promote understanding         metacognition, text processing, note taking, review, learning strategies, test tak-
of service-learning and experiential education for the betterment of the field.         ing, and writing. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: Dr. Steve Pape, The Ohio
Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.); non-members $8 (1 yr.)/$15 (2 yrs.). Contact: Amy       State University, 333 Arps Hall-1945 North High Street, School of Teaching &
White, UNC-Charlotte, College of Education, 9201 University City Blvd.,                Learning, Columbus, OH 43210;
Charlotte, NC 28223;
                                                                                       123. Survey Research in Education*
111. Society of Professors of Education                                                Purpose: To provide a forum for educational researchers interested in improving
Purpose: To promote a forum for consideration of major issues, tasks, prob-            survey methods, fostering communications among survey researchers, and pro-
lems, and challenges confronting the educational professoriat. Dues: $10 (1 yr.);      moting the development and dissemination of scholarly work. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$12
students/retired $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Robert C. Morris, Dept. of ELPS, State           (2 yrs.) ; AERA student members free. Contact: James Griffith, 10956 Bellhaven
University of West Georgia, 1600 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA 30118; rmorris@          Blvd., Damascus, MD 20872-2204
                                                                                       124. Systems Thinking in Education
112. Sociology of Education                                                            Purpose: Applications of systems thinking principles to address various issues in
Purpose: To provide a forum for the analysis and dissemination of research that        education. Dues: $5 (1 yr.); non-members $10 (1 yr.). Contact: Eric Williams, 12
links sociological perspectives and methods with the study of educational issues.      Delford Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20904-3401;
Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Contact: George Farkas, Dept. of Sociology, Penn-
sylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802-6207; gfarkas@pop.                125. Talent Development of Students Placed at Risk                                                                               Purpose: Focuses on research, development, intervention and evaluation aimed
                                                                                       at ensuring the academic and personal development of children placed at risk;
113. Special Education Research
                                                                              Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.); students:
Purpose: To explore areas of educational research of interest to special and gen-
                                                                                       $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Kelly Lee, 2900 Van Ness St., NW, Suite 427, Washington
eral educators. Research may include individual differences, teaching strategies,
                                                                                       DC 20008;
and issues related to learning. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$14 (2 yrs.). Contact: Janette
Klingner, University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Education, 249 UCB,
Boulder, CO 80309-0249;                                 126. Teacher as Researcher
                                                                                       Purpose: To support research by classroom teachers and the participation of
114. Spirituality & Education Network                                                  classroom teachers in AERA. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Jeffrey
Purpose: Goals include identifying principles of education consistent with a vari-     Wood, 2130 New Street, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7R 1H8; jeffrey@
ety of spirtual traditions and their implications for practice, integrating multiple
perspectives and emphasizing collaboration. Dues: $5 (1 yr.). Contact: Robert
London, California State University, San Bernardino, College of Education, San         127. Teachers’ Work/Teachers’ Unions*
Bernardino, CA 92407;                                               Purpose: To provide a forum for critical research and dialogue on the history and
                                                                                       politics of teachers’ unions and teachers’ work culture. Dues: $10 (1 yr.)/$20
115. State & Regional Educational Research Associations                                (2 yrs.). Contact: Joe Newman, Educational Leadership and Foundations, Uni-
Purpose: To strengthen state and regional educational research associations by pro-    versity of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688.
viding a communications network, a forum for interaction, and recognition for dis-
tinguished papers. Dues: $75 (organizational membership only). Contact: Michael        128. Teaching Educational Psychology
Green, ED 239, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222; mgreen@uamail.                  Purpose: To provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, and encouragement                                                                             of research on and deliberation about teaching educational psychology to enhance

both understanding and use. Dues: $8 (1 yr.)/$16 (2 yrs.). Contact: Jeanne Orm-        134. Vocational Education*
rod, 96 Madbury Road, Durham, NH 03824                                                 Purpose: To foster interchange of ideas and methods between general and voca-
                                                                                       tional educational researchers and aid in design and conduct of research on vo-
129. Teaching in Educational Administration*                                           cational technical educational programs. Dues: $5(1 yr.). Contact: Kirk Swortzel,
Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion around issues related to teaching, learn-   Department of Agricultural and Information Science and Education, 200 Ballew
ing, and program development in educational leadership. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10           Hall, Box 9731, Mississippi State, MS 39762-9731. (662)325-7837 (voice).
(2 yrs.). Contact: Linda Orozco, Calif. State University, Fullerton, 1805 W. Bal-
boa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663                                                     135. Wholistic Education
                                                                                       Purpose: Developing human potential through integrating intellectual, emo-
130. Teaching History                                                                  tional, physical and spiritual competencies in the teaching/learning process. Dues:
Purpose: To provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, and encouragement        $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.); non-members $10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Sharon
of research on and deliberation about the teaching of history. Deus: $5 (1 yr.).       Solloway, 400 E. Second Street, College of Professional Studies, Bloomsburg
Contact: Chara Bohan, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Uni-               University, Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1301;
versity of Texas at Austin, Sanchez Bldg. 428, Austin, TX 78712.
                                                                                       136. Workplace Learning
147. Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research                                            Purpose: Dedicated to articulating, studying, and applying research relating to adult
Purpose: To promote collaborative development and dissemination of its mem-            learning processes within the context of work. Dues: $5 (1 yr.)/$10 (2 yrs.). Con-
bers in research and professional practice in Urban Learning and Teaching. Dues:       tact: Michael Bronner, Ph.D., Professor Business Educ. Program, New York Uni-
$10 (1 yr.)/$20 (2 yrs.). Contact: Lori Kim, 2335 Caracas St., La Crescenta, CA        versity, 239 Greene Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10003; michael.bronner@

133. Vocabulary                                                                        137. Writing and Literacies
Purpose: To promote communication about vocabulary development and in-                 Purpose: To promote research in writing and literacy at all age levels and across
struction and to foster the sharing of information about ongoing research and          cultural and social (including institutional) contexts; to provide a forum for idea
promising practices related to vocabulary. Dues: $7 (1 yr.)/$12 (2 yrs.). Contact:     exchange related to writing and literacy research, theory, and practice across dis-
Judith A. Scott, Crown Faculty Services – Educ., 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz,         ciplines. Dues: $5 (1 yr.); students $3 (1 yr.). Contact: Patricia Irvine, 307 16th
CA 95062;                                                       Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118;

             Call for Nominations for the Editorship of
            Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
                (January 2004 through December 2006)

   The Publications Committee of the American Educational Research Association invites nominations for the 2004-
   2006 editorship of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA). The journal focuses on educational evaluation,
   educational policy analysis, and the relationship between the two activities. EEPA deals not only with theoretical and
   methodological issues but also with the practical concerns of those engaged in the evaluation of educational enter-
   prises and the formulation of educational policy. The journal is intended to apprise readers of current developments
   in educational evaluation and policy analysis, including policy development and policy implementation.
   The editor is responsible for accepting and rejecting manuscripts of the basis of the quality of the scholarly work
   presented and the suitability of the subject matter for EEPA. The editor guides manuscripts through the review
   process, oversees revisions, and plans issues of the journal. The Association provides a modest budget to reimburse
   the editor for direct costs such as an editorial assistant, postage, telephone, and photocopying. Nominees should be
   recognized scholars with background and interest appropriate for EEPA. Nominees should also possess managerial
   and organizational skills as well as publishing or editorial experience. The new editor will begin receiving manuscripts
   on or about July 2003 (the first published issue will appear in Spring 2004). Self-nominations and nomination of
   others are welcome, as are nominations of editorial teams. Appointment is projected to be made in December 2002.
   The deadline for nominations is November 1, 2002.
   If a self-nomination, include a current C.V. and a letter of interest. Send all letters of nomination to,
                                      Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Chair, AERA Publications Committee
                                            Attn: Linda Dziobek, EEPA Nominations, AERA
                                                         1230 17th Street, NW
                                                     Washington, DC 20036-3078

                                                                                                                                                      JUNE/JULY 2002 41

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