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					      599                     Woodland Weekly                        Monday 23rd November
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The Value of the Month is: Courage

            From The Pen Of The Head

Thank you to all the pupils for supporting our anti-bullying week work last week, culminating in the
wear something blue non-uniform day. There is such a strong feeling amongst our staff and pupils to
‘look out’ for the signs of bullying and to ‘say something’ when signs are noticed. We really feel
confident that we can get bullying to zero at Woodland, but is takes everyone to do their part
including the Courage to ‘tell someone’.

Last week, I explained why Mr Guthrie, Mr New and Mr Hughes are all sporting 1970s moustaches.
If you would like to sponsor these guys for putting up with the itching, the disparaging comments and
jibes, to raise money for the Movember appeal, which supports The Prostrate Cancer charity, please
read the article on page 4.

The votes are being counted and verified for the new school councillors. One of their first duties will
be to help us choose a new Assistant Headteacher. The Assistant Headteacher post is necessary as
Mr Rowland-Thomas will be taking early retirement at the end of this term. Mr Rowland-Thomas has
been a Deputy Headteacher at the school and also Acting Headteacher on three occasions through
a 22 year period. Mr Rowland-Thomas is a much loved and dedicated, incredibly long-serving
member of staff who we will be very sorry to say goodbye to. If anyone deserves a long retirement to
enjoy though – it’s Mr. R-T. Mr Rowland Thomas will still be a volunteer on the Calshot and
Normandy trips in 2010 so pupils and staff will have his expertise on hand. I know that lots of parents
would like to donate to a retirement fund for Mr Rowland-Thomas, so if you would like to send any
donations please place them in a clearly marked envelope with any cheques made payable to
‘Woodland School Fund’.

This Christmas we are putting together a programme to celebrate our Christmas events including the
Christmas Fayre, the Carol Service, Christmas Dinner and the Christmas Concert. The programme
will be going to all pupils and staff (about 670 people) meaning it goes into the homes and inboxes of
about 400 families. We have been seeking sponsorship from local businesses to take up advertising
space in the programme. If you would like to place an advert with us – please contact
office@woodland.beds.sch.uk and ask for details. Prices are £40 for a colour A5 advert and £20 for
a B&W A5 one. Half page adverts are also available.

This week coming, we are running tours around school for about 50 families of Year 4 pupils and
their parents from Monday to Friday mornings. Wednesday is also our Christmas CD recording day
when the whole school are taking part in recording an album. Thursday evening, we have a Parents’
awareness evening about Maths and English teaching which is for any parent of Year 5 or 6 pupils to
experience lessons for themselves. Friday is our ‘Caught in the act day’ where pupils in Years 6 to 8
will experience a visiting theatre group’s performance on an ‘anti-bullying’ theme. Another action
packed week at Woodland Middle!

And finally… we welcomed back, this week, Mr Lambert after his two week paternity leave. I wanted
to wish him a belated congratulations on the birth of his first daughter, Molly – now nearly 3 weeks
old. Another Spurs fan of the future!

Name:                                                                     Form:

The Design Technology department are constantly informing the pupils of the career opportunities
within this subject (Food/Textiles/Product Design).

We would love to have people visit our department and talk to the pupils about their careers in these
fields, and show some of their work.

If there is anyone out there who is involved in any aspect of Design Technology,
and thinks they could possibly spare some time to do this, please contact
Mrs McGregor (Subject Leader – DT) for more details.

                                    Enterprise Week

                                     On Monday 16th November ten of us went on an enterprise
                                     challenge at SKF. SKF is a producer of bearings of all sizes and
                                     all sorts of other things. When we got there, we were directed to a
                                     room, passing through a gallery of all stuff SKF have made.
                                     When we got into the room, where we would be spending the
                                     day, we met Mr Thompson who asked us to talk about what a
                                     businessman looks and acts like, proving that the stereotype of
                                     businessmen was false.
                                     We then started a
challenge to design a school related product and present it
using the same steps a real entrepreneur would. We then
played a board game to do with business and we learned a
lesson about when to invest and not to do it too early or too
late. Later on, after lunch, we had to build a structure to hold
up Gerald, a very heavy toy, using only newspaper. After we
had completed this task, we had to design an idea for
something you could put at Bedford Park and talk about how
it could be funded, the benefits of the idea and who the
audience was. At the end of the day I think everyone agreed it
was a good day out.

Tian Bunyan (8EG)

Building Site Danger                               Year 5 Boys Wanted For Football Team

As you may be aware Cowlgrove has several          Templefield Old Boys Raiders U10 football team is
building sites in and around Flitwick. One of      looking for Year 5 boys to join them. They play in a
these is by the dentist's and physio's premises,   Saturday league and they train and play their home
which children from Woodlands regularly use        games at Woodland School.
as a cut through, despite it being private
property.                                          Anyone who is interested should contact Luke
                                                   Biswell on 07947 353975 or 01525 755833.
Please can you remind your children again of
the dangers of entering and playing in these
areas as Cowlgrove have caught several pupils
actually in one of the sites. Apart from the
trespassing it is very dangerous for them to be
in this area without supervision and appropriate
safety equipment.
By Mr. Matias, Charlie Copper (7TGM) and Lauren
Tipping (7LEJ)

On Tuesday 17th November, 30 Year 7 pupils went to
the Olympic Park. There they had the opportunity to
look at the development that the East of London is
undertaking and were also given the chance to make
decisions about which sports would be more suitable to
be run in the different sites chosen to host the London
2012 Olympics.

Early on teachers and pupils gathered in the hall and
then undertook a 2 hour trip down to East London,
skilfully driven by Mr. Rowland-Thomas and Mr. Read.

“The Geography trip was very successful. It was an amazing experience. When we arrived at the site
we went to a yellow building, which is a classroom and has a great view of the Olympic Stadium”
Charlie Cooper. “Our school was the first one to use these facilities!”

The pupils were met by Mr. Widdowson and Mr. Digby (who are 2 Geographers, that work with the
Geographic Association) and were introduced to the tasks that we were there to perform during the
day. They were then split into 2 groups and went around to see the different Olympic Venues.

“The boys (with Mr. Rowland-Thomas and Mr. Read) got to see the ExCel Arena and the Woolwich
Barracks and the girls (with Mrs. Kay and Mr. Matias) got to see the O2 arena and Greenwich Park”
Charlie Cooper.

“We got to the travel on the London Underground and the DLR. I really liked planning routes on the
train” Lauren Tipping

“We wrote things about the buildings and did some drawings of them (sketches)” Charlie Cooper.

Everyone came back and had an hour to discuss the different sites and reach conclusions as to
which venues were best for the different Olympic sports.

“I enjoyed Tuesday because I thought it was really good fun and I learnt a lot. Seeing the Olympic
Games was really good.” Lauren Tipping

“All in all we had an exciting and interesting day out” Charlie Cooper.

Our pupils were highly praised by their politeness and commitment to work by Mr. Widdowson and
Mr. Digby who have commented that we appear to have some natural Geographers among us! It
was a real pleasure to go around with them! It sure made it a great day out.
Thank You From Keech Hospice Care                    Calshot Parents’ Information Evening

We have received a certificate of thanks from  Just a reminder that this event is taking place
Keech Hospice Care for the £1,400 we raised on tomorrow, Tuesday 24th November, at 7.00 pm in
Charity Day last term.                         the Hall.

Well done to everyone for raising this fantastic     School Uniform Shop Opening Times
amount of money, which has obviously been
appreciated.                                         Tuesday 24th November            3.30—4.00 pm

                                                     Wednesday 25th November          3.30—4.00 pm
Lost Property
                                                                                      6.00—6.30 pm
Adam Ashton (5SP) has lost a black coat with
                                                     Thursday 26th November           7.00—7.30 pm
grey/silver reflective strips on the arms. It is
named on the label. If you find it, please hand it
                                                     Too busy to visit the uniform shop?
in to reception.
                                                     Alternatively, parents can ask their child to collect
There are a number of boys coats and pencil
                                                     a uniform order form, from the school office.
cases, containing pencils and other equipment,
                                                     Complete the order form at home and send back
in reception. None of these items are named, but
                                                     to school, with a cheque. New uniform, purchased
if you think one of them may be yours, please
                                                     in this way will be delivered to pupils, via
come to reception and check.

House Points

We have now had the Fun Run, KS3 netball and rugby matches and the Spelling Bee competition.
Each house receives 50 points for a win, 40 points for second, 30 points for third, 20 points for fourth
and 10 points for fifth.

The latest totals after these events and the house points from their diaries are added are:

Romans—341, Saxons—336, Vikings—323, Britons—243, Normans—242

Movember Update                                               Flitwick Lower School
So here we are, past the half way mark, two                      Christmas Fayre
thirds of its growth. The toughest three weeks
are behind us. We've made it through the
itchiness, raised brows, accepted the few
strands of grey and we've come to a happy                      Sunday 29th November
adoption of the flecks of ginger through it. To                   2.00—4.00 pm
be honest, some of us are even starting to like
our Mo’s!

We would welcome any contribution towards                            Craft Stalls
this worthwhile charity. This can be sent via                       Refreshments
our donation website                                                     And
 http://uk.movember.com/mospace/89709                          Lots Of Games To Play
or if you prefer in a sealed envelope marked