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									  NMCD                                                                                           Tuesday, July 3, 2007

       Bi-monthly                                                                 E-news Bulletin

                  Secretary of Corrections                        receive.
                  Joe R. Williams                                        Probation and parole officers deserve our
                                                               support and praise. Correctional officers supervise
                           Congratulations to all Cor-         society’s most dangerous criminals while the offend-
                  rectional Officers of the Year, other        ers are locked up, but when they are set free, those
correctional staff, and administrators for the awards          same offenders are in the hands of our probation and
and recognition received during Correctional Offi-             parole officers who have to supervise them in the
cers’ Week in May. You were recognized for being               community.
the kind of employees who set good examples.                             July 16-20 is Probation, Parole/Community
         I started my career in corrections 25 years           Officers’ Supervision Week. Remember to thank
ago as a line officer at the Penitentiary of New Mex-          our probation and parole officers for their role in
ico. I haven’t forgotten what it takes to be a good            making our communities safer. And while we’re at
correctional officer. I applaud you and your families          it, let’s remember that it takes all 2,400 Corrections
for the sacrifices you make day in and day out to              Department employees working together to accom-
serve the state of New Mexico.                                 plish our department goals. Our mission statement
         The state Legislature and Governor Bill               says: The New Mexico Corrections Department will
Richardson also value the work that you do. During             provide a balanced system approach to corrections
this past legislative session, the Legislature and the         from incarceration to community-based supervision
governor agreed to give correctional officers salary           with training, education, programs and services that
increases. Correctional officers (all ranks) will re-          provide opportunities for offenders to transition to
ceive an additional five percent pay raise on top of           communities.
the regular pay increases that all state employees will                  As we begin the new fiscal year July 1, let’s
receive during the new fiscal year that begins July 1.         recommit ourselves to doing the best job we can for
Most state employees will receive an average five              the citizens of New Mexico. Have a productive and
percent salary increase.                                       safe summer.
         There’s good news for the department’s pro-
bation and parole officers as well. They’ll take               Joe R. Williams
home an additional four percent salary increase on             Secretary of Corrections
top of the regular pay raises that state employees will

                                                          7 PNM Employees Receive Medals of Honor

                                                   On June 15, Correctional Officer Jason Bounds collapsed in the
                                                   middle of the floor of an inmate pod at the Level VI facility.
                                                   Fellow officers realized his blood sugar was low and helped
                                                   him remain conscious while a nurse gave him an
                                                   emergency Glucagon shot. Without the help of his colleagues,
                                                   CO Bounds would be dead or in a coma. On June 25, the seven
                                                   employees who saved his life were awarded Corrections
                                                   Department Medals of Honor.

Pictured left to right: Lt. John Branch, LPN Barbara Tubb, CO Dante Torres, Warden Stanley Moya, CO Marvin Monroy, CO Jason
Bounds, Sec Joe Williams, CO Michael Baca, APD Dir Tim LeMaster, CO Peter Jackson (awardee CO Mark Martinez not pictured)
  NMCD E-news Bulletin                    continued….                                    Tuesday, July 3, 2007

                New Medical Vendor                            Changes Ahead for Health Services
           As of July 1, Correctional Medical Ser-
  vices (CMS), Inc. will provide healthcare ser-                The Health Services Bureau will be
  vices to the department’s inmates in all facilities   reorganized so that it operates more like a division,
  except the Torrance County Detention Facility         overseeing Mental Health and Addiction Services.
  and the Santa Fe County Detention Facility.           The reorganization will improve coordination
  CMS is based in St. Louis, Mo and previously          between all three health-related bureaus. The new
  provided offender healthcare to NMCD male             chief medical administrator, Dr. Stephen A. Vaughn,
  inmates from 1989 to 2002.                            will supervise Health Services, Mental Health,
                                                        Addiction Services and Psychiatry.

                                         Dr. Vaughn Joins NMCD

                                           Dr. Stephen A. Vaughn is the department’s new chief medical
                                  administrator of the Health Services Bureau. He began working full-time
                                  June 14. Prior to joining NMCD, he was an internal medicine physician
                                  with “Doctor on Call,” a low-cost care service for the underserved in the
                                  South Valley of Albuquerque.
                                           He has two bachelor’s degrees from Massachusetts Institute of
                                  Technology, a doctorate in cell biology from University of California,
                                  Irvine, and a medical doctorate from Boston University.

                                        Correctional Officer Class #245

                                             Thirty-four correctional officer cadets graduated from the Training
                                             Academy in Santa Fe on June 29. Facility breakdown: 13 COs are
                                             assigned to PNM, 9 to CNMCF, 4 to SNMCF, 3 to GCCF, 3 to
                                             SCC, 1 to WNMCF, and 1 to RCC. Bernalillo County Sheriff
                                             Darren P. White made the keynote speech. Congratulations to the

                                                                                         Bernalillo County
                                                                                         Sheriff Darren White

Class #245 Graduates

  New Retention Officer

          In case you haven’t heard, the department’s correctional officer vacancy rate is 20 percent.
  That means 80 percent of our correctional officer positions (all ranks) are filled and 20 percent are not.
  Secretary Williams is committing additional resources to the Training Academy to beef
  up retention efforts. Long-time corrections employee John LaBombard will be taking on
  this new challenge. He will become part of the Training Academy’s recruitment and
  retention team. For the past 18 months, LaBombard has worked in the Central Office
  Human Resources Bureau as a labor relations specialist.
NMCD E-news Bulletin                   continued….                                   Tuesday, July 3, 2007

 Coming up: Probation and Parole/
                                                          Probation and Parole/Community Officers’
 Community Officers’ Supervision Week
                                                          Supervision Week Activities:
                Probation and parole officers will        Region I
                celebrate Probation and Parole/           July 16-“Mobile Meeting Day” Offices are encour-
                Community Officers’ Supervision           aged to hold staff meetings outside of the office.
                Week from July 16 through July            July 17-“Team Day” Employees will wear their fa-
                29. Each region has scheduled a           vorite athletic team clothing and focus on workplace
                picnic to acknowledge employees           teamwork and networking.
                for their hard work and dedication        July 18-“Let Your Hair Down Day” Employees will
                this past year. Some regions have         wear funny hats and do funny things with their hair.
                planned daily activities along with       July 19-“Fun in the Sun Day” Regional Picnic at
                the regional picnic. All Probation        Hyde Park in Santa Fe. Activities scheduled for the
   and Parole employees are invited to attend with        picnic include food, volleyball, water balloons, and
   approval from their supervisor.                        other fun games.
                                                          July 20-“Cinema Day” Offices will watch a movie
                                                          and snack on popcorn and soda during lunchtime.
        Correctional Officers’ Week
                                                          Region II
        A special thanks goes out to all facilities for   July 20-Regional Picnic at Taylor Ranch in
planning activities for their staff during Correctional   Albuquerque. Activities scheduled for the picnic
Officers’ Week in May. Congratulations to those           include food, baseball, volleyball, horseshoes, and
employees who received recognition and awards for         awards assembly.
outstanding job performance from the facilities that
chose to select Correctional Officers of the Year.        Region III
                                                          July 23-Breakfast at Las Cruces office
     CONGRATULATIONS CORRECTIONAL                         July 24-Ice Cream Social
          OFFICERS OF THE YEAR                            July 25-Awards Assembly
                                                          July 26-Pancake Breakfast
            SNMCF-David Medina, Sgt.                      July 27-Regional Picnic at Leasburg State Park
              NMWCF-Freda Smith                           north of Las Cruces. Activities scheduled for the
                CNMCF-Joe Lytle                           picnic include food, games and hanging out by the
              WNMCF-Harley Scott                          Rio Grande.
               PNM-Clarence Sena
              TCDF-Joseph Gennette                        Region IV
               GCCF-Jamey Lucero                          July 19-Regional Picnic at Lea Lake in Roswell.
                                                          Activities scheduled for the picnic include food,
    CONGRATULATIONS CENTRAL OFFICE                        swimming, paddleboats, volleyball, and an awards
                      Pat Lopez

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