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					Kids America Sports Complex - Monthly Newsletter
Kids America, Inc. * 1600 Otsego Ave * P.O. Box 1177 * Coshocton, OH * 43812

2nd Session Soccer Underway at Kids America
Kids America’s 2nd Session      morning, noon, and night at
                                                               Children & Families
of Indoor Soccer got un-        Kids America.
derway with a mighty kick                                      Celebrate the New
on Saturday, January 6th.
                                 Of the 66 teams participat-
                                                               Year at Kids America               Monthly Newsletter
                                ing in indoor soccer, only
For the next seven weeks,       38 squads call Coshocton        Over 275 people attended
66 teams will play matches      County home. 19 teams          the Kids America New Years’
                                                                                                      January 2007
                                come from other Ohio           Eve party on December 31st.
                                counties, while 9 clubs
                                travel from West Virginia
                                                               Families enjoyed the inflat-      Upcoming Events
                                                               able rides, played games,
                                every other weekend to         participated in the scavenger     •   U.S. Indoor Soccer Offi-
                                participate in KA’s local      hunt, and watched movies              cials Certification Course
                                indoor soccer leagues.
                                                                                                     - Jan. 14th
                                 The county by county
                                breakdown for teams in-                                          •   Collegiate Soccer Train-
Bryce Duncan enjoys a bot-      clude: Coshocton (38),                                               ing - Jan. 18th
tle of water during a break     Holmes (9), Knox (5), Tus-
from his Shorties Soccer        carawas (2), Washington                                          •   Get Healthy - Nutritional
match at Kids America.          (2), and Muskingum (1). *                                            Program for Families
                                                                                                     Meeting - Jan. 18th
Pass, Set, Spike! Girls Volleyball Clinic                      Reas Pepper prepares to
                                                               climb into the “Looney            •   March Indoor Soccer
                                                               Toons” inflatable ride at             Tournaments
 With successful girls vol-
                                                               the Kids America New
leyball programs at
                                                               Years’ Eve Party.
Coshocton, River View, and                                                                       New Years’ Party Photos
Ridgewood, it is no surprise                                   during the 4-hour event.
that Kids America’s middle
school girls volleyball                                         The event was a family
clinic had such an over-                                       friendly event with free pop-
whelming number of regis-                                      corn, .50 cent slices of pizza,
trants.                                                        soft drinks, and candy.

  43 young ladies are par-                                      Businesses who donated piz-
ticipating in the clinic on                                    zas, prizes, or in-kind ser-
Monday nights from 5:30 to                                     vices included: Papa Johns
7pm.                                                           Pizza, Crowtown Pizza, The
                                                               Coshocton Yard, Figaro’s
Guest instructors for the                                      Pizza, Pizza Hut, Plus One
clinic include Trista Claxon,   Devan Olinger is one of        Pizza, Burger King, Arby’s,
Karen Zinkon, Dan Smith,        43 young ladies partici-       Taco Bell, McDonalds, Pearl
Elise Erwin, and Kyla           pating in the Middle
                                                               Valley Cheese, and Centre
Weaver. *                       School Girls Volleyball
                                Clinic at Kids America.        Party Rental. *
                                                                                                     Happy New Year!
     Kids America Monthly Newsletter                                        January 2007                                       Page 2

Collegiate Soccer Training Comes to KA Indoor Officials Course
 Soccer players interested in collegiate                     Willie Merrick - Coach Merrick has played        offered at Kids Amer-
level soccer training are invited to Kids                    the game of soccer at all levels. After one
America on Thursday nights from 6pm to
8pm this winter. Professional collegiate
                                                                              year at the University of Rio
                                                                              Grande, Merrick transferred
                                                                                                              ica on January 14th
coaches will be at Kids America to offer                                      to Marshall University in        Kids America will be the site for a U.S.
players expert training, skills, and colle-                                   Huntington, WVA and let-        Indoor Soccer Officials Certification
giate drills. This level of training is also a                                tered in both Soccer and        Course on Sunday, January 14th. The
great time for student-athletes to learn                     Football for the Thundering Herd. Merrick        certification is a 3 to 4 hour class taught
more about playing the game after high                       also play professional soccer in Columbus,       by Mark Dyrness from U.S. Indoor Soc-
school and pursuing a college degree.                        Cincinnati, and Indianapolis.                    cer. The class will begin at 10am in Kids
                                                             Coach Merrick will begin his                     America’s Austin Meeting Room. Tuition
 Registration is $60.00 per player for all
                                                             3rd season at Ohio Dominican                     for the course is $50.00 per person. To
seven 2-hour training dates. A daily rate is
                                                             University in Columbus this                      RSVP for the class, contact Sue Renner at
also available at $15.00 per night. Training
                                                             fall. Prior to coming to ODU,                    Kids America at 740.622.6657.
is open to boys and girls ages U-12 to High
                                                             Merrick was the Men’s Soccer Coach at Tho-
                                                             mas Worthington High School in Columbus.
Collegiate Soccer Training Instructors:
Eric Nichols - Coach Nichols will be en-
tering his 4th year as Head Men’s Soccer
                                                             Recardo Warren - Coach Warren will be
                                                             entering his second year as a member of the
                                                                                     Kenyon College
                                                                                                              Get Healthy
                   Coach at Ohio Dominican                                           Men’s Soccer             A Nutritional Program for Families
                   University in Columbus.                                           Coaching Staff.
                   Nichols played his colle-                                         Ricky is a native of      Kids, Moms, & Dads, are invited to Get
                   giate soccer at The Ohio                  Kingston, Jamaica. As a player, Warren was       Healthy - a nutritional program for fami-
                   State University from                     a member of the Jamaican U-20 Youth Na-          lies meeting at Kids America on Thurs-
1988 to 1991. Nichols also                                   tional Team and the Jamaican U-17 Youth          day, January 18th from 6 to 8pm. The
played soccer profession-                                    National Team. As a collegiate player, War-      program will take place in the Austin
ally in the NPSL, USISL, and                                 ren played for Mt. Vernon Nazarene Univer-       Meeting Room.
A-League. Nichols is a na-                                   sity. Warren played in 82 career matches for
tive of Kansas City, Mis-                                                                                     Joy Benjamin, LD and Alice Matheney,
                                                             the Cougars. While attending MVNU, the
souri.                                                                                                        DIR will be the guest speakers.
                                                             Cougars posted a record of 58-26-4.
Paul Furey - Over the past 17 years, Furey                                                                    The event is being sponsored by
                                                             Jarred Renner - Coach Renner will begin
has led the Mt. Vernon Nazarene Univer-                      his second year as an Assistant Coach with       Coshocton County Memorial Hospital in
sity Men’s Soccer team to the most wins                      Mt. Vernon Nazarene University Men’s Soc-        partnership with Kids America, Ridge-
and the best winning percentage of any                       cer Team                                         wood Local Schools, Coshocton City
coach in the program's 27-year history.                      this fall.                                       Schools, Hopewell Schools, River View
During Furey's tenure at MVNU, he has                        Renner is                                        Local School District, Sacred Heart
                         received several                    the Goal-                                        School, Coshocton City Health Depart-
                         honors. He was                      keeper                                           ment, and the Coshocton County Health
                         named the Ohio                      Coach for the Cougars and also works with        Department.
                         Collegiate Soccer                   the MVNU defensive unit. He was also a
                         Association NAIA                    member of the Cougar squad from 2001 to
                                                                                                              For more information on Get Healthy,
                         Coach of the Year                   2004. Renner is a graduate of River View         children should contact their school
in 2000. In addition, he was selected to                     High School.                                     nurse or visit
coach the OCSA All-Star Team following                                                                        GetHealthy.pdf
the 2000 season. Furey recorded his 200th
career victory on October 12, 2005, in a 3-0                    Visit
victory over Malone College. In college                        activities.html for registration
Furey lettered in both Soccer and Baseball
for four years at Miami Christian College in
                                                                 information on any of the
Florida.                                                           activities taking place
                                                                      at Kids America.                         1600 Otsgeo Ave. P.O. Box 1177
Kids America, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
                                                                                                                  Coshocton, Ohio 43812
                                                            Available online at

Kids America Sports Complex
1600 Otsego Ave.
P.O. Box 1177
Coshocton, OH 43812                                          Kids America, Inc. Mission Statement
Phone:   740.622.6657                                  The mission of Kids America is to provide the essential services,
Fax:     740.623.0500
                                                       facilities, and programs necessary for the positive development
                                                       and well being of the Coshocton community.
Casey Claxon
Executive Director, Newsletter Editor                  The goal of Kids America is to:
                                                       •     Give children from Coshocton County, and the surrounding
Sue Renner
Activity Director, Membership Coordinator                    area, a quality indoor sports complex in which to play sports                                      year-round, to maintain their fitness, improve their skills and
                                                             keep them constructively occupied.
Kids America Executive Board of Directors

Paul Bryant      Dave Kridler       Karen Brown        •     Provide adults of all ages with a quality fitness venue.
President        Vice President     Secretary
                                                       •     Further enhance the quality of life in Coshocton County.
Julie Pepper     Paul Prater        Dan Truett
Treasurer        Board Member       Board Member

Fred Williams
Board Member                                               Kids America, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  Get A Plan                                      By Amy J. Duncan ACE-certified Personal Trainer
   Have you ever finally mustered up        tant thing is to keep moving forward.      builders but is especially important for
the motivation to go to the gym only to                                                women of all ages as it helps to
                                            2.) Be Realistic about the Amount of
find that once you arrive you’re not                                                   strengthen bones and fight osteoporo-
                                            Time You Will Be Able to Invest.
exactly sure what to do? You are not                                                   sis.
                                            Start slowly if you are a beginner or
alone. Even the experienced fitness
                                            beginning a new type of exercise.          4.) The Ten Percent Rule. Whether
enthusiast needs a plan. Having a plan
                                            Jumping into an intense workout regi-      you are a just starting a fitness program
increases your chances of reaching
                                            ment as a beginner will only set you up    or have been exercising regularly for
your goals in a safe and timely manner.
                                            for burn-out. It has been shown time       some time progress should be made in
So take fifteen minutes to put your plan
                                            and again that gradual changes benefit     10% increments or less per week. Use
in writing. Kids America will now be
                                            you in the long-run.                       this rule to establish a timeline for your
providing a file cabinet for you to store
your workout log. Not sure how to cre-      3.) Achieve Balance. Dedicate a por-
ate this plan? Here are a few tips for      tion of your weekly workout time for       If you still have questions about creat-
designing a workout program:                cardiovascular endurance and               ing a workout program contact one of
                                            strength, resistance, and flexibility      Kids America’s trainers or fitness in-
1.) Identify Short and Long Term            training. Even though you may have a       structors. And as always if you have a
Goals. Give yourself a time line to         favorite area, remember that each of       fitness question you would like an-
reach those goals. Re-evaluate this
                                            these areas provides their own health      swered feel free to email me at
time line on a regular basis. Be easy on
                                            benefits. For example resistance or *
yourself regarding set-backs. Every-
                                            strength training is not just for body
one hits bumps in the road. The impor-