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					                                                                                     November 2009

 Volume 5, Issue 11                                                                               Organized March 1961

  Monthly Meeting                                    Speaker: Clint Bruce
  November 12, 2009                                                       Former Navy Seal

                                                  Speaking on: * Global War on Terror
                                                               * Inside Look at April ‘09 Somali
                                                                 Pirate Hostage Situation
                                                               * Protecting Your Family, Home and
                                                                 Critical Information
                                                  Clint Bruce is the President of Trident Response Group, an organization
                                                  providing intelligence led solutions to critical infrastructure organiza-
                                                  tions and individuals with domestic and global interests and assets.

                                                  Born in Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in Dallas, Mr. Bruce was a
                                                  standout football player at the United States Naval Academy lettering
                                                  for four years and named Captain of the ‘96 Aloha Bowl Champion

                                                  Entering the elite Navy SEAL Community in 1997, Bruce completed
                                                  BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training with Class 217
                                                  and reported to SEAL Team 5. There he had the opportunity to deploy
                                                  in various positions of command and leadership with three consecutive
                                                  SEAL Platoons, two of which were post 9-11. His Navy career culmi-
                                                  nated with Command of a SEAL Platoon deployed for 9 months in mul-
                                                  tiple theatres engaged in direct support of the Global War on Terror.

While serving the Naval Special Warfare Community, Mr. Bruce was exposed to expertise and mission profiles that de-
veloped a deep knowledge and appreciation of defense technology. In both domestic and international environments he
was involved in the development and application of new assets and technology that enhanced detection, communication,
and battle-space awareness. As a tactical advisor, Mr. Bruce has contributed to hybrid vehicular and body armor efforts,
the application of nano-technology to existing and new materials for defense and protection as well as structural integra-
tion of blast mitigation effects into design for both structures and vehicles. He has a reputation for constantly reconciling
new technology against the needs and ability of the war-fighter and the unique restrictions and limitations imposed on the
war-fighter by the battlefield.

Departing the tactical world for the financial sector in 2004, Mr. Bruce developed an understanding of the significant in-
fluences of non-traditional factors in international trade, M&A, and policy integration and sensitivities. As an economic
advisor, Mr. Bruce has supported micro-enterprise efforts, unconventional due-diligence programs and programs mitigat-
ing the effects of nationalization trends in Latin America and Africa. He is highly sought after as a subject matter expert
in product development for the special operations forces, leadership development, and emerging trends in terrorism and
counter-terrorism, as well as the globalization and economic reaction and responsibility in the GWOT era.
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                              President’s Corner
                                                                                              Dallas Woods & Waters
     October 20, 2009                                                                              2009 Officers
                                                                                        John Laverty ................................. 972-386-8659
          Fall has arrived with shorter days, leaves beginning to change                PAST PRESIDENT
                                                                                        Bob Evans ………………………...972-758-0953
     colors, daylight savings time ending on Sunday, November 1st, great                VP MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                        Beverly Bell ……………………...214-522-4570
     striper fishing on Lake Texoma, and the deer gun hunting season                    VP PROGRAMS
                                                                                        Don Grogan ................................. 972-774-2059
     starting on Saturday, November 7th. I love this time of year!                      VP ACTIVITIES
                                                                                        Curt Frisbie, Jr. ............................ 214-363-5513
          Things are busy at your club in anticipation of 2010. Each                    VP SPECIAL EVENTS
     Committee is busy holding meetings and hammering out their respec-                 VP COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                        David Chaney …………………….972-931-2761
     tive plans for the coming year. Each Committee has been charged                    VP SHOWS
                                                                                        Julio Morales ................................ 214-557-3839
     with the task of defining their respective Mission, Expectations, and              SECRETARY
                                                                                        Charles Shelton ............................ 214-827-4823
     Objectives. We are making a concentrated effort to make sure that                  TREASURER
                                                                                        Dennis Connally............................ 972-732-8736
     your Board, each Committee, and our Management are all "on the                                                   -

     same page" as we enter 2010. From my perspective we tend to get
                                                                                        Beverly Bell …………………December 31, 2010
     into trouble when the respective objectives of these three important               Michael Boyce……………….December 31, 2010
                                                                                        David Chaney ……………….December 31, 2010
     entities are not in synch with each other.                                         Andy Clements …………… December 31, 2010
                                                                                        Jack Davis …………………...December 31, 2010
          Your Nominating Committee comprised of Henry Seeligson,                       Bob Evans …………………...December 31, 2010
                                                                                        Julio Morales…………………December 31, 2010
     President Elect, Chairman - John Laverty, President - Bob Evans, Past              Henry Seeligson………………December 31, 2010
                                                                                        Charles Shelton……………… December 31, 2010
     President - Jack Davis, Board Member - Curt Frisbie, Jr., Board                    Charles Vessel……………… December 31, 2010
                                                                                        Robert Silvestri………………December 31, 2010
     Member - Michael Boyce, Board Member - and Rod Zielke, Club                        Dennis Connally…………….. December 31, 2009
                                                                                        Jeff Dargatz…………………..December 31, 2009
     Member are meeting in an effort to fill the four DWWC Board slots                  Curt Frisbie , Jr……………….December 31, 2009
                                                                                        John Laverty………………….December 31, 2009
     whose terms expire on December 31, 2009. They are also considering
     expanding the Board of the WWF to seven from the current level of                               Directors Emeritus

     four Board Members. We have an excellent slate of candidates for the               Charles Oliver .............................. 972-938-9612
                                                                                        Don Grogan .................................... 972-774-2059
     Committee to consider. This is also a great time for you to volunteer
                                                                                           Directors Emeritus, Deceased
     to serve on one of our excellent Committees such as Membership,
     Programs, Activities, Special Events, Communications, and Shows.                         Edwin Davis, Bob De Priest,, Roger Godwin,
                                                                                                     Bill Hagen, Winifred Wright
     Please let me or Annette Stone know if you would like to serve on
     one of these committees.                                                                                 Office Staff
                                                                                        EXECUTIVE SECRETARY
          Jack Davis has started the "ball rolling" on our planning for the             Annette Stone (Office) ..................... 214-570-8700
                                                                                                       (Cell)........................ 214-538-3717
     Annual Banquet and Fund Raiser, which is scheduled for Saturday,                                  (Fax)…...………… 214-570-8702
                                                                                        OFFICE ASSISTANT
     March 13, 2010 at the Plano Centre. Please note this date on your                  Peggy Epley (Cell)………………..214-538-3918
     calendar and plan on attending. This year's event should be one of the
     best ever! Again, if you would like to help with this annual event                       Woods & Waters Foundation
                                                                                              Officers & Board of Directors
     please let me or Annette know of your interest. We could really use                PRESIDENT
     your help with the Silent Auction.                                                 Alan Linson .................................. December 31, 2010
          Speaking of dates, please note the Club's Holiday Party on your               Rod Zielke…………………………December 31,2010
     calendar. This event will be held on Friday, December 11, 2009 from                Dennis Connally............................ December 31, 2010
     6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Orvis Store - Dallas which is located in                 John Laverty………………………December 31, 2009

     Preston Center. Last year's party was a tremendous success.
          Hope you are enjoying this fall season while pursuing your own
     special outdoor interested.
          Best wishes!
         John J. Laverty, President
                                                                                                1221 W. Campbell Road, Suite 215
                                                                                                    Richardson, Texas 75080
                                                                                                    E-Mail: info
  Dallas Woods and Waters Club and Woods and Waters Foundation are non– profit                      Website:
   outdoor sporting organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring wildlife, its
                             habitats and educating youth
           in the outdoor disciplines and the wise use of natural resources.
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                                                                                WELCOME NEW MEMBERS:
                                                                                Name                             Sponsor
  Business Card — 12 months for                                              Edmond Lewis                      David Chaney
               $170.00.                                                      Joe B. Park                       Jack Davis
      Send in your Business
          Cards TODAY!                                                                MAKE YOUR
 Advertise in the Newsletter for one                                            NOVEMBER 12TH MEETING
                 year                                                             RESERVATION TODAY
                                                                             Call 214-570-8700 by Sunday, November
                                                                             8th to RSVP for the $25 Dinner/ Program
Monthly Rates
      Full Page $ 75             Quarter Page $ 30
      Half Page $ 45             Business Card $ 15                          $30 After November 8th & at the Door
                                                                             No-Shows will be billed. Walk-ins welcome, but are
                                                                             subject to food and space availability.
                                                                             Sheraton North Dallas Hotel
                    All ads are to be print ready.                           4801 LBJ Freeway @ No. Dallas Toll Rd.
   If sent electronically, please save in a jpg, tiff or pdf format.         Dallas, Texas 75244
         Photos need to be a minimum of 300 pixels/inch.
                                                     6:30 Cocktails, Meeting and Greeting
                                                                             7:00 Dinner and Program
                                                                             Dress Attire: Business Casual

                                                                Hunting the Introduced Species in the United States
                                                                By Josef A. Riekers

                                                                Josef A. Riekers has been involved in the shooting sports industry for
                                                                over 20 years. He is the author of A Trail of Feathers: A Shotgunning
                                                                Guide for the Hunter and Shooter. Additionally, he is a contributing
                                                                columnist for The Upland Almanac and contributes articles to The
                                                                Covey Rise, Gun Dogs Unlimited Magazine, and the
                                                                Professional Hunter Magazine. As a gun maker, professional hunter
                                                                and co-owner of, a hunting adventure booking
                                                                agency, with his wife Toni, Joe has hunted throughout the world. He is
                                                                an SCI Diamond Level Qualifier in the category of Introduced Species
                                                                in North America. Joe especially appreciates the opportunity that hunt-
                                                                ing exotics affords as a way to involve his two boys, Brandon and
                                                                Justin, in the fascinating world of hunting.

                          You are invited to our DWWC Christmas Party at the Orvis Store
                                 8300 Preston Road, Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75225
                                    Friday, December 11, 2009 6:30—8:30 p.m.
                                      $25 per person includes two drink tickets
                             Please RSVP to 214-570-8700 by Monday, December 7th
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                           ANTELOPE - FIVE for FIVE
                                                   By John J. Laverty

                                         their large refrigerated semi trailer   and the ranch house was located
 I have never hunted antelope or prai-   which they use to store and transport   where you could look in two different
 rie dogs in my life until this                                                              directions up large mead-
 fall. ―Big Jim‖ Webb organ-                                                                 ows toward a distant moun-
 ized another one of his now                                                                 tain. The setting was
 famous hunting trips                                                                        breathtaking. This ranch is
 with antelope and prairie dogs                                                              where Connor and his
 as the desired wild game. We                                                                brothers grew up. His dad
 left for Clayton, New Mexico                                                                died of pancreatic cancer
 on a very rainy late August                                                                 approximately 10 years ago
 Friday morning in two large                                                                 and his mother Shirley
 Suburban vehicles. The hunt-                                                                Jeffries has since remarried
 ing party consisted of Jim                                                                  and lives with Connor‘s
 Webb, Jim Lovelace, Henry                                                                   stepfather on another beau-
 Seeligson, John Laverty, and                                                                tiful ranch. Shirley had
 Sid Holcomb. We stopped in                                                                  agreed to be our cook if we
 Childress, Texas for lunch, and                                                             supplied all of the food.
 then resumed the trip to Clay-                                                              Big Jim made it pretty easy
 ton. We next passed through my
                                         Horseshoe Ranch, Clayton, NM                        for her because the supper
 wife‘s home town of Clarendon,                                                  menu for each of the four days called
                                      antelope back to the DFW area for
 Texas, where much to my surprise, I                                             for grilled rib eye, baked potatoes and
                                      processing. We then stopped at the
 was able to call her on my cell phone                                           a salad. We all speculated that Big
                                      local supermarket to pick up our gro-
                                                                                 Jim‘s wife would not let him eat any
                                                     ceries and the large
                                                                                 red meat at home so he made up for it
                                                     number of special hand
                                                                                 on this trip.
                                                     cut rib eye steaks that
                                                     Jim had ordered in ad-
                                                                                 The part that is really interesting is
                                                     vance. Then we headed
                                                                                 that Connor Doherty is only nineteen
                                                     for the ranch where we
                                                                                 years old. As it turned out he has
                                                     were going to stay and
                                                                                 hunted and trapped since he was four
                                                     do most of our hunting.
                                                                                 years old. He knows the ranch, sur-
                                                     The ranch is located
                                                                                 rounding area, and wild game like he
                                                     just outside of Folsom,
                                                                                 knows the back of his hand. It has
                                                     New Mexico, about
                                                                                 been a long time since I have met a
                                                     fifty miles west of
                                                                                 nicer, more skilled, and professional
                                                     Clayton. When we ar-
                                                                                 person regardless of age. Connor,
                                                     rived at Horse-
                                                     shoe Ranch we
         Connor, Zach and their cousin.             met our outfitter,
          (Doherty Family Outfitters)               Connor Doherty,
                                                    his brother Zach,
                                      and one of their cousins. The
 and send greetings from her home- Doherty family at one time
 town. As we headed west out of Ama- owned over two million acres
 rillo we began to see some antelope, of land in this beautiful part of
 and our excitement and anticipation northern New Mexico. Over
 began to mount.                      the years as the land passed
                                      from one generation to another
 We arrived in Clayton, New Mexico it was divided into smaller
 in mid afternoon and stopped at tracks. Horseshoe Ranch was
 Flaggs for a free beer and a look at about twelve thousand acres,
PAGE 5                                                                                                 V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                                                     went back to the ranch     same place they had been on the pre-
                                                     house for lunch. When      vious morning. As we approached
                                                     we came out again in       they disappeared on the right side of a
                                                     the afternoon I had        small ridge. We came up on the left
                                                     made up my mind to         side of the ridge and at the top as we
                                                     start shooting. Twenty     peaked over the rocks there was a nice
                                                     minutes from the ranch     buck at about 250 yards. One shot and
                                                     house we spotted a nice    he dropped in his tracks with no
                                                     antelope,      and     I   ―machine gunning‖ needed. Connor
                                                     promptly emptied all       went back to get the truck, and I
                                                     three shots from my        walked up on my antelope at 6:35
                                                     gun without hitting the    AM. Later that morning Jim Webb
                                                     running animal. Jim        got the biggest horned antelope of our
                                                     Lovelace saved the day     entire group, and our three day ante-
Zach and the cousin were to be our    by making a one shot clean kill on        lope hunt was over in two days.
guides. Connor asked if anyone would  this antelope. Later on I tried hitting
be willing to start their hunt at 5:00another running animal that               The next day we went prairie dog
AM the next morning and Sid Hol-                                                hunting on a fifty thousand acre
comb and I                                                                      ranch. There were miles of prairie dog
volunteered.                                                                    holes and colonies, but the wind was
We left the                                                                     blowing twenty to twenty five miles
ranch house at                                                                  per hour and our shooting was limited
5:10 AM and                                                                     because of the wind gusts and the
headed to a                                                                     prairies dogs‘ reluctance to come up
location near                                                                   out of their holes.
the base of
C a p u l i n                                                                   In summary, it was a great hunt with
Mountain.                                                                       good friends, nice weather except for
When we ar-                                                                     the wind on the last day, great facili-
rived it was                                                                    ties, good food, and excellent guides –
still dark, and                                                                 but best of all was the ―Five for Five
we had to                                                                       Antelope‖ in just two days.
wait for day
break. Once
we could start      One shot and he dropped in his tracks
glassing we
spotted        a
                     with no “machine gunning” needed.
number       of
animals. Sid Holcomb, being the gen- was so far away I was told to hold on
tleman that he is, agreed to let me the top of his back. Again, another
have the first shot.                   clean miss after three shots. That
                                       same afternoon Henry Seeligson got a
As I mentioned in the first sentence I really nice antelope.
had never hunted antelope before. I
was carrying a 308 Remington auto- That evening, back at the ranch, I dis-
matic rifle with 150 grain SST Hor- covered that I had earned the nick
nady bullets that was sighted in two name of ―machine gun John‖. There
inches high at one hundred yards. was talk of turning me into the EPA
Even though I had a range finder I for lead contamination of the valley
had a real problem getting comfort- because of all of my missed shots.
able with the shooting distances. The next morning I again agreed to
There was one nice buck that I passed hunt with Connor, and we left the
up because I was afraid of just ranch at 5:30 AM. We went back to
wounding the animal. We agreed that the area we hunted the previous morn-
it was Sid‘s turn to shoot and he ing, and sure enough there was a                Jim Webb and his Antelope
promptly dropped a nice buck. We small herd of antelope in nearly the
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                                                    UPCOMING MEETINGS
                                                       Friday, December 11, 2009
                                                         DWWC Holiday Party
                                                              Orvis, Dallas
                                                    (Preston Center) 6:30—8:30 p.m.

                                                             January 14, 2010
                                                                Richie White
                                                         Professional Fishing Guide

                     Deadlines for Articles in Newsletters

Newsletters   Deadline for Information   Proofing Date       Printing Date     Mailing Date
December              November 6           November 18         November 20         November 30
January               December 12          December 18         December 28          January 3
February               January 15           January 25          January 30          February 1
March                 February 12          February 19         February 24         February 26
April                   March 5              March 24            March 29            March 30
May                      April 9             April 26            April 30              May 3
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                                                Activities Calendar
                        Want to go on one of these trips? Follow these easy steps:
   1. Call the Trip Chair to see if there is still space available and to get your trip questions answered.
   2. If space is available, send your deposit to DWWC, 1221 W. Campbell Road, Suite 215, Richardson, TX 75080
   3. Non-members who are not guests of a DWWC member will be charged an additional $75, which will
      include a 1-year DWWC membership
   4 All persons participating in any activities MUST sign a Club Release Form and agree to the terms
      before going on trip.

                                                  Nov 1 — Deadline for 50% Deposit for Dec 5th Redfishing at Fairfield State Park
November 6- 7, 2009.
Come Hunt Nilgai in
Fredericksburg, Texas.
The Nilgai is an antelope which is found in northern India and eastern Pakistan,
and is often called a blue bull (literally from nil meaning blue and gai meaning
bovine). Wild populations exist in Alabama and Texas where they escaped from
private exotic ranches. Nilgai can reach 300 lbs in weight. This trophy hunt is
offered at the Trapper Burkett Ranch in Fredericksburg.

Cost is $2500 per person for a two-night, one-day, fully guided hunt, plus two
evening meals, lodging and field dressing of your blue bull. On your own for
breakfast and lunch but you will be close to town and this will not be a prob-
lem. Maximum of 6 hunters. Also available are trophy Axis deer ($1500) and
Black Buck ($1250).
Deposits of $500 due at DWWC office by Oct. 1.
Trip Chair: Matt Mankin 214.293.3330

                                     November 8, 2009
                                     Silhouette Target Shoot/Dallas Pistol Club
                                     Carrollton, Texas
                                     Enjoy a Sunday morning silhouette target shoot with a 22 pistol or rifle. Targets are at
                                     40/50/75/100 meters. We will be competing with Dallas Pistol Club members; how-
                                     ever we will separately keep score of DWWC members. Practice starts at 8:30
                                     am, the match at 9:00 AM. There will be three classes: pistol, rifle- iron sights, and
                                     rifle- scoped. Prizes will be awarded for each class at lunch after the match. Kids with
                                     adult supervision can compete in their class. This could be a good family out-
                                     ing. $ 25 for adults, $ 15 for kids. Prices do not include lunch. For more information
                                     go to
                                      $10 deposit due in DWWC office Oct 1.
                                     Trip Chair: Andy French 214-734-7717
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 ~ NOVEMBER ~ continued
 November 20-22, 2009.
 Buffalo Hunt
 Lucky 7 Exotics Ranch, Eden, TX.
 Get a group of DWWC members and go on an incredible buffalo hunt at
 the Lucky 7 Exotics Ranch just seven miles outside Eden, Texas, a sce-
 nic 4-hour drive from Dallas. The ranch sprawls over 3000 acres and is
 home to hundreds of exotic animals comprising 20 different spe-
 cies. Your package hunt includes unlimited fishing at several loaded
 stock tanks, and whitetail does are free for paying hunters.
 You can shoot your buffalo with a rifle or bow, from a high-rack truck
 or by stalking. Field dressing is done for you at the ranch, and process-
 ing can be accommodated in nearby Eden or Kerrville. Buffalo meat is
 as tasty a red meat as you will find. These animals make excellent mounts or a great rug for your home or office.
 Prices: Cow/Young Bull - $900 Medium Bull - $1500 Trophy Bull - $2250 and up depending upon size.
 Additional costs: $50 per person for bunkhouse & meals all weekend. BYOB. Non-hunters are welcome for this addi-
 tional charge. Additional exotic animals are also available; request pricing and availability in advance of your trip.
 Deposit of $250 pp due in DWWC office by Oct 8, 2009.
 DWWC member Matt Mankin hosted 10 hunters at the Lucky 7 Exotics Ranch in 2008 and had a terrific time; all their freezers are full now. Get 2
 or 4 or 6 of your friends (up to 10 total people) and reserve these dates now. See

 Trip Chair: Aaron Wallick 972.814.5307

                                                           Dec 1 — Deadline for $150 Deposit for Dec 19 Live Pigeon Shoot
~ DECEMBER ~                                               Dec 1 — Deadline for $100 Deposit for Jan 30 Catfish Fishing

December 5, 2009
Red Fishing at Fairfield State Park
Jackie Kennedy specializes in freshwater Red Fish at Fairfield State Park. Reds over 40
inches are not uncommon. All you need to bring is yourself and a cooler with a sandwich and
soda for yourself…and leave with a cooler full of fish, cleaned and bagged by Jackie. Fish in
style on Jackie‘s 22 foot boat. All equipment is provided. Trip is for 3 to 4 people.
Time: 7am – 11am                         Cost:    $250 1-2 people…$75 each extra
50% trip deposit due by November 1st.
Contact trip chair Jeff Dargatz at (214)228-5211 to sign up or for more info

December 11, 2009
DWWC Holiday Party                      6:30 p.m.—8:30 p.m.
Orvis Dallas (Preston Center) 8300 Preston Road, Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75225
$25 per person (includes two drink tickets).
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~ DECEMBER ~ continued
December 19, 2009.
Live Pigeon Shoot
Olney, TX
Member cost is $275 which includes 25 birds per shooter, breakfast, lunch, soft drinks and snacks. Bring your shells. 30
spots available, these will go fast, first come first served. This will be a shoot in an international size pigeon ring with 9
bird launchers. The shooter steps inside the ring to the first station and says, ―Pull.‖ A bird is randomly launched from one
of the 9 boxes. The shooter tries to shoot the bird and have it fall inside the ring to be awarded a point. Two shots per
bird. Five birds are launched per shooter until the next shooter comes to the station. Any shooter shooting a perfect 5 birds
is backed up 1 meter from the first station thus increasing the difficulty of his next five shots. Shooters rotate until each
shooter has shot 25 birds. Shooter with the highest score wins. If we have a tie we will have a shoot-off and the first one
missing is eliminated.
Need deposits of $150 sent to DWWC by December 1st.
Trip Chair: Matt Mankin 214.293.3330
Contact Terry Beaver to make reservations and for additional information. 972-377-7592.

~ JANUARY ~                                         Jan 15 — Deadline for $50 Deposit for March 26 Bass Fishing Caddo Lake

January 16, 2010
Quail Hunt for up to 20 Hunters.
Spring Creek Ranch, south of Stephenville.

ATTENTION ALL HUNTERS: Spring Creek                                        Ranch is an intensely managed ranch consisting
of 1,100 acres of prime habitat for hunting quail                          and pheasant. They use some of the best point-
ers and setters in the business as well as seasoned                        guides that are all field trial competitors. In ad-
dition to a half-day guided Quail hunt, you will                           have access to a trap/skeet range (1
round of trap per hunter included), unlimited bird cleaning/packaging and a newly constructed lodge to relax in at the end of
the hunt.
Spring Creek Ranch is located 1.5 hours west of the DFW area just south of Stephenville. Polaris rangers will be used for
transportation across the ranch. An English-driven hunt is available by request. There is a hunting lodge available that
sleeps up to 8, first come first serve. Lunch will be provided.

Cost is $350 pp for a half-day quail hunt. Most hunters leave with 15-20 Quail.
Deposit of $100 pp due at DWWC office by December 15.
Trip Chair: Aaron Wallick 972.814.5307

January 30, 2010
Catfish Fishing Trip/Cedar Creek Lake
Gun Barrel City, Texas
Enjoy a great day of fishing for Trophy catfish on a full day trip with Jackie Ken-
nedy. Visit the website for photos, additional details and FAQ‘s at
* Bring your food, drink, TX fishing license, cooler with ice for fish and appropri-
ate clothing for the weather, that‘s all you need. Your Guide will provide every-
thing else. All equipment and bait provided.
* Fish will be cleaned/packaged for you.
* Max of 4 people per boat plus guide.
* Pricing DWWC Members: $350 per two people and $75 each add‘l person.
Deposit $100 pp due by Dec.1, 2009.
Contact Terry Beaver to make reservations and for additional information
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Saturday, February 13, 2010
Couples Bus Trip to Winstar Casino — More Details to Follow
Save the Date – Trip is sure to include a designated driver, top notch dining, possibly live
entertainment, and a great time to be had by all. More details are to be announced. Please
email if you hear of any fun suggestions that are less than 2
hours away.

Saturday, March 13, 2010
DWWC Banquet/Fundraiser
The Plano Centre, 2000 East Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, TX 75088
Doors Open at 4:30 p.m.

March 26 & 27, 2010
Bass Fishing
Caddo Lake, TX

 Enjoy the beautiful East Texas landscape in the spring. Great trip for the family. Yellow bass
fishing from pontoon boats on Saturday. Lodging for Friday & Saturday nights and all day
fishing on Saturday is $ 200 per person. Price includes guide, tackle, bait and fish cleaning.
Guided Black bass fishing all day in bass boat is $ 300 for two people. Members may want to
plan side trips to historic Jefferson (30 minutes) away or Bossier City casinos (1 hr away).
Caddo Lake is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Dallas.

Deposit of $ 50 due in DWWC by January 15, 2010
Trip Chair: Andy French 214-734-7717

~ MAY ~
May 7-9, 2010
Camping and Canoeing Trip
Buffalo River, Ponca, Arkansas

Want to get away? If so, you should plan on traveling up to Ponca, Arkansas during the first weekend of May 2010 to ex-
perience a weekend you won‘t soon forget. The Buffalo Outdoor Center (―BOC‖) offers a 26-mile, multi-day canoe trip on
the Buffalo from Ponca to Pruitt. This trip, the BOC‘s most popular multi-day trip, promises to provide the best scenery of
the Buffalo National River, including Big Bluff, Hemmed-In Hollow, Kyle‘s Landing, and Erbie.
Although this multi-day trip is described as a 2-day trip, it can be stretched out to a 3-day trip. Camping is available all
along the river at various campgrounds and on the gravel bars of the river. And best of all, this trip‘s cost is minimal. If we
only rent the canoes for 2 days, the cost per canoe, per day is $53. If we have the canoes for 3 days, the cost per canoe, per
day drops to $48. Add a $35 flat fee for the BOC to shuttle your vehicle to the pick-up location and $10 for camping, you
can see that the total cost will be nominal since it will be split amongst the other campers/canoers.
Because the BOC‘s registration office in Ponca is approximately 7 hours from Dallas and the BOC requires that we arrive
by noon on Friday, May 7, 2009, we have two options for departing from Dallas. First, we can leave after work on Thurs-
day, May 6 and stay at a hotel along the way. Second, we can leave between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. on Friday, May 8, 2009.
Once we get our group together, we can make a decision on this issue. Beginning in February 2010, we can reserve the
canoes. The BOC requires full payment in advance, so the number of campers/canoers in our group will determine the
price that will be due in February.
 PAGE 12                                                                                                  V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

~ MAY ~ continued

May 22, 2010
Alligator Gar Bowfishing with Mark Malfa
Mark Malfa will determine the exact location a few weeks prior to trip date, depending upon location of big gar. In addi-
tion to shooting for Alligator Gar, you can also shoot for carp and catfish. The price is only $550 for the first two shooters,
and $150 for each add‘l shooter for 8 hours on the water, with up to 8 people/boat. All you need to bring is a fishing li-
cense, snacks, drinks, and a camera. Mark provides everything else including right and left hand bows and rods, tackle,
and boat. We will likely stay in local motel on the night of May 21st, bowfish on May 22nd, and return home May 23rd.
To see why this trip is always a favorite, checkout the exciting videos

Deposit: $150 pp due in DWWC Office by March 19.
Trip Chair: Curt Frisbie 214-999-4757

                                                                                       DEADLINE FOR
                                                                                       ARTICLES AND
                                                                                     PICTURES FOR THE


                                                                                            November 6th.

                                                                                      Please submit via
PAGE 13                                                                              V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                                                                  Registered Representative
                                                                  NYLIFE Securities LLC
                                                                  Member FINRA/SIPC
                                                                  A Licensed Insurance Agency
                                                                  12201 Merit Drive, Suite 1000
                                                                  Dallas, Texas 75251
                                                                  Tel: 972-387-2929

                                                Woods and Waters
                                                would like to donate to
                                                Potential Eagle Scouts

                                                We are offering a $100 donation for assistance on
                                                an Eagle Scouts Service Project. We have notified
                                                Circle 10 Boy Scouts of America of this offer and
                                                they will notify all Circle 10 Troops. We require a
                                                written request describing the project and our
              $ WANTED $                        board will select one Scout each month for the
                                                next 12 months to receive $100 for use on their
                OWL PELLETS                     project. We only ask that the Scout submit an
           “Turn that mess in your blind into
                                                article and pictures of the completed project for
                                                our use in upcoming issues of the DWWC monthly
          President                             Request should be sent to:

                                                Woods and Waters Foundation
          PELLETS, Inc.                         1221 W. Campbell Rd, #215
          1481 Island View Dr.                  Richardson, TX 75080
          Bellingham, WA 98227                  214-570-8700
          Toll Free (888) 466-6957              Website:
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  PAGE 15                                        V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                          Calling All Members!

Ever wonder what it would be like to serve
on your DWWC board? Or on a committee?
We are looking for you! Please contact the
DWWC office at 214-570-8700 for more

We really need you.
Support your
club by joining a committee!

    Christmas Party
    8300 Preston Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75225
    December 11th
    6:30 p.m.—8:30 p.m.
    $25 per person
    (includes 2 drink
PAGE 16                                                                                             V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                        My First African Safari Experience
                                                    By Joe Cordina

  OK, so when was your last trip to      budget and will allow you the          Only one animal, the Warthog,
  Africa? If your answer                                                                was taken by bow, but
  is ―never‖ and if you                                                                 in reality I could have
  have never bid on a                                                                   taken at least three ani-
  safari at the banquet,                                                                mals by this method –
  just what is holding                                                                  the opportunities were
  you up? Are you get-                                                                  abundant. No bow shot
  ting younger each                                                                     over 30 yards would
  year? Because after                                                                   have been necessary
  you go to Africa, you                                                                 thanks to the SS Pro
  will kick yourself that                                                               staff. For the game I
  you didn‘t go sooner!                                                                 was seeking (vertical
                                                                                        horned + the Warthog),
  I took the advice of a                                                                the Mossberg 270 ATR
  club member and                                                                       using Federal Premium
  ―made it happen‖ as I                                                                 150g GameKing BTSP
  out bid another to take                                                               proved to be a deadly
  the SS Pro Safari trip                                                                combination. You will
  to South Africa. My                                                                   quickly learn that it is
  youngest son, Christo-                                                                all about shot placement
  pher agreed to join me                                                                – a quick kill eclipses a
  on this adventure. He                                                                 ―shoot and search!‖
  is not a hunter, but can
  shoot some spectacular                                                                  The pride of our hunt
  photos. His mission                                                                     was truly the Greater
  was to photo-journal                                                                    Kudu. I identified this
  this entire event and a                                                                 animal by sight on our
  spectacular job did he                                                                  first outing for Kudu,
  do! His goal is to set                                                                  but it took four separate
  foot on every continent                                                                 outings before we
  and Africa was yet to be achieved      time to explore various ranches to     bagged him – he is enormous (see
  so this trip fit right in.             look at the game. We spent the         photo)! He was taken in the last
                                         first three days observing before      hour before our drive back to
  SS Pro Safari is a fine outfitter in   taking the first animal.               Joberg to catch our flight – persis-
  the Limpopo Province. Fly to                                                  tence pays off! What a nice finish
  ―Joberg‖ – Delta has a ride from                                              to a fantastic experience. So,
  Atlanta direct. We went in their        “The pride of our hunt                when are you
  late winter/early spring of mid-          took four separate                  going? It will be next year IF you
  September. There is usually not                                               bid for such a trip at the annual
  any rain at this time of year, the        outings before we                   DWWC Banquet and Auction. If
  food supply is limited as many              bagged him!”                      you win, you owe it to yourself to
  trees have lost their foliage. You                                            visit Kruger National Park – we
  can see more animals this way,                                                spent three super days there –
  but that does not mean it will be                                             well worth it!!
  an easy hunt. Know what you            In all, I was successful in harvest-
  want long before you get there –       ing a Greater Kudu, Blesbok,
  this will help you manage your         Bushbok, Impala and Warthog.
                                                                                                   Continued on Page 17
PAGE 17                                                                                                  V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

Continued from Page 16

                                    “So, when are you going? It will be
                                  next year IF you bid for such a trip at
                                  the Annual DWWC Banquet and Auc-
                                      tion. If you win, you owe it to
                                              yourself to visit
                                         Kruger National Park —
                                               well worth it!”

      “Only one animal, the Warthog, was taken by bow. In reality I could have taken at least three animals by this
      method — the opportunities were abundant.”
PAGE 18                                                                                                    V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                      Pheasant Hunting in Sublette, Kansas
                   Ray Sasser               enough lift under his wings in the cold,    the left side covered.
                   Dallas   Morning         damp air, and flew directly over my             The dogs acted birdy. They were
                   News Outdoors            head. I was admiring the bird as best I     obviously smelling game but pheasant
                   Column                   could in the flat, diffused light, savor-   was moving fast, running ahead
                   October 18th             ing the moment, confident that I could      through the low cover, hunkered down
                                            make the shot.                              to stay invisible. When it flushed, it
                     SUBLETTE, KAN-            I was overconfident. As so often         was 50 yards out, way too far for a
                     SAS—The north          happens with a big rooster, my shot         shot. The bird sailed over into another
                     wind drove an icy      pattern trimmed the bird‘s unbelieva-       strip of cover and White made a note
                     mist, locking south-   bly long tail. The pheasant may have        of where it landed.
                     west Kansas in a       had his feelings hurt and his gaudy cos-        Thirty minutes later, we were work-
                     wintry wonderland.     tume in disarray but he escaped to tell     ing that strip when the dogs again got
It‘s the kind of weather you‘d expect in    the tale.                                   on the trail of a fast-running bird. This
these parts from December through              Luckily, it wasn‘t long before the       time, White called the dogs back in and
February but the early-season chill set     dogs found another bird and I was able      sent me on a circle to cut the bird off
record lows for Oct. 10.                                                                            before he reached the end of
    Maggie, the yellow Labra-                                                                       the grassy strip.
dor retriever and Gunter, the                                                                          The rooster got to the end
German shorthaired pointer,                                                                         of the cover about the same
reveled in the delicious cold                                                                       time I did, recognized the
as they weaved their way                                                                            danger, ducked down and
through the downwind side of                                                                        doubled back. We had him
standing milo strips, eagerly                                                                       hemmed in—or so I thought.
testing the frigid, moist air for                                                                   What we had was a different
the subtle scent of America‘s                                                                       rooster and a hen that were
most unlikely upland game                                                                           not nearly so savvy. Zach
bird.                                                                                               shot the naïve rooster and we
    ―You guys stay alert,‖                                                                          watched the hen fly away.
coached Jeff White, ―the dogs                                                                       White glimpsed the wily
are smelling something. I                                                                           rooster between me and the
think there‘s a bird running                                                                        dogs but the bird slipped
ahead of them.‖                                                                         away in the confusion of the other
                                            to concentrate on the three-pound
    White should know. The affable                                                      flushing birds.
                                            pheasant‘s front end and ignore his tail
Kansas native has watched this drama                                                        You can hunt pheasants in Texas or
                                            feathers. If a bobwhite quail is the
replayed thousands of times in the 27                                                   Oklahoma but Kansas is the most con-
                                            king of upland game birds, and many
seasons he‘s owned and operated                                                         venient pheasant hotspot to Dallas. It‘s
                                            sportsmen believe he is, then a pheas-
Golden Prairie Hunting Service.. He                                                     a little less than 500 miles to Sublette
                                            ant is the undeniable court dandy.
knows how pheasants react to the                                                        with no chance of getting lost. Simply
                                                You can have most of the goods
weather and he knows how his dogs                                                       take U.S. 287 north to Childress, then
                                            that come with a ―Made in China‖ la-
react to pheasants.                                                                     turn onto U.S. 83 all the way to Sub-
                                            bel. I‘ll take the Chinese ring-necked
    White knows, for instance, that                                                     lette.
                                            pheasant as the greatest trade export in
pheasants don‘t like damp weather and                                                       White releases thousands of pheas-
                                            the history of two world powers. An
they prefer to stay buried in the thick-                                                ants annually and they mix with wild
                                            experienced pheasant sticks tight, runs
est cover and let hunters walk right                                                    birds. It‘s a tradition and a spectacle
                                            fast, flushes wild, doubles back and
past them. That‘s not an option when                                                    that‘s over 200 years in the making.
                                            does whatever it takes to survive.
Maggie is nipping at their tails, how-          A good example came the next af-
ever.                                       ternoon when we were in strips of CRP
    With a raucous cackle, three-feet of    grass in another area. My son, Zach,
rooster sprang from the heavy cover,        was walking along the right side of the
took a little longer than normal to get     strip and my wife, Emilie, and I, had                             Continued on page 19
 PAGE 19                                                                                                    V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

Continued from page 18

IF YOU GO:                                                    Parmesan Crusted Pheasant Recipe
                                                           from ―Keepers‖, a cook book compiled by Lu Boone
    Contact Jeff White, 620-675-8040 or                 and Kaye Roberts of T. Boone Pickens‘ Mesa Vista Ranch.
    visit      the     website       at                Prepare four boneless, skinless pheasant breast halves, pounded out
                                                 very thin.
    Never travel to any hunting destination
    without checking an internet weather         Whisk a dipping mixture consisting of two egg whites, two tea-
    forecast. Because we knew the weather        spoons of cornstarch and the juice of ½ lemon.
    forecast, we packed accordingly.
                                                 Make a crusting mixture by combining ½ cup grated Parmesan
    How do you hunt in a blustery wintry
    mix with wind chills in the teens?           cheese, one cup of coarse, dry bread crumbs, one tablespoon fresh
    Starting from the bottom, we wore wool       chopped parsley, one teaspoon kosher salt, ¼ teaspoon ground
    sox and Gore-Tex lined, waterproof           black pepper and the zest of one lemon, minced.
    boots to keep our feet dry and warm.
    We layered tightly-woven underwear           Crust prepared pheasant and let it rest 25 to 30 minutes to set the
    made by X-System and UnderArmour.            crust. In a large skillet, fry the pheasant in three tablespoons of
    It holds in body heat without bulk and       olive oil over medium-high heat for about three minutes or until
    allows you to walk, stay warm and            golden brown and crisp. Turn carefully with a spatula and brown
    shoulder a shotgun. We wore brush            both sides.
    pants and fleece tops for added warmth,
    orange caps and vests for visibility, cap
                                                 Put partially cooked pheasant in oven to finish roasting for about
    wraps or toboggans to protect our ears
    from the cold wind, and fingerless wool      eight minutes.
    gloves to keep hands warm while al-
    lowing trigger finger dexterity. In se-
    vere cold, add thin glove liners under
    wool gloves.

                            Some Texas subsoils allow rapid loss of water by seepage from ponds, lakes or reservoirs.
                            Ponds and lakes on such soils often may be improved by use of Bentonite to reduce seep-
                            age losses. Bentonite is a natural clay which has the characteristic of swelling 10 to 12 times
                            its dry size when it becomes wet. When Bentonite is applied in a layer over porous soil, or
                            mixed with porous soil and then moistened with water, it forms an impermeable layer. Ben-
                            tonite does not affect the water. In addition, it is easy to apply with ordinary farm equipment or
                            with hand tools.
Application Methods
You can apply Bentonite directly to the soil in the bottom of the pond or sprinkle it on the water surface and then allow it
to settle to the bottom. Treatment is usually more effective if the Bentonite is applied directly to the soil by the “blanket
method” or the “mixed blanket method”. The “sprinkle method” is recommended only when it is impractical to drain the
water from the area to be treated.

For more information, contact MMR Enterprises, Inc.
Phone: 800-456-6671
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                                     Members Bulletin Board
          NOTICE This is service to DWWC members. Personal ONLY. No commercial advertising. You may submit
          your ad by email to Please send in Word format as an attachment. We can post for three months;
                however, if your item sells prior to that time, please email or call the office and we will remove the ad.

Winchester Model 94 in .32 Special. Made in 1928. Good condition. Plus one box of shells. $999.00
Curt Frisbie 214.999.4757

WILL TRADE Remington Automatic 30-06 deer rifle Model 742 with 3 X 9 Redfield scope and shoulder strap. FOR
12 gauge automatic turkey gun. Prefer camo with shoulder strap.
Danny Souder 214-394-5250 or email questions to

Sportorized Model 1903 Springfield. All milled parts, Bell and Carlson Stock, Timney Trigger, Low scope safety, Low
bolt handle, Polished and Blued, Weaver Scope Bases. 4 grive barrel in 30-06. $425 OBO
Jeff Waguespack 214-739-0534

Model 70 Winchester Westerner. Controlled Round Feed, .338 Win Mag, 26 inch barrel, Packmeyer recoil pad.
Jeff Waguespack 214-739-0534

NIB Colt King Cobra .357 magnum with six inch barrel. NRA Limited Edition, stainless steel with black rubber Colt
grips. $800
Charles Shelton 214-536-7248
                                                 HUNTERS NEEDED
November 9-14 Saskatchewan Whitetail, Mule deer, or Moose Hunt
Your choice. DWWC members get $250 off the regular price ($4,500) when joining Bryan Moore on this hunt. Sign up
now — only 4 spots available. Food, lodging, guide service, transportation to and from airport, and trophy prep included.
Bryan Moore 214-808– 5055 $250 non-refundable deposit required.

Alligator Hunting — South Central Florida has an abundance of big ‗gators. We‘ve arranged exclusive permission
with citrus groves, cattle ranches and private property to hunt alligators YEAR ROUND with rifle, handgun, bow, cross-
bow, muzzleloader, bank stick or harpoon (your choice). Hunting is primarily by swamp buggy and spot and stalk with
some motor boat and air boat use. They typically run 7.5-9 feet. You get the whole alligator, meat, hide, head, etc. One
day GUARANTEED ALLIGATOR for $1050 11-12 foot for $2000! No hidden fees. Close to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale,
Miami, Tampa — Take one day of your Florida visit and make it an adventure. Any two days in Sept, Oct, Nov.

Stock Work — Finishing or Refinishing/Repair, Inletting, Glass Bedding, Shaping, Sanded in Oil or Gloss Polyurethane
finish. Very competitive prices. Jeff Waguespack 214-739-0534

Need Bufflehead Duck. If you get one that is in good shape please handle with care and freeze and I will pick it up.
Grandchildren have ―petted‖ mine to oblivion and I want another to have mounted. Curt Frisbie 214-999-4757

1961 Jeep Willy’s 4X4=CJ-5 for Sale. Great Ranch or hunting lease jeep — big tires, runs good, locking hubs, not in-
spected since 1996. $2,500. Call Henry Cell 214-830-4422 Home 972-732-0405

PSE Diamondback bow Like NEW -50/60 #‘s-29‖ draw fully setup with sights, quiver with quick release, and rest.
Can‘t bow hunt now due to broken back from car wreck. $ 350.00. Contact Davd Chaney at 214 384 2424 or david-
                                              Visit our website at
PAGE 21                                                                                       V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                                    One Month Odyssey
                            Joe Riekers Excellent Adventures, Part 2
                                              Written by Joe Riekers

                                             fishing since he was 30 personally wore out the grips on
                                             years old! My Dad lives my rod and the skin on my hand to
                                             on a small lake now - he'd the point that I took a one day
                                             never go far from the fish. break and wore gloves the next
                                             He grew up on the bays day and thereafter. I caught 678
                                             and backwaters of the salt fish myself altogether and well
                                             marshes off Long Island over 1100 including the clients! If
                                             with the canal right in his you are interested in inland salt
                                             backyard. He had not been water fishing, golf, seafood,
                                             salt water fishing in over 3 Southern history and pristine
                                             years, so this was like a beaches I can set you up with
                                             homecoming of sorts for quite a weekend getaway! After
                                             him. The first day of fish- this it was on to bigger catches....
                                             ing was with
                                             Dad, Frank and
                                             a client. We
                                             landed 146 fish
                                             and kept a little
                                             more than 30.
                                             We fished be-
    “I fished every day for 14 days.”        tween        St.
                                             Simons       and
                                             Jekyl    Island.
 The first stop on this portion of Jekyl Island was the
 the Odyssey was the Golden Is- Jekyl Island Hunting
 lands, off the coast of Georgia. Club at the turn of the
 We set up at the Beach Club on century. Roosevelt,
 Saint Simons Island. I had several Vanderbilt, J.P. Mor-
 fishing clients come for a few gan, Woolworth, Rocke-                   Joe’s Dad with his fish.
 days at a time. We fished inshore feller and others pur-
 in the rivers, marshes, canals and chased the island and
 inlets. The catch included Redfish, released whitetail deer,
 Sea Trout, Whiting, Bullshead, hogs and birds on the
 Tarpon, Blue Fish, Flounder, and island for their private
 a few assorted small sharks. I pleasure. The whole
 fished every day for 14 days. One island is now a State
 weekend, I had the privilege of Park, however it is
 having my Dad and my Uncle unique in that people
 Frank on board with me. They live there in private
 drove down from North Carolina, residences and there are
 about a 5 hour drive, to spend the commercial stores, ho-
 weekend. Uncle Frank (my tels and accommoda-
 Mother's sister's husband) is in his tions on the Island. In
 late 70's. He said he had not been the 14 days of fishing, I
PAGE 22                                                                                              V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1


  This year’s Membership Drive Committee is encouraging every club member to invite at
  least one friend or family member to come to our meetings and/or take part in one of our
  many, varied activities and to sponsor them as a new member, or invite previous members
  back that you have not seen in the past few years. They will be glad you took the time and
  interest to get them acquainted or re-acquainted with the club, and you will be glad to have
  more of your friends/family to hunt, fish with and share in our numerous outdoor activities.

          Each member in good standing that recruits one to three new members for the calendar year 2009 will
              receive a ticket for each one of up to three new members for a drawing to win a Warthog Knife
              Sharpener and custom made knife (TBD).
          Each member in good standing that recruits four or more new members for the calendar year 2009 will
              receive a ticket for each of the first three new members for a drawing to win a Warthog Knife
              Sharpener and a custom made knife (TBD) and a special edition DWWC shirt.
          Each member in good standing that recruits a new member that joins as a Life Member in the calendar
              year 2009 will receive three tickets for a drawing to win a Warthog Knife Sharpener and a custom
              made knife (TBD) and if additional new members are recruited, such member will receive a spe-
              cial edition DWWC shirt.
          The member in good standing that recruits the most new members in calendar year 2009 will receive
              three tickets for a drawing to win a Warthog Knife Sharpener and a custom made knife (TBD), a
              special edition DWWC shirt, and the DOVE HUNT IN CORDOBA ARGENTINA *
          Any member in good standing that wishes to upgrade their membership status to Life Member will
              receive a special edition DWWC shirt.
          This contest is retroactive to begin January 1, 2009 and will end on December 31, 2009. Any member
              in good standing that has recruited a new member(s) after January 1, 2009 will be eligible.
          Prizes will be awarded at the February 2010 monthly DWWC dinner meeting.

  Should any questions or discrepancies arise under this set of rules, same shall be submitted to the Mem-
  bership Committee in writing and the Membership Committee shall review and decide same and pub-
  lish their decision in a mailer to the membership at a later date.

  *   DOVE HUNT IN CORDOBA, ARGENTINA!!!!! Valued at $3,300
        Includes -- Professionally guided hunts, lodging, gourmet meals, open bar/open
      kitchen, all field transfers, reception and round trip transfer from Cordoba Interna-
               tional Airport, all field fees and US based travel/logistics support.

                                                            Donated by Detail Company Adventures and Frontera Sporting
                                           Brought to us by DWWC Membership Committee Member, Tim Macmanus

  Membership Application is on the website at
PAGE 23                                                                                                              V O LU M E 5 , I S S U E 1 1

                                            Membership Application
                                            Dallas Woods and Waters Club, Inc.
                                                                                           Ph. (214) 570-8700
                                            1221 W. Campbell Road, Suite 215               Fax (214) 570-8702
                                            Richardson, TX 75080                           Email:
                                                                  Membership Dues
                                            New Member Special Dues:                        Family $75 Annual
                                             Jan-June        $75                            Outfitter $50 Annual
                                             July-Sept       $100 1 ½ yr.                   Corporate $200 Annual for 3 people
                                             Oct – Dec.      $75 1 ¼ yr.                    Our Heroes - Comp.
                                            All renewals are due Jan. 1st                   Life $750

      Name:                                                             Spouse Name:
                   (First)      (Initial)            (Last)

      Residence Address:

      City:                                                             State:                        Zip:

      Home Phone:                                                       Cell Phone:

      Fax:                                                              E-mail:

      Business Name:                                                      Job Title/Occupation:

      Business Address:

      City:                                                             State:                        Zip:

      Business Phone:                                                   Fax:

      Business E-mail:
      Mail Correspondence to:          Residence
                                       Business
      How did you learn about          Friend
      DWWC?                            Auction                         Newspaper
                                       Show Booth                      Other
      Referred By --
      Type of payment:                 Cash                   Check
                                      Credit Card:             Visa               MasterCard       Amex
                                                              Card #                                    Exp. Date:

      Applicant‘s Signature:                                                             Date:
   Dallas Woods and Waters Club
   1221 W. Campbell Road, Suite 215
   Richardson, Texas 75080

                        LIFE MEMBERS
  Hal Ahlberg                     William Everitt       Raymond Murski
   Kyle Bibb                          Dick Foster        Paul Newman
Joseph Blimline                       Alan Frisbie       Charles Oliver*
 Joe Bashara                    Curtis L. Frisbie Jr.     Mark Parris
  Jim Breaux                    Curtis L. Frisbie III   Jeffrey R. Potter
   Ed Clarke                          Ronald Gard       Jessie Richardson
Dennis Connally                        Jay Griffin        Allen Smith
 Glenn Coterill                       Don Grogan*          Tom Stone
  Tim Cutts                           Jay Guillory        Don Weempe
 David Daniel                     Edward Juarez           John Yowell
 Jeff Dargatz                         John Laverty         Rod Zielke
  Jack Davis                          Alan Linson
  Bob Evans                           Bryan Moore       *EMERITUS STATUS