Developing Globally- Minded Teachers for the 21 st Century by skt71486


									           Joint Seminar by FES, MSST, CCE and the Citizenship Education KRA

  Developing Globally- Minded Teachers for the 21 st
     Century: Perspectives from Recent Research
                                                                      The development of internationally informed, competent and active
                                                                      citizens requires globally-minded and globally-aware teachers.
                                                                      Developing teachers with these qualities represents a significant
                                                                      challenge that requires a concerted effort by educational
                                                                      stakeholders at all levels. Drawing on a recent research project with
                                                                      Prof. John Cogan, in this presentation Prof. Grossman first describes
                                                                      the key characteristics of teachers essential for the development of
                                                                      an internationally knowledgeable citizenry. He then identifies the
                                                                      obstacles that make the development of globally minded teachers a
                                                                      significant challenge. Finally, he examines what kind of
Prof. David L. Grossman, Ph.D.
                                                                      infrastructure would make the development of such teachers
                                                                      possible, e.g., at the policy level, at the school level, and in the
David L. Grossman is currently Professor and Interim Dean of
                                                                      teacher education.
Education at Chaminade University and Adjunct Senior Fellow in
the Education Program, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Formerly he was the Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Arts and
Sciences, and co-Head of the Centre for Citizenship Education, at
the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Prior to his academic career
                                                                      Speaker : Prof. David L. Grossman
in Hong Kong he was the Director of the Stanford University
Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE). His    Chair        : Dr. Gregory Fairbrother
research interests include the citizenship education, international
                                                                      Date         : November 5, 2008
and comparative education, and teacher education. His recent
publications includes three co-edited books, Social Education in      Time         : 12:30 – 14:00
Asia (with Joe Lo), Citizenship Curriculum in Asia and the Pacific
                                                                      Venue        : D3-G/F-07
(with Wing On Lee and Kerry Kennedy), and Improving Teacher
Education through Action Research (with Ming-Fai Hui).

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                                  Light lunch and drinks will be served for registered participants.

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