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					Recent KOCSEA Events

8th KOCSEA Technical Workshop
                                                                                                                                Introducing …
The two-day event from December 15th to 16th
included two keynote speeches by Prof. Steve
Kang (UC Merced Chancellor) and Prof. Kang
G. Shin (U. of Michigan), four technical
sessions, one panel session, a student
interaction    session,    and   award    and
recognition ceremonies. Twenty one students
from local universities including UCLA and
USC, in addition to thirty four professionals,                             th
                                                 KOCSEA members at the 8 KOCSEA Technical Workshop
participated in the symposium. The program
                                                                                                     Korean Computer Scientists and
included a student interaction session where                                                         Engineers Association in America
researchers     and     industry  participants
presented their career experiences to the
                                                     BECOMING A MEMBER
student audience followed by a Q&A session.
The event was co-organized by KOCSEA and             Becoming a member of KOCSEA is quick
KUSCO (Korea US Science Cooperation Cen-
ter, Inc.) and KSEA (Korean Scientists and           and easy, and free!
Engineers Association) with support from KT,         •   Go to .
ETRI and LG Electronics.
                                                     •   Click on the “Join Membership” link in
 • General Chair: Jihie Kim (USC)
                                                         the LOGIN window.
 • Program Chairs: Byung K. Choi (Michigan
   Tech)                                             •   Enter some basic information about
                                                         yourself and submit the request.
UKC Information Technology Symposium
The Information Technology Symposium at
the US-Korea Conference (UKC 2008, San
Diego, CA) is from August 15th to August 16th,
2008. The symposium is organized by key
KOCSEA members.

Upcoming Event
                                                     •   KUSCO (Korea-US Science
The 9 KOCSEA Technical Workshop                          Cooperation Center, Inc.)
 - Date: October 25-26, 2007                         •   KT
 - Location: KUSCO building, Vienna, VA
                                                     •   LG Electronics
 - Sponsors:
      - KUSCO                                        •   KSEA (Korean Scientists and
      - KT
                                                         Engineers Association)
      - KSEA
                                                     •   Google, Inc.
About KOCSEA                                   News Flash                                    KOCSEA 2008 Staff
The Korean Computer Scientists and             KOCSEA Appreciation Award goes to Prof.
                                                                                             President: Jihie Kim
Engineers      Association    in    America    Chan-Mo Park of POSTECH                                     (U of Southern CA,
(KOCSEA), founded in 1983, is a non-profit                                                   Vice President: Byung Kyu Choi
organization of Korean and Korean              KOCSEA recently presented an award of                      (Michigan Tech,
                                               appreciation to Prof. Chan-Mo Park            Secretary: Yoonsuck Choe
American      computer     scientists  and                                                                (Texas A&M,
engineers in North America. The basic goal     (POSTECH), in recognition of his leadership
                                                                                             Finance/Accounting: Taek Jin Kwon
of KOCSEA is to "promote communication,        and his contributions to the      computer
information exchange and cooperation           science and engineering communities in the    Communications: Yoohwan Kim
among its members and to provide               US and in Korea.                                           (U of NV, Las Vegas
opportunities    for    them     to   make                                                   Academics: Jungwoo Ryoo
                                                                                                          (Penn State U, Altoona,
contributions to computer-related fields in
                                                                                             Editor: EunYoung Kang
Korea and U.S." Currently KOCSEA has                                                              (Cal State U, LA,
about 500 members in the academia and in                                                     Public Relations:
the industry at various stages in their                                                        Jongwook Woo
career, from undergraduate and graduate                                                               (California State U, LA,
students, to young professionals and                                                            Kyong Il Yoon (College of Notre Dame of Maryland,
assistant professors, to senior executives
                                                                                                Anya Kim (Naval Research Lab,
and professors.                                                                              Membership: Bong Jun Ko
                                                                                                            (IBM Research,

                                                 KOCSEA presents the KOCSEA Appreciation
Member Benefits                                  Award to Prof. Chan-Mo Park (POSTECH)       KOCSEA Advisors
As a KOCSEA member, you will be pro-
vided with (1) up-to-date information about     KOCSEA Moon-Jung Chung Sholarship            Dr. Se June Hong (IBM Research)
                                                awarded to Mr. Kyu-Han Kim                   Prof. Lawrence Chung (Univ. Texas, Dallas)
new developments and opportunities in the
field, and (2) access to a strong network of                                                 Dr. Jong-Deok Choi (Samsung Electronics)
established and emerging players in com-                                                     Prof. Kwang Hae Kim (UC Irvine)
puter science and engineering.                                                               Dr. Wonmo Hong (Lucent Technologies)
                                                                                             Dr. Jehkwan Lah (Intel)
Examples of the above include timely ann-                                                    Dr. Hi Kyu Lee (Softlinx)
ouncements of career opportunities, and in-                                                  Dr. Ho Soo Lee (Samsung Electronics)
vitation to various events organized by                                                      Prof. Sang Hyuk Son (U of Virginia)
KOCSEA.                                                                                      Dr. Kang-Won Lee (IBM Research)
                                                                                             Prof. Chan-Mo Park (POSTECH)
Note: Membership is FREE!                       The scholarship, established in memory of    Dr. Dong Sung Suk (AT&T)
                                                Prof. Moon-Jung Chung, was awarded to        Dr. Nam Sung Woo (Samsung Electronics)
                                                Ms. Kyu-Han Kim of University of Michigan.
                                                                                             Prof. Insup Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
                                                Prof. Kang G. Shin presented the award on
                                                behalf of KOCSEA.                            Dr. Kyung Dong Ryu (IBM Research)