Cold Call Sample #1 - PDF by nrk14057


									Cold Call Sample #1
Receptionist: Allan's Hardware, may I help you?

Caller: May I speak to the person who trains or supervises your warehouse
order pickers?

Receptionist: We don't have a warehouse. It's called a stockroom.

Caller: Could I speak to the person who hires or trains your stockroom

Receptionist: That would be Mr. Rose. I'll connect you..

Bob: Hello, Rose, Stockroom.

Caller: Mr. Rose, my name is Jason Willis.

Bob: What can I do for you Jason?

Caller: (Begin with a brief explanation of your skills and abilities)

I'm calling to find out if you might have any openings or anticipate any future
openings for an order picker with experience?

Bob: That's funny, I've got someone quitting this Friday.

Caller: I've had experience in hardware.

Bob: Huh.. experience.. hmmm. Where did you work last? (Interview question)

Caller: In my metal shop. I would like to meet you to talk about any future

Bob: I could use a back up.

Caller: Would this morning be good, or is this afternoon better?

Bob: I'm free this afternoon. How does two o'clock sound?

Caller: Sounds great! I'll look forward to meeting you. Should I check in at any
special place?

Bob: Just check in at the front desk and ask them to page me..

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