Sample - Work readiness credential by nrk14057


									      Workforce Readiness
                              awarded to:

  John Appleplum
For excellence in pursuit of the career skills needed
           for success in the workplace.

Date ______________________                 Principal ________________________
This student exhibits the following work-ready skills:
Technology Skills
        Determines the purpose of using technology and selects technology appropriate for the purpose
        Demonstrates competence in the safe use and maintenance of technology
        Uses technologies to communicate
        Applies technological knowledge, skills and strategies to use technology
        Monitors own ability to use technology effectively and adjusts strategies to achieve goals

Interpersonal Skills
         Appreciates the perspectives of others
         Respects property and privacy
         Accepts guidance and directives from others
         Uses effective communication skills to interact with others
         Contributes as a member of a team or group
         Manages conflict

Responsibility Skills
        Manages emotions effectively
        Manages personal resources
        Follows guidelines and rules
        Manages time
        Utilizes resources
        Manages tools and equipment
        Manages goals
        akes responsibility for learning

Problem-Solving Skills
        Recognizes problems
        Defines a problem
        Analyzes cause and effect
        Uses information to solve problems
        Analyzes potential strategies to problems
        Considers solutions to problems
        Acts to solve problems
        Evaluates solutions to problems

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