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					John Smith
Social Security Number:     000-00-0000
Service Number:             RA 11 146 146
NOTE: The RA in front of his Service Number indicates he joined the Army. If he had
been drafted his Service Number would have started with US.

Military History
12 Feb 1946 to 13 Dec 1948      Joined and Served in the U.S. Army (1st Enlistment)

       23 Feb 1946 to 21 Apr 1946       Basic Training at Ft. McClellan, Alabama
       23 Apr 1946 to Jun 1946          Military Police School - Camp Kilmer, N.J.
       July 1946                        Sent to Bremerhaven, Germany
       July 1946 to Oct 1946            Assigned to Co B 707th MP Battalion as an
       Oct 1946 to Jun 1947             Assigned to Co. A 389th MP Battalion as an MP
       Aug 1947 to Mar 1948             Assigned to 97th General Hospital (Security)
                                        Frankfurt, Germany
       Mar 1948 to May 1948             Assigned to 317th Station Hospital (Security)
                                        Wiesbaden, Germany
       May 1948                         Left Germany for the USA
       May 1948 to July 1948            Assigned to Brooke General Hospital, Ft. Sam
                                        Houston, San Antonio, TX (Security)
       Aug 1948 to Dec 1948             Assigned to 9770th TSU, Western Chemical Center,
                                        Tooele, Utah
Tooele Army Depot is a United States Army post located in Tooele County, Utah. It
       originally opened in 1942 during the early phase of U.S. involvement in World
       War II. It is primarily operated by members of the U.S. Army's Ordnance Corps.
       The site has long served as a repository for stockpiles of biological and chemical
       weapons. As the United States has disclaimed use of such weapons, the post's
       primary responsibilities are now the safeguarding of the remaining inventory and
       planning for and carrying out its destruction, largely through the use of on-site
       incineration facilities, the use of which has been decried by some area residents
       and many environmentalists.[citations needed] The incineration process uses
       temperatures high enough to dissociate molecules into elements thereby rendering
       chemical agents wholly inert. The incinerator has a very good safety record. The
       workforce at the post is now primarily composed of civilians with a limited
       number of active duty Army personnel.
13 Dec 1948                   Discharged from U.S. Army

4 Jan 1949 to 11 Jul 1952           Re-enlisted into U.S. Army (2nd Enlistment)
                                    Re-entered as an MP
                                    1951 Extended enlistment 1 Year

       Jan 1949 to Mar 1949         Assigned to 4th Infantry Division, Ft. Ord CA. as an
       Mar 1949 to Sep 1951         Assigned to Co. B, 382nd MP Service Battalion,
                                    Bremerhaven, Germany. Also sent to 98th
                                    General Hospital in Neubruecke Kaserne
                                    Germany for 1 month in Dec 1949
       Sep 1951 to Apr 1952         Assigned to 529th MP Company, Bremerhaven,
       Apr 1952                     Left Germany for USA
       May 1952 to Jul 1952         Assigned to HQ, 7th Armor Division - Camp
                                    Roberts, CA
       July 1952                    Enlistment ended

4 Nov 1954 to 4 Nov 1960            Re-enlisted into U.S. Army (3rd Enlistment)
                                    Re-entered as an MP

       Nov 1954 to Dec 1954         Refresher Training, Ft. Ord, CA
       Dec 1954 to Dec 1956         AFFE (Armed Forces Far East) Japan
                                    Unit Unknown - Nothing shown on records.
                                    Overseas service during this time was in Japan.
                                    Worked as an MP.
       Dec 1956 to Sep 1957         Assigned to HHC, 1st Infantry Division, Ft. Riley,
                                    Kansas. As an MP
       Oct 1957 to Jan 1958         Sent to Aircraft Maintenance School, Ft Rucker,
                                    Alabama. Trained as Helicopter Mechanic.
       Jan 1958 to Dec 1958         Assigned to 545th Transportation Detachment,
                                    Ft. Riley, Kansas
       Dec 1958 to Dec 1959         Assigned to Korea. Unit unknown. Nothing on
                                    Records other than overseas assignment. While in
                                    Korea he was a Chauffer. Usually when shown on
                                    Records as Chauffer, he was a General’s Driver.
       December 1959                Returned to the USA
       Jan 1960 to Oct 1961         Assigned to 545th Transportation Detachment, Ft
                                    Riley, Ks as a Sr. Helicopter Mechanic. Re-enlisted
                                    For 6 more years in Nov 1960
       Oct 1961 to Nov 1962         Assigned to Hawaii with 545th Transportation
                                    Detachment which was transferred to Hawaii as a
                                    Whole Unit Redeployment
       Dec 1962 to Dec 1963         His Unit the 545th Trans Detachment was sent from
                                    Hawaii to Vietnam for one year.

       Jan 1963 to Jun 1963         Assigned to 71st Transportation Battalion, Ft.
                                    Eustis, Va. to attend Aircraft
                                    Supervisor School.
       Jun 1963 to Oct 1963         Assigned to 4th Transportation Detachment
                                    Ft. Lewis, WA. As a Helicopter Supervisor
       Oct 1963 to Apr 1964         Reassigned to E Company, 704th Maintenance
                                    Battalion, 4th Infantry Division at Ft. Lewis WA.
       Apr 1964 to Jun 1964         Sent to Needles Cal. For 3 months to participate in
                                    Neutral Force Desert Strike Exercise.
       Jun 1964 to Aug 1965         Returned to E Co, 704th Trans Battalion at Ft. Lewis
       Aug 1965 to Jul 1966         Assigned to 30th Transportation Company
                                    USAREUR. Germany
       Jul 1966                     Returned to USA
       Jul 1966 to Nov 1966         Assigned to 26th General Support Group, Ft.
       1 Nov 1966                   Retired


Army of Occupation Medal-Germany
      Issued at the end of WWII to those soldiers serving in previously occupied enemy
      territories of Germany and Japan during 1945 to 1955.
WWII Victory Medal
     Awarded for service in the US Armed Forces during the period 7 Dec 1941
     To 31 Dec 1946

Good Conduct Medal
      Awarded every 3 years for excellence in conduct and bearing. 21 Years service is
      a total of 7 awarded medals. This would be displayed with 2 Silver Knots on
      the Medal and Ribbon.

Bronze Star Medal
      Your Dad’s award is for Meritorious Actions while serving in Vietnam. Awarded
      By General Order Number 142, dated 12 Apr 1963

National Defense Medal/With Oak Leaf Cluster
       Issued for service during the periods 1950 to 1954, 1961 to 1974
       1990 to 1995 and from 9/11/2001 to be determined

Air Medal- 3rd Oak Leaf Cluster
      Your Dad would have gotten his 3 Air Medals based on flight time in Helicopters
Expeditionary Medal
       This was issued to the first soldiers sent to Vietnam because the Vietnam Service
       Medal and Vietnam Campaign Medals were not issued until 1965.

Vietnam Service Medal
      Initiated in 1965 this Medal was issued for service in Vietnam by the US
      Government. It was retroactive to 1961 for those who were in Vietnam
      Prior to its issuance.

Korea Defense Service Medal
      After the Korean War all military personnel who were sent to Korea for duty
      Received nothing to show their service there. In 2002 President Bush issued
      an Executive Order creating this Medal and awarding it retroactive to all
      personnel who served in Korea from April 1954 to present. Your Dads service
      in Korea would qualify him for this Medal and the Government is responsible for
      updating his files and issuing him the Medal.

Vietnam Campaign Medal
      Issued the first time in 1965 by the Republic of Vietnam for service during the
      War. Retroactive to 1961.
Purple Heart Medal
       Although no records exist per the letter from The Department of the Army
       Chances are, after your Dad was wounded he was treated in a civilian hospital
       Where no records were forwarded to the US Army for recording.

Army National Guard Components Achievement Medal
      Would have been awarded to your Dad for his service in the National Guard
      After his retirement. He did not have to serve in the National Guard as an
      Active member, but he had an Inactive commitment to fulfill after his

Belgian WWII War Service Medal
       Your Dad while in La Rochelle, France at the end of WWII probably did
       something with the Belgian Government. As an MP it would have been security
       related. It would not be on his records (DD214) as the US Government does
       not list Foreign Awards on the DD214.

Medal For Humane Action
      Awarded to your Dad during his Post WWII service in German. The Airplane on
      the Medal signifies it was awarded as part of the Berlin Airlift which took
      place during your Dads tour in Germany.
Selective Service Medal WWII
        Not sure exactly what this Medal is but the info I could find shows it
        was issued at the end of WWII. I would guess it’s more of a commemorative
        Medal but it does show up on the ribbons charts.


Presidential Unit Citation
       Your Dad’s Unit, the 382nd Military Police Battalion was awarded this Citation
       inn 1950. Your Dad was serving with them at that time.

Valorous Unit Citation
      Awarded to the 545th Transportation Unit while in Vietnam.

Vietnam Cross of Gallantry Unit Citation
      All US Army units under the direction of MACV (Military Assistance
      Command Vietnam) were issued this award by the government of
      South Vietnam. Retroactive to 1961. 545th was under MACV


Expert W/Rifle Tab
       Your Dad qualified for this with an M-16 on 5 Sep 1966 per Special Order 18
       He also qualified for this Badge with 30 Cal Pistol on 14 Aug 1950
Sharp Shooter Badge/W Carbine Tab
       Qualified with 30 Cal Carbine on 19 May 1949
       Qualified with Sub-Machine Gun on June 1950

Marksman Badge W/ 45 Cal Pistol Tab
      Qualified on 19 Mar 1949

Senior Aircraft Crew Badge
       Awarded to your Dad on 9 Jul 1966 per Special Order Number 157

Air Assault Badge

The Air Assault Badge is a United States Army military badge created in 1974. It was
originally known as the “Airmobile Badge” initially authorized only for wear by
members of the 101st Airborne Division, with permission from the Division Commander.

In 1978 the Air Assault Badge was authorized for Army wide issuance. The Air Assault
Badge is now awarded to any member of the United States Army who satisfactorily
completes an air assault training course in accordance with the U.S. Army Training and
Doctrine Command’s Standardized Resources Command.

The Air Assault Badge can be retroactively awarded upon application to the United
States Army Human Resources Command, for those veterans of the Vietnam War who
regularly engaged in Air Assault missions and training.

1ST Infantry Division
        While Assigned to Fort Riley, Kansas

4th Infantry Division
        While Assigned to Fort Lewis, Washington

.MACV (Military Assistance Command Vietnam)
     While Assigned to Vietnam
US Army in Europe
      This would have been the patch worn while with the MP Battalions in

2nd Infantry Division
        While Assigned to Korea

US Army in Japan (AFFE)
      Most likely worn when Assigned to duty in Japan. We didn’t have Combat
      Units in Japan during the 50’s just Support Units Like this which would
      have been the main organization there.

8th Army
       Would have worn this Unit Patch when assigned to the Hospitals (Security) in

7th Army
       This would have been the Unit Patch while assigned to Fort Ord, California
7th Armored Division
       Worn while assigned to Camp Roberts, California

3rd Infantry Division
        Would have worn this when assigned to 26th Support Group


NOTE:         This info is based on your Dads records of promotion from 1953 to
              his retirement in 1966. The records have nothing showing regarding his
              Rank from 1946 to 1952.

       Private E-2   9 Feb 1953

       Private First Class E-3     18 Mar 1953
       NOTE: During the 40’s and 50’s the same stripes were used but pay was different.

       Corporal E-4 12 Mar 1954
        Specialist 5      23 Jun 1958

        Specialist 6      28 Dec 1965


History of the 382nd MP Battalion 1944-47
The 382nd Military Police Battalion was constituted on October 28th 1944 and activated on November 3,
1944 at Paris France and was operationally assigned to the Transportation Service Forces - European
Theater. From the time of creation until late 1947, the 382nd MP Battalion was assigned to railway guard
service first in France and then in Germany. The Battalion departed France on September 28, 1945 and
arrived in Germany on October 4, 1945. By September of 1946, the entire 382nd Battalion was reported
stationed at Bremen, Germany. On October 20, 1947, the unit was reorganized and re-designated as the
382nd Military Police Service Battalion and withdrawn from assignment as a railway guard unit. At that
time, the 382nd was given a law enforcement mission and assigned as follows: Headquarters
Bremerhaven. Company A Bremerhaven Company B Bremerhaven Company C Grohn, Germany Company
D Bremen (Note: Above information on the 382nd MP BN from Oct 28 through 20 Oct 1947 was
researched, written and copyrighted by R.L.Gunnarsson, Former members having additional information
or pictures to add to this history can contact Bob at Bob is putting together
Part ll Law Enforcement Mission of the 382nd MP BN and if you have information you would like to share
and pictures to add to this History of the 382nd Project contact Bob at
This is a picture I found online of the Main MP Gate, taken in 1950 for the 98th General
Hospital in Neubruecke Kaserne, Germany. Your father was assigned there during Dec
1949 as a Military Policeman. Chances are he worked at this gate during that period.