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									                            SAMPLE SAMURAI RESUMES

NAME: Minamoto Yoshitsune, noble son of Yoshitomo. (Burditt-sensei)
POSITION DESIRED: Level I samurai to Ashikaga Takauji.
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: In 1184 and 1185 1 led spectacular defeats against the Taira. We fought from
the shores of the Inland Sea to the western end of Honshu. I used strategies such as lightening-like surprise
attacks. Always, imaginative and bold planning was part of my strategies. I served my previous daimyo in a
spirit of loyalty and courage.
MARTIAL ARTS: Aside from being a skillful strategist, I am quite proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
People say that despite my stature, I have the strength of an ox. My horsemanship skills are on a level similar
to that Of the Mongols. One of the greatest martial arts is the ability to be able to gain the loyalty and bravery
of other fighters. The combination of my spirituality and personality provide me with this added advantage.
WEAPONRY SKILLS: I am a superb swordsman. I have mastered the Zen of the soul of the sword; our
souls have become one. I am also a master with the fighting staff
EDUCATION: Having spent most of my youth in a monastery, I received an excellent education in
traditional Japanese culture. I studied for the priesthood; thus I am quite literate. In my late teenage years, I
studied under the patronage of a provincial branch of the Fujiwara and became a devout student of military
AWARDS & HONORS: People refer to me as a military genius and one of the most celebrated samurais in
SPECIAL INTERESTS: I play the flute, write haiku, and engage in ikebana. I practice meditation daily and
keep a reflective journal as I go through the lessons of life.
CAREER OBJECTIVES: To secure a position that provides a worthy daimyo with my skillful, loyal

NAME: Shinobu, honorable daughter of Yodoginii Nishi (Kelly-sensei)
POSITION DESIRED: Loyal and trusted samurai
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Born into the Minamoto family whose samurai tradition is long and honorable.
After witnessing the cruel murder of my father, my sister and I vowed to avenge his death. In a duel I was able
to realize this life-long aspiration by defeating Shiga- I mounted the head of my father's enemy at the gates of
our township. With this experience of training to be a warrior and avenging angel, I have gained an insight
into the psyche of my male counterpart. My experience as a buke (woman of the samurai class) has left me
with the utmost respect for this noble tradition.
MARTIAL ARTS: I have learned how to focus in on the Zen of an objective and persevere until the goal is
realized. In a spirit of readiness, I sleep with my sword under my pillow. To lose one's sword is truly to lose
one's honor. I am skilled in judo and gymnastics. I am also quite proficient at horseback riding.
WEAPONRY SKILLS: I am a master with swords, archery, and the fighting staff.
EDUCATION: My mother saw to it that the children were all educated in Japanese culture. She taught us all
how to read and write as we mastered such classics as the Tale of Genji (my favorite novel). The girls were
taught skills such as household management and how to be good wives to a samurai husband. We were
instilled with the values of the samurai class; thus, we have a strong sense of honor, duty, and loyalty.
AWARDS & HONORS: I have received awards for my poetry writing, gymnastics, and water painting. The
greatest honor is to be part of the noble samurai tradition.
SPECIAL INTERESTS: I write poetry and short stories, water paint, and play the mandolin. I engage in
karesansui, as I love gardening and nature.
CAREER OBJECTIVES: To secure a position in which I can provide loyal and devoted service to a worthy

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