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					Sample Chapter Bylaws
FCCLA Sample Chapter Bylaws
Use this outline to create your own chapter bylaws.           III) Meetings

Each FCCLA chapter may be governed by an official set         IV) Officers
of guidelines called the chapter bylaws. Chapter bylaws           A) Officers
should be consistent with the national Family, Career and
Community Leaders of America bylaws, which are                     B) Duties
available on the FCCLA Web site (
Students may want to use the following outline when                C) Term of Office
creating or reviewing chapter bylaws.
                                                                   D) Vacancies
I)      Name and Purposes
     A) Name                                                  V) Elections
        The name of this chapter of Family, Career and
        Community Leaders of America, Inc. shall              VI) Committees
        be________________________.                                A) Committees
                                                                    1. Standing
     B) Purpose                                                     2. Special
        The purposes of this chapter shall be the same as
        those of the national organization.                        B) Responsibilities

II) Membership                                                VII) Finances
     A) Active membership                                           A) State and National Dues
        Any student who is taking or has taken a course in
        Family and Consumer Sciences Education                     B) Chapter Dues
        through grade 12 and has paid all applicable local,
        state, and national dues shall be an active member.        C) Budget

     B) Alumni & Associates membership                        VIII) Amendments
        Former members of Family, Career and Community
        Leaders of America; Future Homemakers of              IX) Parliamentary Authority
        America and Home Economics Related Occupations               The rules found in Robert’s Rule of Order Newly
        (FHA/HERO chapters) and New Homemakers                      Revised will govern the business meetings of the
        of America and other adult supporters may                   chapter where appropriate.
        y affiliated Alumni & Associates members.