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					                                               (GT4) Sem 1-10

                            Definition                                    Example                         Synonym
shrink       1. v) to become smaller.                        1. Wool clothing shrinks in hot          1. contract,
             2. v) to avoid or draw back from                water.                                   dwindle
             something.                                      2. She shrank in fear from the           2. shy away, shy
gear         1. n) a part of a machine that causes           2. I ride my bike up hills in a low
             another part to move because of                 gear.
             teeth which connect the two moving
             2. n) a particular arrangement of
             gears, especially in a vehicle.
accomplish v) to do or complete; carry out;                  He accomplished his goal.            carry out, attain,
           achieve.                                                                               achieve
particular 1. adj) of or having to do with a                 1. I have a particular dress in mind 1. specific,
           single person, thing, or event; not               to wear tonight.                     special, single
           general.                                          2. Mothers have a particular talent 2. unusual,
           2. adj) special; unusual.                         for guessing what their children     special,
                                                             are thinking.                        remarkable
mental       1. adj) of or having to do with the             1. The very old man still had all his 1. intellectual
             operation of the mind.                          mental powers.                        2. intellectual
             2. adj) done by or present in the               2. He did some mental arithmetic
             mind.                                           and realized it would take him a
                                                             year to save up for a motorcycle.
fulfill      1. v) to do or carry out as expected            1. He fulfilled his duty of caring for   1. abide by,
             or required.                                    the child.                               carry out, obey
             2. v) to meet or satisfy.                       2. He has fulfilled the physical         2. satisfy,
                                                             education requirement.                   execute, meet
channel    n) a long, narrow body of water that              The chart shows how deep the             waterway
           joins two larger bodies of water.                 channel of the river is.
commercial 1. adj) having to do with trade or                1. The commercial part of town           1. merchant
           business.                                         has many shops and businesses.           2. profitable
           2. adj) having to do with making                  2. His books were good, but not a
           money.                                            commercial success.
crinkle    1. v) to make small ripples or                    1. I crinkled my paper by holding it     1. knit
           wrinkles in.                                      too tightly.
           2. v) to make small crackling                     2. We crinkled the dry leaves
           sounds.                                           under out boots.
lug        v) to pull, lift, or carry with a great           She lugged the heavy boxes out to        cart, haul
           effort.                                           the truck.
accuse     v) to blame for or charge with a                  The teacher accused her of               incriminate,
           crime or something wrong.                         cheating.                                charge, blame
dissolve   1. v) to mix completely with liquid.              1. He dissolved the medicine in          1. melt
           2. v) to end or do away with.                     water.                                   2. end,
                                                             2. The musicians dissolved their         terminate
                                                             rock band because they could not
                                                             agree on anything.
blob         n) a soft mass that does not have a             A blob of mustard fell out of the
             fixed or solid shape.                           sandwich onto his shirt.
assemble     1. v) to gather into a group.                   1. Mr. Perez assembled the staff         1. round up,
             2. v) to put together; join the parts of.       for a meeting.                           group, rally
                                                             2. The mechanic assembled the            2. construct,
                                                             parts of the car engine.                 build, piece

                                              (GT4) Sem 1-10

                           Definition                                 Example                     Synonym
imaginative adj) having or showing an active or           He is an imaginative child.         inventive,
            good imagination.                                                                 artistic, bold
glitter     1. v) to shine brightly; sparkle.             1. The diamond necklace glittered. 1. glisten,
            2. n) sparkling reflected light               2. There was a glitter of coins in  sparkle
                                                          the fountain.                       2. sparkle
enthusiasm 1. n) a strong interest in something.          1. He has more enthusiasm for       1. vigor, energy,
           2. n) something that causes such               playing sports than for doing       zeal
           great interest in an activity.                 anything else.                      2. love, interest,
                                                          2. Reading is her only enthusiasm. hobby
applause     1. n) the clapping of hands in               1. The sound of applause filled the 1. clapping,
             approval.                                    theater.                            hand
             2. n) approval or praise.                    2. Her teacher's applause made      2. praise,
                                                          her proud.                          acclaim,
swarm        1. n) a large number of insects              1. I came upon a swarm of ants.     2. hive, colony
             moving together in a group.                  2. The swarm built a new hive in
             2. n) a colony of bees moving to or          the next field.
             settled in a hive.
adopt        1. v) to become a parent of by law.          1. My mom and dad adopted a           2. assume,
             2. v) to take on and use as one's            little girl from China, so now I have borrow, accept
             own.                                         a sister.
                                                          2. When did you adopt that
                                                          attitude towards school?
intense      1. adj) having a very great degree of        1. The intense heat from the            1. keen, great,
             something, such as heat, or being in         burning building made it                extreme, acute
             a very great degree or state.                impossible for the fire fighters to     2. keen, ardent,
             2. adj) strong or very deep.                 go in.                                  deep, acute
                                                          2. He has intense feelings of love
repeat       1. to state or say again.                    f h
                                                          1. The teacher repeated the question    2. echo,
             2. to recite; say over.                      for the students who didn't hear it the duplicate
                                                          first time.
                                                          2. I repeated a joke that I heard from
                                                          my sister.

stage        1. a raised platform used for                2. He started his career on the stage   1. arena, dais
             concerts, plays, talks, and other            after finishing school.
             2. the job of acting in the theater
progress     1. forward movement toward an end.           1. Are you making any progress with     1. way, headway
             2. forward movement in time or               your work?                              2. advance,
             space.                                       2. The hikers made slow progress        course
                                                          through the snow.
main         1. most important; chief; primary.           1. She gave us a list of the main       1. supreme, lead
             2. a large pipe for distributing water       chapters to study for the final exam.
             or gas to homes or other buildings.          2. A leak in the water main caused
                                                          the village to be without water for

rapid        1. happening in a short or brief time.       1. When he turned thirteen, a           1. sudden, quick
             2. very quick or swift; fast.                rapid change took place in his          2. fast, quick
                                                          2. The horse galloped at a rapid
                                                          pace during the race.

                                            (GT4) Sem 1-10

                         Definition                                   Example                     Synonym
movement   1. the act or manner of moving;               1. There was hurried movement        1. activity,
           motion.                                       toward the door when the bell        locomotion
           2. a group or groups of people acting         rang.                                2. alliance
           as one.                                       2. Many people joined the peace
                                                         movement because they wanted
                                                         the war to end.
occur      1. to take place; happen.                     1. While we were exploring the old   1. take place,
           2. to be found; appear.                       house, something occurred that I     happen
                                                         shall never forget.                  2. appear,
                                                         2. Some colors never occur in        emerge

physical   1. of the body.                               1. He did hard physical training to 1. personal,
           2. of the material world.                     prepare for the race.               bodily
                                                         2. My physical surroundings         2. material
                                                         consist of a small room with a bed,
                                                         chair, and desk.
change     1. to make different; alter the content       1. He changed his story when he      1. transform,
           or form of.                                   told it to us.                       vary
           2. to cause to have a completely              2. The witch changed him into a      2. transform,
           different form (usually followed by           toad.                                convert
           "to" or "into").