2009 - 2010 COURSE OUTLINE TEMPLATE by nrk14057


									                                                     2009 - 2010
                                              COURSE OUTLINE TEMPLATE

        Course Code: DAGR - 1620: Fall Term                              Semester Offering:         Credit Weight:
                                                                                Fall                        0.50
        Course Title:                                               Lecture and Lab Hours :
                               Computer 1                           Fall: Lab.: 2 hr.

        Instructor Name(s):
                Cindy Chandler, Administration Room 204, x61447 (Jim Fisher) or email
                Email: cchandle@kemptvillec.uoguelph.ca
        Calendar Description:
               Upon completion of this course, students will be expected to be able to send
               and receive e-mail on campus, create a professional looking document and design
               an effective presentation using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2007.

               Weekly lab participation/exercises 50%
               Mid Terms                          20%
Final          Final Exam                         30%
                                                                       TOTAL 100%

        Method of Presentation

        Course Delivery:
                Students will learn by doing. The ‘doing’ is backed up by demonstrating. We are using a textbook that is
                mandatory for the lab work and a great reference book for your future use of each application. You are
                encouraged to learn how to work through the text material in an effective manner.

                Each week labs will have class discussion and exercises that are to be completed and emailed to me by end
                of class. Work sent outside of the lab period will not be marked unless prior arrangements have been made.

        Course Outline:
        A case study and pertinent data files will be used for both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2007. The case study
        and data files will provide a variety of relevant business applications. Required textbook purchased as a bundle of 3
        for Computers 1 & 2, Illustrated Series Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel 2007 $190

        Weekly Course Outline DAGR- 1620 Computer 1

        DATE         Week Lab #                                    C O N T E N T - Topics

        Sept 8-11       1     Lab.    Orientation Week
        Sept 14-18
                        2     Lab.    Computer Orientation – Email – Creating Documents with Word 2007

        Sept 21-25      3     Lab.    Editing Documents
Sept 28–        4     Lab.   Formatting Text, Paragraphs, Documents
Oct 2

Oct 5-9         5     Lab.   Creating and Formatting Tables and Graphics

Oct 12-16       6     Lab.   Review for Mid Term

Oct 19-23       7    Lab     Mid Term

Oct 26-30       8    Lab.    Multipage Documents with References

Nov 2-6         9     Lab.   Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Nov 9-13       10     Lab.   Modifying and Inserting Objects in Presentations

Nov 16-20      11     Lab.   Finishing a professional looking Presentation

Nov 23-27      12     Lab.   Inserting Illustrations, objects and media clips

Nov 30-        13            Review for Final
Dec 4                                           “Successful people always keep learning”
Dec 7-18       14            Final Exam
Course Prerequisite(s): None                               Course Restriction(s): None
Text Book(s) Required: Required textbook purchased as Reference Material:
a bundle of 3 for Computers 1 & 2, Illustrated Series      Handouts in class,
Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel 2007 $190
Additional Course Requirements:
Students are advised to save copies of all assignments in your personal campus computer I-drive.

Additional Information:
     This is a core Course for skills requested in the workplace and for personal career success.

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