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   emerging voice of iyeoka...new free latin concert...
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          Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism & Special Events
                     Thomas M. Menino, Mayor
                         Julie A. Burns, Director
 M a y o r ’s M e s s a g e

If you are an arts lover, this is probably the best time of the year in to be in
Boston. Just this past month, the arts season kicked off in high gear with an
extended, and very successful, 6th annual (ähts): the Boston arts festival.
The festival set the stage for an event-filled season where residents and visi-
tors can enjoy all that Boston has to offer. From downtown's Opera House to
Riverside Theatre Works in Hyde Park, and from Fort Point Channel to Jamaica
Plain Open Studios, the city is alive with theater, exhibitions, readings, dance
and unique events that showcase the city's diversity.

This October we celebrate the official opening of the long-awaited Rose
Kennedy Greenway, the newest destination in the heart of the city where you
can enjoy the arts, relax in its plazas and gardens, or simply stroll the tree
lined walkways. Also in October, we will introduce Caliente, a new free
event that celebrates the city's Latino culture through music and dance.

Within this issue of our arts calendar, you will find a detailed listing of more
than 300 events, most free, that are sure to meet individual tastes and enrich
our lives. I encourage you to re-discover the traditional and take a chance on
experiencing something new.

Please join us. It's a perfect time to play tourist in your own backyard.

                                                                                                    Thomas M. Menino, Mayor

l i s t i n g s                                               f e a t u r e s
allston / brighton                                      4
                                                              mayor’s holiday special...impact                                                5
back bay - beacon hill                                  6
                                                              public art as it happens                                                        11
chinatown - downtown                                   10
                                                              new latin concert for city hall plaza                                           13
dorchester - mattapan                                  14
fenway cultural district                               15     poetry from lisa beatman                                                        13

hyde park - roslindale - west roxbury                  20     pearl street gallery – new cooperative 14
jamaica plain                                          21     (ahts) draws the crowds                                                         16
north end - east boston - charlestown                  23     greenway prepares to open to the arts 22
roxbury                                                24
                                                              iyoeka, the emerging poet                                                       25
south boston - fort point                              26
                                                                        Events are subject to change. Check individual websites for updates.

south end                                              28     Get Listed! Send your dates, times and venues. Story suggestions? Send along your ideas.
                                                                                                          fall-winter    2008-09 / (ahts)           3
 allston - brighton
                                                                                    Sciubba. 9 p.m. 967 Commonwealth            ing section for the blues, in all its
                                                                                    Ave; (617) 562-8800,                        forms and permutations. He's a leg-
           allston                         Russo. 8 p.m. 967 Commonwealth           www.thedise.com; $20 - $26 - $28            end in the blues community. 8 & 10
          brighton                         Ave; (617) 562-8800,                     (21+); T: Pleasant St (Green- B)            p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd; (617)
                                           www.thedise.com; $20 - $22 (21+);                                                    562-4111, www.scullersjazz.com;
                                           T: Pleasant St (Green- B)                Kaki King                                   $18; T: Central Sq (Red)
Music                                                                               Paradise
                                                                                                                                Chuck Mangione
                                           Amanda Carr                              10/10/08
                                           Scullers                                                                             Scullers
Roy Hargrove                                                                                                                    10/17 - 10/18/08
                                           10/08/08                                 King's style combines fret-tapping
                                                                                    with slap bass techniques, using the
10/03 - 10/04/08                                                                                                                Chuck Mangione's love affair with
                                           Boston-based daughter of Big Band        guitar for percussional beats, as well
                                           vocalist Nancy Carr and trumpet          as sound layering and looping, which        music has been characterized by his
Trumpeter Roy Hargrove offers sound                                                                                             boundless energy. 8 & 10 p.m. 400
                                           player Nick Capezuto, Amanda Carr        creates a percussive and complex
nutrition with his album "Earfood."                                                                                             Soldiers Field Rd; (617) 562-4111,
                                           is a multi-styled vocalist/pianist who   sound. 9 p.m. 967 Commonwealth
Hargrove's music encompasses a wide                                                                                             www.scullersjazz.com; $40; T:
                                           began early on in the rock and pop       Ave; (617) 562-8800,
spectrum of gospel, R&B, funk, and                                                                                              Central Sq (Red)
                                           genre, but in recent years has           www.thedise.com; $15 - $17 (21+); T:
soul, and comes through whether he's
                                           focused on fresh interpretations of      Pleasant St (Green- B)
playing with Slide Hampton or Erykah                                                                                            My Pop Music
                                           the Great American Songbook. 8
Badu. 8 & 10 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field                                                                                            Honan-Allston Branch Library
                                           p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd; (617)        Shudder To Think with Pattern Is
Rd; (617) 562-4111,                                                                                                             10/18/08
                                           562-4111, www.scullersjazz.com;          Movement
www.scullersjazz.com; $30; T:
                                           $20; T: Central Sq (Red)                 Paradise
Central Sq (Red)                                                                                                                Piano and vocal performance by
                                           Tuck & Patti                                                                         local musician Tom Regan. 2 p.m.
Liam Finn with the Veils                                                                                                        300 North Harvard St; (617) 787-
                                           Scullers                                 Shudder To Think are most often
Paradise                                                                                                                        6313, www.bpl.org; Free; T: Harvard
                                           10/09 - 10/10/08                         credited as the creators of the "Emo"
10/07/08                                                                                                                        Sq (Red)
                                                                                    movement, being one of the first
                                           Tuck & Patti. That's Tuck Andress        bands-if not the first-to successfully
Touring their album "I'll Be Lightning."                                                                                        Railroad Earth
                                           and Patti Cathcart-a couple that         fuse intensely emotional melodic
8 p.m. 967 Commonwealth Ave; (617)                                                                                              Paradise
                                           have been making music together          vocal performances with raw guitar-
562-8800, www.thedise.com; $13                                                                                                  10/18/08
                                           for over 25 years and since 1988         driven punk music. 9 p.m. 967
(21+); T: Pleasant St (Green- B)
                                           have released over a dozen albums        Commonwealth Ave; (617) 562-8800,
                                           flavored with jazz, pop, rhythm and      www.thedise.com; $25; T: Pleasant St        Combines elements of bluegrass,
Celia Slattery                                                                                                                  rock and roll, jazz, celtic, and
                                           blues, gospel, folk, rock, and           (Green- B)
Scullers                                                                                                                        more. 9 p.m. 967 Commonwealth
                                           Brazilian genres. 8 & 10 p.m. 400
10/07/08                                                                                                                        Ave; (617) 562-8800,
                                           Soldiers Field Rd; (617) 562-4111,       Stanley Sagov & Remembering the
                                           www.scullersjazz.com; $25; T:            Future Jazz Band                            www.thedise.com; $20 - (21+); T:
Celebrates the release of her new                                                                                               Pleasant St (Green- B)
                                           Central Sq (Red)                         Scullers
CD, "Cast of Characters." 8 p.m. 400
Soldiers Field Rd; (617) 562-4111,                                                                                              Steve Smith's Jazz Legacy
                                           Brazilian Girls
www.scullersjazz.com; $18; T:                                                                                                   Scullers
                                           Paradise                                 Stanley Sagov & Remembering the
Central Sq (Red)                                                                                                                10/22/08
                                           10/09/08                                 Future Jazz Band are a bunch of griz-
                                                                                    zled jazz veterans who never really
Electron featuring:                                                                                                             Steve Smith's Jazz Legacy plays
                                           Known for their eclectic blend of        grew up and still love to play the
Marc Brownstein and Aaron Magner                                                                                                music that is dedicated to honoring
                                           electronic dance music, with tango,      music. 8 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd;
from the Disco Biscuits                                                                                                         the legacy of many of the great jazz
                                           chansons, house, and lounge styles.      (617) 562-4111,
Paradise                                                                                                                        drummers. 8 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field
                                           None of the members are actually         www.scullersjazz.com; $15; T:
10/08/08                                                                                                                        Rd; (617) 562-4111,
                                           from Brazil, and the only female         Central Sq (Red)
                                           member is lead singer Sabina                                                         www.scullersjazz.com; $22; T:
Along with Tom Hamilton and Joe                                                                                                 Central Sq (Red)
                                                                                    Tony Grey
         Steve Smith at Scullers                                                    10/15/08                                    Three Swinging Tenors
         on October 22                                                                                                          Brighton Branch Library
                                                                                    Many jazz fans around the world             10/23/08
                                                                                    know of his incredible bass work from
                                                                                    his touring and recording career with       Jim Porcella, Steve Marvin, and
                                                                                    famed Japanese pianist Hiromi. Now          Jack Alessi perform. 7 p.m. 40
                                                                                    the Berklee College of Music alum           Academy Hill Rd; (617) 782-6032,
                                                                                    returns to front his own band in sup-       www.bpl.org; Free
                                                                                    port of his latest CD, "Chasing
                                                                                    Shadows." 8 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field         Michael Dutra Presents a Rat Pack
                                                                                    Rd; (617) 562-4111,                         Tribute to Frank, Dean, & Sammy
                                                                                    www.scullersjazz.com; $20; T:               Scullers
                                                                                    Central Sq (Red)                            10/23/08

                                                                                    Duke Robillard                              When Michael Dutra performs with
                                                                                    Scullers                                    his full Rat Pack ensemble, you'll
                                                                                    10/16/08                                    swear Dean Martin and Sammy Davis
                                                                                                                                Jr., are in the room! 8 p.m. 400
                                                                                    He's a guitarist, bandleader, song-         Soldiers Field Rd; (617) 562-4111,
                                                                                    writer, singer, producer, and session       www.scullersjazz.com; $30; T:
                                                                                    musician as well as a one-man cheer-        Central Sq (Red)

                                                                                                                             fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)         4
                 M a y o r ’s H o l i d a y S p e c i a l
                     Continues to Give
During the year, many arts organiza-       Gaither, Director of the National Center
tions offer various programs to differ-    of Afro-American Artists adding, that        "The fact that companies like the
ent segments of society leading to         the revenue would help underwrite pro-       SpeakEasy Stage Company are getting
increased arts participation and audi-     grams in 2008.                               results like this from our program shows
ence development. Funding for such                                                      that the Mayor's Holiday Special itself is
programs comes from different sources      Boston Ballet's "Nutcracker" was also a      growing to have longer term impacts,"
but one important source is ticket         succes, with the Holiday Special bring-      said Julie Burns.
sales. For many arts organizations,        ing in $80,979, that Artistic Director
ticket sales during the Holiday period     Mikko Nissinen said would help strength-     Catherine Peterson, Executive Director
hold the key for budget building.          en ballet programs for 2008.                 from ArtsBoston agreed, "The Mayor's
                                                                                        Holiday Special not only helps arts
During the Holiday season of 2007, the     Jim Torres, Marketing Director for           organizations during the holiday period
Mayor's Office of Arts, Tourism &          SpeakEasy Stage Company noted that           but also generically markets them and
Special (MOATSE) Events, in partnership    the Mayor's Holiday Special accounted        this helps bolster their subscription
with ArtsBoston, celebrated the fourth     for 40% of their overall sales even help-    base. This wonderful partnership does
Mayor's Holiday Special to great suc-      ing to facilitate an extension in the run    help our treasured arts organizations
cess. The focus of the program was         of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood." He          flourish and we are honored to be a
straight forward: to make attending        also added "Even more dramatically, the      part of that."
the arts part of everyone's Boston holi-   Mayor's Holiday Special can take credit
day traditions, and to power the arts      for helping us sell about 16-20% of our      The program will run again for 2008 and
as an economic engine that attracts        regular-price ticket sales this season."     promises to be popular once again. "I
even more people to the City's shop-                                                    think it is now a recognizable brand and
ping, restaurants and hotels.                                                           people look for it," said Burns.
                                                      “The Mystery of Edwin Drood“
                                                      enjoyed a spike in sales due to
Primarily web-driven, the Mayor's                     the Mayor’s Holiday Special
Holiday Special website created by
ArtsBoston served as a clearinghouse
for all holiday show box offices. The                                                        MAYOR MENINO LAUNCHES
site also highlighted many free holiday                                                  THE 5th ANNUAL MAYOR'S HOLIDAY
events happening in the city.                                                             SPECIAL ON NOVEMBER 1, 2008

"As holiday shows provide significant                                                             Starting November 1:
revenue for arts organizations that sup-
port their annual operating budgets,
we targeted this time segment as one                                                    To get tickets for Boston Holiday perform-
to maximize," said Julie Burns, Director                                                 ances: over 40 stellar productions...plus
of MOATSE.                                                                                    5000+ special half-price seats

The program demonstrated results that                                                     Ho, ho, ho! More than 5,000 half-price
were above expectations. A total of                                                     tickets to Boston's favorite holiday events
$372,922 was earned for local arts                                                      will go on sale beginning November 1st at
groups. The 2007 program brought
$224,941 in half-price on-line sales
                                                                                        These special offers set the stage for the
directly to arts presenters' own budg-                                                  5th Annual Mayor's Holiday Special, the
ets. This compares with $60,530 in                                                      central website for Boston-area holiday
2006. In the first week, 40% of ticket                                                  theatre, dance, music, and fun.
inventory was sold in due to the
intense marketing efforts of MOATSE                                                     Visitors will enjoy one-stop shopping for
and ArtsBoston, and through partner-                                                    all the big holiday performances, with
ships with Magic 106.7FM, Boston mag-                                                   direct links to all the box offices, all the
azine and Boston Metro.                                                                 tickets, and even arts gift certificates.
                                                                                        Shows will include “Dr. Seuss' "How the
                                                                                        Grinch Stole Christmas!”, Boston Ballet's
"We are particularly pleased to attrib-
                                                                                        “Nutcracker”, Holiday Pops, Handel &
ute about 11-15% of the entire "Black                                                   Haydn Society, “Black Nativity”, and
Nativity" ticket sales directly to the                                                  dozens more.
Mayor's Holiday Special," said Barry

                                                                                                fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)         5
              back bay -
              beacon hill
                                                                                 Lura will be performing
                                                                                 at Berklee on October 12
Kendrick Oliver & the New Life
Jazz Orchestra                          Dredg with Telescreen,
Scullers                                Judgement Day
10/24/08                                Paradise
Kendrick Oliver and the New Life
Jazz Orchestra are on a mission to      8 p.m. 967 Commonwealth Ave; (617)
bring back big-band swing and then      562-8800, www.thedise.com; $16.50
take it where it's never gone before.   (21+); T: Pleasant St (Green- B)
8 & 10 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd;
(617) 562-4111,                         The Rippingtons
www.scullersjazz.com; $25; T:           Scullers
Central Sq (Red)                        11/07 - 11/08/08

Scars on Broadway with the Duke         Over the past two decades, Russ
Spirit                                  Freeman & the Rippingtons have
Paradise                                taken the stage thousands of times.
10/26/08                                8 & 10 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd;
                                        (617) 562-4111,
8 p.m. 967 Commonwealth Ave;            www.scullersjazz.com; $38; T:
(617) 562-8800, www.thedise.com;        Central Sq (Red)
$19.50 (18+); T: Pleasant St (Green-
B)                                      Tower of Power
Mina Agossi                             11/20 - 11/22/08
10/29/08                                You will come to believe not only
                                        that soul music is the salvation of us
French /Beninoise singer Mina Agossi    all, but that Tower of Power is one of
has taken the jazz world by storm       those rare bands. 8 & 10 p.m. 400
since winning the prize for "Young      Soldiers Field Rd; (617) 562-4111,       cycles-both human and celestial-in                  back bay-
                                                                                                                                    beacon hill
Self-Produced Talents" from the         www.scullersjazz.com; $45 - $90; T:      their work. From its beginnings, pho-
French organization FNAC, in 1997. 8    Central Sq (Red)                         tography has been lauded as nature
p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd; (617)                                                capturing itself and as a method with
562-4111, www.scullersjazz.com;         Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden            which to stop, pause, preserve, and         Music
$18; T: Central Sq (Red)                Dolls) with the Builders and the         contemplate time. Tues - Fri, 10
                                        Butchers                                 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 12 - 5 p.m.       Hot Club de France : Stéphane
Grace Kelly                             Paradise                                 832 Commonwealth Ave; (617) 975-            Grappelli Centenial Celebration
Scullers                                11/24 - 11/25/08                         0600, www.prcboston.org; Free; T:           French Library & Cultural Center
10/30/08                                                                         Boston University (Green- B)                10/03/08
                                        Cult hero Amanda Palmer is very
Grace Kelly is a saxophonist, singer    popular in Boston right now and has      Allston Open Studios                        In celebration of jazz great Stéphane
songwriter, and composer/arranger       performed Edgefest with the Boston       Allston Arts District                       Grappelli's 100th birthday. 7 p.m. 53
from Brookline, Massachusetts. 8        Pops. 8 p.m. 967 Commonwealth            11/08 - 11/09/08                            Marlborough St; (617) 912-0409,
p.m. 400 Soldiers Field Rd; (617)       Ave; (617) 562-8800,                                                                 www.frenchlib.org; $15 - $25; T:
562-4111, www.scullersjazz.com;         www.thedise.com; $25 (21+); T:           Allston artists welcome the general         Arlington (Green)
$20; T: Central Sq (Red)                Pleasant St (Green- B)                   public into their studios to view their
                                                                                 work. 12 - 6 p.m. Allston Arts              concert 1: transcendent music I
The Sax Pack                            Mercury Rev with Dean & Britta           District, 20 Rugg Rd & 119 Braintree        have heard
Scullers                                Paradise                                 St; (617) 254-3333,                         Chameleon Arts Ensemble
10/31 - 11/01/08                        12/05/08                                 www.allstonarts.org; Free; T:               10/04 - 10/05/08
                                                                                 Harvard Ave (Green- B)
Consists of three of today's hottest    Mercury Rev have continued to sur-                                                   Three blockbusters from three cen-
contemporary jazz saxophonists: Jeff    prise and enlighten listeners for over   Festivals /                                 turies, works that define genres and
                                                                                 Special Events
Kashiwa, Kim Waters, and Steve          a decade and a half with their mav-                                                  set new benchmarks for what can be
Cole. 8 & 10 p.m. 400 Soldiers Field    erick musical explorations. 8 p.m.                                                   expressed through music: Claude
Rd; (617) 562-4111,                     967 Commonwealth Ave; (617) 562-                                                     Debussy, Krzysztof Penderecki,
www.scullersjazz.com; $38; T:           8800, www.thedise.com; $25 (21+);        Halloween Parade                            Johannes Brahms. Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 3
Central Sq (Red)                        T: Pleasant St (Green- B)                Faneuil Branch Library                      p.m. Goethe-Institut, 170 Beacon St;
                                                                                 10/25/08                                    (617) 427-8200,
John Brown's Body with Mishka,          Visual Arts                              The annual costume parade with a
                                                                                                                             www.chameleonarts.org; $18 - $38;
Rubblebucket Orchestra                                                                                                       T: Arlington (Green)
Paradise                                                                         snack to follow. There will also be an
                                        Keeping Time: Time and Duration in       airbrush tattoo artist. 10:30 a.m. 419
11/01/08                                                                                                                     Lura
                                        Contemporary Photography                 Faneuil St, Brighton; (617) 782-6705,
                                        Photographic Resource Center                                                         World Music
Known for delivering a melodic indie                                             www.bpl.org; Free; T: Kenmore               10/12/08
                                        11/07 - 01/25/09                         (Green), Bus #57
rock sound with pop sensibilities. 9
p.m. 967 Commonwealth Ave; (617)                                                 $35; T: Central Sq (Red)                    Lura is a captivating performer
                                        This group exhibition will bring
562-8800, www.thedise.com; $20                                                                                               steeped in traditional Cape Verdean
                                        together photographers who deal
(21+); T: Pleasant St (Green- B)                                                                                             styles but also influenced by a vast
                                        with concepts of time, duration, and
                                                                                                                           fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)           6
            back bay -
            beacon hill

  Daniel Lanois will be playing at
  Berklee on November 16

range of international pop sounds.     Happy Dreams                          Edwin Geist - U.S.                          Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,
8 p.m. Berklee Performance Center,     Berklee                               Premiere Concert                            www.berkleebpc.com; $40 - $50; T:
136 Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-      10/20/08                              Goethe Institut                             Hynes Convention Ctr (Green)
2261, www.berkleebpc.com; $28 -                                              10/25/08
$37; T: Hynes Convention Ctr           Flutist Akiko Ito presents her com-                                               Ghana: A Musical Landscape
(Green)                                positions and arrangements, per-      Verena Rein, Soprano; Dr. Klaus             Berklee
                                       forming a variety of styles of        Harer, Deputy Director, German              11/03/08
Scott Tarulli Group                    Brazilian music. 8:15 p.m. Berklee    Cultural Forum for Eastern Europe;
Berklee                                Performance Center, 136               Rosian Zerner, niece of Edwin Geist.        Under the direction of faculty per-
10/15/08                               Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,    7:30 p.m. 170 Beacon St; (617) 262          cussionist Joe Galeota, the Berklee
                                       www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes          6050, www.goethe.de/ins/us/bos;             West African Drum and Dance
Faculty guitarist Scott Tarulli per-   Convention Ctr (Green)                $10; T: Arlington (Green)                   Ensemble will collaborate with top
forms with his quartet. 8:15 p.m.                                                                                        Ghanaian performers including
Berklee Performance Center, 136        Vuk Kulenovic Electric Symphony       Fall Together                               Bernard Woma, master of gyil
Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,     Berklee                               Berklee                                     (African xylophone); renowned
www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes           10/24/08                              10/29/08                                    drummers and dancers Saeed Abbas,
Convention Ctr (Green)                                                                                                   Peace Elwonu, and Victor Nanai
                                       With Tibor Pusztai, Conductor.        Jazz Composition Department facul-          Agbeli; and the distinguished poet
Lindsey Buckingham                     Commissioned by Berklee College of    ty perform jazz in settings from            Abena Busia. 8:15 p.m. Berklee
Kirschner Concerts                     Music, Electric Symphony is an        small to large ensemble. 7:30 p.m.          Performance Center, 136
10/17/08                               orchestra of 32 musicians and is a    Berklee Performance Center, 136             Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,
                                       synthesis of styles. 8:15 p.m.        Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,          www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes
Fleetwood Mac's lead guitarist,        Berklee Performance Center, 136       www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes                Convention Ctr (Green)
vocalist, visionary leader, and bold   Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,    Convention Ctr (Green)
sonic architect, Lindsey               www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes                                                      Eva Ayllón
Buckingham is a multiplatinum          Convention Ctr (Green)                An Evening with Joan Baez                   Sovereign Bank Music Series at
enigma-massively successful and                                              GNP Inc.                                    Berklee
still somehow an enduring, intrigu-    Marimibist Pius Cheung                11/01 - 11/02/08                            11/06/08
ing mystery. 8 p.m. Berklee            Boston Public Library
Performance Center, 136                10/25/08                              American folk singer, social activist,      The great African-Peruvian singer
Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,                                           and goodwill ambassador Joan Baez,          and "Queen of Lando" performs her
www.berkleebpc.com; $46.50 -           A concert presented by Young          whose career has spanned four               music with a student/faculty group
$61.50; T: Hynes Convention Ctr        Concert Artists and the Boston        decades, has become one of the              led by Oscar Stagnaro. 8:15 p.m.
(Green)                                Public Library's South End Branch.    foundations in the junction between         Berklee Performance Center, 136
                                       2:30 p.m. 700 Boylston Street         traditional folk music and political        Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,
                                       Copley Sq; (617) 536-5400,            activism. 8 p.m. Berklee                    www.berkleebpc.com; $30; T: Hynes
                                       www.bpl.org; Free; T: Copley          Performance Center, 136                     Convention Ctr (Green)
                                                                                                                      fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          7
             back bay -
             beacon hill
                                                                                 atre will be demolished in the morn-        princess, a cursed estate, and more
                                                                                 ing to make way for a parking lot.          haunt one "dark and stormy night" in
Sergei Rachmaninoff, All Night            master Wayne Shorter celebrates his    Before the wrecking ball hits, impre-       this Obie Award-winning, uproarious
Vigil                                     75th birthday. 8 p.m. Berklee          sario Dmitri Weismann hosts a reunion       high-camp tribute to Gothic horror.
Chorus Pro Musica                         Performance Center, 136                for his former Follies performers to        Wed, 2 p.m.; Wed & Thurs, 7:30
11/07/08                                  Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,     celebrate their past glories. Wed, 2        p.m.; Fri-Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat & Sun, 3
                                          www.berkleebpc.com; $46 - $66; T:      p.m.; Wed & Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri -         p.m. 140 Clarendon St (YWCA
The fifteen a cappella hymns of the       Hynes Convention Ctr (Green)           Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. 140          Building); (617) 585-5678,
All-Night Vigil express the deep                                                 Clarendon St (YWCA Building); (617)         www.lyricstage.com; $29 - $54; T:
spirituality of the Russian Orthodox      Martin Sexton                          585-5678, www.lyricstage.com; $29 -         Back Bay (Orange), Copley (Green)
tradition in the dazzling richness of     Live Nation                            $54; T: Back Bay (Orange), Copley
choral sound. 8 p.m. Old South            12/12/08                               (Green)                                     The Year of Magical Thinking
Church, Copley Sq; (617) 267-7442,                                                                                           The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
www.choruspromusica.org; $20 -            Singer/songwriter Martin Sexton has    Shakespeare Reading Group                   01/02 - 01/31/09
$40; T: Copley (Green)                    been hailed by Billboard as "the       Boston Public Library
                                          finest new male singer/songwriter of   10/07/08                                    Joan Didion's best-selling memoir
concert 2: a hundred                      recent memory." 7:30 p.m. Berklee                                                  recounts an almost unfathomable
onward years                              Performance Center, 136                Reading The Merry Wives of Windsor.         period in her life as she grappled
Chameleon Arts Ensemble                   Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,     6:30 p.m. 700 Boylston Street Copley        with her husband's sudden death and
11/08/08                                  www.berkleebpc.com; $26 - $32; T:      Sq; (617) 536-5400, www.bpl.org;            daughter's illness. Wed, 2 p.m.; Wed
                                          Hynes Convention Ctr (Green)           Free; T: Copley (Green)                     & Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri-Sat, 8 p.m.;
Ludwig van Beethoven - Serenade in                                                                                           Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. 140 Clarendon St
D Major for flute, viola & violin,        A World of Strings                     November                                    (YWCA Building); (617) 585-5678,
Op. 25 (1801); Robert Schumann -          Berklee                                The Lyric Stage Company of Boston           www.lyricstage.com; $29-$54; T:
Sonata No. 2 in d minor for violin &      12/15/08                               10/17 - 11/15/08                            Back Bay (Orange), Copley (Green)
piano, Op. 121 (1851); Charles
Martin Loeffler - Deux Rhapsodies         The Berklee String Orchestra per-      New comedy from Pulitzer Prize-win-         Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
for oboe, viola, & piano (1901); Lou      forms jazz and world music featur-     ning playwright and political satirist      The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
Harrison - Songs from the Forest for      ing rhythm, improvisation, and spe-    David Mamet proves once and for all         02/13 - 03/14/09
flute, violin, vibraphone, & piano        cial guest soloists under the direc-   that there is no lower place than the
(1951). 8 p.m. Goethe-Institut, 170       tion of Eugene Friesen. 8:15 p.m.      highest office in the land. Wed, 2          Featuring Producing Artistic Director
Beacon St; (617) 427-8200,                Berklee Performance Center, 136        p.m.; Wed & Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri-          Spiro Veloudos in his return to the
www.chameleonarts.org; $18 - $38;         Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,     Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. 140          stage as Big Daddy Hypocrisy. Wed, 2
T: Arlington (Green)                      www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes           Clarendon St (YWCA Building); (617)         p.m.; Wed & Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri -
                                          Convention Ctr (Green)                 585-5678, www.lyricstage.com; $29 -         Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. 140
Murder By Death / William E.                                                     $54; T: Back Bay (Orange), Copley           Clarendon St (YWCA Building); (617)
Whitmore / J-Roddy Walston and            concert 3: a tale that's told in       (Green)                                     585-5678, www.lyricstage.com; $29 -
the Business                              ancient song                                                                       $54; T: Back Bay (Orange), Copley
Café 939                                  Chameleon Arts Ensemble                The Mystery of Irma Vep                     (Green)
11/15/08                                  02/14 - 02/15/09                       The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
                                                                                 11/28 - 12/21/08                            Speech & Debate
Murder By Death deal with cinemat-        Maurice Ravel, Manuel de Falla,                                                    The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
ic storytellers whose albums come         Judith Weir, Chen Yi, Bedrich          A werewolf, a vampire, an Egyptian          03/27 - 04/25/09
together in essential jaw-dropping        Smetana. Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.
performances on record. Also              Goethe-Institut, 170 Beacon St;                                                    Solomon, Diwata, and Howie have
appearing: William E. Whitmore, J-        (617) 427-8200,                                                                    never met, but when a shocking
Roddy Walston and the Business. 8         www.chameleonarts.org; $18 - $38;                                                  scandal involving one of their teach-
p.m. 939 Boylston St; (617) 747-          T: Arlington (Green)                                                               ers brings them together, they form
2261, www.berkleebpc.com; $13 -                                                                                              a speech and debate club to make
$15; T: Hynes Convention Ctr              concert 4: like woven sounds of                                                    their voices heard. Wed, 2 p.m.;
(Green)                                   streams                                                                            Wed & Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri - Sat, 8
                                          Chameleon Arts Ensemble                                                            p.m.; Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. 140
Daniel Lanois                             03/28/09                                                                           Clarendon St (YWCA Building); (617)
Sovereign Bank Music Series at                                                                                               585-5678, www.lyricstage.com; $29 -
Berklee                                   Franz Schubert - Quintet in A Major                                                $54; T: Back Bay (Orange), Copley
11/16/08                                  for piano & strings, Op. 114, "The                                                 (Green)
                                          Trout"; Dan Welcher - Mill Songs:
                                                                                                                             Visual Arts
The legendary U2 producer brings          Four Metamorphoses after Schubert
his band to the BPC stage to kick         for oboe & bassoon; Dominick
off his stay as Berklee artist-in-resi-   Argento - To Be Sung Upon the Water
dence. 7:30 p.m. Berklee                  for soprano, bass clarinet & piano.                                                Joan Snyder, . . . and seeking the
Performance Center, 136                   Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. Goethe-                                                   sublime
Massachusetts Ave; (617) 747-2261,        Institut, 170 Beacon St; (617) 427-                                                Nielsen Gallery
www.berkleebpc.com; T: Hynes              8200, www.chameleonarts.org; $18-                                                  Now to 10/18/08
Convention Ctr (Green)                    $38; T: Arlington (Green)
                                                                                                                             Tues - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 179
Wayne Shorter 75th Birthday               Theater                                                                            Newbury St; (617) 266-4835,
                                                                                                                             www.nielsengallery.com; Free; T:
Absolutely Live Presents/Sovereign                                                                                           Arlington (Green)
                                          Follies                                  Lyric Stage Company’s “Cat on
Bank Music Series at Berklee                                                       a Hot Tin Roof” will be running
                                          The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
12/03/08                                                                           at their space from February
                                          Now to 10/11/08
                                                                                   13 to March 14, 2009
The saxophone legend and NEA jazz
                                          It's 1971 and a grand New York the-
                                                                                                                          fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)           8
             back bay -
             beacon hill
                                                                                                                         www.chasegallery.com; Free; T:
                                                                                                                         Arlington (Green)
Robert Maloney + Sean Thomas:
On the Grid                                                                                                              Holiday Show
Copley Society of Art                                                                                                    Guild of Boston Artists
Now to 10/18/08                                                                                                          12/04 - 12/27/08

Upper Gallery. Tues - Sat, 11 a.m. -                                                                                     Artist's Reception: Thursday,
6 p.m.; Sun & Mon, 12 - 5 p.m. 158                                                                                       December 4, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Mon -
Newbury St; (617) 536-5049,                                                                                              Sat, 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 162
www.copleysociety.org; Free; T:                                                                                          Newbury St; (617) 536-7660,
Arlington (Green)                                                                                                        www.guildofbostonartists.org; Free;
                                                                                                                         T: Arlington (Green)
Dennis Perrin - New Works
Guild of Boston Artists                                                                                                  Naftali Bezem: Miracles; It Is I:
Now to 10/25/08                                                                                                          Ceramics by Kang Hyo Lee
                                                                                                                         Pucker Gallery
Artist's Reception: Thursday,                                                                                            12/06 - 01/05/09
October 2, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Mon -
Sat, 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 162                                                                                          Opening Reception: 6 Dec, 3 - 6
Newbury St; (617) 536-7660,                                                                                              p.m. Mon - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.,
www.guildofbostonartists.org; Free;                                                                                      Sun, 1 - 5 p.m. 171 Newbury St;
T: Arlington (Green)                                                                                                     (617) 267-9473,
                                                                                                                         www.puckergallery.com; Free; T:
                                        Paul Balmer                           www.chasegallery.com; Free; T:             Arlington (Green)
Garry Knox Bennett - One of Each
                                        Arden Gallery                         Arlington (Green)
Gallery NAGA
Now to 11/01/08                         10/01 - 10/29/08                                                                 Olivia Parker
                                                                              Frank Strazzulla, Jr. - New Works          Robert Klein Gallery
                                        "Cityscapes to Landscapes." Opening   Guild of Boston Artists                    01/09 - 02/21/09
Twelve pieces representing the
                                        Reception: Friday, October 7, 5 - 7   11/06 - 11/29/08
range of objects characteristic of
this premiere studio furniture          p.m. Mon - Sat, 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.                                              Tues - Fri, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sat, 11
                                        129 Newbury St; (617) 247-0610,       Artist's Reception: Thursday,              a.m. - 5 p.m. 38 Newbury St; (617)
maker, including works never
                                        www.ardengallery.com; Free; T:        November 6, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Mon -         267-7997,
offered before-from the collection
                                        Arlington (Green)                     Sat, 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 162            www.robertkleingallery.com; Free;
of Garry and Sylvia Bennett, with
                                                                              Newbury St; (617) 536-7660,                T: Arlington (Green)
Alison McLennan. Tues - Sat, 10
                                        Jason Berger: Essential Jason         www.guildofbostonartists.org; Free;
a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 67 Newbury St;
(617) 267-9060,                         Berger                                T: Arlington (Green)                       Dance
www.gallerynaga.com; Free; T:           Judi Rotenberg Gallery
                                        10/16 - 11/16/08                      Peter Brooke New Paintings
Arlington (Green)                                                                                                        Urban Nutcracker
                                                                              Gallery NAGA
                                        Tues - Sat, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Sun,    11/07 - 12/13/08
American Paintings: 1920-1950;                                                                                           12/05 - 12/21/08
Bull-ish on Art;                        12 - 4 p.m. 130 Newbury St; (617)
                                        437-1518, www.judirotenberg.com;      Reception: Friday, November 7, 6 -
George Bellows: Master Draftsman                                                                                         Anthony Williams' "Urban
                                        Free; T: Arlington (Green)            8 p.m. Tues - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5:30
and Lithographer                                                                                                         Nutcracker," featuring Ballet Rox in
                                                                              p.m. 67 Newbury St; (617) 267-9060,
Childs Gallery                                                                                                           this holiday dance classic with an
                                        Icon of Loss: Recent Paintings by     www.gallerynaga.com; Free; T:
Now to 11/08/08                                                                                                          inner-city edge, celebrates its sev-
                                        Samuel Bak                            Arlington (Green)
                                                                                                                         enth anniversary this December. The
Mon - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Tues -     Pucker Gallery                                                                   story line of E.T.A. Hoffman's 19th-
                                        10/18 - 12/02/08                      Herb Ritts and Horst P. Horst
Fri, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 169 Newbury                                                                                         century fairy tale is set in contem-
                                                                              Robert Klein Gallery
St; (617) 266-1108,                                                                                                      porary Boston. Various times. Back
                                        Opening Reception: 18 Oct, 3 - 6      11/21 - 12/19/08
www.childsgallery.com; Free; T:                                                                                          Bay Events Center, 180 Berkeley St;
Copley (Green)                          p.m. Mon - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5:30                                                   (617) 524-3066, www.balletrox.org;
                                        p.m., Sun, 1 - 5 p.m. 171 Newbury     Tues - Fri, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sat, 11
                                                                                                                         $20 - $55; T: Copley (Green), Back
                                        St; (617) 267-9473,                   a.m. - 5 p.m. 38 Newbury St; (617)
Co|So Artists A-Z: Rush                                                                                                  Bay (Orange)
                                        www.puckergallery.com; Free; T:       267-7997,
Copley Society of Art
                                                                                                                         Festivals /
                                        Arlington (Green)                     www.robertkleingallery.com; Free;
Now to 11/15/08
                                                                              T: Arlington (Green)
Lower Gallery. Tues - Sat, 11 a.m. -    Victoria Adams                                                                   Special Events
                                        Arden Gallery                         Joanne Mattera
6 p.m.; Sun & Mon, 12 - 5 p.m. 158
                                        11/04 - 11/29/08                      Arden Gallery                              Boston Frog Pond Skating Opening
Newbury St; (617) 536-5049,
                                                                              12/02 - 12/30/08                           Celebration
www.copleysociety.org; Free; T:
Arlington (Green)                       Opening reception: Friday, Nov 7, 5                                              Boston Parks & Recreation
                                        - 7 p.m. Mon - Sat, 11 a.m. - 5:30    Mon-Sat, 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 129           11/12/08
                                        p.m. 129 Newbury St; (617) 247-       Newbury St; (617) 247-0610,
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
                                        0610, www.ardengallery.com; Free;     www.ardengallery.com; Free; T:             Mayor Thomas M. Menino hosts the
Robert Klein Gallery
                                        T: Arlington (Green)                  Arlington (Green)                          official opening of the Boston
Now to 11/15/08
                                                                                                                         Common Frog Pond 2007/2008 sea-
                                        Wayne McDowell                        George Gabin                               son with demonstrations by preci-
Tues - Fri, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sat, 11
                                        Chase Gallery                         Chase Gallery                              sion skating teams, pairs, and cham-
a.m. - 5 p.m. 38 Newbury St; (617)
                                        11/05 - 11/29/08                      12/03 - 12/27/08                           pion figure skaters. 6 p.m. Frog
www.robertkleingallery.com; Free;                                                                                        Pond, Boston Common; (617) 635-
                                        Mon - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 129    Mon - Sat, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 129         2121,
T: Arlington (Green)
                                        Newbury St; (617) 859-7222,           Newbury St; (617) 859-7222,
                                                                                                                      fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)         9
              chinatown -
                                                                                along with rising star Cara Dillon,          Irina Muresanu plays Brahms
www.bostoncommonfrogpond.org; T:       Tremont St; (800) 447-7400,              singer Sean Keane, the spectacular           Boston Classical Orchestra
Park (Green)                           www.citicenter.org; $35 - $65; T:        Irish dancing of Kieran Jordan, and          03/14 - 03/15/09
Boston Official Tree Lighting          Boylston (Green)                         much more! Fri, 8 p.m.; Sat, 3 & 8
Ceremony                                                                        p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. Cutler Majestic            Three composers at the top of the
Boston Parks & Recreation              May the Winds (& Strings) Be             Theatre, 219 Tremont St; (617) 824-          Classical Hit Parade are Steven
12/04/08                               Gentle                                   8000, www.maj.org; $25 - $75; T:             Lipsitt's choice for tonight's pro-
                                       Boston Classical Orchestra               Boylston (Green)                             gram, climaxing with the great
Thousands of people of all ages        10/25 - 10/26/08                                                                      Brahms' Violin Concerto performed
enjoy Boston's holiday stage show,                                              Jim Brickman Holiday Tour 2008               by Irina Muresanu. Also on the pro-
which includes entertainment such      Musical Director, Steve Lipsitt spot-    The Cutler Majestic Theatre                  gram: Beethoven's "Egmont"
as national and local performers,      lights twelve superb soloists from       12/27 - 12/28/08                             Overture and Mendelssohn's
carolers, Santa, and more. 6:30        the BCO in a program featuring                                                        Symphony No. 3, "Scottish." Fri, 8
p.m. Boston Common; (617) 635-         Symphony No. 10; Vivaldi: Triple         Jim Brickman's holiday concerts have         p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. Faneuil Hall,
2121, www.cityofboston.gov/parks;      Concerto for Flute, Clarinet, and        been compared to a gathering of              Boston; (617) 423-3883,
T: Park (Green)                        Bassoon; Holzbauer: Double               friends and family-a special home-           www.bostonclassicalorchestra.org;
                                       Concerto for Viola and Cello; Lipsitt:   coming that resonates with the true          $18 - $57; T: Government Ctr
First Night                            Variations on Mozart's "Soave sia il     spirit of Christmas. Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun,       (Green)
First Night                            vento" for English Horn, Bass            3 & 7 p.m. Cutler Majestic Theatre,
12/31/08                               Clarinet, and Contrabassoon; and         219 Tremont St; (617) 824-8000,              Introducing Spanish Violinist
                                       Bach: Double Concerto for Two            www.maj.org; $25 - $55; T: Boylston          Eva León
Practically every corner of the Back   Violins. To climax the program, all      (Green)                                      Boston Classical Orchestra
Bay comes to life with the arts as     twelve perform Mozart's Theme &                                                       04/18 - 04/19/09
visual artists and performers of all   Variations and Finale from "Gran         Music of Love: A Classical Valentine
kinds turn out to celebrate 2009.      Partita" Serenade. Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun,     Boston Classical Orchestra                   This charismatic Spanish violinist
The festivities are centered around    3 p.m. Faneuil Hall, Boston; (617)       02/14/09                                     makes her Boston debut with
the Hynes Convention Ctr where the     423-3883,                                                                             Steven Lipsitt and the Boston
Grand Procession will also start       www.bostonclassicalorchestra.org;        Two famous musical couples join              Classical Orchestra playing one of
from. Noon to 12 a.m. Various          $18 - $57; T: Government Ctr             Steven Lipsitt and the BCO to make           the most loved concertos in the
locations; (617) 542-1399,             (Green)                                  the music of love: Soprano Megan             entire concert repertoire:
www.firstnight.orgs; T: Park (Green)                                            Tillmann and her husband, tenor              Mendelssohn's great Violin Concerto
                                       Mario Frangoulis                         Matthew DiBattista; mezzo soprano            in E minor. Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.
        chinatown                      The Cutler Majestic Theatre              Majie Zeller and her husband, bari-          Faneuil Hall, Boston; (617) 423-
        downtown                       10/30/08                                 tone David Kravitz. Sat, 8 p.m.
                                                                                Faneuil Hall, Boston; (617) 423-3883,
                                       International crossover tenor Mario      www.bostonclassicalorchestra.org;            $18 - $57; T: Government Ctr
Music                                  Frangoulis returns to Boston for one     $18 - $57; T: Government Ctr                 (Green)
                                       night only to take his audience on a     (Green)
Blue Man Group                         journey around the world, singing
Blue Man Group                         an international repertoire of music
Ongoing                                in six languages. 8 p.m. Cutler
                                       Majestic Theatre, 219 Tremont St;
This multi-sensory experience fuses    (617) 824-8000, www.maj.org; $35 -           Mario Frangoulis will
theatre, percussive music, art, sci-   $150; T: Boylston (Green)                    sing at the Cutler
ence, and vaudeville. Various times.                                                Majestic Theatre on
The Charles Playhouse, 74              Old Dances in New Shoes                      October 30
Warrenton St; (617) 931-2787,          Boston Classical Orchestra
www.blueman.com; $46 - $56; T:         11/22 - 11/23/08
Boylston (Green), New England
Medical Center (Orange)                Boston Symphony bass trombonist
                                       Douglas Yeo has mastered long-
Caliente                               extinct wind instruments, among
Mayor's Office of Arts, Tourism, &     them the serpent and the ophiclei-
Special Events                         de. Gordon Bowie's Concerto for
10/12/08                               Serpent, "Old Dances in New Shoes,"
                                       was written for Yeo and is being
Inaugural Latin concert. 5 - 8 p.m.    premiered on this program. Sat, 8
City Hall Plaza; (617) 635-3911,       p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. Faneuil Hall,
www.cityofboston.gov/arts; Free; T:    Boston; (617) 423-3883,
Government Ctr (Green)                 www.bostonclassicalorchestra.org;
                                       $18 - $57; T: Government Ctr
David Byrne                            (Green)
Citi Performing Arts Center
10/31/08                               A Christmas Celtic Sojourn
                                       with Brian O'Donovan
David Byrne comes to raise the hair    The Cutler Majestic Theatre
on your arms and the sweat on your     12/12 - 12/14 & 12/19 - 12/21/08
palms. Eno and Byrne have made a
new record, their first in 30 years-   Brian O'Donovan's intimate sharing
the formula was lost, but has now      of Christmas music, dancing, songs,
been found. Citi Performing Arts       and stories is a holiday family tradi-
Center (formerly Wang Theatre), 270    tion. Irish super-group Solas returns,

                                                                                                                         fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)       10
public art                                                                                  and select the link to Public Art to learn
                                                                                            more about bringing art to your neigh-
                                                                                            The Boston Art Commission exercises
                                                                                            legal authority to approve and site new
PaintBox: Boston artists take on city utility                                               public art on property owned by the City
boxes                                                                                       of Boston. These artworks range from
                                                                                            traditional and new media public art
PaintBox, a new pilot program organized by                                                  pieces to municipal design elements,
the Boston Art Commission and funded by                                                     such as wayfinding systems and artistic
Boston Shines/Mayor's Office of                                                             lighting. In addition, the Art
Neighborhood Services, has invited ten local                                                Commission preserves and protects all
artists as well as members of the Mayor's         for Blue Man Group. The team of tal-
                                                                                            monuments, paintings, statues, foun-
Mural Crew to design and paint neighborhood       ented, young artists transformed a
                                                                                            tains and memorials on City property.
utility boxes. PaintBox is geared towards         blank wall on the boardwalk of the
                                                                                            The dynamic behind these efforts is the
the recognition and celebration of local          Boston Children's Museum with some
                                                                                            belief that artworks should not be limit-
artists. As artists take to the street to cre-    vibrant paint colors, brushes, hard
                                                                                            ed to museums and galleries but should
ate art from the utilitarian objects, their       work and creativity. Their Blue Man
                                                                                            be woven throughout the fabric of the
neighbors will get a chance to get to know a      Group inspired mural titled
                                                                                            urban landscape and thus, integrated
local artist and talk to them about their         "Connectivity" illustrated how we are
                                                                                            more successfully into the daily life of
work. Once professionally painted, these          all connected to this city, to the arts
                                                                                            all Boston residents.
utility boxes will be resistant to graffiti and   and most importantly to each other.
will bring both beauty and individualized         The project was accomplished collab-
                                                                                            Greenway temporary art exhibit
neighborhood character to the urban               oratively with Blue Man Group, MIKE
streetscape. The project was highlighted in       FM, and the Children's Museum.
                                                                                            As part of the inaugural celebration of
The Boston Sunday Globe City Weekly sec-                                                    the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway,
tion on 9/21/08.                                  Updated public art guidelines
                                                                                            there will be a public sculpture exhibi-
                                                                                            tion on the Greenway from October 1
Charlestown artist Aimee Empey                    The Boston Art Commission has updat-
                                                                                            through November 2, 2008. The art-
(www.aimeeempeyart.info) painted the first        ed both the permanent and tempo-
                                                                                            work, created by Massachusetts artists
utility box at the 2008 Boston Arts Festival.     rary public art guidelines for the City
                                                                                            James Burnes, Jim Henderson and Robin
She transformed two utility boxes into glit-      of Boston. Please visit
                                                                                            Shores will be installed throughout the
tering, whimsical artworks featuring Boston       www.cityofboston.gov/arts/visual/
Light and the Boston Harbor - perfect for its
harborside location at Christopher Columbus
Park. Having participated in the Boston Cow
Parade, Aimee is familiar with creating fun
pieces of art for public enjoyment.

Throughout the fall, local artists will paint
select utility boxes in various neighborhoods
of the city including East Boston, South
Boston, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, the
South End, Columbia Road, Neponset Ave.,
Mattapan Square, Codman Square, Blue Hill
Ave., Hyde Park and Roslindale.

Blue Man mural crew

For three weeks over the summer, the
Mayor's Mural Crew created a 16'x20" mural
at the Children's Museum over the summer
                                                                                                  fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)   11
            chinatown -
                                                                                447-7400,                                 called me Baby and it didn't occur
Steve Connolly-Spirit of the King        Legally Blonde                         www.broadwayacrossamerica.com;            to me to mind . . ." A movie seen by
The Cutler Majestic Theatre              Broadway Across America                T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown            millions, with an unforgettable
01/10/09                                 10/28 - 11/09/08                       (Orange)                                  soundtrack and a story that touched
                                                                                                                          the heart of a generation. Opera
Backed by a 7-piece band, the Vegas      Legally Blonde follows sorority star   Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole           House, 529 Washington St; (800)
Singers, and filled with the true        Elle Woods, an underestimated          Christmas! The Musical                    447-7400,
spirit of Elvis Presley, Connolly is     blonde who doesn't take "no" for       Citi Performing Arts Center               www.broadwayacrossamerica.com;
"The Best Elvis We've Ever Seen"         an answer. When her boyfriend          11/26 - 12/28/08                          T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown
according to Spotlite magazine, and      dumps her for someone more "seri-                                                (Orange)
you have to see it to believe it. 8      ous," Elle puts down the credit        Conceived by the 3-time Tony
p.m. Cutler Majestic Theatre, 219        card, hits the books, and sets out     Award®-winning Director Jack              The Nose
Tremont St; (617) 824-8000,              to go where no Delta Nu has gone       O'Brien, the whimsical world of           Opera Boston
www.maj.org; $45 - $55; T: Boylston      before: Harvard Law. Opera House,      Whoville is beautifully realized by       02/27, 03/01, & 03/03/09
(Green)                                  529 Washington St; (800) 447-7400,     an A-list creative team in this
                                         www.broadwayacrossamerica.com;         delightful musical production. Citi       Shostakovich's first opera is a surre-
Theater                                  T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown         Performing Arts Center (formerly          al and satirical romp about
                                         (Orange)                               Wang Theatre), 270 Tremont                Kovalyov, an Everyman whose nose
                                                                                Street; (800)-447-7400,                   runs away from his face to make its
Menopause the Musical                                                           www.citicenter.org; $28 - $150; T:        own way in the world. Fri, 7:30
                                         The Hundred Dresses
Stuart Street Playhouse                                                         Boylston (Green)                          p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.; Tues, 7:30 p.m.;
                                         Emerson Stage
Ongoing                                                                                                                   the Cutler Majestic Theatre, 219
                                         11/14 - 11/22/08
                                                                                Black Nativity                            Tremont St; (617) 451-9944,
This is a joyful musical parody set to                                          National Center of Afro-American          www.operaboston.com; $29 - $119;
                                         Set in the 1930s, Wanda, a young
26 classic baby-boomer songs.                                                   Artists                                   T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown
                                         Polish immigrant, is teased by her
Various times. 200 Stuart St; (617)                                             12/05 - 12/21/08                          (Orange)
                                         classmates because she wears the
                                         same dress every day. Although
www.stuartstreetplayhouse.com; T:
Boylston (Green), Chinatown
                                         Wanda's family is poor, she is rich    Based on the Gospel of St. Luke,          Dance
                                         with imagination and fills her room    combined with the poetry of
(Orange)                                                                        Langston Hughes. Tremont Temple,
                                         with drawings of a hundred dress-                                                Night of the Stars
                                         es. Fri, 7:30 p.m.; Sat, 2 p.m. &      88 Tremont St;                            Boston Ballet
Shear Madness                                                                   www.blacknativity.org; $17.50 -
                                         7:30 p.m.; Sun, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.                                                  10/10/08
Charles Playhouse                                                               $45; T: Govern Center (Green)
                                         Cutler Majestic Theatre, 219
                                         Tremont St; (617) 824-8000,                                                      A Boston Ballet Benefit Gala
                                         www.maj.org; $14 - $21; T:             Chicago                                   Performance! Join Boston Ballet for
Shear Madness is listed in the                                                  Broadway Across America
                                         Boylston (Green)                                                                 a dazzling evening of dance, featur-
Guiness Book of World Records as                                                12/09 - 12/14/08
the longest-running play in American                                                                                      ing the entire company and world-
                                         Spamalot                                                                         renowned guest artists. Citi
Theatre. Various times. 74                                                      A sensational tale of sin, corrup-
                                         Broadway Across America                                                          Performing Arts Center (formerly
Warrenton St; (617) 426-6912,                                                   tion, and all that jazz, Chicago has
                                         11/18 - 11/23/08                                                                 Wang Theatre), 270 Tremont St;
www.shearmadness.com; T: Boylston                                               wowed audiences from Mexico City
(Green)                                                                                                                   (800) 447-7400, www.citicenter.org;
                                         Winner of the 2005 Tony Award for      to Moscow, from Sao Paulo to South        $30 - $125; T: Boylston (Green)
                                         Best Musical, Monty Python's           Africa. And now it's coming to your
Der Freischütz                                                                  town! Colonial Theatre, 106
Opera Boston
                                         Spamalot is the outrageous new                                                   Cinderella
                                         musical comedy lovingly ripped off     Boylston St; (800) 447-7400,              Boston Ballet
10/17, 10/19, & 10/21/08                                                        www.broadwayacrossamerica.com;
                                         from the film classic "Monty Python                                              10/16 - 10/26/08
                                         and the Holy Grail." Colonial          T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown
This story is set to foreboding,                                                (Orange)
                                         Theatre, 106 Boylston St; (800)                                                  Cinderella is the magical tale of a
atmospheric music that pioneered
the use of leitmotif in opera. Fri,                                                                                       plucky housemaid's undying belief in
                                                                                Frost/Nixon                               happiness beyond her drudgery, and
7:30 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.; Tues, 7:30                                              Broadway Across America
p.m.; the Cutler Majestic Theatre,
                                                             Spirt of the                                                 the transforming power of love. Citi
                                                             King at the        01/27 - 02/08/09                          Performing Arts Center (formerly
219 Tremont St; (617) 451-9944,                              Cutler
www.operaboston.com; $29 - $119;                             Majestic on
                                                                                                                          Wang Theatre), 270 Tremont St;
                                                                                Frost/Nixon tackles the question:         (800) 447-7400, www.citicenter.org;
T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown                               January 10,
                                                                                How did David Frost, a famous
(Orange)                                                     2009                                                         $25 - $115; T: Boylston (Green)
                                                                                British talk-show host with a play-
                                                                                boy reputation, elicit the apology        The Nutcracker
The Dell'Arte Company's Tartuffe                                                that the rest of the world was
The Cutler Majestic Theatre                                                                                               Boston Ballet
                                                                                waiting to hear from former               11/28 - 12/28/08
10/25/08                                                                        President Richard Nixon? Colonial
                                                                                Theatre, 106 Boylston St; (800)           The classic Boston holiday tradition
This classic tale of a devious reli-                                            447-7400,
gious fanatic who weasels his way                                                                                         always manages to impress and is
                                                                                www.broadwayacrossamerica.com;            always a "must see." Opera House,
into a wealthy family is full of                                                T: Boylston (Green), Chinatown
intrigue, romance, mistaken identi-                                                                                       529 Washington St; (617) 695-6995,
                                                                                (Orange)                                  www.bostonballet.org; T: Boylston
ties, forbidden love, and a host of
over-the-top characters. 8 p.m.                                                                                           (Green), Chinatown (Orange)
                                                                                Dirty Dancing
Cutler Majestic Theatre, 219                                                    Broadway Across America
Tremont St; (617) 824-8000,                                                                                               Black & White
                                                                                02/07 - 03/15/09                          Boston Ballet
www.maj.org; $45; T: Boylston
(Green)                                                                                                                   02/12 - 02/15/09
                                                                                The U.S. Premiere! "That was the
                                                                                summer of 1963, when everybody
                                                                                                                       fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)        12
       Caliente! A New Latin Music
                                                                                                                         Poetry Piece
        Festival for City Hall Plaza                                                                                     brought to you by Boston
                                                                                                                         Poet Laureate Sam
           Salsa legend Tito Rojas headlines inaugural event                                                             Cornish where he high-
                                                                                                                         lights quality work by
Mayor Thomas M. Menino has announced the inaugural production of                                                         Boston poets.
Caliente!, a celebration of Latino culture through music and dance. This
free outdoor event will take place on City Hall Plaza on Sunday, October
12, from 2 - 6pm. The program will be headlined by salsa legend Tito
                                                                                     Lisa Beatman’s poems are from her book, Manufacturing
Rojas. "Throughout our city there are Latin events happening every week              America: Poems from the Factory Floor published by Ibbetson
and this is a great way to celebrate the Latin culture that enriches our             Press (Somerville, MA), 2008. These are insightful and realistic
communities," said Mayor Menino.                                                     poems about immigrant factory workers and about working
                                                                                     among an-almost underground population in America. The
                                                                                     poems are from the laborer’s point of view and are therefore
One of the most popular acts currently on the Latin music circuit, Tito              honest and never patronizing. This is something rare in
Rojas, was born in Puerto Rico and broke into the Latin Billboards hit list          American literature: realistic poems about working people
with his 1995 album Por Propio Derecho (On my own right) winning him                 that are more empathetic and documentary than political.
"Best Salsa Artist of the Year." The hits continued into the 1990s with Pal'         NEW WORLD
Pueblo (1997) and Alegrias y Penas (1999) (Happiness and Sadness.) A popu-           by Lisa Beatman
lar Las Vegas performer, Tito Rojas released a live record from Las Vegas
entitled Tito Rojas Live: Autenticamente En Vivo.                                    The raggedy mouse jumped ship
                                                                                     and scuttled across cobblestones
Ensuring that there is something for everyone, the rest of the program               into a dark doorway.
includes a rich variety of the Latin arts: From Brazil comes the musical             He shivered awhile
dance troupe, AfroBrazil; reggaeton, Ballistic; Latin American dance                 quivering in a corner
troupe, Ritmo en Acción; Colombian music and dance troupe, Achuira &                 till he got his land-paws.
Bajucol and Dominican Merengue orchestra, Alto Honor.                                This new world
                                                                                     was all coal-stink and pandemonium,
Caliente! is produced by the Mayor's Office of Arts, Tourism & Special Events and    the shouts of men caught
sponsored by John Hancock, El Planeta, Rumba and Metro Boston, in partnership        by low ceilings and careened back,
with Casa de La Cultura / Center for Latino Arts.For further information call 617-   twofold in strength.
635-3911 or visit www.cityofboston.gov/arts
                                                                                     He'd got used to the open air,
                                                                                     the see-sawing of waves,
                                                                                     since the schooner had
                                                                                     always found its center,
                                                                                     used to the daunting blue
                                                                                     above and green below,
                                                                                     the lovely reek of guano
                                                                                     and piles of fermenting fish-heads.

                                                                                     Here, it was dark overmuch
                                                                                     though gaslights bared the bones
                                                                                     of looms pumping night and day,
                                                                                     but there was food aplenty
                                                                                     dropped by the shadow figures
                                                                                     at their brief suppers,
                                                                                     crusts scented with the tall grass
                                                                                     of fields he'd almost put out of mind,
                                                                                     red rinds, sticky with Gouda,
                                                                                     and the new taste -
                                                                                     rich broth of knackered horses
                                                                                     boiled down into an irresistible paste.
                                                                                     The paper was gnawable,
                                                                                     though not the cream-vellum
                                                                                     from the old place,
                                                                                     and the bits of wool
                                                                                     carded and cast aside
                                                                                     were golden with lanolin
                                                                                     and seed husks yet lodged within,
                                                                                     but best of all
                                                                                     there was no ship's cat.
                                                                                                           fall-winter    2008-09 / (ahts)        13
          dorchester -
                                                                                www.jfklibrary.org; Free; T: JFK/U           Visual Arts
                                                                                Mass (Red)
                                            Kieran Jordan Dancers will
                                            be celebrating St. Patrick’s                                                     Diane Ayott; Kate Beck;
                                                                                Underground Railway Theater                  Bea Modisett; Eric Shigaki
                                            Day on March 14
                                                                                JFK Library                                  HallSpace
                                                                                01/19/09                                     Now to 10/11/08
                                                                                Discover how Harriet Tubman, and             Fri - Sat, 12 - 5 p.m. 950 Dorchester
                                                                                the Quaker women who helped her,             Ave; www.hallspace.org; Free; T:
                                                                                brought 300 fugitives to freedom. A          JFK/U Mass (Red)
                                                                                colorful quilt, shadow puppets, and
                                                                                music based on slave spirituals bring        Pat Shannon
                                                                                the Underground Railroad to life. The        Melissa Zexter
                                                                                audience is encouraged to partici-           HallSpace
                                                                                pate. This program is particularly           10/18 - 11/21/08
                                                                                suited to older children. 10:30 -
                                                                                11:30 a.m. Columbia Pt;                      Fri - Sat, 12 - 5 p.m. 950 Dorchester
                                                                                www.jfklibrary.org; Free; T: JFK/U           Ave; www.hallspace.org; Free; T:
                                                                                Mass (Red)                                   JFK/U Mass (Red)
                                                                                Flying Ship Productions                      Dorchester Open Studios
                                                                                JFK Library                                  Dorchester Arts Collaborative
                                                                                02/17/09                                     10/25 - 10/26/08
                                                                                This uplifting musical brings to life a      Local Dorchester artists open their
                                                                                classic African folktale with music,
The work of Jiri Kylian, one of
Europe's most fascinating and cele-
                                              dorchester                        costumes, and scenery inspired by
                                                                                                                             studios to the general public as they
                                                                                                                             exhibit and sell their original works
brated choreographers, returns to              mattapan                         the cultural heritage of Ethiopia.           of art. Various locations. Sat & Sun,
Boston Ballet. Citi Performing Arts                                             10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Columbia Pt;              12 - 5 p.m. www.thedac.org; Free;
Center (formerly Wang Theatre),                                                 www.jfklibrary.org; Free; T: JFK/U           T: Savin Hill (Red)
270 Tremont St; (800) 447-7400,                                                 Mass (Red)
www.citicenter.org; $25 - $115; T:     Discovery Ensemble
Boylston (Green)                       Strand Theatre
                                                                                 Pearl Street Gallery – NEW Cooperative Opening
Boston Ballet                          Courtney Lewis, Conductor. Program:
02/26 - 03/08/09                       Ginastera: Variaciones concertantes;                          Friday, October 24th Reception
                                       Stravinsky: Danses concertantes;
Presenting a miniature history of      Beethoven: Symphony No. 5.              All artists exhibiting in this year’s Dorchester’s Open Studios have
classical dance, "Jewels" references   8 p.m. 543 Columbia Rd;
ballet's French origins, Russia's      www.cityofboston.gov/arts; Free; T:
                                                                               been invited to contribute small works to the first show at the
imperial style, and Balanchine's own   JFK/U Mass (Red)                        new artists cooperative Pearl Street Gallery, which will host a
take on the art form. Citi                                                     reception that is free and open to the public on Friday, Oct. 24
Performing Arts Center (formerly       Theater                                 from 7 – 9 p.m. Following the open studios show, opening on Nov.
Wang Theatre), 270 Tremont St;
                                                                               1, Pearl Street Gallery will present “Take It, Use It, Wear It,” fea-
(800) 447-7400, www.citicenter.org;
$25 - $115; T: Boylston (Green)
                                       Catskill Puppet Theater                 turing jewelry, fiber, and ceramics, just in time for holiday shop-
                                       JFK Library                             ping.
Classes /

Workshops                              Discover a magical world of talking     Judy Brown, co-founder of Pearl Street Studios, and Donna Penn,
                                       animals and fantastic creatures as      bring their expertise with cooperative galleries to an outstanding
Sunshine Saturdays                     Hiawatha, a curious young boy, dis-     group of Dorchester artists who make up the Pearl Street
Boston Chinatown                       obeys his grandmother and sets out      Cooperative: Rob Littlefield, Susan Krause, Cathy Moylan, Cynthia
                                       alone in the forest. Find out what
Neighborhood Center
                                       happens to him on his path to           Marie Bogues, Bob Thornell, Fran Osborn-Blaschke, Shane Ruff and
                                       becoming a great leader of the          Ekua Holmes.
A variety of workshops are on offer    Iroquois! 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
in Chinatown. Various times. 885       Columbia Pt; www.jfklibrary.org;        The Pearl Street Gallery is a Dorchester Arts Collaborative board
Washington St; (617) 635-5129,         Free; T: JFK/U Mass (Red)               initiative made possible with a grant from Jane Howard of
www.bcnc.net; T: Chinatown
                                       National Marionette Theater             Howard, Stein, Hudson. Jane, a resident of the Savin Hill neighbor-
                                       JFK Library                             hood of Dorchester, has been a long time supporter of the arts in
Dance                                  12/29/08                                the community.
Chu Ling Dance
                                       Travel to ancient Arabia for the cap-
Ongoing                                                                        The Pearl Street Gallery is located at Pearl Street Studios, one of
                                       tivating story of "Ali Baba and the
                                       Forty Thieves." This heartwarming       Dorchester’s oldest art communities and the gallery is easily acces-
A variety of classes on offer from
classical Chinese dance to modern      puppet show features handcrafted        sible by car or MBTA. It shares space with Savin Hill Yoga and pro-
dance. Various times. 30 Kneeland      marionettes, delightful characteriza-   vides a home base for the Dorchester Artist Collaborative. For
St; (617) 699 1307,                    tion, and original music. 10:30 -       more information call (617) 282-7229.
www.chulingdance.com; T:               11:30 a.m. Columbia Pt;

                                                                                                                          fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)       14
     cultural district
                                                                               this program celebrating Gomidas             includes a rare chamber music tran-
Dance                                   Halloween Party                        (1869-1935.) 3 p.m. Jordan Hall at           scription of Puccini songs by NEC
                                        Codman Square Branch Library           New England Conservatory, 30                 Outstanding Alumni Award recipient
                                        10/30/08                               Gainsborough St; (617) 482-6661,             William Brohn '58 M.M. 8 p.m.
Street Talk Suite Talk
                                                                               www.celebrityseries.org; $40 - $60; T:       Jordan Hall at New England
Strand Theatre
                                        With storyteller Tony Toledo, games    Symphony (Green- E)                          Conservatory, 30 Gainsborough St;
10/31 - 11/01/08
                                        and candy. 5 p.m. 690 Washington                                                    (617) 585-1122,
                                        St, Dorchester; (617) 436-8241,        NEC Symphony Orchestra                       www.newenglandconservatory.edu;
Brought to you by Anna Myer and
                                        www.bpl.org; Free; T: Shawmut          New England Conservatory                     Free; T: Symphony (Green- E)
Dancers, this special premier event
                                        (Red)                                  10/22/08
combines elements of hip hop and
spoken word. Fri, 10 a.m.; Sat, 2 &
                                        Strand Holiday Cheer                   Hugh Wolff debutss as NEC's Stanford         Boston Symphony Orchestra
8 p.m. 543 Columbia Rd;
                                        Strand Theatre                         and Norma Jean Calderwood Director           11/06 - 11/08/08
www.cityofboston.gov/arts; Free; T:
                                        12/14/08                               of Orchestras, comes . 8 p.m. Jordan
JFK/U Mass (Red)
                                                                               Hall at New England Conservatory, 30         Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos intro-
                                        Celebrate the Holiday Season with      Gainsborough St; (617) 585-1122,             duces Carl Orff's sprawling 20th-cen-
Kieran Jordan
                                        a tree lighting and festival family    www.newenglandconservatory.edu;              tury masterwork, Carmina burana.
JFK Library
                                        fun. 2 - 6 p.m. 543 Columbia Rd;       Free; T: Symphony (Green- E)                 Thurs & Sat, 8 p.m.; Fri, 1.30 p.m.
                                        www.cityofboston.gov/arts; Free;                                                    Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts
                                        T: JFK/U Mass (Red)                    Messiaen, Boulez, Berlioz                    Ave; (617) 266-1492, www.bso.org;
Kieran Jordan Dancers perform jigs,
                                                                               Boston Symphony Orchestra                    $29 - $105;T: Symphony (Green- E)
reels, and step dancing accompa-
                                                                               10/23 - 10/25/08
nied by traditional music and origi-
nal compositions by the Matt and              fenway                           Messiaen, Et exspecto resurrectionem
                                                                                                                            Mozar, Beethoven
                                                                                                                            Handel and Haydn Society
Shannon Heaton Band. 10:30 - 11:30       cultural district                     mortuorum; Boulez, Notations I-IV;           11/07 & 11/09/08
a.m. Columbia Pt;
                                                                               Berlioz,Harold in Italy, for viola and
www.jfklibrary.org; Free; T: JFK/U
                                                                               orchestra. 8 p.m.Symphony Hall, 301          Mozart: Symphony No. 1; Mozart:
Mass (Red)
                                                                               Massachusetts Ave; (617) 266-1492,           Piano Concerto No. 23; Beethoven:
                                                                               www.bso.org; $29 - $105;T: Symphony          Overture to Creatures of
The Angkor Dance Troupe                 Simon Shaheen Tio                      (Green- E)                                   Prometheus; Beethoven: Symphony
JFK Library                             Concerts at the MFA                                                                 No. 8. Fri, 7:30 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.
04/20/09                                10/10/08                               Piano Masters, Ursula Oppens                 Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts
                                                                               Boston Conservatory                          Ave; (617) 266-3605,
Young dancers in colorful authentic     Musical blend of jazz and Arabic       10/28/08                                     www.handelandhaydn.org; T:
costumes weave stories and song,        sounds. 7:30 p.m. Remis                                                             Symphony (Green- E)
dance and drama as they celebrate       Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts,       Oppens has made an indelible mark in
the rich artistic traditions of their   465 Huntington Ave; (617) 267-9300,    the world of contemporary music. 8           Alejandro Escovedo (Acoustic Duo)
Cambodian heritage. 10:30 - 11:30       www.mfa.org; $20 - $25; T: Museum      p.m. Seully Hall, 5 The Fenway; (617)        with Amy Cook
a.m. Columbia Pt;                       of Fine Arts (Green- E)                912-9222,                                    Concerts at the MFA
www.jfklibrary.org; Free; T: JFK/U
                                                                               www.bostonconservatory.edu; $12; T:          11/11/08
Mass (Red)                              Tchaikovsky, Kirchner, Schumann        Hynes
                                        Boston Symphony Orchestra                                                           Seasoned Texas songwriter Alejandro
Film                                    10/16 - 10/18/08                       Jolie Holland with Herman Dune               Escovedo has gained a great deal of
                                                                               Concerts at the MFA                          popularity for his signature blend of
Indiana Jones Film Festival             Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6,           11/01/08                                     country and rock, 7:30 p.m. Remis
Mattapan Branch Library                 Pathétique; Kirchner, The                                                           Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts,
10/07 - 10/28/08                        Forbidden; Schumann, Piano             With a dusty, old-time voice, Jolie          465 Huntington Ave; (617) 267-9300,
                                        Concerto. Thurs & Sat, 8 p.m.; Fri,    Holland has achieved great success.          www.mfa.org; $20-$25; T: Museum of
Tuesdays. Oct. 7, "Raiders of the       1.30 p.m. Symphony Hall, 301           7:30 p.m. Remis Auditorium, Museum           Fine Arts (Green- E)
Lost Ark"; Oct. 14, "Indiana Jones      Massachusetts Ave; (617) 266-1492,     of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave;
and the Temple of Doom"; Oct. 21,       www.bso.org; $29 - $105;T:             (617) 267-9300, www.mfa.org; $16-            Carter 100th:Luimen
"Indiana Jones and the Last             Symphony (Green- E)                    $20; T: Museum of Fine Arts (Green-          New England Conservatory
Crusade"; Oct. 28, "Indiana Jones                                              E)                                           11/13/08
and the Kingdom of the Crystal          Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra
Skull." 5:30 p.m. 10 Hazelton St.,      Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra        Tokyo String Quartet                         Celebrating living legend Elliott
Mattapan; (617) 298-9218,               10/19/08                               Celebrity Series of Boston                   Carter. 8 p.m. Jordan Hall at New
www.bpl.org; Free; T: Ashmont                                                  11/01/08                                     England Conservatory, 30
(Red)                                   With Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3                                                     Gainsborough St; (617) 585-1122,
                                        and Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”. 3   A hallmark of the Tokyo String               www.newenglandconservatory.edu;
Festivals /                             p.m. Symphony Hall, 301                Quartet is their unique and powerful         Free; T: Symphony (Green- E)
Special Events
                                        Massachusetts Ave; (617)353-3359       chemistry. 8 p.m. Jordan Hall at New
                                        www.bysoweb.org; T: Symphony           England Conservatory, 30                     Rob Kapilow's What Makes It Great?
                                        (Green- E)                             Gainsborough St; (617) 482-6661,             Celebrity Series of Boston
Boo Bash                                                                       www.celebrityseries.org; $45 - $58; T:       11/15/08
Strand Theatre                          Isabel Bayrakdarian soprano            Symphony (Green- E)
10/26/08                                with the Manitoba Chamber                                                           With Boston Musica Viva. Chee Yun
                                        Orchestra                              Puccini 150th anniversary,                   and Jennifer Frautschi violin soloists.
Family fun with a haunted house,        Celebrity Series of Boston             Stravinsky                                   Jordan Hall at New England
scaree-oke, freaky flicks and more.     10/19/08                               New England Conservatory                     Conservatory, 30 Gainsborough St;
2 - 6 p.m. 543 Columbia Rd;                                                    11/03/08                                     (617) 482-6661,
www.cityofboston.gov/arts; Free; T:     Soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian's visit-                                                www.celebrityseries.org; $25 - $35;
JFK/U Mass (Red)                        ed native Armenia and it inspired      150th anniversary of Puccini's birth         T: Symphony (Green- E)

                                                                                                                        fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          15
fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)   16
fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)   15
     cultural district
                                                                               Conservatory, 30 Gainsborough St;              An Evening with Richie Havens
                                                                               (617) 482-6661,                                Concerts at the MFA
NEC Percussion Ensemble                465 Huntington Ave; (617) 267-9300,     www.celebrityseries.org; $40 - $53; T:         12/20/08
New England Conservatory               www.mfa.org; $20-$25; T: Museum of      Symphony (Green- E)
11/16/08                               Fine Arts (Green- E)                                                                   Known since the American folk boom
                                                                               Kassin + 2                                     of the early 60's for his unique guitar
Boston Symphony Orchestra percus-      Soweto Gospel Choir                     Concerts at the MFA                            playing and ability to transform
sionist Frank Epstein conducts the     Celebrity Series of Boston              12/07/08                                       cover songs into his own. 7:30 p.m.
world premiere of Joan Huang's         11/30/08                                                                               Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine
Orphan San Mao for Erhu (a Chinese                                             The sun-spattered, psychedelic                 Arts, 465 Huntington Ave; (617) 267-
bowed stringed instrument) and         “African Spirit” holiday program. 3     swathes of Brazilian tropicalia fea-           9300, www.mfa.org; $24-$30; T:
percussion. 7:30 p.m. Jordan Hall at   p.m. Symphony Hall, 301                 tured tonight. 7:30 p.m. Remis                 Museum of Fine Arts (Green- E)
New England Conservatory, 30           Massachusetts Ave; (617) 482-6661,      Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, 465
Gainsborough St; (617) 585-1122,       www.celebrityseries.org; $37 -$58;T:    Huntington Ave; (617) 267-9300,                Mozart, Haydn, Handel
www.newenglandconservatory.edu;        Symphony (Green- E)                     www.mfa.org; $16-$20; T: Museum of             Boston Symphony Orchestra
Free; T: Symphony (Green- E)                                                   Fine Arts (Green- E)                           01/15 - 01/17/09
                                       Handel: Messiah
Brahms, Elgar, Tchaikovsky             Handel and Haydn Society                Holiday Pops                                   Mozart, Chaconne from Idomeneo;
Boston Symphony Orchestra              12/05 - 12/07/08                        Boston Pops                                    Haydn, Cello Concerto No. 2 in D;
11/20 - 11/25/08                                                               12/11 - 12/28/08                               Handel, Water Music.Thurs & Sat, 8
                                       Handel and Haydn Society joyfully                                                      p.m.; Fri, 1.30 p.m. Symphony Hall,
Brahms, Variations and Fugue on a      celebrates the holiday season with      One of the great Boston traditions for         301 Massachusetts Ave; (617) 266-
Theme by Handel; Elgar, Cello          the 155th annual performance of         all ages. Thurs, Sat,Tues, 8 p.m.; Fri,        1492, www.bso.org; $29 - $105;T:
Concerto;Tchaikovsky, Manfred          Messiah, led by the esteemed British    1.30 p.m. Symphony Hall, 301                   Symphony (Green- E)
Symphony.Thurs, Sat,Tues, 8 p.m.;      conductor Paul Daniel. Fri, 7:30        Massachusetts Ave; (617) 266-1492,
Fri, 1.30 p.m. Symphony Hall, 301      p.m.; Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. Symphony        www.bso.org; $29 - $105;T: Symphony            Philharmonia Quartett Berlin
Massachusetts Ave; (617) 266-1492,     Hall, 301 Massachusetts Ave; (617)      (Green- E)                                     Celebrity Series of Boston
www.bso.org; $29 - $105;T:             266-3605, www.handelandhaydn.org;                                                      01/23/09
Symphony (Green- E)                    T: Symphony (Green- E)                  Stars: A Holiday Celebration
                                                                               Boston Gay Men's Chorus                        Philharmonia Quartett Berlin has a
John Gibbons and Daniel Stepner:       Emerson String Quartet                  12/14 - 12/21/08                               musical pedigree that would be the
Bach the Harpsichordist, Bach the      Celebrity Series of Boston                                                             envy of any chamber group. 8 p.m.
Violinist                              12/05/08                                Like the twinkling stars that light up a       Jordan Hall at New England
Concerts at the MFA                                                            dark December sky, the BGMC's annual           Conservatory, 30 Gainsborough St;
11/23/08                               Winners of eight Grammy Awards,         holiday concerts glow with the joyous          (617) 482-6661,
                                       the Emerson String Quartet is consid-   spirit of the holiday season. Jordan           www.celebrityseries.org; $40 - $53;
Masterworks by Bach for keyboard       ered by many to be the standard         Hall at New England Conservatory, 30           T: Symphony (Green- E)
and violin. 3:30 p.m. Remis            bearer of the quartet world. 8 p.m.     Gainsborough St; (617) 585-1122,
Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts,       Jordan Hall at New England              www.bgmc.org; $30; T: Symphony                 The Romeros Guitar Quartet
                                                                               (Green- E)                                     Celebrity Series of Boston
                                                                                           Soweto Gospel Choir
                                                                                           singing on November                The Quartet’s musicianshipis excit-
                                                                                           30 at Symphony Hall                ing, bold, yet always cerebral.8 p.m.
                                                                                                                              Jordan Hall at New England
                                                                                                                              Conservatory, 30 Gainsborough St;
                                                                                                                              (617) 482-6661,
                                                                                                                              www.celebrityseries.org; $35 - $55;
                                                                                                                              T: Symphony (Green- E)

                                                                                                                              Leif Ove Andsnes piano; Christian
                                                                                                                              Tetzlaff violin
                                                                                                                              Celebrity Series of Boston

                                                                                                                              German violinist Christian Tetzlaff
                                                                                                                              and Norwegian pianist Leif Ove
                                                                                                                              Andsnes play. 8 p.m. Jordan Hall at
                                                                                                                              New England Conservatory, 30
                                                                                                                              Gainsborough St; (617) 482-6661,
                                                                                                                              www.celebrityseries.org; $45 - $66;
                                                                                                                              T: Symphony (Green- E)

                                                                                                                              Nancy Armstrong, Robert
                                                                                                                              Honeysucker, Laura Jeppeson, and
                                                                                                                              Daniel Stepner: Valentine's Day
                                                                                                                              Concerts at the MFA

                                                                                                                              An amorous mix of popular love

                                                                                                                          fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          18
     cultural district
                                                                                            Carrie Fisher appears            RSVP: Jim Lambie
                                                                                            at the Huntington to             Museum of Fine Arts
songs. 8 p.m. Remis Auditorium,        Follies                                                                               Now to 12/31/08
Museum of Fine Arts, 465                                                                    perform “Wishful
                                       Boston Conservatory
Huntington Ave; (617) 267-9300,                                                             Drinking” from
                                       10/22 - 10/26/08                                                                      Lambie transforms ordinary objects—
www.mfa.org; $20-$25; T: Museum                                                             October 8 to 26
                                                                                                                             vinyl tape, turntables, speakers,
of Fine Arts (Green- E)                This cult classic is the story of a 30th                                              doors —that he finds on the street or
                                       reunion of follies girls before their                                                 buys in secondhand and hardware
Mozart                                 theater is torn down.                                                                 stores into vibrant sculptures and
Boston Symphony Orchestra              8 p.m; Boston Conservatory Theatre,                                                   site-specific installations. Mon-Tues,
02/19 - 02/21/09                       31 Hemenway St; (617) 912-9222,                                                       10 a.m.-4:45 p.m.; Wed-Fri, 10 a.m.-
                                       www.bostonconservatory.edu; $12 -                                                     9:45 p.m. (Note: some galleries may
Mozart, Symphony No. 39, No. 40        $22; T: Hynes (Green)                                                                 be closed; call for more details.) Sat
and No. 41, Jupiter .Thurs & Sat, 8                                                                                          & Sun, 10 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Museum of
p.m.; Fri, 1.30 p.m. Symphony          Saint Joan                                                                            Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave; (617)
Hall, 301 Massachusetts Ave; (617)     Wheelock Family Theatre                                                               267-9300, www.mfa.org; $15; T:
266-1492, www.bso.org; $29 -           10/30 - 11/30/08                                                                      Museum of Fine Arts (Green- E)
$105;T: Symphony (Green- E)
                                       Born nearly 600 years ago, Joan of Arc                                                Visions of Kyoto:
The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-        was, perhaps, the world’s first femi-                                                 Scenes from Japan's Ancient Capital
Yo Ma                                  nist teen rebel. She bucked against all                                               Museum of Fine Arts
Celebrity Series of Boston             the conventions of the Middle Ages,                                                   Now to 06/31/09
03/08 - 03/09/09                       didn’t hesitate to speak her mind,
                                       wore men’s clothes, led the fight to                                                  Boston’s sister city for the past fifty
This powerful music-making experi-     drive the English out of France—and                                                   years, Kyoto was the capital of Japan
ment is a cross-cultural journey to    was burned at the stake before she                                                    for over a thousand years, from its
the heart of understanding.            reached the age of 20. Fri, 7:30 p.m.;                                                founding in 794 until the emperor
. 3 p.m. Symphony Hall, 301            Sat & Sun, 3 p.m. 200 The Riverway;                                                   moved to Tokyo in 1868. Mon - Tues,
Massachusetts Ave; (617) 482-6661,     (617) 879-2147, www.wheelock.edu;                                                     10 a.m.-4:45 p.m.; Wed-Fri, 10 a.m.-
www.celebrityseries.org; $37 -         $19-$23; T: Fenway (Green- E)                                                         9:45 p.m. (Note: some galleries may
$87;T: Symphony (Green- E)                                                                                                   be closed; call for more details.) Sat
                                       Rock n’ Roll                                                                          & Sun, 10 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Museum of
Nielsen, Mozart and Brahms             Huntington Theatre                                                                    Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave; (617)
Boston Symphony Orchestra              11/07 - 12/07/08                                                                      267-9300, www.mfa.org; $15; T:
03/13 - 03/17/09
                                                                                  Visual Arts                                Museum of Fine Arts (Green- E)
                                        A sweeping drama spanning two coun-
Nielsen, Helios Overture; Mozart,      tries, three generations, and 22 turbu-    Imperishable Beauty:                       The Triumph of Marriage:
Piano Concerto, No. 18; Brahms,        lent years, at the end of which all        Art Nouveau Jewelry                        Painted Cassoni of the Renaissance
Symphony No. 4.Thurs & Sat, 8          that remains is love — and rock ‘n’        Museum of Fine Arts                        Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
p.m.; Fri, 1.30 p.m. Symphony          roll. 264 Huntington Ave; (617) 266-       Now to 11/09/08                            10/16 - 01/18/09
Hall, 301 Massachusetts Ave; (617)     0800, www.huntingtontheatre.org; $25
266-1492, www.bso.org; $29 -           -$67.50; T: Symphony (Green)               This exhibition includes about 120         In Renaissance Italy, cassoni –Italian
$105;T: Symphony (Green- E)                                                       works by the leading designers and         for “large chests” – were an essential
                                       The Quick-Change Room: Scenes              fabricators of late nineteenth- to         part of the rituals of elite marriages.
Spring Concert                         from a Revolution                          early twentieth-century Art Nouveau        Tues-Sun, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. 280 The
Boston Gay Men's Chorus                Boston Conservatory                        jewelry. Mon-Tues, 10 a.m.-4:45            Fenway; (617) 565-1401,
03/14 - 03/15/08                       11/20 - 11/22/08                           p.m.; Wed-Fri, 10 a.m.-9:45 p.m.           www.gardnermuseum.org; $10-$12; T:
                                                                                  (Note: some galleries may be closed;       Museum (Green- E)
Selections include the premiere of     The Quick-Change Room: Scenes from         call for more details.) Sat & Sun, 10
Pulitzer Prize winning composer        a Revolution depicts the agonized con-     a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Museum of Fine            Fenway Studios
David Del Tredici's Queer Hosannas,    tortions of artists forced to toe the      Arts, 465 Huntington Ave; (617) 267-       Friends of Fenway Studios
a rhapsodic setting of gay and les-    bottom line of capitalism for the first    9300, www.mfa.org; $15; T: Museum          10/25 - 10/26/08
bian poets culminating in a wild       time. 8 p.m; Boston Conservatory           of Fine Arts (Green- E)
and lusty Brazilian tango. Sat, 3      Theatre, 31 Hemenway St; (617) 912-                                                   Artists in the Fenway area will open
p.m.; Sun, 8 p.m. Jordan Hall at       9222, www.bostonconservatory.edu;          The Speaker Project                        their studios and exhibit and sell their
New England Conservatory, 30           $7 -$22; T: Hynes (Green)                  Massachusetts College of Art               artwork. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. 30 Ipswich
Gainsborough St; (617) 585-1122,                                                  Now to 11/22/08                            St; www.cityofboston.gov/arts; Free;
www.bgmc.org; $30; T: Symphony         The Corn is Green                                                                     T: Kenmore (Green)
(Green- E)                             Huntington Theatre                         Juan Angel Chavez creates a multi-
                                       01/09 - 02/08/09                           directional, multi-layered sound           Festivals /
                                                                                                                             Special Events
                                                                                  experience. Comprised of found
                                       Idealistic and hardnosed schoolteacher     material we see everyday-such as old
Wishful Drinking                       Miss Moffat (played by Kate Burton)        billboard signs, wood panel siding and
Huntington Theatre                     creates the first school in a Welsh        traffic cones-part sculpture, part         Opening Our Doors
10/08 - 10/26/08                       coal-mining town, and helps an illiter-    speaker, the Speaker Project will turn     Fenway Alliance
                                       ate teenager (played by Ms. Burton’s       the gallery into an interactive sound      10/13/08
Hilarious and sobering look at         son Morgan Ritchie) transform from         studio.. Mon - Fri, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.;
Carrie Fisher’s Tinseltown hangover.   bully to brilliant student. 264            Sat, 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Stephen D. Paine      Fenway's cultural institutions open
264 Huntington Ave; (617) 266-         Huntington Ave; (617) 266-0800,            Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art,     their doors to the public with all lev-
0800, www.huntingtontheatre.org;       www.huntingtontheatre.org; $25 -           621 Huntington Avenue; (617) 879-          els of arts represented. 10 a.m.- 4
$25 -$67.50; T: Symphony (Green)       $67.50; T: Symphony (Green)                7333, www.massart.edu; Free; T:            p.m. Various locations; (617) 437-
                                                                                  Longwood (Green- E)                        7544, www.fenwayculture.org; Free;
                                                                                                                             T: Symphony (Green)
                                                                                                                          fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          19
hyde park - roslindale-
    west roxbury
                                                                                      Hansel and Gretel                            show, often selling out completely.
     hyde park                         nates a golden age of American culture.        Riverside Theatre Works
                                                                                      02/06 - 02/15/09
                                                                                                                                   Past shows have included Wizard of
                                                                                                                                   Oz and Peter Pan. This year it's a
                                       In an idealized 50s setting, the classic
                                       themes of love, lost and imagined, blend                                                    delightful tale of mazes and poems
    west roxbury                       with slice-of-life emotions. Sat, 8 p.m. 45    Opera based on the fairy tale by the         based on the poetry of Shel
                                       Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park; (617) 361-           Brothers Grimm. Hansel and Gretel are        Silverstein. Performances run
Music                                  7024, www.riversidetheatreworks.com;           trapped inside the deceptively deco-         throughout April vacation week. Fri -
                                       $15 - $23; T: Forest Hills (Orange), #32       rated house of the witch Griselda who        Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3 p.m. 45
                                       bus                                            wishes to fatten Hansel so that he may       Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park; (617) 361-
The Muses                                                                             be baked into a delicious gingerbread        7024,
Hyde Park Branch Library                                                              treat. Hansel and Gretel may be lost         www.riversidetheatreworks.com; $10
10/04/08                                                                              in the woods, but they are protected         - $15; T: Forest Hills (Orange), #32
                                                                                      by many magical beings. Of course,           bus
A concert of Celtic music with zing.   Big River                                      they must and do meet the witch in
                                                                                                                                   Visual Arts
2 p.m. 35 Harvard Ave; Hyde Park;      Riverside Theatre Works                        her delicious house and she does try to
www.bpl.org; (617) 361-2524, Free      10/17 - 10/26/08                               cook Hansel in the oven. And natural-
                                                                                      ly, they do live happily ever after. Fri -
Paper Thin Stages; Breakfast at        Twain's timeless classic sweeps us down                                                     Roslindale Open Studios
                                                                                      Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3 p.m. 45
Penderecki's                           the mighty Mississippi as the irrepressible                                                 Roslindale Open Studios
                                                                                      Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park; (617) 361-
The Music Workshop                     Huck Finn helps his friend Jim, a slave,                                                    10/06 - 10/07/07
                                                                                      7024, www.riversidetheatreworks.com;
10/16/08                               escape to freedom at the mouth of the          $15 - $23; T: Forest Hills (Orange), #32
                                       Ohio River. Fri - Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3                                                 Roslindale is excited to offer a look
A series featuring serious musi-       p.m. 45 Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park; (617)                                                     into its arts community with the 3rd
cians. Thursdays, 8:30 p.m.            361-7024,                                                                                   Annual Roslindale Open Studios. In
                                                                                      The King and I
Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, 15    www.riversidetheatreworks.com; $15 -                                                        2006 they hosted 50 artists in 22
                                                                                      Riverside Theatre Works
Dana Avenue, Hyde Park;                $23; T: Forest Hills (Orange), #32 bus                                                      locations, including painters, photog-
                                                                                      05/08 - 05/17/09
www.themusicworkshop.blogspot.co                                                                                                   raphers, printmakers, fiber artists,
m; $7; T: Forest Hills (Orange) #32                                                                                                potters, jewelers, and more. 12 - 6
                                                                                      East versus West makes for a dramat-
                                                                                                                                   p.m. Various locations (along
Shayna Dulberger/Josh                                                                                                              Belgrade Ave); (617) 669-8050,
Jefferson/Walter Wright                                                                                                            www.roslindaleopenstudios.org; Free
The Music Workshop
10/30/08                                                                                                                           Hyde Park Open Studios
                                                                                                                                   Hyde Park Arts Assoc.
A series featuring serious musi-                                                                                                   12/01 - 12/02/07
cians. Thursdays, 8:30 p.m.
Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, 15                                                                                                With over 80 artists participating,
Dana Avenue, Hyde Park;                                                                                                            the public is sure to see some won-
www.themusicworkshop.blogspot.co                                                                                                   derful and interesting work, includ-
m; $7; T: Forest Hills (Orange) #32                                                                                                ing photography, painting, sculpting,
                                                                                                                                   etchings, glass work, stained glass,
Open Session                                                                                                                       textiles, mixed media, jewelry, and
The Music Workshop                                                                                                                 drawing. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Various
11/06/08                                                                                                                           locations (along Fairmount Ave,
                                                                                                                                   Sprague St); (617) 364-7300,
A series featuring serious musi-          The work of June Alexandra                                                               www.hydeparkopenstudios.org; Free
cians. Thursdays, 8:30 p.m.               will be on display at the
Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, 15       Roslindale Open Studios                                                                  Literature
Dana Avenue, Hyde Park;                   from October 6 to 7
www.themusicworkshop.blogspot.co                                                                                                   Literary Evenings
m; $7; T: Forest Hills (Orange) #32                                                                                                Emack & Bolio's Poetry Series
Little Women; Qfwfq Duo
The Music Workshop                                                                    ic, richly textured, and ultimately          Program begins with an open mike. 7
11/13/08                               Miracle on 34th St.                                                                         p.m. - 9 p.m.; 2 Belgrade Ave
                                       Riverside Theatre Works                        uplifting tale of enormous fascination.
                                                                                      It is 1862 in Siam when an English           (directly across street from
A series featuring serious musi-       12/05 - 12/14/08                                                                            Roslindale commuter rail); (617) 469-
                                                                                      widow, Anna Leonowens, and her
cians. Thursdays, 8:30 p.m.                                                           young son arrive at the Royal Palace in      6862; Free
Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, 15    Kris Kringle is the personification of good
                                       will and Christmas spirit. As Macy's holi-     Bangkok, serve as tutor to his the
Dana Avenue, Hyde Park;                                                               King’s many children and wives. Fri -        Spoken Word at the Y
www.themusicworkshop.blogspot.co       day Santa, he enchants children and                                                         Hyde Park YMCA
                                       shoppers so completely that he is deemed       Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3 p.m. 45
m; $7; T: Forest Hills (Orange) #32                                                   Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park; (617) 361-         Ongoing
                                       dangerous by fellow employees who plot
                                       to ruin him. A small girl's belief in Santa    7024, www.riversidetheatreworks.com;
Smokey Joe's Cafe                                                                     $15 - $23; T: Forest Hills (Orange), #32     Taught by Sophia Snow and George
Riverside Theatre Works                and the magic of the holiday are at stake                                                   Watski, sessions allow you to express
                                       in the climactic courtroom decision. This      bus
03/07 - 03/21/09                                                                                                                   yourself through "open mike." Every
                                       hilarious, tender, and heartwarming show                                                    Tuesday and Thursday. Tues, 5:45 - 7
                                       for the entire family is a Christmas clas-     Sister for Sale
Cabaret Fest! Leiber and Stroller,                                                    Riverside Theatre Works                      p.m.; Thurs, 6 - 7 p.m.; Hyde Park
as much as anyone, virtually           sic. Fri - Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3 p.m. 45                                                YMCA, 1137 River St, Hyde Park;
                                       Fairmount Ave, Hyde Park; (617) 361-           04/17 - 04/26/09
invented rock 'n roll. Now their                                                                                                   (617) 361-2300,
songs provide the basis for an elec-   7024, www.riversidetheatreworks.com;                                                        www.ymcaboston.org; Free
                                       $15 - $23; T: Forest Hills (Orange), #32       A World Premiere Musical Event! This
trifying entertainment that illumi-                                                   has always been a widely successful
                                                                                                                              fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          20
            jamaica plain
                                                                                                                                Judy Braude, flute;
                                                                                                                                Jeffrey Brody, piano
Classes /                                                                                   The Cello Chix will be              Music at Taylor House
Workshops                                                                                   playing at The Alchemist            11/23/08
                                                                                            on October 9
                                                                                                                                4 p.m. Taylor House, 50 Burroughs
Performing Arts
                                                                                                                                St; (617) 983-9334,
Riverside Theatre Works
                                                                                                                                $10; T: Green Street (Orange)
Covers a range of disciplines for all
                                                                                                                                Cara Frankowicz and Back of the
ages. Prices vary. 45 Fairmount Ave,
                                                                                                                                Bus with Chris Wilhelm opening
Hyde Park; (617) 361-7024,
                                                                                                                                JP Unplugged
www.riversidetheatreworks.com; T:
Forest Hills (Orange) #32 bus

   jamaica plain                                                                                                                8 p.m. Loring-Greenough House, 12
                                                                                                                                South St; www.jpunplugged.org; $10
                                                                                                                                - $12.50; T: Forest Hills (Orange)
Borromeo String Quartet
Forest Hills Trust                                                                                                              Annie
10/05/08                                                                                                                        The Footlights Club
                                                                                                                                11/08 - 11/22/08
Experience the rich and passionate
playing of the extraordinary                                                                                                    Book by: Thomas Meehan; Lyrics by:
Borromeo String Quartet in Forsyth      exhibits her abilities as a                  Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys         Martin Charnin; Music by: Charles
Chapel. This will be the fifth          singer/songwriter and producer. 8 p.m.       The Alchemist                              Strouse; Based on the Tribune Media
installment of their "Beethoven         Loring-Greenough House, 12 South St;         10/26/08                                   Service Comic Strip, "Little Orphan
Plus" series, which illuminates         www.jpunplugged.org; $10 - $12.50; T:
                                                                                                                                Annie." Fri - Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 2 p.m.
Beethoven's work by pairing his         Forest Hills (Orange)                        Jeremy Lyons has entertained thou-         Eliot Hall, 7A Eliot St; (617) 524-
music with related or contrasting                                                    sands on the streets of the Crescent       3200, www.footlight.org; $16 - $18;
work by other composers. 2 p.m.         Bradford Gleim, baritone;                    City, armed with no more than his          T: Forest Hills (Orange)
Forsyth Chapel, 95 Forest Hills Ave;    Justin Williams, piano                       voice and National guitar. His band the
(617) 524-0128,                         Music at Taylor House                        Deltabilly Boys, a favorite of the New     Intimate Apparel
www.foresthillstrust.org; $25 - $55;    10/12/08                                     Orleans club circuit, has toured Europe    The Footlights Club
T: Forest Hills (Orange)                                                             and the U.S., and released six critical-   01/30 - 02/14/09
                                        A noted performer of opera, oratorio, and    ly acclaimed albums. 10 p.m. 435
The Cello Chix                          song, baritone Bradford Gleim has gained     South Huntington Ave; (617) 694-3545,      By Lynn Nottage. Fri - Sat, 8 p.m.;
The Alchemist                           popularity for his adept versatility and     www.alchemistlounge.com; Free; T:          Sun, 2 p.m. Eliot Hall, 7A Eliot St;
10/09/08                                creative programming. This will be an all-   Green St (Orange)                          (617) 524-3200, www.footlight.org;
                                        American program with works of Barber,
                                                                                                                                $16 - $18; T: Forest Hills (Orange)
All of the Cello Chix hail from the     Duke, and Bowles. 4 p.m. Taylor House,       David Roth with Mike Delaney
Boston area. Becca and Susanna,         50 Burroughs St; (617) 983-9334,             opening                                    Gypsy
classically trained cellists, both      www.taylorhouse.com/musicandart; $10;        JP Unplugged                               The Footlights Club
went to the Oberlin Conservatory,       T: Green Street (Orange)                     11/08/08                                   04/03 - 04/18/08
but only really got to know each
other a decade later at the party       Ten Tumbao                                   David Roth is a Chicago                    Fri - Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 2 p.m. Eliot
of a mutual friend in Watertown.        Jamaica Plain Branch Library                 singer/songwriter. 8 p.m. Loring-          Hall, 7A Eliot St; (617) 524-3200,
10 p.m. 435 South Huntington Ave;       10/14/08                                     Greenough House, 12 South St;              www.footlight.org; $16 - $18; T:
(617) 694-3545,                                                                      www.jpunplugged.org; $10 - $12.50; T:      Forest Hills (Orange)
www.alchemistlounge.com; Free;          This Hispanic Heritage Month finale fea-     Forest Hills (Orange)
                                        tures live salsa music and dancing. Please
                                                                                                                                Visual Arts
T: Green St (Orange)
                                        use the branch's rear entrance. 6 - 10       Anne Dreyer, soprano;
Katie Sawicki with Denise               p.m. 12 Sedgwick St; (617) 524-2053,         William Merrill, piano
Barbarita opening                       www.bpl.org; Free; Green St (Orange)         Music at Taylor House                      Teen Night Out!
JP Unplugged                                                                         11/09/08                                   Eliot School
10/11/08                                Lisa Bello MUSICA R&B/Soul/Hip Hop                                                      10/17/08
                                        The Alchemist                                4 p.m. Taylor House, 50 Burroughs St;
From her Brooklyn apartment in          10/17/08                                     (617) 983-9334,                            Get creative: Open mike, make some
New York, Katie Sawicki has                                                          www.taylorhouse.com/musicandart;           art. 8 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. 24 Eliot St;
brought emotion back to urban           10 p.m. 435 South Huntington Ave; (617)      $10; T: Green Street (Orange)              (617) 524-3313, www.eliotschool.org;
edge folk. Songs crafted from years     694-3545, www.alchemistlounge.com;                                                      Free; T: Forest Hills (Orange)
on the road, past loves, contempla-     Free; T: Green St (Orange)                   FunkHouse
tions of a changing music industry,                                                  Music at Taylor House                      Annual Holiday Craft Fair
and folk ruminations of the crowd-      A Joyful Noyes                               11/14/08                                   Eliot School
ed city life define this singer song-   Music at Taylor House                                                                   12/06/08
writer. As a recording engineer in      10/26/08                                     John Funkhouser, piano; Mike Connors,
NYC, Denise has worked with a long                                                   drums; Greg Loughman, bass. 7:30           Come buy your holiday gifts at this
list of top-selling and independent     4 p.m. Taylor House, 50 Burroughs St;        p.m. Taylor House, 50 Burroughs St;        juried show. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 24
artists. She has now focused her        (617) 983-9334,                              (617) 983-9334,                            Eliot St; (617) 524-3313,
efforts towards the artistic side of    www.taylorhouse.com/musicandart; $10;        www.taylorhouse.com/musicandart;           www.eliotschool.org; Free; T: Forest
the glass, delivering an album that     T: Green Street (Orange)                     $10; T: Green Street (Orange)              Hills (Orange)
                                                                                                                           fall-winter    2008-09 / (ahts)             21
Intersection: The Greenway Opening
The parks are here! After years of Big
Dig construction, it's time to celebrate
the Greenway parks in downtown
Boston with a free park-wide Festival
on October 4. The City of Boston and
the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway
Conservancy, (the steward of the
Greenway) present this once-in-a-life-
time celebration to commemorate a
vision realized…a park where there was
once an elevated highway!

The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway encom-
passes gardens, plazas, and tree-lined
promenades stretching over a mile from
the North End to Chinatown. Offering
beautiful places for relaxation within
the rhythm of the urban environment,
the Greenway is a key feature of the
modern reinvention of Boston, Boston
Harbor, the South Boston Waterfront
and the Harbor Islands. Here diverse
cultures, open space and history inter-
                                              of Boston's neighborhoods will gather       Greenway with neighborhoods.
On October 4, with the backdrop of this
                                              and feel welcomed. The Greenway             Continuing the model of public engage-
young park, dozens of local organiza-
                                              parks will be maintained by the             ment used to create the Greenway, the
tions and individual artists will pay trib-
                                              Conservancy using sustainable land-         City and the Conservancy work with
ute to Boston's rich cultural heritage
                                              scape practices. The Opening Festival       neighborhood groups and arts and per-
through art, dance and music. An inter-
                                              will be the first event to fulfill the      formance groups to attract participants
active cell phone-enabled treasure hunt
                                              vision of a grand civic space that          of all ages from downtown, the neigh-
will lead visitors to learn surprising
                                              embraces sustainability, city life and      borhoods and the greater metropolitan
facts about Boston's history while other
                                              diversity," says Nancy Brennan, execu-      area.
contests, games and Go Green activi-
                                              tive director of the Rose F. Kennedy
ties will showcase the park as an inter-
                                              Greenway Conservancy. "We'll have           The Greenway is divided into four dis-
section between city life and sustain-
                                              something for everyone, from families       tricts, from north to south: North End
                                              to seniors. We invite you to see the        Parks, Wharf District Parks, Dewey
                                              parks from the top of a Ferris wheel.       Square Parks, and Chinatown Park.
"The Greenway is a place where fami-
                                              Commemorate mentors honored in the          Visitors are encouraged to use public
lies and individuals of all ages from all
                                              Mother's Walk. Listen to local bands and    transportation to get to the Greenway.
                                              renowned musicians. Cheer for your          All MBTA lines have stops along the
                                              neighborhood dance troupe. Learn to         Greenway and both the North Station
                                              dance. Win prizes. Be in a parade. Get      and South Station commuter rail hubs
                                              fit. Go Green!" Brennan urges visitors to   are a short walk from the Greenway.
                                              use the Conservancy website,                The Greenway Opening Festival will
                                              www.rosekennedygreenway.org, to             take place Saturday, October 4th on the
                                              schedule their Greenway Opening             Greenway from the North End to
                                              Festival visit and to sign up for text      Chinatown (between Atlantic Avenue
                                              message alerts tailored to areas of         and Surface Artery). Entrance to the
                                              interest.                                   event is free. For more information
                                                                                          about this once-in-a-lifetime Boston
                                              The Greenway Opening Festival is the        event including a schedule of events,
                                              first in a series of annual festivals and   visit www.rosekennedygreenway.org.
                                              public programs created by the
                                              Conservancy in partnership with com-
                                              munity organizations and public trans-
                                              portation agencies to connect the
                                                                                                fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)   22
  north end - charlestown
        east boston
                                                                                                                          raphy trip covering six nations-her
Literature                                                                                                                native Germany as well as Austria,
                                         Tea and Sympathy:                                                                France, Hungary, Slovenia, and the
Tribute to Anne Sexton                   new work by Peter                                                                highlight of this exhibition, Calabria
Tapestry of Voices                       Pizzi at The Atlantic                                                            in southern Italy. 80 Border St, East
11/16/08                                 Works Gallery from                                                               Boston; (617) 418-5060,
                                         October 4 to 16                                                                  www.80borderstreet.org; Free; T:
Sexton wrote fearlessly about fami-                                                                                       Maverick (Blue)
ly, sexuality, rage, and joy, pioneer-
ing a radical new poetry. Join four                                                                                       Tea and Sympathy:
writers who knew her well for an                                                                                          Provocative New Work in Video,
afternoon of poetry and reminis-                                                                                          Photos, and Dioramas, by Peter
cence. Lois Ames, Suzanne Berger,                                                                                         Pizzi
Robert J. Clawson, and Victor                                                                                             Atlantic Works Gallery
Howes. A walk to Sexton's grave                                                                                           10/04 - 10/16/08
follows. Forest Hills Chapel, 2 p.m.
Forest Hills Cemetery, 95 Forest                                                                                          In the 1956 film, "Tea and Sympathy,"
Hills Ave; (617) 524-0128,                                                                                                the unconventional hero, ill-at-ease
www.foresthillstrust.org; $5 - $9; T:                                                                                     with the other boys' talk of girls and
Forest Hills (Orange)                                                                                                     sports, is deemed a "sissy." Taking his
                                                                                                                          cue from this innuendo-laced film,
Festivals /                                     north end                        Joyce Devlin                             Pizzi has mounted a media play land
Special Events                                 charlestown
                                                                                 80 Border Street Cultural Exchange       that touches on themes of sexuality
                                                                                 Center                                   and identity with innocence and/or
                                               east boston                       11/13/08                                 perversion. Fri & Sat, 2 - 6 p.m.; 80
Day of the Dead                                                                                                           Border St, East Boston;
Forest Hills Trust                                                               7 p.m. 80 Border St, East Boston;        www.atlanticworks.org; Free; T:
11/02/08                                                                         (617) 418-5060,                          Maverick (Blue)
                                                                                 www.80borderstreet.org; T:
 Based on the ancient traditions of      Edward Meradith                         Maverick (Blue)                          East Boston Open Studios
Mexico's indigenous peoples who          80 Border Street Cultural Exchange
                                                                                                                          East Boston Open Studios
believed that the souls of the dead      Center                                  Winter Music Recitals                    10/11 - 10/12/08
return each year to visit their fami-    10/18/08                                Zumix Inc.
lies, the Day of the Dead celebrates                                             12/11 - 12/12/08                         East Boston artists open their studios
the continuous cycle of life and         Edward Meradith is a New England
                                                                                                                          to the general public. Noon - 5 p.m.
death, embracing cultures from           area musician with extraordinarily      Instrumentalists share their music       Various locations (Border Street, East
throughout the Americas. Dress           eclectic talents and experience-a       with parents, siblings, & friends.       Boston); www.cityofboston.gov/arts;
warmly and bring a flashlight.           classical pianist with a rock 'n roll   Come early to make sure you get a        Free; T: Maverick (Blue)
Bilingual: English/Spanish. 4:30 - 6     heart; a music director who has         seat. 6 - 8 p.m. Piers Park, East
p.m. Forest Hills Cemetery, 95           conducted choirs, written songs for     Boston; (617) 568-9777 ext 16,
Forest Hills Ave; (617) 524-0128,        movies, and composed incidental         www.zumix.org; Free; T: Maverick
www.foresthillstrust.org; Free; T:       music for plays. 7 p.m. 80 Border       (Blue)
Forest Hills (Orange)                    St, East Boston; (617) 418-5060,                                                 Films by Pier Paolo Pasolini
                                                                                                                          North End Branch Library
                                         www.80borderstreet.org; T:
Classes /                                Maverick (Blue)                                                                  11/05 & 11/12/08

Workshops                                Paul Turner                             Improv Asylum                            Wednesdays. Nov. 5, "The Gospel
                                         80 Border Street Cultural Exchange      Improv Asylum                            According to St. Matthew"; Nov. 12,
Various Classes                          Center                                  Ongoing                                  "Oedipus Rex." 6 p.m. 25 Parmenter
Tony Williams Dance Center               10/24/08                                                                         St, North End; (617) 227-8135,
Ongoing                                                                          This is a comedy sketch theater          www.bpl.org; Free; T: Haymarket
                                         Australian singer launching his new     series that runs all year long. Much     (Green/Orange)
Various forms of dance are instruct-     album "Clear Blue." 7 p.m. 80           in the vein of Saturday Night Live,
ed at the JP School of Dance.            Border St, East Boston; (617) 418-      Improv Asylum has run for eight          Holidays
Various times. 284 Amory St; (617)       5060, www.80borderstreet.org; $10;      years, playing to 500,000 people         North End Branch Library
524-4381,                                T: Maverick (Blue)                      over thousands of shows. Thurs -         12/03 & 12/10/08
www.jpschoolofdance.com; T:                                                      Sat, 8 p.m.; Fri - Sat, 10 p.m. 216
Stony Brook (Orange)                     Deborah Rocha Trio                      Hanover St, North End; (617) 263-        Wednesdays. Dec. 3, "It's a
                                         80 Border Street Cultural Exchange      6887, www.improvasylum.com; $15 -        Wonderful Life." 5:30 p.m.; Dec. 10,
Various Classes                          Center                                  $20; T: Haymarket (Orange/Green)         "The Littlest Angel." 6 p.m. 25
Children's Music Center of Jamaica       11/01/08                                                                         Parmenter St, North End; (617) 227-
Plain                                                                            Visual Arts                              8135, www.bpl.org; Free; T:
Ongoing                                  Brazilian Jazz. 7 p.m. 80 Border St,                                             Haymarket (Green/Orange)
                                         East Boston; (617) 418-5060,            A photographic exhibit of
Classes include learning an array of     www.80borderstreet.org; T:              Calabria, Italy                          Literature
instruments such as the piano, gui-      Maverick (Blue)                         80 Border Street Cultural Exchange
tar, and violin. Call for dates and                                              Center                                   Author Reading
rates. Various times. 284 Amory St;                                              Now to 10/31/08                          North End Branch Library
(617) 524-1784,                                                                                                           10/18/08
www.urbanmusictogether.com; T:                                                   Featuring the work of Nicole
Stony Brook (Orange)                                                             Connolly, who has recently returned      The Grub Street Writers' Circle spon-
                                                                                 from a month-long European photog-       sors a reading from and signing of
                                                                                                                      fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          23

                                                                                             roxbury                          ¡Merengue!
                                                                                                                              National Center of Afro-American
Born Before Plastic: Stories from         Classes /
Boston's Most Enduring                                                                                                        Now to 11/03/08
Neighborhoods. Noon. 25 Parmenter
St, North End; (617) 227-8135,                                                     Wally's Stepchildren                       Organized by Sara Hermann of the
www.bpl.org; Free; T: Haymarket           Irish Dancing Classes                    Wally's Cafe                               Centro Cultural Eduardo León
(Green/Orange)                            Charlestown Working Theater              Ongoing                                    Jimenes, ¡Merengue! will present 47
                                          Ongoing                                                                             works by 27 classical and contempo-
John Fuentes                                                                       Resident groups perform. Various           rary artists-paintings, works on
80 Border Street Cultural Exchange        Classes for different ages run by the    times. 427 Massachusetts Ave; (617)        paper, and an illustrated timeline
Center                                    Woods School of Irish Dance. Wed, 4 -    424-1408, www.wallyscafe.com; T:           that reveals the diverse styles prac-
10/18/08                                  7 p.m. 442 Bunker St, Charlestown;       Massachusetts Ave (Orange)                 ticed by Dominican artists who
                                          (617) 242-3285,                                                                     interpret the island's most impor-
A poet all the way from New York. 3       www.workingtheater.org; T: Sullivan
                                          Square (Orange)
                                                                                   Visual Arts                                tant musical and dance form. Tues -
p.m. 80 Border St, East Boston; (617)                                                                                         Sat, 1 - 5 p.m. 300 Walnut Ave;
418-5060, www.80borderstreet.org;                                                                                             (617) 442-8614, www.ncaaa.org; $3
                                          Furniture Making / Woodworking           Aspelta: A Nubian King's Burial
T: Maverick (Blue)                                                                                                            - $4; T: Ruggles (Orange)
                                          North Bennet School                      Chamber
                                          Ongoing                                  National Center of Afro-American
Bigfoot, Sea Serpents, and                                                                                                    Roxbury Open Studios
Cryptozoology                                                                                                                 ACT Roxbury
                                          The workshop program at North            Ongoing
Museum of Science                                                                                                             10/04 - 10/05/08
10/29/08                                  Bennet Street School is an outgrowth
                                          of the full-time training programs       Created around the legacy of the
                                                                                   late 25th-Dynasty ruler King Aspelta       Located in the geographic heart of
Could hair samples be used to verify      and extends the school mission for                                                  Boston, Roxbury's artists will be
                                          training in traditional crafts. A wide   (600-580 BC), whose excavation
the existence of Bigfoot? Are unex-                                                                                           showcasing their works in galleries
                                          range of courses for all levels.         records were locally available, the
plained animal droppings evidence of                                                                                          in the South End, in group shows on
                                          Various times. Various prices. 39        presentation features nearly fifty
a new species? Do footprints hold the                                                                                         Fort Hill and Mission Hill, and in
                                          North Bennet St, North End; (617)        2,600-year-old objects from Aspelta's
key to unlocking the mystery of the                                                                                           home and loft studios all around the
                                          227-0155, www.nbss.org; T:               tomb or times. Tues - Sat, 1 - 5 p.m.
yeti? World-renowned cryptozoologist                                                                                          neighborhood. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                          Haymarket (Orange/Green)                 300 Walnut Ave; (617) 442-8614,
Loren Coleman has spent decades                                                                                               Various locations; (617) 541-3900,
                                                                                   www.ncaaa.org; $3 - $4; T: Ruggles
researching the existence of fantasti-                                                                                        www.roxburyopenstudios.org; Free;
                                          Various                                  (Orange)
cal creatures and interviewing wit-                                                                                           T: Roxbury Crossings (Orange)
nesses who have sighted sea ser-          Zumix
pents, lake monsters, Sasquatch,          Ongoing
                                                                                   National Center of Afro-American
thunderbirds, and other yet-to-be
                                          Zumix presents a range of innovative     Artists
verified animals. Join us to explore
                                          classes for all levels. Learn music,     Ongoing                                    Twist & Shout
the science behind these mythic
beings. 7 p.m. Science Park; (617)        production, theory, and so much                                                     OrigiNation, Inc.
                                          more. Various times. 202 Maverick St,    Among these is an 8-by-8-foot unti-        10/04/08
723-2500, www.mos.org; Free; T:
                                          East Boston; (617) 568-9777,             tled painting by Ellen Banks, who
Science Park (Green)
                                          www.zumix.org; T: Maverick (Blue)        previously was active in Boston. Her       An evening of dance, music, and
                                                                                   midcareer paintings were typically         spoken word. 6:30 p.m. Roxbury
WGBH's Eric Jackson
East Boston Branch Library                History                                  formed from flat geometric shapes
                                                                                   rendered in a narrow palette of basic
                                                                                                                              Community College's Media Arts
                                                                                                                              Center, 1234 Columbus Ave; (617)
                                                                                   colors. Tues - Sat, 1 - 5 p.m. 300         541-1875, www.originationinc.org;
                                          Paul Revere's Boston                     Walnut Ave; (617) 442-8614,                $12 - $15 - $35; T: Roxbury Crossing
The host of Eric in the Evening will      Paul Revere House                        www.ncaaa.org; $3 - $4; T: Ruggles         (Orange)
speak about broadcasting and jazz         Now to 10/18/08                          (Orange)
music. A question-and-answer period
will follow. 6:30 p.m. 276 Meridian       Every Saturday afternoon, the Revere
St; (617) 569-0271, www.bpl.org;          House courtyard takes on a festive
Free; T: Maverick (Blue)                  atmosphere, as the crafts of our
                                          forefathers are deomonstrated. 1 - 3
Festivals /                               p.m. (Allow for flexibility, possibly
Special Events                            running until 4 p.m.) 19 North Sq;
                                          (617) 523-2338, www.bpl.org; $2.50 -
                                          $3; T: Haymarket (Orange)
USS Constitution's 211th Birthday
USS Constitution Museum                   Thanksgiving Feasts and Christmas
10/18/08                                  Controversies in Early Boston
                                          Paul Revere House
The USS Constitution Museum will          12/06 - 12/07/08
celebrate the Constitution's 211th
birthday with performances of             Costumed interpreters acquaint visi-
"Sailors' Lives and Sailors' Wives" and   tors with days of thanksgiving, which
hands-on activities. Noon - 4 p.m.        the governor might declare at any
USS Constitution Museum;                  time of year to express gratitude for
Charlestown Navy Yard, Charlestown;       good fortune. 9:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
(617) 426 1812 ext 146;                                                                                                        Take a snapshot of Boston’s
                                          19 North Sq; (617) 523-2338,
www.ussconstitutionmuseum.org;                                                                                                 history at the Paul Revere House
                                          www.paulreverehouse.org; $1.50 -
Free                                                                                                                           in Boston’s North End
                                          $4.50; T: Haymarket (Orange)

                                                                                                                         fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)         24
by Gabrielle Bouliane                                                                  hope and Mahatma Ghandi's concep-
                                                                                       tion of "being the change that you
The slim figure of a woman steps light-                                                want to see in the world". Iyeoka's
ly onto the empty stage in front of an                                                 workshops took youth through exercis-
audience of 3,500. Aside from a spot-                                                  es that help them access their emo-
light and a microphone, there is noth-                                                 tions surrounding issues of culture and
ing between her and her audience. Yet                                                  personal identity. The aspiring per-
when she opens her mouth, transforms                                                   formers then coalesced these feelings
her body into her instrument and the                                                   through writing, vocal training, music
rich alto voice booms out a story of                                                   and song incorporation and body
her family, her life and her cultural                                                  movement exercises into potent works
heritage from Nigeria, your mind is                                                    that will grab an audience's attention.
transported without the need for any                                                   The workshops culminated in a per-
further embellishments.                                                                formance at the Ong King Arts Center.
                                                                                       She is also leading a similar granted
Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo is one of a new                                                     program through the Wayland High
generation of poets and spoken word                                                    School Residency working with English
artists who have made an international                                                 Department and the Jazz Ensemble
career from her writing and perform-                                                   teaching spoken-word and music tech-
ance. Based in Boston and a native of                                                  niques for creative writing and music
Mission Hill, Iyeoka has been expanding                                                collaborations for purposes of per-
the reach of her voice for the past                                                    formance.
seven years, progressing to becoming
one of the top ten slam poets in the                                                   Finally, she worked with a partnership
nation, and then on to such feats as                                                   of two Boston-area non-profits, The
performing her original work before                                                    Cloud Foundation and Opera Boston to
the President of Rwanda, gracing the       son for the agency, Iyeoka is able to       create a workshop for teens this
cover of Leverage Magazine, becoming       spread the word of the agency's mission     summer. A group of teen writers and
the voice of a new Discovery Health        through her writing and performances.       poets were recruited from the Cloud's
Channel branding campaign, and win-                                                    Teen Spoken Word Curatorial Program
ning the New England Urban Music           "It has always been a dream of mine to      and created new dialogue based on
Award for the Best Female Spoken           be directly involved in efforts to          the music from Carmen. With her aid,
Word Poet of 2006.                         improve conditions in the country           the teens created approximately 20
                                           where my parents were born. Spoken          minutes of dialogue to be interspersed
With all these accomplishments behind      word allows me to pass on information       between the opera's vocal works,
her, the future is even brighter. On the   and reach audiences unaware of the          creating a new story in this classic
agenda for this year alone are four        situation in rural Nigeria. One of the      masterpiece.
new outstanding opportunities for her      reasons why I am so enthusiastic about
to use her voice to continue to make       the mission of the Amenawon                 Would you like to catch a performance
the world a better place.                  Foundation is because it focuses efforts    and see what the excitement is about?
                                           on the smaller villages that are often      Iyeoka has already performed at the
First, Iyeoka recently committed to        neglected by the government and fund-       Boston Arts Festival but you can check
being the official Spokesperson for a      ing initiatives from larger organiza-       her website for more information on
non-governmental organization called       tions."                                     this young upcoming performer:
the Amenawon Foundation. The foun-                                                     www.myspace.com/iyeoka. She also
dation is dedicated to making improve-     Next, Iyeoka is a part of three pro-        hosts an event along with The Press
ments in the smaller villages in           grams that will focus on youth in 2008.     Project called the Rock by Funk Series,
Nigeria, using the help of first-genera-   She received a 2008 grant from the          which showcases an eclectic mix of
tion Africans living in the United         Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state     poets and hip-hop bands and world
States. As a private agency working        agency, for an artist-in-residency pro-     music.
directly with the local Nigerian com-      gram that took place in Hawaii this
munity, the Amenawon Foundation is         summer. Iyeoka collaborated with the        Check out http://www.iyeoka.com
able to rapidly meet the needs of          Ong King Arts Center on Oahu to offer       and keep an eye on this dynamic artist
Nigerian residents in their chosen         her powerful performance and writing        - there's no telling where she'll go
areas of infrastructure, education and     workshops to local youth. The program       from here.
public health education. As spokesper-     will center upon reflections of identity,
                                                                                             fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)   25
       south boston -
         fort point
                                                                                    a British royal colonial governor.           Visual Arts
                                                                                    Thurs - Sun, 12 - 4 p.m.; 33 Shirley
                                                                                    St; (617) 442-2275,                          Dark Walk
                                                Diablo Glass in Roxbury
                                                                                    www.shirleyeustishouse.org; $3 -             Proof Gallery
                                                offers classes all year long
                                                                                    $5; T: Ruggles (Orange) & # 15 bus           Now to 10/18/08

                                                                                         south boston                            The Boston solo debut of Brooklyn-
                                                                                          fort point                             based artist Kevin Hooyman. The
                                                                                                                                 exhibition, Dark Walk, is inspired
                                                                                    Music                                        by the artist's memories of youthful
                                                                                                                                 late-night "sensory deprivation"
                                                                                                                                 walks in the wilderness with
                                                                                    New Music Now: Evan Parker and               friends. Thurs - Sat, noon - 5 p.m.;
                                                                                    Marilyn Crispell                             516 E. 2nd St; (508) 963-9102,
                                                                                    ICA                                          www.proof-gallery.com; Free; T:
                                                                                    10/10/08                                     Broadway (Red)

                                                                                    Evan Parker and Marilyn Crispell             Open Studios Trade Show
                                                                                    will each present a solo set and             Fort Point Arts Community Gallery
                                                                                    then close the evening in a world-           Now to - 10/24/08
                                                                                    premiere pairing. Parker, a towering
                                                                                    figure in the British music pan-             Mon - Wed, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.;
                                                                                    theon, performs phenomenal solo              Thurs - Fri, 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Sat, 5
                                                                                    saxophone music, creating complex            - 10 p.m. 300 Summer St, Fort
                                                                                    polyphony from what is normally a            Point; (617) 423-4299,
                                                                                    "single-line" instrument. Crispell           www.fortpointarts.org; Free; South
                                                                                    studied classical piano and composi-         Station (Red)
                                                                                    tion at the New England
                                                                                    Conservatory. 7:30 p.m. 100                  Michele David; Chip Joffe-
                                                                                    Northern Ave; (617) 478-3103,                Halpern; Steve Gentile
Annual Kwanzaa Concert                     Terrace St; (617) 442-7444,              www.icaboston.org; $20 - $25; T:             Artists Foundation
OrigiNation, Inc.                          www.diabloglassandmetal.com; T:          South Station (Red)                          Now to 10/25/08
12/12 - 12/13/08                           Roxbury Crossing (Orange)
                                                                                    MIXFest 2008                                 Michele David is in the Main
Annual celebration from this year's        Dance classes                            Bank of America Pavilion                     Gallery, Chip Joffe-Halpern is in the
performing arts program. Fri, 7 p.m.;      OrigiNation                              10/11/08                                     Office Gallery, and Steve Gentile is
Sat, 3 p.m. Roxbury Community              Ongoing                                                                               in the Video Gallery. Sat, noon - 5
College's Media Arts Center, 1234                                                   With Sarah McLachlan, Bryan                  p.m. 516 E. 2nd St; (617) 464-3559,
Columbus Ave; (617) 541-1875               For groups of all ages. Various times.   Adams, Jordin Sparks, Matt                   www.artistsfoundation.org; Free; T:
www.originationinc.org; $12 - $15; T:      OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center, 11     Nathanson, and more. 3 p.m. 290              Broadway (Red)
Roxbury Crossing (Orange)                  Walnut Park; (617) 541-1875,             Northern Ave; (617) 728-1600,
                                           www.originationinc.org; T: Stony         www.bankofamericapavilion.com;               MOMENTUM 11: Nicholas Hlobo
Literature                                 Brook (Orange)                           $35 - $55; T: South Station (Red)            ICA
                                                                                                                                 Now to 10/26/08
VerBaLiZaTion                              History                                  New Music Now: Fred Frith's Cosa
                                                                                    Brava featuring Carla Kihlstedt,             Hlobo's works on paper, sculpture,
National Center of Afro-American
                                                                                    Zeena Parkins, and Matthias Bossi            and performance harness the asso-
Artists                                    Roxbury Then and Now - A Walking
                                                                                    with sound design by the Norman              ciative potential of materials. Tues
Ongoing                                    Tour
                                                                                    Conquest                                     - Wed, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Thurs -
                                           Discover Roxbury
                                                                                    ICA                                          Fri, 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 10
A series of spoken-word programs fea-      Ongoing
                                                                                    12/12/08                                     a.m. - 5 p.m. The Institute of
turing young poets and writers of
Greater Boston performing their work,      Roxbury Then and Now is a 1½ hour                                                     Contemporary Art, 100 Northern
                                                                                    Guitarist/Composer Fred Frith                Ave; (617) 478-3100,
VerBaLiZation is co-presented by the       walking tour of the Highland Park
                                                                                    brings his new assemblage, Cosa              www.icaboston.org; $10 - $12, Free
museum every 2nd and 4th Thursday of       area of Roxbury, highlighting the rich
                                                                                    Brava, to Boston for the first time.         after 5 p.m. on Target Free
the month. 300 Walnut Ave; (617) 442-      history and present-day diversity of
                                                                                    With long-time collaborator Zeena            Thursdays; T: South Station (Red)
8614, www.ncaaa.org; Free; T: Ruggles      the area. Tour leaders are Roxbury
                                                                                    Parkins (Skeleton Crew, Björk) and
(Orange)                                   residents who know Roxbury inside
                                                                                    new partners including violin-               Tara Donovan
                                           out. Various payment options are
Classes /
                                                                                    ist/vocalist Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat,       ICA
                                           available depending on group size.
                                                                                    Two Foot Yard), the loquacious Frith         10/10 - 01/04/09
                                           Tues, Wed, & Fri, 10 a.m. Starting
                                                                                    carries on with his creative ven-
                                           point: the Dillaway-Thomas House,
                                                                                    tures that began with the famous             The ICA is organizing the first
                                           183 Roxbury St; (617) 427-1006,
Glass blowing/Frame work-                                                           art rock band Henry Cow and show             major museum survey of the
                                           www.discoverroxbury.org; T: Ruggles
ing/Metalworking                                                                    no signs of letting up. 7:30 p.m.            American sculptor. Donovan trans-
Diablo Glass                                                                        100 Northern Ave; (617) 478-3103,            forms large quantities of mass-pro-
Ongoing                                                                             www.icaboston.org; $20 - $25; T:             duced items-drinking straws, tooth-
                                           Guided Tours
                                                                                    South Station (Red)                          picks, buttons-into stunning works
                                           Shirley Eustis House
By offering beginning classes in various   Now to 10/05/08                                                                       of phenomenal impact. Tues - Wed,
disciplines, Diablo is able to expose                                                                                            10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Thurs - Fri, 10
people to a broad spectrum of exciting     Royal Governor William Shirley's                                                      a.m. - 9 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 10 a.m. -
glass and metalworking techniques.         Georgian mansion is the only remain-                                                  5 p.m. The Institute of
Classes are at various times. 123          ing country house in America built by                                                 Contemporary Art, 100 Northern
                                                                                                                           fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          26
       south boston -
         fort point
                                                                                    the Guinness World Records "Fastest          appeal that blend African
Ave; (617) 478-3100,                       Caleb Cole; Yoshiko Suga;                Dancer in the World," who clocks in          American-based dance with ballet,
www.icaboston.org; $10 - $12, Free         Susan Halter                             at an astounding 38 taps per sec-            jazz, and modern dance. The com-
after 5 p.m. on Target Free Thursdays;     Artists Foundation                       ond. Devine's amazing footwork is            pany will present the Boston pre-
T: South Station (Red)                     11/08 - 12/20/08                         accompanied by live musicians on             miere works choreographed by
                                                                                    fiddle and percussion, creating one          Rennie Harris, Christopher L.
Fort Point Open Studios                    Caleb Cole is in the Main Gallery,       rhythmic spectacle after another.            Huggins, Milton Myers, and Gene
Fort Point Arts Community                  Yoshiko Suga is in the Office Gallery,   Fri & Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. ICA,          Hill Sagan. Fri & Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 3
10/17 - 10/19/08                           and Susan Halter is in the Video         100 Northern Ave; (617) 478-3103,            p.m. ICA, 100 Northern Ave; (617)
                                           Gallery. Sat, noon - 5 p.m. 516 E.       www.icaboston.org; $31.50 - $35; T:          478-3103, www.icaboston.org;
Pick up a map and explore the historic     2nd St; (617) 464-3559,                  South Station (Red)                          $31.50 - $35; T: South Station (Red)
warehouses that house the studios of       www.artistsfoundation.org; Free; T:
Fort Point artists! Over 200 artists,      Broadway (Red)                           Another Evening: Serenade/The                Faker
working in all media of fine art and                                                Proposition                                  ICA
craft, invite you in to see their newest   2008 Fort Point Holiday Sale             Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance               11/29 - 11/30/08
work. Most of the artwork you see will     Fort Point Arts Community                Company
be available for sale. In addition,        12/05 - 12/07/08                         10/24 - 10/26/08                             Choreographed and directed by
there will be outdoor art installations,                                                                                         Morgan Thorson, this is a sublime
music, art activities for children,        Fort Point is the place to find          This draws on the legacy of                  and dazzling dance performance
food, and performances. Fri, 4 - 7         unique and artful holiday gifts. 300     Abraham Lincoln, using his docu-             for a cast of seven commissioned
p.m.; Sat - Sun, 7 p.m. 300 Summer         Summer St, Fort Point; (617) 423-        mented words, his contemporaries'            by the Walker Art Center and
St, Fort Point; (617) 423-4299,            4299, www.fortpointarts.org; Free;       writings and speeches, and other             Southern Theater in Minneapolis.
www.fortpointarts.org; Free; T: South      South Station (Red)                      texts to set up the push and pull of         Presented in collaboration with
Station (Red)                                                                       historical perspective. Fri & Sat, 8         Critical Moves Contemporary
                                           Boston Does Boston II                    p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. ICA, 100 Northern          Dance, this exploration of imper-
John Neff Nocturnes for Boston             Proof Gallery                            Ave; (617) 478-3103,                         sonation, obsession, and ritualistic
Proof Gallery                              12/13 - 01/24/09                         www.icaboston.org; $40 - $50; T:             behavior exposes contemporary
10/25 - 12/06/08                                                                    South Station (Red)                          culture's fixation with celebrity
                                           Thurs - Sat, noon - 5 p.m.; 516 E.                                                    over authenticity, and degrading
Thurs - Sat, 12 - 5 p.m.; 516 E. 2nd       2nd St; (508) 963-9102, www.proof-       Philadanco                                   over elevating entertainment of all
St; (508) 963-9102, www.proof-             gallery.com; Free; T: Broadway           ICA                                          kinds. 7:30 p.m. 100 Northern Ave;
gallery.com; Free; T: Broadway (Red)       (Red)                                    11/14 - 11/16/08                             (617) 478-3103,
                                                                                                                                 www.icaboston.org; $15 - $20; T:
Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall        Shepard Fairey                           Philadanco performs joyous and               South Station (Red)
ICA                                        ICA                                      adventurous works with universal
10/28 - 10/19/09                           02/06 - 04/19/09

Ugo Rondinone's work asks us to con-       Fairey is one of today's best-known
sider the way objects, spaces, and         and most influential street artists.
words become infused with meaning          This exhibition will include stenciled
and memory. The Swiss artist will cre-     stickers from early guerilla art cam-
ate a new work for the ICA lobby. Tues     paigns, screenprints, works on wood
- Wed, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Thurs - Fri,      and metal, and some of his most
10 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 10 a.m. -     recent work. Tues - Wed, 10 a.m. -
5 p.m. The Institute of Contemporary       5 p.m.; Thurs - Fri, 10 a.m. - 9
Art, 100 Northern Ave; (617) 478-3100,     p.m.; Sat - Sun, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
www.icaboston.org; $10 - $12, Free         The Institute of Contemporary Art,
after 5 p.m. on Target Free Thursdays;     100 Northern Ave; (617) 478-3100,
T: South Station (Red)                     www.icaboston.org; $10 - $12, Free
                                           after 5 p.m. on Target Free
Trademark                                  Thursdays; T: South Station (Red)
Fort Point Arts Community Gallery
10/31 - 12/05/08                           In and Out
                                           Fort Point Arts Community Gallery
Mon - Wed, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.; Thurs       03/06 - 04/10/09
- Fri, 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Sat, 5 p.m. -
10 p.m. 300 Summer St, Fort Point;         Mon - Wed, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.;
(617) 423-4299,                            Thurs - Fri, 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Sat, 5
www.fortpointarts.org; Free; South         - 10 p.m. 300 Summer St, Fort
Station (Red)                              Point; (617) 423-4299,
                                           www.fortpointarts.org; Free; South
South Boston Open Studios                  Station (Red)
South Boston Open Studios
11/01 - 11/02/08                           Dance
South Boston artists will open their       Celtic Tap
studios to the general public. Noon - 6    World Music, Inc
p.m. Various locations; (617) 464-         10/17 - 10/19/08
4237,                                                                                Tara Donovan exhibiting at the
www.southbostonopenstudios.org;            A thrilling mix of tap, step dance,       ICA until January 4, 2009
Free; T: Broadway (Red)                    and urban rhythms, Celtic Tap fea-
                                           tures Irish tap dancer James Devine,
                                                                                                                           fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)          27
        south boston -
          fort point

                                                                                                                                       The Boston Children’s
Abbott and Costello Monster Mash                                                                                                       Museum continues to
Film Series                                                                                                                            be a hive of education
South Boston Branch Library                                                                                                            all year long.
10/07 - 10/28/08

Tuesdays. Oct 7, Abbott & Costello
Meet Frankenstein (1955, 79 min.); Oct
14, Abbott & Costello Meet the
Invisible Man (1951, 82 min.); Oct 21,
Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr.
Hyde (1953, 76 min.); Oct 28, Abbott
& Costello Meet the Mummy (1948, 83
min). 1 p.m. 646 East Broadway; (617)
268-0180, www.bpl.org; Free; T:
Andrew (Red), #10

The International Experimental
Cinema Exposition

PART 1, To Trudge: A TIE
Retrospective, features "Blocking" by
Pablo Marin; "The Influence of Ocular
Light Perception on Metabolism in Man       Art classes for kids in this multi-
and in Animal" by Thomas Draschan           functional and stimulating space..                                                       Live Work
and Stella Friedric; "Steifheit 1 & 2" by   Various times. 300 Congress St; (617)     Visual Arts                                    Laconia Gallery
Albert Sackl; "Metaphysical Education"      426-8855,                                                                                Now to 11/30/08
by Thad Povey; "Transaension" by Dan        www.bostonchildrensmuseum.org; T:         Katherine Bradford: Aliens and
Baker; "The Crossing" by Timoleon           South Station (Red)                       Seafarers                                      Gallery listing subject to change.
Wilkins; "And We All Shine On" by                                                     Samson Projects                                Thurs - Sun, 12 - 4 p.m. 433
Michael Robinson; "Shudder" by                                                        Now to 10/25/08                                Harrison Ave;
Michael Gitlin; and "Vom Innen; von                  south end                                                                       www.laconiagallery.org; Free; T:
Aussen" by Albert Sackl. PART 2, To                                                   Wed - Sat, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.                    Back Bay (Orange)
Raise: New Films from TIE by Boston                                                   Storefront 63, 450 Harrison Ave;
Filmmakers, includes a large selection      M u s i c t o Fe s t i v a l s /          (617) 357-7177,                                Robert Schelling & Caroline
of new work by filmmakers including
Rebecca Meyers, Luther Price,
                                            Special Events                            www.samsonprojects.com; Free; T:               Bagenal
                                                                                      New England Medical (Orange)                   Boston Sculptors Gallery
Jonathan Shwartz, and Robert Todd.
                                            The Mass Ave Project                                                                     10/08 - 11/09/08
There will be a break between pro-                                                    The SoWa Open Market
grams. 6 p.m. 100 Northern Ave; (617)       Beehive
                                            10/22/08                                  South End Market                               Wed - Sun, 12 - 6 p.m. 486
478-3103, www.icaboston.org; $8 -                                                     Now to 10/26/08                                Harrison Ave; (617) 482-7781,
$10; T: South Station (Red)
                                            The Mass Ave Project is a collabora-                                                     www.bostonsculptors.com; Free; T:
                                                                                      A summer-long program taking                   New England Medical (Orange)
Fe s t i v a l s S p e c i a l /            tion of young international musicians
                                            who got together in Boston for per-       place every Sunday over the sum-
E v e n t s t o Fe s t i v a l s /          formances in St. Petersburg, Russia.      mer and fall, excluding holiday                Taylor Davis
Special Events                              What's more, they play funk/jazz          weekends, that features artists sell-          Samson Projects
                                            fusion. Now they are at the Beehive       ing their arts and crafts. 10 a.m. - 4         10/31 - 12/13/08
                                            for an electric night of funk, with the   p.m. 540 Harrison Ave; (617) 481-
Fall Fair                                                                             2257,                                          Wed - Sat, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                            best jazz chops in town. 541 Tremont
South Boston Branch Library                                                           www.southendopenmarket.com;                    Storefront 63, 450 Harrison Ave;
                                            St; (617) 423-0096,
10/18/08                                                                              Free; T: Back Bay (Orange)                     (617) 357-7177,
                                            www.beehiveboston.com; T: Back Bay
                                            (Orange)                                                                                 www.samsonprojects.com; Free; T:
Autumn-related activities in the gar-                                                 Hecho a Mano: New Visions of                   New England Medical (Orange)
den include pumpkin-decorating, face-                                                 Latin Contemporary Art
                                            Rock En Espanol II
painting, and crafts. Refreshments will                                               CLA / Las Casa de la Cultura                   Charles Jones; David Naito
                                            Café Teatro
be served. Fun for all is a guarantee.                                                Now to 10/29/08                                Boston Sculptors Gallery
12 - 3 p.m. 646 East Broadway; (617)                                                                                                 11/15 - 12/21/08
268-0180, www.bpl.org; Free; T:                                                       Gallery Opening: Thursday, October
                                            Will feature four groups: Cordero,
Andrew (Red), #10                                                                     4, 6 - 9 p.m. The young artists                Wed - Sun, noon - 6 p.m. 486
                                            Juancho Herrera, Soulsa, and Boston-
                                            based guitarist Rafael Gomez. 9 p.m.      involved in the Cacique Youth Arts             Harrison Ave; (617) 482-7781,
Classes /                                   Jorge Hernandez Cultural Centre, 85       program work in conjunction with               www.bostonsculptors.com; Free; T:
Workshops                                   Newton St; (617) 927-1737,                professional artists and other men-
                                                                                      tors to develop inspirational and
                                                                                                                                     New England Medical (Orange)
                                            www.claboston.org; $15 - $20; T:
                                            Massachusetts Ave (Orange)                provocative mixed-media artwork.               SMFA Graduate Video Installation
Art Studio                                                                            85 Newton St; (617) 927-1737,                  Laconia Gallery
Boston Children's Museum                                                              www.claboston.org; Free; T:                    12/05 - 12/30/08
Ongoing                                                                               Massachusetts Ave (Orange)
                                                                                                                               fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)         28
              south end
                                                                                 Roberts Studio Theatre, the Boston          Boston's best musical theatre talent
                                                                                 Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont            performing songs from roles in
                                       African American teenager living in a
                                                                                 Street; (617) 933-8600,                     which they would never be cast.
Gallery listing subject to change.     Los Angeles group home and a mid-
                                                                                 www.bostontheatrescene.com; $42;            7:30 p.m. Roberts Studio Theatre,
Thurs - Sun, noon - 4 p.m. 433         dle-class Zimbabwean newscaster,
                                                                                 T: Back Bay (Orange)                        the Boston Center for the Arts, 539
Harrison Ave;                          married with child, discover they are
                                                                                                                             Tremont Street; (617) 933-8600,
www.laconiagallery.org; Free; T:       pregnant and infected with HIV. Over
                                                                                 Seascape by Edward Albee                    www.bostontheatrescene.com; $42;
Back Bay (Orange)                      the course of one weekend both
                                                                                 Zeitgeist Stage Company                     T: Back Bay (Orange)
                                       women must make a decision that
Laura Baring-Gould; Laura Evans        will alter the course of their lives,     10/03 - 10/25/08
                                                                                                                             Boleros for the Disenchanted
Boston Sculptors Gallery               and the life of their families forever.
                                                                                 As a retired couple picnics on a            Huntington Theatre Company
12/31 - 02/08/08                       Wed - Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri - Sat, 8
                                                                                 seemingly deserted beach, they are          10/10 - 11/15/08
                                       p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3 p.m. BCA Plaza
Wed - Sun, noon - 6 p.m. 486           Black Box, the Boston Center for the      joined by another couple coming in
                                                                                 from the ocean-literally. A pair of         By Jose Rivera. The youthful, whirl-
Harrison Ave; (617) 482-7781,          Arts, 539 Tremont Street; (617) 933-
                                                                                 lizards proceed to take the humans          wind romance of Flora and Eusebio
www.bostonsculptors.com; Free; T:      8600, www.bostontheatrescene.com;
                                                                                 on an amazing underwater adven-             in their native Puerto Rico is tested
New England Medical (Orange)           T: Back Bay (Orange)
                                                                                 ture, while the humans reciprocate          and strengthened over four decades
                                                                                 by introducing the lizards to life          of marriage, from their homeland to
Chris Faust                            The Light in the Piazza
                                                                                 above the ocean floor. Fri - Sat, 8         the U.S., where they continue to
Laconia Gallery                        SpeakEasy Stage Company
                                                                                 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 3 p.m.; BCA Plaza          share a passionate love and fierce
01/09 - 02/20/09                       Now to 10/18/08
                                                                                 Black Box, the Boston Center for the        commitment to each other. Wed, 7
                                                                                 Arts, 539 Tremont Street; (617) 933-        p.m.; Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri - Sat, 8
Gallery listing subject to change.     Winner of 6 Tony Awards, this soaring
                                                                                 8600,                                       p.m.; Sat - Sun, 2 p.m. Wimberly
Thurs - Sun, noon - 4 p.m. 433         musical whisks you away to Italy for
                                                                                 www.bostontheatrescene.com; T:              Theatre, the Boston Center for the
Harrison Ave;                          a captivating tale of passion and
                                                                                 Back Bay (Orange)                           Arts, 539 Tremont Street; (617) 933-
www.laconiagallery.org; Free; T:       romance. It's the summer of 1953,
Back Bay (Orange)                      and young Clara Johnson is traveling
                                                                                 Sorry, Wrong Number                         www.bostontheatrescene.com; T:
                                       the Tuscan countryside with her
                                                                                 SpeakEasy Stage Company                     Back Bay (Orange)
David E. Paez: Viajes                  mother when she meets and falls
CLA / Las Casa de la Cultura           head-over-heels for a young               10/06 - 10/07/08
                                                                                                                             Varla Loves a Foreign Tongue
01/15 - 03/04/09                       Florentine. Can true love prevail? Or
                                                                                 SpeakEasy Stage Company presents            The Theater Offensive
                                       will a dark family secret keep them
                                                                                 "Sorry, Wrong Number," a special            10/28 - 11/01/08
85 Newton St; (617) 927-1737,          apart? Wed - Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri -
www.claboston.org; Free; T:            Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.     benefit cabaret that features
                                                                                                                             Back by popular demand! For years,
Massachusetts Ave (Orange)                                                                                                   vivacious personality Varla Jean
                                                                                       Conor McPherson is con-               Merman has charmed sold-out audi-
Kenji Fujita                                                                                                                 ences from Provincetown to Sydney
Samson Projects                                                                        sidered the hot playwright
                                                                                       at the moment and his                 (and even Project Runway) with her
02/06 - 03/21/09                                                                                                             incredible voice and flirtatious wit.
                                                                                       “The Seafarer” will be
                                                                                       staged by The Speakeasy               The purported lovechild of Ethel
Wed - Sat, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.                                                                                                  Merman and Ernest Borgnine, Varla
Storefront 63, 450 Harrison Ave;                                                       Stage Company at the BCA
                                                                                       from November 12 to                   returns to supercharge Boston in a
(617) 357-7177,                                                                                                              bid for total dominance of the world
www.samsonprojects.com; Free; T:                                                       December 13
                                                                                                                             stage . . . one wig at a time! Tues -
New England Medical (Orange)                                                                                                 Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri - Sat, 10:15
                                                                                                                             p.m.; Roberts Studio Theatre, the
Benjamin Cariens; Joe Wheelwright                                                                                            Boston Center for the Arts, 539
Boston Sculptors Gallery                                                                                                     Tremont Street; (617) 933-8600,
02/11 - 03/15/09                                                                                                             www.bostontheatrescene.com; T:
                                                                                                                             Back Bay (Orange)
Wed - Sun, 12 - 6 p.m. 486 Harrison
Ave; (617) 482-7781,                                                                                                         Miss America
www.bostonsculptors.com; Free; T:                                                                                            The Theater Offensive
New England Medical (Orange)                                                                                                 10/31 - 11/02/08
Jessica Straus; Andy Zimmermann                                                                                              In their newest show, Miss America,
Boston Sculptors Gallery                                                                                                     Obie award-winning Peggy Shaw and
03/18 - 04/09/09                                                                                                             Lois Weaver turn their unapologetic
                                                                                                                             critique and riotous humor loose on
Wed - Sun, 12 - 6 p.m. 486 Harrison                                                                                          the dissolution of the American
Ave; (617) 482-7781,                                                                                                         Dream. A beauty pageant on a land-
www.bostonsculptors.com; Free; T:                                                                                            fill of too much information, Miss
New England Medical (Orange)                                                                                                 America exposes what is lost in a
                                                                                                                             society that is still hopelessly cling-
Theater                                                                                                                      ing to winning. Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri
                                                                                                                             - Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m.; Sun, 2
In the Continuum                                                                                                             p.m. Roberts Studio Theatre, the
Up You Mighty Race Inc.                                                                                                      Boston Center for the Arts, 539
Now to 10/18/08                                                                                                              Tremont Street; (617) 933-8600,
                                                                                                                             www.bostontheatrescene.com; T:
By Danai Gurira & Nikkole Salter. On                                                                                         Back Bay (Orange)
opposite sides of the world, an

                                                                                                                        fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)           29
               south end

The Seafarer                              The Wrestling Patient
SpeakEasy Stage Company                   SpeakEasy Stage Company
11/14 - 12/13/08                          03/27 - 04/11/09

Both hilarious and chilling, The          Based on the remarkable and true
Seafarer weaves a mythic tale of the      story of Etty Hillesum, a young
sea, Ireland, and redemption. On          Jewish writer, this extraordinary
Christmas Eve in North Dublin,            play chronicles Etty's remarkable
Sharky Harkin finds himself reluc-        journey into the emerging science of
tantly hosting old friends at the         psychology just as World War II
dingy house he shares with his broth-     engulfs her native Amsterdam. An
er who has recently gone blind. A lot     ensemble of seven actors bring to
of booze and card-playing carry the       life Etty Hillesum's secret history of
men into Christmas Day when Sharky        musical evenings, therapeutic
must face the grim promise he made        wrestling matches, black-market
decades ago to one of these old           strawberries, and midnight prayers
friends. Wed - Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri      that inspired her amazing transfor-
- Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m.; Sun, 3        mation during one of the darkest
p.m. Roberts Studio Theatre, the          hours in history. Wed - Thurs, 7:30
Boston Center for the Arts, 539           p.m.; Fri - Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m.;
Tremont Street; (617) 933-8600,           Sun, 3 p.m. Roberts Studio Theatre,
www.bostontheatrescene.com; $42;          the Boston Center for the Arts, 539
T: Back Bay (Orange)                      Tremont Street; (617) 933-8600,
                                          www.bostontheatrescene.com; $42;
The New Century                           T: Back Bay (Orange)
SpeakEasy Stage Company
01/16 - 02/14/09                          History
From the author of Jeffrey and the
                                          mytown youth-led historical
Most Fabulous Story Ever Told comes
                                          walking tours
this hilarious collection of four short
plays. A wealthy Jewish matron with
at least three gay children, a flam-
boyant public access TV host, and a
                                          A multicultural youth tour of what's
Midwestern scrapbooker/competitive
                                          now, mytown tours offer adults, chil-
cake decorator each have their say,
                                          dren, and college groups the chance
then meet in a most unlikely place
                                          to see the hidden history of one of
in this outrageous look at where
                                          Boston's most vibrant neighborhoods.
society is headed in the new millen-
                                          Tours take place in the South End
nium. Wed - Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri -
                                          (starting at Back Bay or
Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.
                                          Massachusetts Ave). Call for time.
Roberts Studio Theatre, the Boston
                                          (617) 536-2891,
Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont
                                          www.mytowninc.org; $5 - $15; T:
Street; (617) 933-8600,
www.bostontheatrescene.com; $42;
T: Back Bay (Orange)

SpeakEasy Stage Company
02/20 - 03/21/09

Two people who once had a passion-
ate affair meet again fifteen years
later in this gripping drama that has
left audiences stunned in both
London and New York. Guilt, rage,
and raw emotions run high as the
pair recall their relationship and
attempt to come to terms with the
shattering truth of their abandoned
love. Wed - Thurs, 7:30 p.m.; Fri -
Sat, 8 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m.                        “Boleros for the
Roberts Studio Theatre, the Boston                           Disenchanted”
Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont                             running at the
Street; (617) 933-8600,                                      Wimberly
www.bostontheatrescene.com; $42;                             Theater from
T: Back Bay (Orange)                                         October 10 to
                                                             November 15

                                                                                   fall-winter   2008-09 / (ahts)   30

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