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									                                                        reasons                                     Be part of an

                                                                                          to        Association

                                                                                                    with a history of
                                                                                                    proactive, dynamic
                                                                                                    involvement on issues
                                                                                                    of local, national and
                                                                                                    international concern
                                                                                                    and a commitment to
                                                                                                    maintain the highest
                                                                                                    standards of the

                                                        Network and expand your circle of peers, experienced
                                                        colleagues and judges through committee participation,
                                                        programs and special events

                                                        Committee service provides the opportunity to frame
                                                        debate on pressing legal issues, influence local and national public
                                                        policy; build a network of valuable professional contacts and

                                                        Career advancement and professional development
                                                        programs and services including workshops, rainmaking strategies,
                                                        resume writing, interviewing tactics, etc.

                                                        The Small Law Firm Center provides a free private
                                                        conference room and private complete workspace, monthly
                                                        enewsletter, special business discounts and practical tips and

                                                        CLE discounts of up to 35% on classes, audio, video,
                                                        DVDs, CDs, and books

                                                        Free Onsite Westlaw and Lexis in the largest
                                                        private law library in the United States with extensive database

                                                        Practical Assistance for professionals including
                                                        an Ethics Hotline, insurance products, member discount
                                                        programs and the Lawyer Assistance Program addressing
                                                        addictions and mental health issues

42 West 44th Street • New York, NY 10036                Make a Difference by commenting on legislation,
                                engage in pro bono work and become a leader in your field
            Who We Are                                 What We Can Do For You
The New York City Bar is a premier professional         The New York City Bar Association exists to serve its
association for attorneys. This Association has a       members, the legal community and the public. We
distinguished history of commitment to proactive,       offer a multitude of opportunities to accomplish
dynamic involvement on issues of local, state,          your professional goals and fulfill your personal
national and international importance. We also          interests as well as enhance your career develop-
work to enhance our justice system, promote ethics      ment. Our members develop business contacts and
in government and the legal profession, and             friendships with peers, senior lawyers, and judges
provide legal assistance to New York's needy.           through networking, committee participation, and
                                                        social events. We offer a variety of ways to further
Our membership of over 24,000 lawyers and law           your career, through member discounted CLE
students represents a broad spectrum of the legal       courses, our career advancement programs and our
community: private practice, public service,            professional development breakfast workshops. We
judicial, government, academia and in-house             offer extensive resources to assist our members,
counsel. Together, through our committees we            including reference materials and databases in the
frame public debate on pressing legal issues and        nation's largest private law library, the Lawyer
influence local and national public policy.             Assistance Program, our Legal Referral Service, the
                                                        Small Law Firm Center, Ethics Hotline and sub-
Our landmark building, located in convenient            stantial member discounts on a wide array of prod-
midtown Manhattan within walking distance of            ucts and services. Every day, we strive to meet and
Grand Central and Times Square, is well used for        exceed the needs and expectations of our members.
education and networking. It holds one of the most
significant law libraries in the country. Through
our doors have walked Supreme Court Justices,
mayors, governors, celebrities, foreign dignitaries,
members of the executive branch, US Vice-
Presidents and Presidents.
                                                        For questions or more information, please contact
We invite you to join 24,000 of your colleagues as      the Membership Department at (212) 382-6665,
a member of the New York City Bar Association. or visit
    Applicant (Please print)

                                                                                                                                                                                              applicant information
                                                                                                                                                         FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                                                                                         Type___________ ID #______________
Firm or Organization                                                                                                                                     Fee____________ Dues_____________

Position/Title                                                                                                                     Date of Birth               /   /
Business Address
Work Phone (                )                                      Home Phone (              )                                     Cell Phone (                )
E-Mail: Preferred                                                                                        Secondary
Home Address
Please Send Mail To: (check one)                       ( )Office           ( )Home
JD (anticipated) Graduation Date                          /      /         School
LLM Graduation Date                    /       /                           School
Earliest Bar Admission                 /       /          State                   Country                            Additional Bar Admissions
Optional: ( ) Male ( ) Female           ( ) Disabled                                   ( ) LGBT
          Race/Ethnicity: ( ) African American                                      ( ) Caucasian                         ( ) Native American
                          ( ) Asian/Pacific Islander                                ( ) Hispanic                          ( ) Other: _______________
Areas of Interest (Please check all that apply)

                                                                                                                                                                                              areas of interest
(    )Administrative/Regulatory                    (   )Corporate/Mergers                          (   )Immigration                                  (   )Private Equity
(    )Admiralty                                    (   )Criminal                                   (   )Information Technology                       (   )Product Liability
(    )ADR/Arbitration/Negotiation                  (   )Disability                                 (   )Insurance                                    (   )Project Finance
(    )Aeronautics/Aviation                         (   )Diversity                                  (   )Intellectual Property                        (   )Public Affairs
(    )Animals and the Law                          (   )Education                                  (   )International Affairs                        (   )Public Interest/Pro Bono
(    )Antitrust & Trade Regulation                 (   )Elder Law                                  (   )International Human Rights                   (   )Real Estate/Land Use
(    )Art Law                                      (   )Election Law/Campaign Finance              (   )International Trade                          (   )Science
(    )Banking                                      (   )Employee Benefits/Compensation             (   )Judiciary/Judicial Administration            (   )Securities/Finance
(    )Bankruptcy                                   (   )Energy                                     (   )Labor/Employment                             (   )Small Law Firm Practice
(    )Career Development                           (   )Entertainment/Sports                       (   )Landlord-Tenant/Housing                      (   )Social Welfare/Benefits
(    )Civil Rights                                 (   )Environmental                              (   )Litigation                                   (   )Taxation
(    )Commercial/Business                          (   )Ethics/Professional Discipline             (   )Medical Malpractice                          (   )Tort Litigation/Personal Injury
(    )Communications & Media                       (   )Family/Matrimonial                         (   )Minority Issues                              (   )Transportation
(    )Constitutional Law                           (   )Gay/Lesbian Issues                         (   )Non-Profit                                   (   )Trusts & Estates
(    )Construction                                 (   )General Practice                           (   )Patents                                      (   )Women's Issues
(    )Consumer                                     (   )Health Care                                (   )Practice Management                          (   )Other:__________________

Practice Setting:                (   ) Government               ( ) Non-Profit                      Number of       ( )1                             ( ) 10-24          ( ) 100-149
( ) Academic                     (   ) Judicial                 ( ) Not Working                     Lawyers in your ( ) 2-5                          ( ) 25-49          ( ) 150+
( ) Corporate/                   (   ) Law Firm                 ( ) Retired                         Organization:   ( ) 6-9                          ( ) 50-99
    Inhouse Counsel              (   ) Non-Law-Related

Payment                To determine your payment with application, please refer to the membership classifications at the bottom of this form.

o Enclosed is a check for my initial payment in U.S. dollars for $_________ made payable to New York City Bar Association.
o Charge my initial payment in the amount of $_________ to my ( ) Visa ( ) Mastercard ( ) American Express
Account #                                                                                                                   Exp. Date            /         /
Signature                                                                                                                   Date                 /        /
    I certify that I am a member of the bar in good standing. t
    t   Recent Law Graduates certify that they are qualified to apply for admission to the bar and intend to become a member of the profession within two years of law school graduation.
    t   Law and LLM students certify that they are enrolled in good standing at an ABA-accredited law school. In the student's last year of law school, membership is from
        September 1 until graduation.

    Signature                                                                                                                                            Date       /      /
Membership Classifications/Fees

MEMBERSHIP FEES:                                                                                                                                         One-time                Semiannual =              Initial
                                                             Membership Class                         Category                                           Admission +
                                                                                                                                                           Fee                      Dues                  Payment
Applicants pay an Admission Fee which is a
one-time payment equal to their first year's dues. The       Resident Members*                            (AA)           Admitted 1996 and prior             $440         +          $220           =       $660
Admission Fee is waived in certain circumstances.            have an office in NYC                        (A)            Admitted 1997 - 2000                $430         +          $215           =       $645
Special dues rates may apply (see below).                                                                 (B)            Admitted 2001 - 2002                $295         +          $147.50        =       $442.50
Membership dues are based upon earliest year of
                                                                                                          (C)            Admitted 2003 - 2005                $245         +          $122.50        =       $367.50
admission to any bar in any state or country and
location of applicant's office. Fees for judicial                                                         (D)            Admitted 2006 -2008                 $160         +           $80           =       $240
members and those without an office are                      Suburban Members*                            (AA)           Admitted 1996 and prior             $330         +         $165            =       $495
determined by their legal residence.                         have an office outside of but                (A)            Admitted 1997 - 2000                $320         +         $160            =       $480
                                                             within 50 miles of NYC
                                                                                                          (B)            Admitted 2001 - 2002                $270         +         $135            =       $405
Nonresident members are billed annually payable May 1.
                                                                                                          (C)            Admitted 2003 - 2005                $245         +         $122.50         =       $367.50
Student members are billed annually payable September
1. All other members are billed semi-annually payable                                                     (D)            Admitted 2006 -2008                 $160         +          $80            =       $240
May 1 and November 1.                                        Judicial Resident                                                                               none         +         $102.50         =       $102.50
                                                             within 50 miles of NYC
The Admission Fee is waived for anyone whose
adjusted gross income is less than $80,000, and all          Public Service*                              (B)            Admitted 2001 - 2002                none         +          $100           =       $100
judicial and academic applicants; applicants in public       are admitted in 2001 or later and            (C)            Admitted 2003 - 2005                none         +           $75           =        $75
                                                             employed by a public law office or           (D)            Admitted 2006 - 2008                none         +           $50           =        $50
law offices or public service law offices; law students;     a public service law office
those joining within six months of law school gradu-
ation and prior to admission; and former members.            Recent Law School Graduate                                                                      $120         +            $60          =       $180

* Special Rates: applicants and members admitted                                                                                                         One-time                                          Initial
prior to 2001 and whose adjusted gross income is less
                                                             Membership Class                         Category                                           Admission +            Annual Dues =             Payment
than $80,000 per year may pay$147.50 semi-annually.
                                                             Nonresident Members                                         Admitted prior to 2006              $160         +          $160           =       $320
                                                             have an office more than 50 miles            (D)            Admitted 2006-2008                  $120         +          $120           =       $240
Sustaining Members voluntarily pay $650 annual-              from the NYC Bar
ly to support the New York City Bar's public policy
and pro bono activities                                      Judicial Nonresident                                                                            none         +          $160           =        $160
                                                             more than 50 miles from NYC
For those who have special circumstances that make it
difficult to join or maintain their membership, please       LLM Student                                                                                     none         +            $50          =         $50
contact the Membership Office at 212.382.6665 or             Law Student                                                                                     none         +            $25          =         $25
                                                           All fees and dues are nonrefundable. Dues payments to the Association may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent permitted by the
                                                           Internal Revenue Code. We are required by Section 6033(e) of the Internal Revenue Code to inform you that 2% of the current dues payment is not deductible because
                                                           it is attributable to lobbying activities. Dues include $60 for a subscription to The Record and $25 for the Forty-Fourth Street Notes.

                                       Please return completed application to: Membership Department - New York City Bar
                42 West 44th Street • New York, NY 10036 • Tel. (212) 382-6665 • Fax. (212) 382-6760 • •                                                                         01.08

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