Grades 6 thru 12
        Oklahoma City

      Gateway to Success
DSA API Scores
                                                                                               What is API?
                                                                                                       API stands for academic performance index and it measures performance and
                                                                                               progress of a school, based on the criterion-referenced tests (CRT) and the end-of-
                                                                                               instruction tests (EOI) given to all students by the state every year. It is a numeric index or
                                                                                               score, ranging from 0 to 1500.

                                                                                               Multiple Assessment and Individual Education
                                                                                                        "Through paper-based and online diagnostic tests, after-school tutoring, peer-
                                                                                               tutoring, Saturday School and faculty office hours, we assure that each individual achieves
                                                                                               excellence in education.”

                                                                                                                                           I.Guzey, Dean of Academics, DSA-Elementary

Unique Educational Environment
        “I really believe in what we are doing here. We have created a unique educational
environment that truly builds upon the teacher-student-parent relationship. I have taught at
middle school, high school, and college levels, and never before have I had the opportunity
to reach students in this way and impact so many aspects of their lives. This is why Dove
Science Academy not only attracts students who want to learn, but also instructors who have
a real passion for teaching.”

                                                      Barbaros Aslan, Principal, DSA-OKC
                                                                                                          Dove Presents
                                                                                                 a Strong School Model

Home Visits
                                                                           Triad of accademically-minded STUDENTS, highly
        Home visits are a unique opportunity for real two-
way communication between home and school. They                           qualifed and dedicated TEACHERS, and engaged and
acquaint the teacher with a child's family and culture, and                               supportive PARENTS
provide a familiar setting for listening to parents' concerns
and recognizing their contributions to the home-school

                                                                      Rigor:                     Relevance:                Relationships:
Diverse Learning Opportunities                                  All students have the          Courses/projects            All students have
           “DSA provides diverse learning opportunities to      chance to succeed at          spark student inter-        adult mentors who
challenge our gifted/talented students: The School-Wide          challenging classes         est and relate today’s      know them and push
Enrichment Model, Special Summer and Saturday
Programs, Mentoring, Ability Grouping, Independent Study
                                                                                               rapidly changing            them to achieve
and Research Projects, and Enhancement Programs for                                                 world.
Creativity and Thinking Skills.”

                    H. Suzuk, Principal, DSA-Elementary

                                                                             All Dove students will graduate high school ready
                                                                           for college and will enroll in 4-year collages with the
                                                                                             skills to succeed
                                                  Exemplary Education

March 15th is "Dove Science                                      High Academic Standards                                  (Sandy Garret State Superintendent)

Academy Day" in Oklahoma.                                        § scores, Science Fair results and the many awards and recognition of your students are
                                                                   “Your test
                                                                 certainly proof that dedicated and innovative leadership in your school has overcome many
           March 15, 2007 is proclaimed as ‘Dove Science         disadvantages that children face in terms of economics, language and earning problems. I am proud of
Academy Day by the State of Oklahoma and by the City of          Dove Science Academy's accomplishments.”
Oklahoma City due to our top API scores in the state. Whereas,    § of Dove Science Academy's accomplishments.”
                                                                  “I am proud
Dove Science Academy was ranked Number One in all of
Oklahoma with an Academic Performance Index score of 1497.       High Academic Standards                                 (Kaan Camuz, Superintendent, DSA)

                                                                  § the establishment of DSA, we have continually striven toward maintaining the high
                                                                 academic standards that will be the cornerstones for our students- well into their professional and
                                                                 personal lives. With the assistance of our supportive parents, the faculty and staff have guided our
                                                                 students beyond all community and state mandated expectations. The Faculty, Staff and
                                                                 Administrators at DSA are caring, competent, dedicated profession also who are willing and capable to
                                                                 assist you. We are doing our utmost to provide the best possible learning climate to our students.”
            BusinessWeek magazine names Dove Science
 Academy-OKC top school in the state of oklahoma!
                                                                 International Awards                             National Awards
            BusinessWeek Magazine recently ranked schools         Infomatrix — Romania:

                                                                                                                  § Champion in Oklahoma Science
                                                                                                                    State Team
 in all 50 states, and DSA-OKC ranks best in 2 different          § in 2005
                                                                     Gold medal                                   and Engineering Fair in 2004.
 categories—Best Overall Academic Performance and Best            § in 2006
                                                                  Silver Medal                                     § place
                                                                                                                     55- first
                                                                      Intel ISEF:
 Low-Income School.

                                                                                                                   § place
                                                                                                                   51 second
                                                                  2005 Phoenix: 1 project
                                                                                                                   § place
                                                                                                                   32 third
                                                                  2006 Indianapolis: 1 project
                                                                                                                   § awards
                                                                                                                   70 special
                                                                  2007 Albuquerque: 2 projects
                                                                                                                   3 best project award
                                                                                             Building Blocks
                                                                                           of Dove’s Success

A Model Learning Community                                       Student Oriented Teaching
        “Creativity is more than just being different. Dove       § attention
Science Academy has a faculty that transcends accepted            § tests
                                                                  § progress over time
educational methods. They help students become
                                                                  §Early intervention and remediation (After school and Saturday Tutorials)
scientifically literate, critical thinkers while maintaining a    § of a research project and incentives
passion for learning. It is a pleasure to be a parent of a
                                                                 Enriched Math and Science Curriculum
student at this school. Parental involvement is not only          § and relevant Math and Science classes
required but encouraged. The Dove Triangle of school,             § Science and electives; Logic Computer Based Math and Science (i.e.
                                                                   More Math,
parent, and student is model for any learning community.          Animation), Electronics and Robotics, Aquatic Science,   Environmental Science,
                                                                    Introduction to Genetics
Our family is proud to be a part of the Dove Charter
                                                                 Emphasis on College Bound Education
School System.”                                                   § with universities
                               Kobi Cordova, DSA Parent           § Program
                                                                   Dual Credit

Best Place to Learn                                               §AP Courses
                                                                  § going atmosphere
                                                                   A college
         “The students of the Dove succeed due to the
                                                                  § for Alumni
devotion of the teachers and staff. Every instructor makes        § college campuses
                                                                   Visits to
a personal investment in each child, resulting in the
                                                                 Highly Qualified and Dedicated Teachers
student's enthusiasm of unquenchable desire to learn              § interview process
and become the best they can be.”                                 §Administrators with solid Math and Science background
           Sancar Avcioglu, Computer Department Chair             § specialization in 4th and 5th grades
                                                                  §Home visits
                                                                    Dove Creates
                                                      a College-Going Atmosphere

DSA is a A+ School.                                             AP Program                        (B.Yilmaz, M.A. Dean of Academics, DSA-OKC)

          “Thank you for doing such an outstanding job in       §they graduate, students in the pre-AP/AP program will have taken AP
helping Oklahoma students excel. Congratulation.”               English Language, AP English Literature, AP US History, AP World History, AP
                                                                Calculus, AP Biology and AP Chemistry. Other Advanced Placement courses such as
                  Anastasia Pittman, State Representative       AP Spanish and AP Statistics will be optional.”

           “I would like to personally congratulate you and      § in High School are required to take more Math, Science, and Language
your staff of being such a great learning institute for our     Courses. Every student must graduate with at least the Recommended Plan. Some of
                                                                the Seniors are completing the advanced measures to graduate with the Distinguished
                         Al McAffrey, State Representative

100% graduation rate                                            Character Education & Teen Leadership
          “Students enjoy a variety of electives, AP, Pre-AP,                                                   (E.Bostanci, Dean of Students, DSA-Elementary)
                                                                 “The character education program not only instills in our students values such as
Honor, and dual credit courses. Our students'
                                                                accountability, compassion, integrity, tolerance and leadership, but also reaffirms that
participation in the DSA career day, ACT Tutoring,              we, as a campus, have completely rejected all violence, all drugs, aggression, gang
counseling, inventories, and online portfolio will help take    activity, truancy, and crime.”
them to the best universities. Our Class of 2006, 2007
and 2008, the first, second and third graduating classes of
                                                                Counseling                                                    (A. Moreno, Counselor, DSA-OKC)
DSA, is celebrating their 100% graduation rate under the               “At DSA, students are guided through individual, group, and career counseling to
Recommended or Distinguished Plan.”                             explore their career interests and make wise decisions. DSA Career Day allows the
                    M.Julian, Dean of Students, DSA-OKC         students to interact with professionals who share their life-long experience.”

   Science Fair, 2008                               Science Class                                Judging at DSA Science Fair                                       Math Contest, 2008

                        Academic Achievement                                         Science Fair                 (E. Jivishov, Science Department Chair, DSA)

                               “Dove Science Academy offers many educational          § project is an enrichment activity, a family experience, an early start to
                                                                                       “A research
                        opportunities unlike any other school. They provide          academic work, an opportunity to develop a portfolio, a reference for the best colleges,
                                                                                     and a way to establish connections. Every year the students just do better and better.
                        ACT/SAT Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement
                                                                                     They consistently are winners. We are all proud of their accomplishments.”
                        courses which enable us high school students to develop
                        a more augmented portfolio for numerous educational          Differences at DSA                       (B.Yilmaz, M.A. Dean of Academics, DSA-OKC)
                        opportunities in the future and to help us prepare for the
                                                                                     § Science Academy, more credits (25) are required to graduate.
                                                                                        At Dove
                        road ahead. I can honestly say that the staff of this
                                                                                     § have to take four credits of Math classes rather than three.
                        academy is like none other. Their desire to see us thrive
Science Fair, 2008                                                                   § to required Math classes, Dove Science Academy requires 2 computer
                                                                                        In addition
                        in the future increases each year and, as a result, their     credits including advanced computer classes such as Multimedia, Flash
                        dedication to provide us with a more rigorous curriculum,     Animation and Web Mastering.
                        instruction, and assessment also increases. It is no          §
                                                                                      Dove Science Academy offers ACT/SAT prepcourses.
                        wonder that this one-of-a-kind school has been ranked         § Advanced Placement (AP), Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Credit college
                        number one in the state of Oklahoma!”                            level courses
                                         Jason Lugo, High School Student, DSA         §
                                                                                      Individual/Team Research Projects
                                                                                      § concurrent enrollment, students can earn college credits while they are in
                                                                                         high school.

 Sample Artwork
                                                             360º Learning Environment

                                                                                      Changing the Face of Learning                                          (DSA Prarents)

                                                                                      § “Dove Science Academy is an educational establishment that is changing the face of
                                                                                      learning in America -- in that it has challenged the standard methods of teaching and the school
                                                                                      concepts as we now know it. The backbone of the organization is strengthened by extremely
                                                                                      knowledgeable, highly skillful and gently nurturing administrators and staff members, who
                                                                                      function as a family - then a team - to enlighten and groom the student body. They have a special
                                                                                      chemistry – care, commitment, focus, and drive – perhaps, an old-fashioned approach to getting
                                                                                      the attention of the youngsters under their care.”

                                                                                       § grateful to Dove Science Academy administrators and all school.” staff members,
                                                                                           “I am very
         Career Days Inspiring Students           Our dedicated parents raise funds   for their contributions so much to my son and other students alike.”

                                                                                       § ago our daughter started DSA and we have seen the caring, nurturing and
                                                                                           "Two years
                                                                                      dedicated teachers work hard with the students. The environment the school provides is a safe
                                                                                      and healthy for our child's development. The school provides an environment that fosters
                                                                                      academic excellence and moral values. We couldn't have chosen a better school".

                                                                                      Research Experience                               (Debbie Taber, DSA Parent)

                                                                                      § educator, I am pleased to have my son attend Dove Science Academy. The
                                                                                        ''As an
                                                                                      administrators, teachers, counselors and support staff care and are devoted to providing a
                                                                                      quality education for all students. The staff is willing to go the extra mile to make sure each
                                                                                      student's education involves academics, as well as social and emotional values. It is an honor to
Triangle of our success, Teacher-Student-Parent           Rewarding Success           be involved with dedicated educators who truly care about the future of our students.”
                        Extracurricular Activities

Electives & Clubs                                Sports For Character       ( C. Case, AD & Head Soccer Coach, DSA-OKC)

Web Mastering                  §
                               Movie              § two main sports here at DSA, they are soccer and basketball. With both
                                                   ”We have
Yearbook                       §
                               Drama             high school teams playing in OSSAA. We are in class 2A for basketball and 4A for
Home Arts                      § Games
                               Computer          soccer. We, also, offer middle school soccer for students wishing to play in the fall,
§ Arts
Theater                        § Craft
                               Arts and          where we play in the All-City league. The school, also, has contests within the school
§ Science
Aquatic                        §
                               Soccer            for volleyball, basketball, soccer and dodge ball.”
Math League                    §
                               Folk Dance
Turkish                        §
Multiculturalism               §
Video Production               §
Journalism                     § Honor Society
Psychology                     §
§ & Movies
Reading                        § Junior Honor
Drawing                         Society
Digital Graphics & Animation   § Bee
Board Games                    § Bee
Spirit Club                    §
Math Counts                    §
                               Table Tennis
                                                      The Difference - Beyond the Borders

On Board
           DSA offers three opportunities to travel
overseas to its distinguished students: The Europe
Trip, International Olympiads, and Turkish
Language Course. The first six places of each
grade, Turkish Language class students, and our
successful students who are interested in science
and math can win great scholarships for these
       Aside from the people being very hospitable,
the culture being wonderful and all the places you

                                                                                                                         “I was skeptical about going on this trip because
                                                         will go being great, Turkey is also a country filled     I have never been out of the country, never left my kids
                                                         with lots of history. You can't see anything like that   that long, never not gone skiing on Spring break, but I
                                                         anywhere else around the world. Even if it is King       am so thankful, everyday, that I made myself do this.
                                                         Midas' country. It's just something you can't get        That I paid the money (which was minimal), sucked
                                                         anywhere else.                                           up my fears and concerns, and gave myself this
                                                                                                                  opportunity of a lifetime, I will never be the same after
                                                                                                                                    Jill Slay, English Teacher, DSA-OKC
                                                                                                    On-Campus Life

Students & Teachers Having Lunch                     DSA Basketball Team                          Performance on Multicultural Day                           BBQ Party for Parents

                                   Peer Tutoring                                           Food Drive
                                            To contribute to our school's success and in           Our students showed a wonderful success in
                                   giving back to the community, our high school           Students Against Hunger Food Drive. Through Dove
                                   students help middle school students as a tutor, in     Science Academy's food drive in 2005 and 2006, our
                                   their math enhancement classes.                         students were able to raise 1809 pounds of food, which
                                                                                           will provide 1412 meals.

                                   DSA Soccer Team became champion in                      Katrina Relief
                                   Belle Isle Soccer Tournament in 2005 JV Boys Indoor          To help victims of Hurricane Katrina to recover and
                                   Soccer Tournament in 2005 & 2006.                       move forward, our students raised $3,635.05

    Cinco de Mayo, May 5th!                                                                                                                           Lake-Hefner Park High School Picnic

         Talent Show                                End of Year Celebration                 Career Information Supplied by Professional               Pep Rally for DSA Basketball Teams
              Gateway to Success

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     919 NW 23rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73106
       Phone: 405-524-9762 Fax: 405-524-9471

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