1998-1999 ACTEW Annual Report by nrk14057


                                                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                              ACTEW would like to thank the
                                                                               following people who contributed
                                                                                 through their participation on
                                 www.actew.web.net                                  the Board of Directors.
                                                                                Deborah Gardner, President
                                                                                       Huda Abuzeid
                                                                                      Claudette Baines
                                                                                     Anna Henderson
  Advocates for Community-based Training and Education for
                                                                                        Axelle Jancuz
      Women (ACTEW) is a provincial umbrella group of                                     Judy Klie
    supporters, trainers, agencies, and organizations delivering                         Mary Scott
     employment and training services to women. ACTEW’s                             Rebecca Sugarman
   mission is to promote and support community based training                          Ann Zelechow
    opportunities for women. ACTEW distributes information
                                                                                      ACTEW Staff
     regarding training and labour force development policy,
                                                                                        Karen Lior,
  consults with various levels of government, works on research
                                                                                      Executive Director
  projects designed to enhance our understanding of the training
                                                                                     Emily Keenlyside
       and education terrain, and continues to advocate for
                                                                                      Michelle Joseph
         women’s access to quality training opportunities.
                                                                                       Fiona MacCool
                                                                                   Internet Project Developer
                                                                                   Rebecca Sugarman,
         Message from the Board                                                   Interim Executive Director
We bid good-bye to our Executive Director, Karen Lior, in January
                                                                                   ACTEW gratefully
1999. Karen provided strong and intellectual leadership to the agency
in her seven years as Executive Director. With her skills, guidance and
                                                                               acknowledges the support of
support, ACTEW was able to keep our membership and key players at                 the following funding
the Federal, Provincial and Local levels, informed on the needs and             agencies and foundations.
concerns of women and community-based training. We also want to                Their generosity allows us to
acknowledge the contribution of Rebecca Sugarman who has served               continue working on behalf of
ACTEW as interim Executive Director during our time of transition.                   our membership.
ACTEW continues to have a positive reputation in the community for            Human Resource Development Canada
its contribution to advocacy and public education in the field of                   The Trillium Foundation
women’s community-based training.                                                 Ontario Women’s Directorate
    We believe that education and training can be the bridge between               Status of Women Canada
poverty and economic independence. Our vision is toward improving                  Clerical Workers Centre/
women’s access to education by supporting our members, and by con-               George Brown College/ HRDC
tinuing to be a strong voice in support of women’s community-based                  Canadian Labour Force
training. ACTEW recognizes the important contribution our members                    Development Board
make in the lives of the clients they serve. It is our members’ sensitivity       National Literacy Secretariat
to client’s unique needs that enable women to make positive changes in        Joint Union Management Program for
ways that enhance the quality of their own lives and make positive                Employee Skills Development,
contributions to the community.                                                    British Columbia (JUMP)
                         OUR HISTORY
                          In 1984, a committee of                          1998-1999 COMM
                           autonomous, non-institu-
                           tional community-based
                                                                               AND PUBLIC
                           training programs for
                          women met to discuss          ACTEW knows public education is an important means of
                        concerns of their programs.     supporting women’s training. By understanding these
                     Two researchers were hired         needs ACTEW has worked to provide information and
under a grant from Secretary of State to do a six       resources to our member agencies. ACTEW produced 9
months feasibility study. The study recommended         resource information packages throughout the year. These
establishing a women’s training resource centre. In     are sent to member agencies and other interested support-
1987, ACTEW incorporated as a non-profit organi-        ers of women’s training.
zation named Advocates for Community Based
Training and Education for Women.                           Presentations were made at a number of Workshops
   Over the past ten years, ACTEW has published             and Conferences including “Investing in the Whole
numerous reports and position papers. ACTEW             Community: Strategies for a Caring Society conference
was a key player in organizing the National             funded the Trillium Foundation and the Women’s
Women’s Reference Group, the Ontario Women’s            Committee of the Federal Liberal Party .
Action on Training Coalition, OWATC, and the                ACTEW plays an important role as a province wide
Ontario Women’s Reference Group. ACTEW was a                voice for women’s training. To achieve this goal, we
member of the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA),          have participated in a number of Advisory Groups.
Advisory Group of the Council of Regents and the
                                                        • Equity Report Project; a summary of recent reports
Metro Toronto Clerical Workers Labour
                                                          commissioned by HRDC.
Adjustment Committee.
                                                        • ITI interactive training Inventorywww.trainingiti.com
OUR FUTURE                                              • COMMUNITY INFORMATION.
ACTEW recognizes the potential of information             http://www.communityinfotoronto.org/
technology. We believe that through the use of
                                                        • The Possibilities Project www.possibilitiesproject.com
this new technology, ACTEW members can be
better served by being able to communicate more         • Community Development Workers Program George
effectively with each other, and enjoy an increased       Brown College
accessibility of resources. This should enable          • Employment Steering Committee HRDC Toronto
ACTEW to more efficiently support women in                region
rural, isolated and small urban centres as well as in
                                                        • Member of the Canadian Coalition of Community
the larger urban domain. To accomplish this task
                                                          Based Trainers
ACTEW has developed the Women Online
Community (www.actew.web.net). This project,            • Editorial Board for Canadian Women’s Studies Journal –
funded by The Ministry of Citizenship, Culture            “Women and Education”
and Recreation’s Voluntary @ction online program        • Editorial Board of “Confronting the Cuts: A Sourcebook
will include general information on ACTEW and             for Women in Ontario”
its members, an interactive events calendar with        • ACTEW meets with the Regional Directors of Human
job listings and community events, a press release        Resources and Development Canada quarterly to dis-
service, digitized online resources, a database of        cuss and update issues.
member services and online discussions on the
issues affecting women’s training across the            • ACTEW also met with our Federal, Provincial & Local
Province. This www site is due to launch in the           government representatives to keep them informed of
Fall of 1999.                                             arising member issues.
MUNITY SUPPORT                                                 The Skills and Knowledge Profile (SKP). This

 EDUCATION                                                     manual and its accompanying Coaches Guide have
                                                               been developed as a tool to document the learning
                                                               styles and strategies of adult learners. It helps learn-
     We also provided a number of workshops to our             ers identify and value their skills and experience. As
     member agencies. Information on Labour market             a generic tool it has a strong potential to fulfill the
 trends, the Toronto Training Board, Occupational Analysis     needs of various work, community and educational
 of Clerical Workers, Toronto Social Services, Ontario         institutions. The SKP recognizes sectors where
 Works, Canadian Labour Force Development Board,               learning strategies are based largely in the cultural
 Canadian Labour Market Development Agreements and             networks of community and workplace rather than
 updates on training services in the Toronto Region were       formal education. It is the result of a two-year
 presented at the 8 General Members Meetings.                  action research project entitled “LEARNING
                                                               CAPACITIES IN THE COMMUNITY AND
     ACTEW continues to provide support to the ongoing         WORKPLACE: an action research project.” The
     development and growth of the Clerical Workers            project was supported by the National Literacy
 Centre, www.clericalworkerscentre.org. As members of the      Secretariat; Canadian Labour Force Development
 Executive Committee and the Program Advisory Committee        Board (CLFDB), the joint Union-Management
 we have actively developed strong relationships with our      Project (JUMP) and New Approaches to Lifelong
 partners Times Change http://www.web.net/~timesch/ and        Learning (NALL) Network based in OISE/U T.
 George Brown College.                                             Choosing Training has been requested from as
                                                               far away as Australia. This manual helps women to
      The Toronto Training Board, www.ttb.on.ca, addresses
                                                               become informed consumers and active participants
      training and adjustment issues in the Toronto area. As
                                                               in Life Long Learning. It contains information on
 the Women’s Representative, ACTEW participates with
                                                               labour market trends, assessing and evaluating train-
 the Board’s labour, education, business and other equity
                                                               ing providers, developing a career path, support sys-
 group representatives in meeting the Board’s mandate. This
                                                               tems and resources. The handbook was made possi-
 includes analyzing labour market information, preparing
                                                               ble with the support of the Ontario Women’s
 strategic plans, promoting life long learning and access to
                                                               Directorate and Status of Women Canada.
 local training and adjustment programs.
      The Women’s Skills Network is a group of 12 Toronto
      community-based training organizations providing            What Members Say About
 services to women. ACTEW, with the support of the                      ACTEW
 Ontario Women’s Directorate, has facilitated the develop-
 ment of a Web site, www.web.net/~actew and the production
 and distribution of a brochure designed to increase their       “...I love the informality and the
 accessibility. ACTEW has been instrumental in supporting        sense of connection I feel at and
 the work and enabling a strengthened partnership.
                                                                 after a meeting”
      ACTEW is in the process of investigating the
      potential impact of a Labour Market Development
 Agreement LMDA on Women’s Training across Ontario.              “We are fortunate to have you
 We will be using this information from other provinces          advocating on our behalf.”
 to support the development and implementation of a
 public education process throughout the province. We
 are able to accomplish this with the support of Status of       “...your mailings are the best feature
 Women Canada.                                                   of belonging to the association.
                                                                 Keep up the great work!”

Schedule A                                                                   1999                                                1998
                Human Resource Development Canada $            –                                                          $     4,462.
                The Trillium Foundation                  40,000.                                                               33,600.
                Ontario Women’s Directorate              14,912.                                                               17,208.
                Status of Women Canada                   13,700.                                                               18,000.
                Clerical Workers Centre/George Brown
                College/HRDC                             22,500.                                                               27,800.
                Canadian Labour Force Development Board 11,500.                                                                11,500.
                National Literacy Secretariat            17,500.                                                               17,500.
                Joint Union Management Program
                    for Employee Skills Development,
                    British Columbia (JUMP)                    –                                                             10,000.
                Memberships                                 221.                                                              2,300.
                Interest                                  1,250.                                                                652.
                Fundraising - net                           872.
                                                      __________                                                              1,062.
        Total                                                         122,455.                                            140,070.

Schedule B
                Salaries and wages                                     50,079.                                               72,318.
                Employee benefits                                       5,744.                                                7,475.
                Project Expenses                                       23,295.                                               28,741.
                Subcontract                                            17,528.                                                     –
                Professional fees                                         750.                                                     –
                Rent                                                    7,847.                                                3,604.
                Insurance                                                 843.                                                  815.
                Office and computer supplies                            3,556.                                                5,851.
                General expenses                                         4586.                                                6,104.
                Audit, accounting and bookkeeping                        3143.                                                2,357.
                Telephone and Internet                                   2418.                                                2,437.
                Travel and conference                                     919.                                                1,200.
                Moving expenses                                              –                                                9,119.
                Legal expenses                                          1,170.
                                                                    __________                                           __________–
                                                                        121,878.                                              140,021.
Excess of Revenues over Expenses                                          577.                                                4,063.
Unrestricted Net Assets, beginning of the year                         10,658.
                                                                    __________                                                6,595.
Unrestricted Net Assets, end of year                                $ 11,235.                                             $ 10,658.
                     Extracted from the audited financial statements prepared by Julia Stavreff, chartered accountant.

                                       Membership in ACTEW
    Membership in ACTEW is encouraged for all groups offering women a community-based training approach.
                Associate memberships are available to those supporting the ACTEW mandate.

                401 Richmond Street West, Suite 355, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8
Tel: 416-599-3590 • Fax: 416-599-2043 • E-mail: actew@web.net • Website: http://www.actew.web.net

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